September 1990

F3:- Mika Hakkinen of Finland opened up a 16-point lead in the British Formula Three Championship when he claimed his seventh win at Brands Hatch on Sunday. Philippe Adams and Steve Robertson finished second and third respectively with early leader Peter Kox and Finnish driver Mika Salo both retiring from the race on lap 13 of 20.

F.RENAULT:- Bradford's Tim Sugden in a Swift FR90 crossed the finish line just 1.56 seconds ahead of Chris Goodwin to win the 12-lap Formula Renault UK race at Brands Hatch. Third was Paulo Carcasci.

FF1600:- George Cubitt bounced back to form to win the 11th round of the HEAT Champion of Snetterton FF1600 series at Brands Hatch to increase his series points lead. Brian Robinson came in a creditable second with Belgian Marc Delpienne finishing in third place.

F.FORD:- Worsley's Peter Kay tightened his grip on the Champion of Oulton Formula Ford series with a narrow win over Graeme Riley of Rochdale. Kay now leads Riley and fifth-placed Brian Anderson by a two-point margin.


Result after 10 laps:

 mins secs

 1 P Watts             20:36.15 *

 2 J Blennerhassett    20:37.90

 3 M Lemmer            20:44.66

 4 J Dixon             20:46.70

 5 R Speak             20:52.93

 6 B Linnhoff          20:58.47

 7 C Greenhalgh        21:01.98

 8 T Broome            21:02.80

 9 J Lyon              21:04.36

10 A Pardoe            21:05.29

* includes 10-second penalty

Patrick Watts produced a superb final lap to clinch victory in an incident-filled Mazda MX-5 UK Cup race - despite incurring a 10-second penalty. Watts was penalised for jumping the start but pulled away from the field to win by 1.75 seconds with runner-up John Blennerhassett unaware of the situation. "I didn't get any signals from the pits. Had I known, I would have gone faster," said an annoyed Blennerhassett "I won't be buying any beers at lunch." Watts now has a comfortable lead in the Championship.


Result of round nine (15 laps)

					  mins secs

 1 V Sospiri        It      23:56.54

 2 G de Ferran      Brz     23:59.98

 3 S Lakin          GB      24:05.82

 4 S Nakano         Jap     24:07.10

 5 K Burt           GB      24:11.28

 6 R Barrichello    Brz     24:12.87

 7 N Hart           GB      24:14.78

 8 K Luby           GB      24:21.19

 9 P Hunnisett      GB      24:21.77

10 J Moore          GB      24:23.37

Lap record: Sospiri 1:35.03

Italy's Vincenzo Sospiri moved to the top of the Formula Vauxhall Lotus Championship standings after sweeping to victory in round nine at Donington. Sospiri held off a challenge from Brazilian Gil de Ferran to win by 3.44 seconds with his nearest rival in the series, Kurt Luby, managing only eighth. Third was Scott Lakin, delighted to go well on his local circuit. Sospiri now leads with 106 points, 16 clear of Luby. David Coulthard remains third in the standings despite missing the round with a fractured leg.


Result after 10 laps

 1 S Hoole    Cooper T39 Bob    2.70s

 2 C Richards HWM Jaguar        ahead

 3 J Pearson  Lister Jaguar

 4 J Harper   Jaguar D Type

 5 S Langton  Lotus MkX

 6 G Pearson  Cooper T39 Bob

 7 J Gray     Lotus Eleven

 8 N Faure    Aston Martin DB3S

 9 J Bailey   Jaguar D Type

10 K Rylands  HWM Jaguar

Result after 14 laps          mins secs

 1 C Agg          McLaren M6F  22:09.69

 2 M Bolsover     McLaren M6B  22:10.23

 3 W Green        McLaren M6FT 22 11.33

 4 S Langton      McLaren M6B  22:12.37

 5 G Hart         Lola T212    22:34.62

 6 E Swart        Chevron B19  22:45.75

 7 K Abrahamsson  Chevron B16  22:47.77

 8 U Boman        BRM 154      23:08.02

 9 J Qvarnstrom   Chevron B19  23:14.55

10 C Chiles       Chevron B8   23:21.28

Lap record: R Mallock (McLaren M6F) 1:32.12  97.69mph

SPORTSCARS:- Sauber Mercedes repeated their one-two Donington success of last year to once again clinch the world title with two rounds of the series remaining. Italy's Mauro Baldi took the flag after the car he shared with Jean-Louis Schlesser had dominated the race from the start. Jochen Mass and Heinz-Harald Frentzen shared runner-up honours.

Britain's Martin Brundle drove for the entire race to take a well-deserved third place in the Silk Cut Jaguar and afterwards admitted: "For the last 20 laps, I was running on my reserves." Mauri Baldi admitted he and Jean-Louis Schlesser had been lucky to finish, let alone win, in their smoking Mercedes. "We knew there was a problem with one of the turbos. There was a lot of smoke as Jean-Louis left the pits," he said. Team-mate Jochen Mass in the second Mercedes also found the race a tough one. "The car did not handle as well as we would have liked at first and then we had to battle with fuel consumption." Heinz-Harald Frentzen was happy with his first world sportscar race. "I just did my very best," he commented.

Julian Bailey suffered a heart-breaking finish to the three-hour battle when his fifth-placed Nissan ran out of fuel within sight of the finish line. Bailey coasted to the flag but lost out to his team-mate Kenny Acheson and the Spice Engineering car driven so determinedly by Eric van der Poele. Acheson, who lost time in the race for repairs after colliding with a Porsche back marker, was delighted with his car's first world points. "That's one of the best races I have driven," said the Irishman.

Disappointed Alain Ferte was left watching from the Silk Cut Jaguar pits after TWR tactics left Martin Brundle at the wheel throughout the race. "It was race strategy, something the team wanted to try," said Brundle after finishing third behind the Mercedes. "You have an 'in lap and out lap' and we wanted to try and keep the Mercedes under pressure and force them to make a mistake," he explained. Tim Harvey was delighted with his well-deserved fourth place in the Spice. "It was just the sort of result we needed and it was a good race," he commented.

Italy's Mauro Baldi took early control in his Sauber Mercedes as the 300-mile world sportscar race got underway at the sun-soaked Donington Park circuit. Baldi was soon joined at the head of the field by team-mate Jochen Mass as the Silver Arrows prepared for their now regular domination of the race. Well behind them Tim Harvey was putting up a battling display in his Spice, soon matched by team-mate Eric van der Poele as the nimble 3.5-litre cars tore past the more powerful turbo entries. Harvey, 13 at the start, was in fourth place with 31 laps completed.

Jean-Louis Schlesser made a determined start as he took over the leading Mercedes after the first hour of the race - but then looked in trouble. His car started smoking badly, giving hope to Martin Brundle in the Silk Cut Jaguar looking strong in third place as he started a second driving stint. West German rising star Heinz-Harald Frentzen had taken over at the wheel of the second Mercedes and almost threw away second place when he spun shortly before handing back to Jochen Mass. Nissan continued to head the Japanese challenge, lying fourth after 80 laps.

Frenchman Jean-Louis Schlesser spent an anxious time at the wheel of the Sauber Mercedes after taking over the leading car from Italy's Mauro Baldi. "I saw the smoke in my mirror and I thought I might have to stop for more oil," he said after handing back to his team-mate for the final stint. Oil was leaking from the engine after trouble with the left turbo-charger. "I did all my stint feeling worried but Mauro did a good job and this helped Mercedes to win the title," Schlesser added after their victory.

West German Otto Altenbach brought the Obermaier Racing Porsche into the pits after the first lap with damaged bodywork. It became the first official retirement - within just six minutes of the three-hour race. Londoner Will Hoy lost the nose cone of his Chamberlain Engineering Spice in an early collision and was forced to return to the pits. He re-started only to limp back in a few laps later with a broken differential, his race over. Mauro Baldi set a new lap record as he consolidated his lead in the Sauber Mercedes, clocking 1 min 23.60 secs.

Nissan driver Kenny Acheson came into the pits with damage to the front of his car after a collision with the Team Davey Porsche being driven by Giovani Lavaggi. The incident cost the Irishman his l eaderboard place after 50 minutes. Jaguar made the surprise decision to leave Britain's Martin Brundle in the number 3 car rather than switching to Frenchman Alain Ferte for the second driving stint - and then let him do the third as well.

A broken exhaust sidelined the Courage Cougar-Porsche of Michel Trolle and Pascal Fabre at the halfway point. The number 4 Jaguar lost valuable seconds when it was difficult to restart after a scheduled fuel stop and driver change. Jan Lammers complained of bad oversteering during his first stint which was tackled during the stop. Young West German driver Heinz-Harald Frentzen recovered after spinning the second-placed Sauber Mercedes shortly before he was due to hand over to the more experienced Jochen Mass. It cost him several seconds but he retained his place on the leaderboard. Both works Toyotas were among the nine retirements from the race.

 Leaders after 30 of 120 laps:

 1  1 Baldi      Sauber Mercedes  33.45s

 2  2 Mass       Sauber Mercedes   ahead

 3  3 Brundle    Silk Cut Jaguar

 4 23 Bailey     Nissan

 5 22 Harvey     Spice Engineering

 6 37 Lees       Toyota

 7 24 Acheson    Nissan

 8  4 Lammers    Silk Cut Jaguar

 9 15 Larrauri   Brun Porsche

10 10 Schneider  Kremer Porsche

 Leaders after 50 of 120 laps:

 1  1 Schlesser   Sauber Mercedes  52.8s

 2  3 Brundle     Silk Cut Jaguar  ahead

 3  2 Frentzen    Sauber Mercedes

 4 22 Euser       Spice Engineering

 5 23 Blundell    Nissan

 6 24 Brancatelli Nissan

 7 37 Watson      Toyota

 8 15 Huysman     Brun Porsche

 9  4 Wallace     Silk Cut Jaguar

10  7 Jelinski    Joest Porsche

Most teams had re-fuelled and changed drivers.

 Leaders after 80 of 120 laps:

 1  1 Schlesser   Sauber Mercedes  66.5s

 2  2 Frentzen    Sauber Mercedes  ahead

 3  3 Brundle     Silk Cut Jaguar

 4 23 Blundell    Nissan

 5 22 Euser       Spice Engineering

 6 21 Giacomelli  Spice Engineering

 7 37 Lees        Toyota

 8  7 Jelinski    Joest Porsche

 9 11 Reid        Kremer Porsche

10 24 Brancatelli Nissan

The leading Mercedes had been smoking badly but had not
slowed; some 
cars had made a second re-fuelling stop.

 Leaders after 100 of 120 laps:

 1  1 Baldi      Sauber Mercedes

 2  2 Mass       Sauber Mercedes

 3  3 Brundle    Silk Cut Jaguar

 4 23 Bailey     Nissan

 5 22 Harvey     Spice Engineering

 6 24 Acheson    Nissan

 7 15 Larrauri   Brun Porsche

 8 37 Lees       Toyota

 9 21 V de Poele Spice Engineering

10  4 Lammers    Silk Cut Jaguar

Provisional result after 120 laps:

 1  1 Baldi/Schlesser  Sauber Mercedes
 1 min 22.22 secs ahead

 2  2 Mass/Frentzen    Sauber Mercedes

 3  3 Brundle          Silk Cut Jaguar

 4 22 Harvey/Euser     Spice Engineering

 5 24 Acheson/Br'telli Nissan

 6 21 Vd Poele/G'melli Spice Engineering

 7 23 Bailey/Blundell  Nissan

 8  4 Lammers/Wallace  Silk Cut Jaguar

 9  7 Wollek/Jelinski  Joest Porsche

10 11 Olofsson/Reid    Kremer Porsche

11 10 Schneider/Vd Mer Kremer Porsche

12  8 Palmer/Bartels   Joest Porsche

13 14 Reuter/Andskar   RLR Porsche

14 16 Pareja/Brun      Brun Porsche

15 26 Grohs/Altenbach  Obermaier Porsche

16  9 Pescarolo/Winter Joest Porsche

17 17 Santal/Sigala    Brun Porsche

18 32 Konrad/Toivonen  Konrad Porsche

19 20 Musetti/Lavaggi  T'm Davey Porsche

20 29 Stirling/Thuner  Chamberlain Spice

21 39 Salamin/C Olivar Salamin Porsche

22 35 Migault/Wettling L Descrates Ald

Nine cars failed to finish


This year's race at Monza has all the ingredients of a classic Italian Grand Prix. The reason I say that concerns the Goodyear race tyre. At the Monza test last week Goodyear established that Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost prefer different tyre construction. Prost prefers the earlier type of tyre construction and Senna the construction they developed more recently.

When Prost used his preferred tyre in the Spa warm-up he was a second faster than anyone else but he was not allowed to use it in the race because Goodyear could not supply it to everyone. In Monza, Goodyear has promised to make both the old and the new tyre available to everyone - despite the enormous logistical problem that this has caused. The result for spectators is more exciting racing with the prospect of Senna and Prost competing against one another with the equipment of their choice.

Victory in the Italian Grand Prix - the 12th round of the 16 race championship - is crucial to both Senna and Prost. Thus far Senna leads Prost by 13 points and Senna needs to win this race to give himself a further cushion going into the two races after Monza in Portugal and Spain. I say that because I believe those two tighter, twisting, tracks will suit the Ferrari more than the McLaren. Prost, on the other hand, needs to win to prevent Senna's championship lead becoming too formidable.

Monza is, of course, a power circuit which means the four major teams: McLaren, Ferrari, Williams and Benetton will be at the centre of the action. After those eight cars carve up the six places there isn't going to be any room left in the points for anyone else. The biggest hope for the 'best of the rest' will be reliability. Monza is a real car-breaking circuit.

The other focus of attention at the the moment is driver changes now that Senna and McLaren have made their decisions. One of the key players in this respect is Jean Alesi who is under contract to Tyrrell until the end of 1991. He has also signed an option with Williams conditional on being able to buy himself out of his Tyrrell contract. But now his heart lies in driving for Ferrari. When that little lot is sorted out one man who may feel the effect is Nigel Mansell. After Nigel negotiates a release from Ferrari for '91 I believe Williams is the only realistic option open to him.

If Alesi ends up at Williams then I feel we may not see Mansell in Formula One in 1991. I think that would be a great shame because he has proved to be one of the most controversial, charismatic and exciting racing drivers of the '80s. I believe he has a lot of good racing left in him but the man has made a decision and I have to respect that. Other possible driver changes could be Stefano Modena to Tyrrell, Ivan Capelli to Ferrari, Martin Brundle or Derek Warwick to Leyton House, and Thierry Boutsen to Arrows.


Britain's Nigel Mansell responded to the support of the partisan Monza crowd by setting the second fastest time in the first practice session. He clocked 1 minute 23.141 secs in his Ferrari, after a flash fire in the engine had interrupted his progress earlier in the morning. Championship leader Ayrton Senna was again in immaculate form with a new lap record to take provisional pole. France's Jean Alesi produced the drive of the session with sixth fastest despite a 70hp deficit on his rivals.

Brazilian Ayrton Senna said he hoped to go even faster in final practice for Sunday's race after breaking the Monza lap record in his McLaren-Honda. Senna's 1 minute 22.972 secs for the 3.6-mile circuit, was 0.74 secs better than the old record set by Nelson Piquet in a turbocharged Williams."I had no problems with traffic on my best lap but my left front tyre was absolutely on the limit going through the last bend and I had to back off slightly," he commented.

Friday's qualifying times:
    mins secs

 1 A Senna      Brz McLaren    1:22.972

 2 N Mansell    GB  Ferrari    1:23.141

 3 G Berger     Aut McLaren    1:23.239

 4 A Prost      Fr  Ferrari    1:23.497

 5 T Boutsen    Bel Williams   1:24.042

 6 J Alesi      Fr  Tyrrell    1:24.159

 7 R Patrese    It  Williams   1:24.253

 8 N Piquet     Brz Benetton   1:24.699

 9 A Nannini    It  Benetton   1:25.567

10 D Warwick    GB  Lotus-Lamb 1:25.728

11 E Bernard    Fr  Lola-Lamb  1:25.927

12 M Donnelly   GB  Lotus-Lamb 1:26.110

13 M Gugelmin   Brz Leyton H   1:26.170

14 P Martini    It  Minardi    1:26.330

15 S Nakajima   Jap Tyrrell    1:26.449

16 I Capelli    It  Leyton H   1:26.712

17 S Modena     It  Brabham    1:26.950

18 A Suzuki     Jap Lola-Lamb  1:27.074

19 P Alliot     Fr  Ligier     1:27.153

20 O Grouillard Brz Osella     1:27.541

21 A De Cesaris It  Dallara    1:27.772

22 M Alboreto   It  Arrows     1:27.784

23 E Pirro      It  Dallara    1:27.790

24 A Caffi      It  Arrows     1:27.828

25 G Tarquini   It  AGS-Ford   1:28.107

26 P Barilla    It  Minardi    1:28.258


27 D Brabham    Aus Brabham    1:28.382

28 Y Dalmas     Fr  AGS-Ford   1:28.564

29 N Larini     It  Ligier     1:28.626

30 B Gachot     Bel Coloni     1:29.592

Pre-qualifying times at Monza:
 (Top four go through)

 1 O Grouillard Fr  Osella     1:26.947

 2 B Gachot     Bel Coloni     1:27.594

 3 G Tarquini   It  AGS-Ford   1:27.773

 4 Y Dalmas     Fr  AGS-Ford   1:28.132


 5 R Moreno     Brz Coloni     1:28.703

 6 C Langes     It  EuroBrun   1:36.061

 7 B Giacomelli It  Life       1:55.244



F3:- Chris Robertson and team-mate Phillipe Adams go into the 15th round of the British championship at Donington on Sunday with high hopes of success. Robertson remains the only Briton to have won a round this year, with flying Finns Mika Hakkinen and Mika Salo in dominant form. "I scored my maiden F3 win in the corresponding race last year so I'm very hopeful of repeating that victory" he commented. Adams was second at Brands Hatch last weekend - his best result of the season.

SALOON CARS:- The Esso Silverstone 500 race for Gp N-based saloon cars forms the 13th round of the Esso Saloon Car Championship. The inagural 500km Championship race at Donington earlier this year was won by Steve Griffin and Peter Lovett in their Class B BMW M3. Current overall leader is top Class C man Roger Jones.


Championship leader Ayrton Senna broke the Monza lap record for the second day running to add another pole position to his illustrious record. He clocked 1 min 22.533 secs in his McLaren, shaving 0.439 from his time set in Saturday's practice session. Reigning champion Alain Prost will start alongside him after a lap of 1:22.935, but Nigel Mansell failed to improve and will be on the second row. Jean Alesi, coveted by Ferrari as Nigel Mansell's replacement for 1991, was fifth fastest with a fine 1:23.526.

Brazilian Ayrton Senna predicted a tough battle with Alain Prost in Sunday's race after claiming the 49th pole of his career with a lap record. "I expect a big fight tomorrow with the Ferraris. Certainly my race strategy will be directly linked to Prost's performance," he said. "This race is very important for the championship," he added. Prost, second on the grid, admitted: "I must finish ahead of Senna to keep my title chances alive. I am satisfied with the efficiency of my Ferrari."

Ferrari and Williams are locked in a battle to have brilliant Frenchman Jean Alesi in their team for 1991. Alesi showed his talent by setting the fifth fastest time for Sunday's race at Monza, despite his Tyrrell having 60-70 horespower less than his main rivals. Ferrari approached Alesi after he had already signed with Williams for '91, and team boss Frank Williams says they will not release the 26-year-old. The Italian giants hope to work out a deal with Williams and have ruled out any possibility of a legal battle.

Final qualifying times:       mins secs

 1 A Senna      Brz McLaren    1:22.533

 2 A Prost      Fr  Ferrari    1:22.935

 3 G Berger     Aut McLaren    1:22.936

 4 N Mansell    GB  Ferrari    1:23.141

 5 J Alesi      Fr  Tyrrell    1:23.526

 6 T Boutsen    Bel Williams   1:23.984

 7 R Patrese    It  Williams   1:24.253

 8 A Nannini    It  Benetton   1:24.583

 9 N Piquet     Brz Benetton   1:24.699

10 M Gugelmin   Brz Leyton H   1:25.556

11 M Donnelly   GB  Lotus-Lamb 1:25.629

12 D Warwick    GB  Lotus-Lamb 1:25.677

13 E Bernard    Fr  Lola-Lamb  1:25.927

14 S Nakajima   Jap Tyrrell    1:26.081

15 P Martini    It  Minardi    1:26.330

16 I Capelli    It  Leyton H   1:26.712

17 S Modena     It  Brabham    1:26.950

18 A Suzuki     Jap Lola-Lamb  1:26.962

19 E Pirro      It  Dallara    1:26.964

20 P Alliot     Fr  Ligier     1:27.043

21 A Caffi      It  Arrows     1:27.410

22 M Alboreto   It  Arrows     1:27.448

23 O Grouillard Fr  Osella     1:27.541

24 Y Dalmas     Fr  AGS-Ford   1:27.673

25 A De Cesaris It  Dallara    1:27.749

26 N Larini     It  Ligier     1:27.937


27 G Tarquini   It  AGS-Ford   1:28.107

28 P Barilla    It  Minardi    1:28.258

29 D Brabham    Aus Brabham    1:28.382

30 B Gachot     Bel Coloni     1:29.592


Result from Monza after 53 laps:

1 A Senna    Brz  McLaren

2 A Prost    Fr   Ferrari

3 G Berger   Aut  McLaren

4 N Mansell  GB   Ferrari

5 R Patrese  It   Williams

6 S Nakajima Jap  Tyrrell

Margin approx 6 secs

Fastest lap: Senna 1 mins 26.254

Alesi spun out on lap 5; Martini retired (9); Bernard (11); Donnelly (14) - engine blow-up; Pirro (15); Warwick (16); Boutsen (18); Gugelmin (24); Capelli (37); Alboreto (52)

Standings after Round 12 of 16:

 1 A Senna     Brz  McLaren    72 points

 2 A Prost     Fr   Ferrari    56

 3 G Berger    Aut  McLaren    37

 4 T Boutsen   Bel  Williams   27

 5 N Piquet    Brz  Benetton   24

 6 R Patrese   It   Williams   17

 7 N Mansell   GB   Ferrari    16

 = A Nannini   It   Benetton   16

 9 J Alesi     Fr   Tyrrell    13

10 I Capelli   It   Leyton H    6

11 E Bernard   Fr   Lola-Lamb   5

12 D Warwick   GB   Lotus       3

13 S Modena    It   Brabham     2

 = A Caffi     It   Arrows      2

 = S Nakajima  Jap  Tyrrell     2

16 A Suzuki    Jap  Lola-Lamb   1

 = M Gugelmin  Brz  Leyton H    1

Standings after Italian Grand Prix:

 1 McLaren-Honda        109 points

 2 Ferrari               72

 3 Williams-Renault      44

 4 Benetton-Ford         40

 5 Tyrrell-Ford          15

 6 Leyton House-Judd      7

 7 Larousse-Lamborghini   6

 8 Lotus-Lamborghini      3

 9 Brabham-Judd           2

 = Arrows-Ford            2

Next round: Portugal, September 23

Brilliant Brazilian Ayrton Senna completed his sixth win of the season at Monza to extend his overall lead at the top of the F1 drivers championship. He never looked like surrendering the initiative from the moment he scorched off pole. Reigning world champion Alain Prost passed Senna's McLaren teammate Gerhard Berger early on and reduced his arch rival's lead to around five seconds with some ten laps remaining, but Senna had the edge when it came to negotiating the back markers and easily held off Prost in his Ferrari.

Victory at Monza was sweet for world championship leader Ayrton Senna. "It was very satisfying. The car's not been working well here this week. We've had so many problems in training and testing," Senna said. "Gerhard (Berger) kept me very much on the limit at the start and I had someone close behind from there on. You have to be careful with the back markers. Historically Monza hasn't been great for me with back markers," said Senna, who dominated at Monza in '88 and '89 only to come a cropper.

Ayrton Senna's 26th Formula One race victory underlined his increasing domination of the 1990 season. Senna and defending world champion Alain Prost have now won ten of this year's Grand Prixs between them. The two great rivals exchanged lap records almost at will in the latter stages of an otherwise low-key Italian GP, Senna coming out ultimately fastest in 1 min 26.254 secs - all but 150mph. Prost is now 16 points behind Senna with four rounds to go.

Derek Warwick crashed his Lotus on the first lap of the Monza circuit and the race had to be re-started. Warwick went off the parabolic bend, hit the guard-rail, bounced back into the track and capsized. The 36-year-old British driver slid out of the cockpit unhurt. He was able to join the race again in a new car. Warwick explained after the incident that the left-side wheels of the car went on the grand, he lost control and crashed at the bend. Ayrton Senna won the restarted race.

Nigel Mansell finished his first F1 race since Mexico back in June six long Grand Prixs ago. But it was a hardly less frustrating Sunday afternoon for Britain's number one, who still insists in public he will retire at the end of this season. Mansell started fourth on the grid but never seriously looked like challenging first Alain Prost and then Gerhard Berger for third. Three points was scant consolation for the renewed feeling that Mansell's Ferrari simply is not race-competitive as that of teammate Alain Prost.

20.09.90 - F1
Frenchman Jean Alesi, the rising star of Formula One, has won the support of the Italian Press with his move to Ferrari for the 1991 World Championship. 'A super duo with Prost,' declared the largest sports daily Gazzetta dello Sport, while quoting him as saying: "It is fantastic. I still can't believe it." Alesi's transfer is believed to have cost Ferrari about $10 million and include compensation for Tyrrell and Williams, with both teams having held options on the 26-year-old for 1991. Alesi has signed a one-year deal with Ferrari holding an option until 1993.


Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna resume their battle for the 1991 driver's title over 71 tortuous laps at Estoril. This is one of the best but also one of the most physical of the Grand Prix circuits and, unlike the previous two rounds, it will slightly favour the Ferrari which has the edge on handling. It is a real chance for Prost to claw back some of the Brazilian's advantage. Senna arrives with a 16-point lead but only the best 11 results count for the Championship, with four rounds left.

The long very fast right-hander leading to the pit straight will be the crucial corner in the Portuguese Grand Prix. Whoever gets through it best will have the advantage coming down the straight and into the next corner just beyond the pits - scene of the Ayrton Senna - Nigel Mansell collision last year. Senna's McLaren-Honda has more power but, on balance, the overall Ferrari package should have the edge. If Alain Prost can lead Senna into the corner before the straight, he should be able to maintain his advantage.

Last year's Portuguese GP ended amid controversy and debate with Nigel Mansell facing disciplinary action for allegedly ignoring a black flag. Mansell was looking very strong before the collision with Senna and he will be looking for his first victory of 1990. I also predict a much fiercer battle at the front, with far more cars in close contention than we saw in the Italian Grand Prix two weeks ago at Monza. Gerhard Berger is looking for a repeat victory and his first win for McLaren but will probably find it harder than it was in the Ferrari.

Jean Alesi is the man in the news this week with his move to Ferrari and could well be in the spotlight this weekend. Having watched him at Monza, I suspect his Tyrrell-Ford may not be as under- powered as we have been led to believe. The Brian Hart-developed Ford DFR engine looked very strong and, combined with the Pirelli tyres which are known to be effective at Estoril, it would be no surprise to see him among the action.

Driver changes for 1991 have occupied much time and space lately. I wonder what more surprises are in store for us before the end of the season... One week ago we saw Alessandro Nannini leaving Benetton for Ferrari and suddenly he is back...almost as if the quickness of the hand deceived the eye! With Jean Alesi finally confirmed at Ferrari for 1991, both Tyrrell and Williams will receive compensation.

Since Williams now waive all claim to Alesi it leaves the door open to 'our Nigel' to rejoin the team - despite his insistence that he has no further interest in Formula One for 1991. Should Nigel be tempted back, the game plan for other drivers caught in this interminable chain must be re-thought. Brabham have just revealed a three-year tie-up with Yamaha to supply the team exclusively with a 5-valve V12 engine. If Brabham can find sponsorship to match the engine package, I feel sure Stefano Modena will stay on for 1991 - and maybe his 1989 team-mate Martin Brundle will be persuaded to rejoin him.

Thierry Boutsen is on the Arrows' list but looks more likely to go to Ligier. While we are used to seeing lap records broken at GPs, the speed of drivers in team negotiations needs to be equally impressive for anyone not seated when the music stops will be an ex-GP driver.

AUSTRALIAN RALLY :- World Championship leader Carlos Sainz is ready for anything - even emus and kangaroos - in the 1,250-mile event, which gets under way on Thursday. Wildlife abounds in the area of Western Australia where the four-day rally, featuring 67 entries, takes place. The route features several forest stages and others on dirt tracks with Sainz commenting: "The conditions are not like anything else in the world". His nearest challenger Didier Auriol also takes part along with Juha Kankkunen and Massimo Biasion.

GM Euro Sport's Louise Aitken-Walker and Christina Thorner renew rivalry with FIA Ladies Cup challenger Paola de Martini in the testing four-day event. Scotland's Aitken-Walker is joint leader of the world series with the Italian de Martini, and admits: "Australia will be a real challenge. The special stages will be very slippery, covered with tiny round stones, and the rain will produce mud in places, I think the four wheel drive cars will have an advantage."

Leading positions after 16 of 35 stages (end of second day)

						hrs mins secs

 1 J Kankkunen Fin  Lancia Del  2:54:25

 2 C Sainz     Sp   Toyota GT4  2:55:30

 3 A Fiorio    It   Lancia Del  2:56:55

 4 P Bourne    NZ   Subaru      3:01:30

 5 R Dunkerton Aus  Mitsubishi  3:01:32

 6 E Weber     WG   VW Golf     3:07:26

 7 T Makinen   Fin  Mitsubishi  3:07:57

 8 I Carlsson  Swe  Mazda 323   3:08:09

 9 G de Mevius Bel  Mazda 323   3:08:43

10 G Trelles   Ur   Lancia Int  3:09:57


 1 L A-Walker  GB   Vaux. Astra 3:19:22
Spaniard Carlos Sainz recovered from a few early problems in his Toyota to stay in touch with leader Finn Juha Kankkunen at the end of the second day. Sainz, needing a top two finish to take his first world title, spun twice on stage 5 and then punctured a rear tyre but, after 16 of 35 stages, was just 65 seconds behind the Lancia driver.

Overnight leader Kenneth Eriksson of Sweden was forced to retire with clutch trouble on his Mitsubishi on stage 7. Italy's Alex Fiorio was chasing hard in third despite damaging the suspension of his Lancia when he hit a tree. Britain's Louise Aitken-Walker moved to 14th place overall and could take top points in the Ladies Cup after rival Paola de Martini retired on stage 15. The Italian's Audi suffered a broken camshaft and she was unable to attempt the final stage of the day.

Swede Ingvar Carlsson dropped from 4th to 12th place on stage 12 when the intercooler pipe broke on his Mazda's turbo. It was repaired at service. Australian Ross Dunkerton has recorded top five stage times despite problems with the Mitsubishi's power steering.

SPORTSCARS:- Team Sauber Mercedes may be the new world champions but it will be Peugeot grabbing the spotlight at the weekend. The Peugeot 905, set to challenge for the World Sports Prototype Championship honours in 1991, makes its debut in the penultimate round of the 1990 series. It looks certain to win fans with its sleek looks and 650hp 3.5-litre engine, designed to comply with the new WSPC regulations being enforced next season. The team also have a strong driver line-up in 1982 F1 world champion Keke Rosberg of Finland and twice F1 race winner Frenchman Jean-Pierre Jabouille.

Jochen Mass will be going all-out for victory in the World Sportscar race on Sunday to keep alive his title hopes. The German driver, partnered in each race this year by one of three Mercedes juniors, is third in the drivers' table with 39 points, four behind team-mates Jean-Louis Schlesser and Mauro Baldi. "It's my turn again this time," says Mass, who will share the car with Karl Wendlinger of Austria with whom he won at Spa-Francorchamps in June. The twisting Circuit Gilles Villeneuve circuit, new to the series, is expected to cause fuel problems for some teams.

Britain's Martin Brundle joins the Silk Cut Jaguar team for their celebrations at round eight of the sportscar series. Brundle was one of Jaguar's drivers when they competed in their comeback Group C race, at Canada's Mosport Park near Toronto, exactly five years ago. He is joined by Jan Lammers in car 3, while Davy Jones and Andy Wallace will share car 4 for Sunday's race. "Canada holds great memories for us as we led the then all-conquering Porsches in Jaguar's first race since the '50s and finished third," said Brundle.

FF1600:- George Cubitt will be out to secure the 1990 HEAT Champion of Snetterton at the circuit on Sunday. The Ipswich driver needs only to finish ninth or higher in the Formula Ford 1600 series.

F3:- Team Jewson Motorsport duo Steve Robertson and Philippe Adams are both aiming to grab top spot in the penultimate round of the Formula Three series at Thruxton on Sunday. Adams was second in the last round at Donington.

F.VAUXHALL JUNIOR:- Formula Vauxhall Junior, the first new 'entry level' single seater racing car for a quarter of a century to be commissioned and backed by a major British motor manufacturer, has been unveiled at the Motor Show.

EARS/MOTORING RALLY:- Geoff Kitney looks set to pose the strongest threat in his Darrian T90 in this weekend's seventh round of the EARS/Motoring News Championship at Wexford. Four times national tarmac champion John Price is widely tipped to give Kitney a run for his money.


Frank Williams has dismissed rumours that he is trying to persuade Nigel Mansell to return to the team for the 1991 season. Williams are the only leading team not to have finalised their line-up for next year, but he said: "It's rubbish to speculate that I have had further talks with Nigel Mansell". Current drivers Thierry Boutsen and Riccardo Patrese are both keen to stay with the team. Williams said he hoped to announce his 1991 line-up at next week's Spanish GP.

Renault have agreed a three-year deal to supply engines to the Ligier Formula One team from the start of 1992. Details of the contract, signed in Paris on Monday, were announced on the eve of the Portuguese GP meeting. Renault already supply the Williams team who have scored two successes this season, with Riccardo Patrese winning the San Marino GP and Thierry Boutsen clinching victory in Hungary.

Brazilian Ayrton Senna produced his traditional last minute burst to take provisional pole spot for Sunday's Portuguese Grand Prix. Senna clocked 1 min 14.246 secs, an average of 131.06mph, around the Autodrome circuit, beating his last year's pole record time of 1:15.468. Senna, who clinched his first Grand Prix win at Estoril in 1985, is chasing a 50th pole position in 107 F1 races. Second fastest was Ferrari driver Alain Prost ahead of Senna's McLaren-Honda team-mate Gerhard Berger.

Although Ayrton Senna set the fastest lap in opening practice, he was unhappy with his car. "It was understeering generally," insisted the McLaren-Honda driver. "We need to make changes to the set-up." Arch-rival Alain Prost was also unhappy despite setting the day's second best time. "I had problem with my second set of tyres, the car ahead of me put some dirt on the track and I lost time." Victory for Senna on Sunday would give him a great chance of clinching the 1991 drivers' title.

Italy's Pierluigi Martini has re-signed for the Minardi Formula One team for 1991, his fourth successive year with them, on a one-year contract. His new team-mate is widely rumoured to be Ferrari test driver Gianni Morbidelli, although no official announcement is expected for a while.

Friday's qualifying times from Estoril

						mins secs

 1 A Senna      Brz McLaren    1:14.246

 2 A Prost      Fr  Ferrari    1:14.530

 3 G Berger     Aut McLaren    1:14.552

 4 N Mansell    GB  Ferrari    1:14.861

 5 R Patrese    It  Williams   1:15.539

 6 N Piquet     Brz Benetton   1:15.543

 7 T Boutsen    Bel Williams   1:15.646

 8 J Alesi      Fr  Tyrrell    1:16.092

 9 A Nannini    It  Benetton   1:16.123

10 E Bernard    Fr  Lola-Lamb  1:16.477

11 P Martini    It  Minardi    1:17.045

12 S Nakajima   Jap Tyrrell    1:17.097

13 A Suzuki     Jap Lola-Lamb  1:17.189

14 A de Cesaris It  Dallara    1:17.252

15 P Alliot     Fr  Ligier     1:17.330

16 M Donnelly   GB  Lotus      1:17.414

17 M Gugelmin   Brz Leyton Hse 1:17.569

18 E Pirro      It  Dallara    1:17.653

19 D Warwick    GB  Lotus      1:17.904

20 S Modena     It  Brabham    1:17.962

21 I Capelli    It  Leyton Hse 1:18.242

22 O Grouillard Fr  Osella     1:18.512

23 Y Dalmas     Fr  AGS-Ford   1:18.581

24 M Alboreto   It  Arrows     1:18.630

25 P Barilla    It  Minardi    1:18.669

26 A Caffi      It  Arrows     1:18.725


27 N Larini     It  Ligier     1:18.958

28 D Brabham    Aus Brabham    1:18.967

29 G Tarquini   It  AGS-Ford   1:20.226

30 B Gachot     Bel Coloni     1:20.662

Results of pre-qualifying for the Portuguese Grand Prix at Estoril:
						mins secs

1 O Grouillard Fr   Osella    1:19.394

2 Y Dalmas     Fr   AGS-Ford  1:19.885

3 B Gachot     Bel  Coloni    1:20.000

4 G Tarquini   It   AGS-Ford  1:20.942


5 R Moreno     Brz  Eurobrun  1:21.188

6 C Langes     It   Eurobrun  1:23.447

SPORTSCARS:- Sauber Mercedes nudged the Silk Cut Jaguars from provisional pole in the final stages of Friday's first qualifying session for Sunday's race. Jan Lammers started the session in Jaguar's third car, losing time when a heat exchanger sprung a leak. Martin Brundle took over and claimed provisional pole with a time of 1 min 26.034 - before being beaten in the dying minutes by Mercedes and Nissan. Brundle said: "It's a very bumpy circuit for the car but I am sure we can bring the time down if it's dry."


First qualifying times from Montreal:

						mins secs

 1 Schlesser   Mercedes        1:25.407

 2 Bailey      Nissan          1:25.897

 3 Brundle     Jaguar XJR      1:26.034

 4 Mass        Mercedes        1:26.086

 5 Palmer      Porsche 962     1:26.739

 6 Jones       Jaguar XJR      1:27.489

 7 Wollek      Porsche 962     1:28.103

 8 Lees        Toyota 90C-V    1:28.377

 9 Acheson     Nissan          1:28.460

10 Schneider   Porsche 962     1:28.633


Britain's Nigel Mansell made the most of superior Ferrari handling to set a blistering lap in the final qualifying session for Sunday's Portuguese GP. Mansell clocked 1 min 13.557 secs to clinch the 15th pole position of his Grand Prix career. His team-mate Alain Prost, needing victory to keep alive his world title hopes, will start alongside him with the McLaren duo of Ayrton Senna and Gerhard Berger sharing the second row. Satoru Nakajima missed the session with 'flu but should be fit to race.

Nigel Mansell set the fastest time in final practice for the Portuguese Grand Prix, then predicted a very close race between the Ferraris and the McLarens. "I made a little bit of a mistake on the second set otherwise I think I could have gone a couple of tenths faster," admitted the Briton. "But I am delighted and must compliment Alain (Prost) and Ayrton (Senna) because all the times are very quick." Mansell said he was fully recovered from a stomach upset from which he was suffering on Friday.

Williams team boss Frank Williams was injured and a mechanic burned after a fire in the pits during Saturday's free practice session for the Portuguese GP. Riccardo Patrese's car backfired and ignited a cloud of fuel vapour in the back of the garage, causing a brief blaze which burnt mechanic Les Jones. He tumbled backwards and, as he fell, the starter motor of Patrese's car flew from his grasp striking Williams on the head as he sat in his wheelchair. Williams suffered a cut while Jones was treated for burns and then flown home.

Final qualifying times from Estoril:

						mins secs

 1 N Mansell    GB  Ferrari    1:13.557

 2 A Prost      Fr  Ferrari    1:13.595

 3 A Senna      Brz McLaren    1:13.601

 4 G Berger     Aut McLaren    1:14.292

 5 R Patrese    It  Williams   1:14.723

 6 N Piquet     Brz Benetton   1:14.728

 7 T Boutsen    Bel Williams   1:14.934

 8 J Alesi      Fr  Tyrrell    1:15.122

 9 A Nannini    It  Benetton   1:15.411

10 E Bernard    Fr  Lola-Lamb  1:15.673

11 A Suzuki     Jap Lola-Lamb  1:16.012

12 I Capelli    It  Leyton Hse 1:16.284

13 E Pirro      It  Dallara    1:16.290

14 M Gugelmin   Brz Leyton Hse 1:16.296

15 M Donnelly   GB  Lotus      1:16.762

16 P Martini    It  Minardi    1:16.795

17 A Caffi      It  Arrows     1:16.946

18 A de Cesaris It  Dallara    1:17.066

19 M Alboreto   It  Arrows     1:17.081

20 S Nakajima   Jap Tyrrell    1:17.097

21 P Alliott    Fr  Ligier     1:17.120

22 D Warwick    GB  Lotus      1:17.259

23 N Larini     It  Ligier     1:17.269

24 S Modena     It  Brabham    1:17.341

25 Y Dalmas     Fr  AGS-Ford   1:17.621

26 D Brabham    Aus Brabham    1:17.715


27 O Grouillard Fr  Osella     1:17.775

28 P Barilla    It  Minardi    1:18.280

29 G Tarquini   It  AGS-Ford   1:18.815

30 B Gachot     Bel Coloni     1:20.516


CYPRUS RALLY:- Sweden's Ola Stroemberg in a Ford Sierra Cosworth led by 11 seconds from London-based Cypriot Dimis Mavropoulos in an Audi Quattro after two stages of the three-day 544-mile Cyprus International event.

TALBOT HOTEL WEXFORD STAGES RALLY:- John Price led in a MG Metro after six stages of the two-day Talbot Hotel Wexford Stages Rally, 36 seconds ahead of Ford Escort driver David James.


Leading positions after 27 of 35 stages

(End of day 3)
               hrs mins secs

1 J Kankkunen Fin  Lancia Del   4:15:43

2 C Sainz     Sp   Toyota GT4   4:16:49

3 A Fiorio    It   Lancia Del   4:20:02

4 R Dunkerton Aus  Mitsubishi   4:25:09

5 P Bourne    NZ   Subaru       4:25:57

6 I Carlsson  Swe  Mazda 323    4:31:13

7 G de Mevius Bel  Mazda 323    4:33:58

8 T Makinen   Fin  Mitsubishi   4:35:43

9 E Weber     WG   VW Golf      4:39:46

= G Trelles   Ur   Lancia Int   4:39:57


1 L A-Walker  GB   Kadett/Astra 4:53:40
Finn Juha Kankkunen continues to hold the lead in his Lancia at the end of the penultimate day, despite pressure from Toyota works driver Carlos Sainz. Sainz, needing a top two finish to take the world title, reduced the gap from 65 to 48 seconds over the first eight stages but slipped back over the last three to lie 66 seconds adrift. Italy's Alex Fiorio remained third in his Lancia but well out of touch, while Swede Ingvar Carlsson, winner of the first non-championship Rally Australia, recovered from mechanical troubles to make up ground in his Mazda.

Britain's Louise Aitken-Walker, set to take maximum points in the Ladies Cup, was anxious not to relax too much. Aitken-Walker, currently 15th overall, needs to retain a top 20 place to score Cup points and take the lead in the women's title battle, with rival Paola de Martini forced to retire on Friday. "It was difficult to pace myself with Paola out but we have settled down after a slow start," she commented. Ross Dunkerton moved ahead of Kiwi Possum Bourne and leads the home challenge in his Mitsubishi despite turbo and power steering problems.


Britain's Nigel Mansell overcame a poor start to drive superbly to his first victory of the year as an accident brought the Portuguese GP to a halt. Mansell took the lead in his Ferrari in a fine piece of overtaking on lap 50 and held off the determined McLaren driver Ayrton Senna until the race was stopped on lap 61, 10 laps early. Officials cut short the race after Alex Caffi crashed heavily in his Arrows. The Italian needed to be released from his car by marshals and was taken to hospital with a broken leg.

Ferrari driver Nigel Mansell, widely expected to be with Williams in 1991 after shelving his retirement plans, survived a late scare at Estoril. Mansell, who had driven brilliantly to take the lead from McLaren star Ayrton Senna, looked well set for victory when backmarker Philippe Alliot cut across him on a corner striking the Ferrari. Alliot crashed out in his Ligier but Mansell was able to continue, slightly shaken but still in the lead. Mansell had also had a lucky escape at the start where he nearly spun and just missed hitting Alain Prost's Ferrari.

Nigel Mansell was left chasing the two McLarens after a disappointing start from pole position left him third and team-mate Alain Prost back in fifth. Mansell spent 26 frustrating laps behind second-placed Gerhard Berger, just unable to overtake him and have a chance to challenge leader Ayrton Senna. By contrast, Prost won a battle for fourth place with on-form Williams driver Nelson Piquet. Then a mistake by Mansell sent the Ferrari wide on a bend and Prost nipped through to take third spot.

Tyre stops looked like being crucial with only seconds separating the top four cars in the early part of the race. Alain Prost seemed to make a tactical error, allowing Ayrton Senna to stop first and subsequently extend his lead. Senna enjoyed a superb pit stop and powered away and, with everyone on fresh rubber, it was Nigel Mansell in second spot and Gerhard Berger third. Alain Prost, needing a victory to keep his World Championship title hopes alive, was lying fourth.

Alain Prost handed his world crown to arch-rival Ayrton Senna after his hopes of a good result at Estoril were dashed when an accident halted the race. Prost was challenging Senna for second place when the GP was cut short and shortly afterwards admitted glumly: "For me, Ayrton won the title today." He said he lost any chance of victory in a bad start. "I also had a long pit stop and, after 10 laps, lost 6th gear." Senna, heading the world standings with 78 points to Prost's 60 with three races to go, said the Championship was not over "until it is finished".

Result after 61 of 71 laps at Estoril:

1 N Mansell   GB   Ferrari 2.8 secs

2 A Senna     Brz  McLaren

3 A Prost     Fr   Ferrari

4 G Berger    Aut  McLaren

5 N Piquet    Brz  Benetton

6 A Nannini   It   Benetton


 Alex Caffi crashed his Arrows
and was trapped in the car causing the 
race to be halted.


Standings after Round 13 of 16:

1 A Senna     Brz  McLaren    78 points

2 A Prost     Fr   Ferrari    60

3 G Berger    Aut  McLaren    40

4 T Boutsen   Bel  Williams   27

5 N Piquet    Brz  Benetton   25

6 N Mansell   GB   Ferrari    25


Leyton House have confirmed that they have re-signed Ivan Capelli and Mauricio Gugelmin for next season. The team said they were delighted the Italian and the Brazilian had decided to stay for a fourth successive year. Capelli, who came close to winning the French GP in July, had been linked with a possible move to Ferrari.

Alex Caffi, out of this weekend's Spanish GP with ankle ligaments injuries, is expected to recover in time to race for Arrows in Japan. Bernd Schneider replaces him at Jerez.

Nigel Mansell has admitted he is considering a U-turn over his decision to retire from F1 racing at the end of the season. Mansell, who won the Portuguese Grand Prix on Sunday, said: "I have 15 offers on the table and I have been moved by the response of the public. "My future has obviously been the subject of much speculation this season but at this stage nothing has changed. The public have urged me to continue racing. I have to give the whole situation due consideration."



Provisional result (after 35 stages):

					    hrs mins secs

 1 J Kankkunen Fin Lancia Del   5:43:48

 2 C Sainz     Sp  Toyota GT4   5:45:28

 3 A Fiorio    It  Lancia Del   5:49:28

 4 P Bourne    NZ  Subaru       5:57:45

 5 I Carlsson  Swe Mazda 323    6:00:49

 6 G de Mevius Bel Mazda 323    6:04:57

 7 T Makinen   Fin Mitsubishi   6:09:44

 8 G Trelles   Ur  Lancia Int   6:16:26

 9 K Inoue     Jap Mitsubishi   6:20:00

10 E Ordinski  Aus Mitsubishi   6:20:31


 1 L A-Walker  GB  Kadett/Astra 6:36:19
Finland's Juha Kankkunen in a Lancia won his second successive Australian rally as Spaniard Carlos Sainz finishedsecond to all but take the world title. Kankkunen, twice world champion, took control of the 2,042km four-day rally on the ninth of the 35 stages. He finished 1 min 40 secs clear of Sainz's Toyota with Italian Alex Fiorio third. Sainz, 60 points clear of Kankkunen in the world standings with three events to go, lost valuable seconds on stage 25 with a spin allowing the Finn to cruise to his ninth world event victory.

Britain's Louise Aitken-Walker finished in 13th place overall to take the lead in the Ladies World Championship. She is now nine points clear of her nearest rival, Italy's Paola de Martini who was forced to retire on Friday. Aitken-Walker's Vauxhall Astra was the the highest placed two-wheel-drive car.

Australian Ross Dunkerton crashed out on the final day while lying fourth in his Mitsubishi. He escaped with bruising when the car rolled but his navigator Steve McKimmie cracked three vertebrae and bruised a kidney.

(after round 10 in Australia)


 1 Carlos Sainz    Sp       130 pts

 2 Juha Kankkunen  Fin       70

 3 Didier Auriol   Fr        67

 4 Miki Biasion    It        64

 5 Magnus Ericsson Swe       26

 6 Ingvar Carlsson Swe       23


 1 Lancia                   144

 2 Toyota                   128

 3 Subaru                    43

 4 Mitsubishi                39


 1 Louise Aitken-Walker GB   27

 2 Paola de Martini     It   18

SPORTSCARS:- Extreme wet weather conditions before and during the final qualifying session meant that no one was able to improve on their opening times and positions. Therefore Sauber Mercedes and Nissan retain their first round advantage and will start the penultimate round of the championship on the front row. Jaguar start from the third-fastest spot after Martin Brundle was unable to improve on his time of 1m 26.034 secs. The day witnessed some minor accidents and Brundle predicted more on Sunday if the weather failed to improve.


Final qualifying times from Montreal:

						mins secs

 1 Schlesser   Mercedes        1:25.407

 2 Bailey      Nissan          1:25.897

 3 Brundle     Jaguar XJR      1:26.034

 4 Mass        Mercedes        1:26.086

 5 Palmer      Porsche 962     1:26.739

 6 Jones       Jaguar XJR      1:27.489

 7 Wollek      Porsche 962     1:28.103

 8 Lees        Toyota 90C-V    1:28.377

 9 Acheson     Nissan          1:28.460

10 Schneider   Porsche 962     1:28.633

INDYCAR:- Penske team-mates Rick Mears, Danny Sullivan and Emerson Fittipaldi set the top three times in practice for the Texaco-Havoline 200 race in Wisconsin on Sunday.

TOURING CARS:- Robb Gravett clinched the 1990 Esso Touring Car Championship at Thruxton, after finishing third in his Ford Sierra Cosworth. Andy Rouse won the race in a time of 27 mins 24.98 secs.

F3:- Paul Stewart has taken pole position in a Ralt RT34 Mugen for the British F3 Championship race at Thruxton. Steve Robertson and Mika Salo were second and third fastest.


Ayrton Senna goes for his third win at Jerez with Alain Prost having basically conceded the 1990 drivers' title to him. Prost trails the Brazilian by 18 points but ironically he stands a very good chance of winning in Spain. Like Portugal, I feel the circuit favours the Ferrari car for car over the McLaren-Honda. Their superiority at high-speed corners is evident and here the advantage will be best seen at the double right hander named after Ferrari behind the pits.

As much as Ayrton Senna tries to win every race he is really just after consolidation at the Spanish Grand Prix. Should he win the race the championship is effectively over. Anything less than third would have to be dropped anyway with only your best 11 results counting. Even failure to finish the race would not be as disastrous as it would appear due to his commanding overall position. While this tends to dilute the championship in terms of interest, as a motor race it is potentially going to be a very exciting one.

Jerez is a very tight and twisting racetrack. There are 73 laps and to say it is tortuous is an understatement. Because it is not a power circuit perhaps it ought to mean more people close on the grid in terms of practice times. Whereas in Portugal McLaren and Ferrari simply drove away from everyone else, I expect to see three or four teams in close competition at the front.

The track has a very poor finish rate. It is hard mechanically and physically and overtaking is a frustrating experience as cars tend to get bunched together throughout the field. West German Bernd Schneider steps into the breach for the Arrows-Ford team following Alex Caffi's accident at Estoril last weekend. Caffi's legs were heavily bruised in the crash and he will not be fit to join Michele Alboreto in the team. Schneider, who drove for Zakspeed in 1989, has tested for Arrows and will be deputising for Caffi for the second time this season. He finished 12th at Phoenix in March after Caffi withdrew following a fall from a push bike while training.

One of the main topics of interest in Formula One continues to be the future line-up of the Frank Williams team. With Nigel Mansell admitting to being open to persuasion about reconsidering his retirement, everything points to him rejoining Williams for 1991. Having said that, Alain Prost's chagrin with Ferrari management lends weight to the rumour circulating in Formula One that Prost may be off to Williams. But at the end of the day I believe Prost and Ferrari will come up with a settlement to their differences and Mansell will join Williams.

The drivers suffering the most in the hurly burly of settling team line-ups for next season are British. If Nigel Mansell goes to Williams, then the options for Derek Warwick, Martin Donnelly, Martin Brundle and Mark Blundell are very limited. It all boils down to simple commercial reality. In Britain, there is no support for motor racing drivers unlike in France, Italy and South America. Formula One teams do not exist on thin air. Being a British driver without backing seems to result in a negative reaction from almost every team.


Martin Donnelly was taken to hospital with head and leg injuries after a high speed crash during the first practice session for Sunday's race. His Lotus-Lamborghini was going round the first of two fast right-hand bends behind the pits at about 150mph when it went off and crashed into the barriers. The car broke in two, throwing him unconscious onto the track and he was later taken to Seville's Roseo hospital. His injuries included a suspected fractured skull, three fractures in his left leg and a broken collar bone.

Lotus car designer Frank Dernie said he could not believe Martin Donnelly had survived the practice session crash. "I'm staggered that he survived," said Dernie. "I don't know how he did, but it says a lot for all the new safety regulations in Formula One now." Donnelly's team-mate Derek Warwick, who survived a high-speed crash at the Italian Monza circuit just three weeks ago, later spoke to Donnelly.

"He's obviously in a lot of agony," he said. "His face is terribly swollen but he spoke to me when I spoke to him."

Brazilian Ayrton Senna produced another superlative drive to set the fastest time in Friday's practice at Jerez. Senna, who has an 18-point lead over Alain Prost in the drivers' standings, clocked 1 min 18.900 secs, over 1.3 secs quicker than his 1989 pole time. McLaren team-mate Gerhard Berger was second fastest with Prost only fourth in his Ferrari after a minor nudge on the back of one of the Arrows. Nigel Mansell could do no better than 1:21.005 in Prost's spare after his own car failed during the session.

Friday practice at Jerez:
     mins secs

 1 A Senna      Brz McLaren    1:18.900

 2 G Berger     Aut McLaren    1:19.643

 3 J Alesi      Fr  Tyrrell    1:19.923

 4 A Prost      Fr  Ferrari    1:20.026

 5 R Patrese    It  Williams   1:20.562

 6 T Boutsen    Bel Williams   1:20.721

 7 N Mansell    GB  Ferarri    1:21.005

 8 N Piquet     Brz Benetton   1:21.111

 9 A Nannini    It  Benetton   1:21.383

10 A Suzuki     Jpn Larrousse  1:21.740

11 D Warwick    GB  Lotus      1:22.111

12 P Martini    It  Minardi    1:22.225

13 E Bernard    Fr  Lola-Lamb  1:22.403

14 M Donnelly   GB  Lotus      1:22.659

15 S Nakajima   Jpn Tyrrell    1:22.690

16 A de Cesaris It  Dallara    1:22.953

17 M Gugelmin   Brz March      1:23.019

18 Y Dalmas     Fr  AGS-Ford   1:23.249

19 G Tarquini   It  AGS-Ford   1:23.260

20 N Larini     It  Ligier     1:23.290

21 E Pirro      It  Dallara    1:23.485

22 S Modena     It  Brabham    1:23.641

23 P Alliot     Fr  Ligier     1:23.783

24 I Capelli    It  March      1:23.866

25 M Alboreto   It  Arrows     1:24.043

26 B Schneider  WG  Arrows     1:24.675

27 O Grouillard Fr  Osella     1:24.784

28 P Barilla    It  Minardi    1:25.093

29 D Brabham    Aus Brabham    1:25.899

30 B Gachot     Bel Coloni     1:26.593

 (Top four go through)

1 Y Dalmas     Fr  AGS-Ford   1:22.470

2 G Tarquini   It  AGS-Ford   1:22.592

3 O Grouillard Fr  Osella     1:22.708

4 B Gachot     Bel Coloni     1:24.603


5 R Moreno     Brz Coloni     1:24.621

6 C Langes     It  Eurobrun   1:25.736

7 B Giacomelli It  Life       1:42.699

Ayrton Senna grabbed the 50th pole of his brilliant career despite a moment of danger after coming up behind two cars on his fast lap at Jerez. He somehow squeezed his McLaren-Honda past the slow-moving cars of Nelson Piquet and Olivier Grouillard which were blocking the track and went on to clock 1 minute 18.387 secs. He will be joined on the front row by championship rival Alain Prost, with Nigel Mansell third fastest. Rain fell overnight on the circuit and may play a part in the race. Prost was quickest in the warm-up session.

Final practice times at Jerez:mins secs

 1 A Senna      Brz McLaren    1:18.387

 2 A Prost      Fr  Ferrari    1:18.824

 3 N Mansell    GB  Ferrari    1:19.106

 4 J Alesi      Fr  Tyrrell    1:19.604

 5 G Berger     Aut McLaren    1:19.618

 6 R Patrese    It  Williams   1:19.647

 7 T Boutsen    Bel Williams   1:19.689

 8 N Piquet     Brz Benetton   1:19.700

 9 A Nannini    It  Benetton   1:20.367

10 D Warwick    GB  Lotus      1:20.610

11 P Martini    It  Minardi    1:21.060

12 M Gugelmin   Brz Leyton H   1:21.167

13 P Alliot     Fr  Ligier     1:21.170

14 S Nakajima   Jpn Tyrrell    1:21.215

15 A Suzuki     Jpn Larrousse  1:21.244

16 E Pirro      It  Dallara    1:21.277

17 A de Cesaris It  Dallara    1:21.467

18 E Bernard    Fr  Larrousse  1:21.551

19 I Capelli    It  Leyton H   1:21.910

20 N Larini     It  Ligier     1:21.996

21 O Grouillard Fr  Osella     1:22.288

22 G Tarquini   It  AGS-Ford   1:22.466

23 Y Dalmas     Fr  AGS-Ford   1:22.716

24 S Modena     It  Brabham    1:23.133

25 M Alboreto   It  Arrows     1:23.161


26 D Brabham    Aus Brabham    1:23.163

27 P Barilla    It  Minardi    1:23.274

28 B Schneider  WG  Arrows     1:23.924

29 B Gachot     Bel Coloni     1:25.114

M Donnelly  GB  Lotus will not race


Sunday's warm-up times at Jerez:
mins secs

 1 A Prost      Fr  Ferrari    1:23.637

 2 A Senna      Brz McLaren    1:24.713

 3 N Mansell    GB  Ferrari    1:24.785

 4 G Berger     Aut McLaren    1:24.928

 5 R Patrese    It  Williams   1:25.465

 6 T Boutsen    Bel Williams   1:25.695

 7 P Alliot     Fr  Ligier     1:25.735

 8 D Warwick    GB  Lotus      1:25.996

 9 N Piquet     Brz Benetton   1:26.346

10 E Bernard    Fr  Larrousse  1:26.351

11 N Larini     It  Ligier     1:26.586

12 J Alesi      Fr  Tyrrell    1:26.899

13 P Martini    It  Minardi    1:26.961

14 Y Dalmas     Fr  AGS-Ford   1:27.116

15 A Suzuki     Jpn Larrousse  1:27.216

16 S Nakajima   Jpn Tyrrell    1:27.433

17 A Nannini    It  Benetton   1:27.444

18 O Grouillard Fr  Osella     1:27.474

19 M Gugelmin   Brz Leyton H   1:27.552

20 M Alboreto   It  Arrows     1:27.838

21 S Modena     It  Brabham    1:28.022

22 A de Cesaris It  Dallara    1:28.084

23 G Tarquini   It  AGS-Ford   1:28.430

24 I Capelli    It  Leyton H   1:28.517

25 E Pirro      It  Dallara    1:28.774

Ulsterman Martin Donnelly is still on a respirator in hospital at Seville after his horrific 150mph crash in practice for the Spanish Grand Prix. The latest bulletin on the 26-year-old Lotus driver said he was "gradually recovering consciousness and his vital functions are still normal". Although artificial respiration is being maintained, the hospital said his recovery was continuing normally and the outlook was "favourable". Donnelly suffered multiple injuries when his car hit a wall on Friday.

Defending champion Alain Prost kept his hopes of retaining the title alive with his 44th Grand Prix triumph on a day of dismay for McLaren at sweltering Jerez. Championship leader Ayrton Senna was coasting in second on lap 52 when his normally-reliable car failed and he had to retire two laps later. Senna had kept Prost at bay for 25 laps after starting from pole but once ahead the Frenchman was in complete control. Team-mate Nigel Mansell made it a 1-2 for Ferrari after an excellent drive with Alessandro Nannini taking third.

Alain Prost, who all but gave up his drivers' title in Portugal a week ago, was back on the title trail after his magnificent 73-lap win at Jerez. He now trails Ayrton Senna by only nine points with two races left and said: "It's still possible but I know it will be difficult". Prost set his sights on pole position for the last two races to make the most of the Ferrari's advantage at corners. "When I was behind him in the first part of the race I was surprised how slow he was but I could not get past".

Ayrton Senna was a forlorn figure after he was forced to retire at Jerez for only the third time this season. The brilliant Brazilian looked set for second behind rival Alain Prost when his McLaren-Honda hit trouble. The runner-up spot would have left him needing just one point from the two remaining races in Japan and Australia to clinch his first title. McLaren's misery was completed on lap 57 when Austrian Gerhard Berger went off after hitting Thierry Boutsen's Williams as he tried for fourth place.

Britain's Nigel Mansell lived up to his promise to do his bit to help team-mate Alain Prost keep the drivers' title with a superb drive at Jerez. He unselfishly moved aside to let Prost take the lead on the 28th lap after the Frenchman had been into the pits for fresh tyres. Prost's rival Ayrton Senna slipped past into second but Mansell pushed his car hard to keep on the Brazilian's tail. He regained second when the McLaren hit trouble and was content thereafter to keep possible challengers to Prost's lead at bay.

Nigel Mansell refused to be drawn on his future after following Alain Prost home in a superb Ferrari 1-2. The 37-year-old Manxman, who won in Portugal last week, was asked whether he would abandon his retirement plan following the two good results. "I think the weather today has been marvellous. Alain has had a great victory. It is fantastic for the championship," he joked. "But to answer the question, we'll have to wait and see," added Mansell, who is tipped to return to Williams for 1991.

Derek Warwick was cruelly denied a possible top six finish when his Lotus failed just 12 laps from the end of the race at the Circuito de Jerez. He had been in two minds about whether to take part in the race at all after team-mate Martin Donnelly's horrific practice crash on Friday. He was sixth before making his tyre stop on the 24th of the 73 laps, but came back into the picture late on. He was challenging sixth-placed Aguri Suzuki and going faster than leader Alain Prost when his car let him down.

Only ten of the 25 starters completed the race as Jerez lived up to its reputation as a tough test of both man and machine. Ferrari-bound Jean Alesi's race lasted only as far as the first bend as his Tyrrell-Ford clipped Gerhard Berger's McLaren and span off the track. Three-times world champion Nelson Piquet held the lead for four laps before wearing out his tyres on lap 29. He rejoined the race and was hot on the heels of Ayrton Senna when his Benetton let him down on the 47th lap.

 Result after 73 laps:

					    hrs mins secs

 1 A Prost    Fr   Ferrari      1:48.10 (average speed 106.206 mph)

 2 N Mansell  GB   Ferrari      1:48.23

 3 A Nannini  It   Benetton     1:48.36

 4 T Boutsen  Bel  Williams     1:48.44

 5 R Patrese  It   Williams     1:48.58

 6 A Suzuki   Jpn  Larrousse    1:49.05

 7 N Larini   It   Ligier       72 laps

 8 M Gugelmin Brz  Leyton House 72 laps

 9 Y Dalmas   Fr   AGS-Ford     72 laps

10 M Alboreto It   Arrows       71 laps

Fastest lap: R Patrese 1m 24.513 secs


Standings after Round 14 of 16:

 1 A Senna     Brz  McLaren    78 points

 2 A Prost     Fr   Ferrari    69

 3 G Berger    Aut  McLaren    40

 4 N Mansell   GB   Ferrari    31

 5 T Boutsen   Bel  Williams   30

 6 N Piquet    Brz  Benetton   26

 7 A Nannini   It   Benetton   21

 8 R Patrese   It   Williams   19

 9 J Alesi     Fr   Tyrrell    13

10 I Capelli   It   Leyton H    6

11 E Bernard   Fr   Lola-Lamb   5

12 D Warwick   GB   Lotus       3

13 S Modena    It   Brabham     2

 = A Caffi     It   Arrows      2

 = S Nakajima  Jap  Tyrrell     2

 = A Suzuki    Jap  Larrousse   2


Standings after the Spanish GP:

 1 McLaren-Honda        118 points

 2 Ferrari              103

 3 Williams-Renault      49

 4 Benetton-Ford         47

 5 Tyrrell-Ford          15

 6 Leyton House-Judd      7

 = Larousse-Lamborghini   7

 8 Lotus-Lamborghini      3

 9 Brabham-Judd           2

 = Arrows-Ford            2

Nigel Mansell has changed his mind about retiring from Grand Prix racing and will as expected rejoin Williams for the 1991 season. An emotional Mansell announced he was quitting Formula One at the British Grand Prix but speculation has mounted recently about him reconsidering. Riccardo Patrese is staying to partner Mansell and the team have signed a new engine contract with Renault.

Team boss Frank Williams said: "We are very optimistic that Nigel and Riccardo will get us to the front next year". Mansell said he had "amazed" himself by changing his mind about retiring from Formula One. He said he could only compliment Frank Williams on his "persuasive powers in making me believe we can go for the championship next year". Mansell added: "I have been immensely touched by the fantastic encouragement from not only the British, but fans all round the world, for me to continue in Formula One". He said his motivation for driving was still "very high".

Nigel Mansell sets his stall out for a determined world title bid next year after agreeing to rejoin Williams. "I have always stipulated that I am not in Formula One merely to make up the numbers, but to win races and try for the world championship," he said. "I have worked towards the world championship for many years and have never achieved the complete backing I would have wished for. "Therefore to actually turn down at this stage what I have been working for all my life would be very sad".

Ulsterman Martin Donnelly is expected to be flown home to Britain before the end of the week after an horrific crash at 150mph before the Spanish Grand Prix. He is still on a respirator at hospital in Seville but his condition is stable and doctors say the outlook for the 26-year-old is "favourable". The swelling on Donnelly's left leg has continued to reduce slightly, and doctors have said that his blood circulation was fair and that the risk of thrombosis was minimal.

The Benetton Formula 1 team may switch back to Pirelli tyres in 1991. The Italian tyre has looked superior in qualifying but has been no match for the dominant Goodyear rubber over a race distance. Benetton gave Pirelli their last Formula One win in the 1986 Mexican Grand Prix. "It is only rumour," said a team spokeswoman. "We are using Goodyear tyres in 1990 - I don't know about 1991."

Nigel Mansell was back down to earth today after Monday's announcement that he will re-join Williams in 1991. The 36 year-old Englishman is hard at work for sponsors in Germany today and tomorrow. He then flies to Portugal for two days of tyre testing for Ferrari on Thursday and Friday. Mansell, who won 13 Grands Prix with Williams before joining Ferrari in 1989 is not expected back in the country until the weekend.

Martin Donnelly was recovering in the intensive care unit of a London hospital after being flown home from Seville following his crash in Jerez. He remains in a serious but stable condition.

The French GP will be switched from Le Castellet to the Magny-Cours circuit near Nevers in central France, for five years from 1991. The 4.271-km track, renovated at a cost of $10.5 million, is close to the headquarters of the Ligier team.

THUNDERSALOONS:- John Cleland, the 1989 British Touring Car champion, bids to rekindle his glory days in the Thundersaloon class when he drives a 600bhp Vauxhall Carlton at Silverstone on Sunday. Cleland won the title in '86 and '88 and has been drafted in to partner Tony Dickinson.

TRUCK RACING:- European champion Steve Parrish heads the line-up for this weekend's second round of the British Open Truck Racing championship in his BP Mercedes. Swedes Slim Borgudd and Curt Goranson are among his main rivals, with Heather Baillie the top women's entry.

Britain's Richard Walker showed his intentions in qualifying at the Lucas International Truckprix at Brands Hatch with a lap of 60 seconds in his seven-ton Volvo. Swedes Slim Borgudd and Curt Coransson set the pace in their Volvos.

F.RENAULT:- Brazilian Paulo Carcassi claimed his fourth pole of the season with a lap of 1 minute 10.63 secs in practice for Sunday's Formula Renault UK Trophy round at West Germany's Nurburgring. Orpington's Chris Goodwin (1:10.77) will join him on the front row, with Jason Plato of Felixstowe completing a Van Diemen front three.

F.FORD:- A special race between the top drivers from the Champion of Oulton series and Formula Ford contenders forms part of Oulton Park's programme on Sunday.

F.RENAULT:- Norfolk constructor Van Diemen filled the top three places during first practice for Sunday's Formula Renault UK Trophy race at Nurburgring, with Jason Plato top of the pile. Plato took provisional pole in his Manor Motorsport Vam Diemen FR/90 Renault, with Chris Goodwin second and Bobby Verdon-Roe third.