November 1991

World champion Ayrton Senna eclipsed Nigel Mansell with the fastest lap ever around the Adelaide street circuit to claim provisional pole for Sunday's GP. The 31-year-old Brazilian ace clocked 1 min 14.210 secs, fractionally faster than McLaren team-mate Gerhard Berger. Mansell again drove superbly and his time of 1:14.822 was third quickest, with Gianni Morbidelli an excellent sixth on his Ferrari debut. "My lap was a good one with no mistakes but there is not much more for me to get out of the car," Mansell commented.

Friday practice times:        mins secs
 1 A Senna      Brz McLaren    1:14.210
 2 G Berger     Aut McLaren    1:14.385
 3 N Mansell    GB  Williams   1:14.822
 4 R Patrese    It  Williams   1:15.633
 5 M Schumacher Ger Benetton   1:15.840
 6 G Morbidelli It  Ferrari    1:16.203
 7 S Modena     It  Tyrrell    1:16.253
 8 N Piquet     Brz Benetton   1:16.552
 9 J Alesi      Fr  Ferrari    1:17.014
10 A de Cesaris It  Jordan     1:17.073
11 E Pirro      It  Dallara    1:17.342
12 M Gugelmin   Brz Leyton Hse 1:17.344
13 A Zanardi    It  Jordan     1:17.362
14 P Martini    It  Minardi    1:17.614
15 JJ Lehto     Fin Dallara    1:17.665
16 M Blundell   GB  Brabham    1:17.867
17 M Alboreto   It  Footwork   1:18.214
18 S Nakajima   Jpn Tyrrell    1:18.216
19 K W'linger   Aut Leyton Hse 1:18.282
20 A Caffi      It  Footwork   1:18.783
21 M Brundle    GB  Brabham    1:18.887
22 T Boutsen    Bel Ligier     1:18.992
23 N Larini     It  Lamborg'ni 1:19.076
24 J Herbert    GB  Lotus-Judd 1:19.177
25 M Hakkinen   Fin Lotus-Judd 1:19.199
26 E Comas      Fr  Ligier     1:19.678
27 R Moreno     Brz Minardi    1:19.752
28 E vd Poele   Bel Lamborg'ni 1:20.123
29 B Gachot     Fr  Larrousse  1:20.163
30 A Suzuki     Jap Larrousse 26:19.244

02.11.91 - F1
World champion Ayrton Senna took the 60th pole position of his career during drizzle-swept final qualifying on the Adelaide street circuit. The 31-year-old Brazilian clocked a flying 1 min 14.41 secs with just two minutes of qualifying left. McLaren teammate Gerhard Berger will be alongside him on the front row after the Williams duo of Nigel Mansell and Riccardo Patrese failed to improve on Friday's lap times set in the dry. Martin Brundle did not make the grid due to a leaking brake fluid problem on his final drive for the Brabham team.

Brilliant Brazilian Ayrton Senna was a happy man after producing another superb effort to take his career tally of pole positions to 60. "Winning 60 poles was one of the targets I set myself for the season, and we just made it at the last minute."

"There were a lot of cars out there. It was hectic. It was a question of really positioning yourself for the start of your quick lap and hoping the slower cars would give way," he commented. Nigel Mansell was held up by 'traffic' but said: "I'm pleased to be third on the grid and in race shape."

Final practice times:         mins secs
 1 A Senna      Brz McLaren    1:14.041
 2 G Berger     Aut McLaren    1:14.385
 3 N Mansell    GB  Williams   1:14.822
 4 R Patrese    It  Williams   1:15.057
 5 N Piquet     Brz Benetton   1:15.291
 6 M Schumacher Ger Benetton   1:15.508
 7 J Alesi      Fr  Ferrari    1:15.545
 8 G Morbidelli It  Ferrari    1:16.203
 9 S Modena     It  Tyrrell    1:16.253
10 P Martini    It  Minardi    1:16.359
11 JJ Lehto     Fin Dallara    1:16.871
12 A de Cesaris It  Jordan     1:17.050
13 E Pirro      It  Dallara    1:17.342
14 M Gugelmin   Brz Leyton Hse 1:17.344
15 M Alboreto   It  Footwork   1:17.355
16 A Zanardi    It  Jordan     1:17.362
17 M Blundell   GB  Brabham    1:17.365
18 R Moreno     Brz Minardi    1:17 639
19 N Larini     It  Lamborg'ni 1:17.936
20 T Boutsen    Bel Ligier     1:17.969
21 J Herbert    GB  Lotus-Judd 1:18.091
22 E Comas      Fr  Ligier     1:18.112
23 A Caffi      It  Footwork   1:18.157
24 S Nakajima   Jpn Tyrrell    1:18.216
25 M Hakkinen   Fin Lotus-Judd 1:18 271
26 K W'linger   Aut Leyton Hse 1:18.282
27 A Suzuki     Jap Larrousse  1:18.393
28 M Brundle    GB  Brabham    1:18.885
29 E vd Poele   Bel Lamborg'ni 1:19.000
30 B Gachot     Fr  Larrousse  1:19.274

03.11.91 - F1
Result (after 14 laps)        mins secs
 1 A Senna      Brz McLaren   24:34.899
 2 N Mansell    GB  Williams @    1.259
 3 G Berger     Aut McLaren  @    5.120
 4 N Piquet     Brz Benetton @   30.103
 5 R Patrese    It  Williams @   50.537
 6 G Morbidelli It  Ferrari  @   51.069
 7 E Pirro      It  Dallara  @   52.361
 8 A de Cesaris It  Jordan   @ 1:00.431
 9 A Zanardi    It  Jordan   @ 1:15.567
10 S Modena     It  Tyrrell  @ 1:20.370
11 J Herbert    GB  Lotus    @ 1:22.073
12 JJ Lehto     Fin Dallara  @ 1:38.519
13 M Alboreto   It  Footwork @ 1:39.303
14 M Gugelmin   Brz Leyton   @  one lap
15 A Caffi      It  Footwork @  one lap

 1 A Senna      Brz  McLaren   96 points
 2 N Mansell    GB   Williams  72
 3 R Patrese    It   Williams  53
 4 G Berger     Aut  McLaren   43
 = A Prost      Fr   Ferrari   34
 6 N Piquet     Brz  Benetton  26.5
 7 J Alesi      Fr   Ferrari   21
 8 S Modena     It   Tyrrell   10
 = A De Cesaris It   Jordan     9
10 R Moreno     Brz  Jordan     8
11 P Martini    It   Minardi    6
12 JJ Lehto     Fin  Dallara    4
== B Gachot     Fr   Jordan     4
== M Schumacher Ger  Benetton   4

 1 McLaren        139 pts
 2 Williams       125
 3 Ferrari         55.5
 4 Benetton        38.5
 5 Jordan          13
 6 Tyrrell         12
World champion Ayrton Senna captured the constructors title for McLaren after claiming victory in a race which was drastically cut short due to rain. Senna was in the lead after just 16 of the scheduled 81 laps when the race was brought to a halt due to the adverse weather conditions. Nigel Mansell had crashed into a wall moments earlier, damaging his ankle, but was still awarded second place, while Senna's team-mate Gerhard Berger came third. It was later confirmed as the shortest F1 world championship race in history.

Heavy rain and a series of crashes brought the final Grand Prix of the season to a half after just 16 laps in Adelaide. The red flag was waved after world champion and race leader Ayrton Senna had crossed the start-finish line at the end of his 16th lap. Senna had earlier been waving from his cockpit throughout the lap, indicating that the race should be stopped. It had began in heavy rain and very dangerous conditions and only 12 cars were running together on the same lap when the race was ended.

Ayrton Senna was declared winner of the Australian Grand Prix after a declared final distance of 14 laps. Organisers decided that only half the normal number of points would be awarded for the race and so the Brazilan ace picked up five points. Nigel Mansell, awarded second, collected three points to end the campaign second behind Senna. Gerhard Berger was declared third ahead of Nelson Piquet with Riccardo Patrese fifth. Another Italian Gianni Morbidelli finished sixth on his debut for Ferrari.

Ayrton Senna won the easiest and possibly most chaotic Grand Prix of his career after just 16 laps in rain-drenched Australia. But afterwards the world champion admitted: "I don't think that was a race, it was just a matter of trying to stay on the circuit." Senna said he had only started the race because the constructors championship was at stake. "It was a mistake by all of us to have started," he said. "We should have had the courage to get together as a group and refused to start," he said.

Brazilian Ayrton Senna has called for FISA to heed drivers views on safety after being awarded victory after just 16 laps of a rain-drenched race. Senna warned that conditions were not safe before the start and afterwards urged FISA to get together with drivers to formulate new wet weather rules. "We have to establish a group which is neutral and balanced and can help make for much safer conditions in future. It is a difficult task and it will need a lot of time and a lot of work. But we need to do this for the sport's future," he insisted.

Nigel Mansell suffered a mild concussion and a suspected broken ankle after spinning off the Adelaide track. Mansell, awarded second place in the race behind Ayrton Senna, failed to turn up on the podium and left to catch an early flight home after being examined by medical staff. He criticised organisers for allowing the race to proceed after four cars had crashed on the straightway. "They had 10 laps to stop the race. There was debris all over the place," Mansell said.

Ayrton Senna's seventh Grand Prix win of the season assured McLaren-Honda of their fourth successive constructors title. Williams-Renault had trailed by 11 points going into the final round of the championship and their hopes faded after Nigel Mansell crashed on lap 16. The Briton was later awarded second place despite the crash which he claimed had been "frightening". "The car spun time and time again and threw me straight into the wall," Mansell said. "It was a big hit".

Ayrton Senna won the final Grand Prix of the season in appalling conditions in Adelaide. As Senna strolled to victory, 25 cars behind him were left to battle through against a wall of spray. Accidents were inevitable and the first major one came after five laps when Nicola Larini collided on Brabham Straight in a Lamborghini. As track vehicles were parked to clear the growing wreckage, yellow flags were waved to warn drivers of conditions. However, there have been no reports of serious injuries to any driver.

SPORTSCARS:- David Brabham and Teo Fabi drove their Jaguar XJR14 to victory in the seventh and final leg of the All Japan Sports Prototype Car Championships in Tokyo. Japan's Kazuyoshi Hoshino and Toshio Suzuki won the overall title.

F.FIRST:- Richard Morgan led from start to finish in the the Formula First Championship race at Brands Hatch - his first win since surgeons re-implanted his arm after it was severed in a 1990 crash.

06.11.91 - RALLY NEWS
British champion David Llewellin has lost his place in Nissan's 1992 world championship team after just one year. Nissan Motorsports Europe have signed Frenchman Francois Chatriot to drive alongside Finland's Tommi Makinen. Haverfordwest farmer Llewellin has not had his contract renewed. European manager Charles Reynolds said the 1992 programme needed experience in a specific area and "new drivers will enable the team to move forward".

07.11.91 - F1
Pirelli have announced they will not be taking part in Formula One next year. The company, which supplied tyres to Benetton and Tyrrell, will continue in the world rally championship.

SPORTSCARS:- Sportscar manufacturers Jaguar, Peugeot and Mercedes will hold a crisis meeting with the new FISA president Max Mosley on Monday to decide the future of the troubled World Sportscar Championship. Soaring costs, falling crowds and new regulations have decimated the 30-car entries enjoyed until this year.

08.11.91 - F3
Reynard have unveiled their new car - the 923 - which will challenge for the Formula Three championship in 1992.

Positions after Sunday's seven stages:
Accumulated penalties         mins.secs
1 A Schwarz   Ger Toyota Celica   50:46
2 C Sainz     Sp  Toyota Celica   51:20
3 J Bardolet  Sp  Ford Sierra     51:21
4 A Aghini    It  Lancia Delta    51:26
5 G Trelles   Sp  Lancia Delta    52:03
6 J Kankkunen Fin Lancia Delta    52:21
7 F Delecour  Fr  Ford Sierra     52:26
German Armin Schwarz led world champion Carlos Sainz of Spain by 34 seconds after the first day's seven stages. But championship leader Sainz boosted his hopes of retaining the title by opening a 61-second lead over nearest challenger Juha Kankkunen of Finland. Kankkunnen, trailing Sainz by eight points, was sixth in his Lancia after the opening leg. Frenchman Didier Auriol, third in the overall standings, withdrew from the rally after his father died this week.

F1:- Nigel Mansell has won three of Britain's leading motor sport awards. The Canon Williams driver has won the Richard Seaman Trophy, the Johnny Wakefield Trophy for his fastest lap at the British GP and the Gold Star. Jaguar sportscar driver Derek Warwick has won the John Cobb Trophy for an achievement of outstanding character. Martin Brundle has won the ERA Club Trophy for his performances for Jaguar. Le Mans winner Johnny Herbert takes the Fairfield Trophy for an outstanding performance by a BRDC member.

Positions after 20 stages:
Accumulated penalties     hrs:mins:secs
 1 A Schwarz   Ger To'ta Celica 3:11.51
 2 F Delecour  Fr  Ford Sierra  3:12.21
 3 J Bardolet  Sp  Ford Sierra  3:13.33
 4 A Aghini    It  Lancia Delta 3:14.13
 5 G Trelles   Sp  Lancia Delta 3:15.20
 6 J Kankkunen Fin Lancia Delta 3:15.52
 7 J Puras     Sp  Lancia Delta 3:19.55
 8 L Monzon    Sp  Lancia Delta 3:21.17
 9 J Recalde   Arg Lancia Delta 3:23.42
10 C Menem     Arg Ford Sierra  3:33.25
   End of Day 2 (of 4)
World champion Carlos Sainz pulled out of his 'home' rally after his car suffered electrical damage. Sainz could not start his Toyota to drive out of the overnight holding area. He had hoped to clinch his second championship and had tears in his eyes as he dropped out. His withdrawal means Juha Kankkunen could win the championship if he takes victory in Britain's RAC Rally.

Fracois Delecour closed the gap on leader Armin Schwarz to 30 seconds with superb driving on the second day. The Frenchman began the day in seventh place but moved into contention with fastest time in 12 of the 13 special stages in his Ford Sierra Cosworth. German Schwarz is Toyota's best hope after the withdrawal of world champion Carlos Sainz due to electrical failure. Juha Kankkunen is sixth, driving his Lancia carefully to ensure finishing with the championship within his grasp.

RALLY NEWS:- Alister McRae is to drive Shell's scholarship car in next year's British Rally Championship.


Positions after 30 stages:
Accumulated penalties     hrs:mins:secs
 1 A Schwarz   Ger To'ta Celica 5:23.16
 2 F Delecour  Fr  Ford Sierra  5:26.15
 3 J Kankkunen Fin Lancia Delta 5:26.40
 4 G Trelles   Sp  Lancia Delta 5:28.21
 5 J Bardolet  Sp  Ford Sierra  5:29.05
 6 A Aghini    It  Lancia Delta 5:30.30
 7 J Puras     Sp  Lancia Delta 5:39.02
 8 J Recalde   Arg Lancia Delta 5:40.12
 9 L Monzon    Sp  Lancia Delta 5:44.48
10 C Menem     Arg Ford Sierra  5:54.46
   End of Day 3 (of 4) (stage 29 cancelled)
Championship contender Juha Kankkunen charged into the top three on the gravel on the third day. The Finn had started the day sixth but set fastest time on four of the first five stages - including one in which he spun - to close to 3m 24s behind leader Armin Schwarz by stage 30. Schwarz led Francois Delecour by 30s at the start of the day but stretched that to nearly three minutes. Delecour, the sensation of Monday, had his own problems with Kankunnen just 25s behind him by s30.

F1:- The Canon Williams team is to give American Indy star Al Unser Jnr his first taste of F1 power next week. Nigel Mansell is in Florida and Mark Blundell in Japan hunting sponsorship for an F1 season next year. So "Little Al" is to join test driver Damon Hill and Riccardo Patrese in Portugal starting next Monday. "The circumstances have never been right before," said Frank Williams. "We needed a third driver with the right qualifications. Please do not read anything into it."

Mercedes are close to abandoning plans for their eagerly awaited return to Grand Prix racing. With the involvement of Mercedes junior drivers Michael Schumacher and Karl Wendlinger in Formula 1 a return looked imminent. But Mercedes technicians have told the company it cannot build a competitive F1 engine in the next two years. And the option of putting their name to the existing Ilmor V10 engine project is unpalatable to Mercedes hierarchy. The only other option seems to be to cancel their F1 project.

SPORTSCARS:- The World Sportscar Championship has been scrapped, 38 years after its inception, with Mercedes and Jaguar voting to discontinue the series. At a crisis meeting in London new FISA president Max Mosley said "insufficient commitment" was the cause, and rising costs and falling attendances a problem. Having entered the meeting undecided, Tom Walkinshaw of champions Jaguar said "It was decided for us - there is nothing left to be in or out of". The Le Mans 24-hour classic will continue, supported by a series of six or seven endurance races.

SUPER-PRIX:- The Soviet Union is to stage a Super Prix in Moscow next year. A 2.7 kilometre track on the Lenin Hills overlooking the Soviet capital is being upgraded for the event in August. The Moscow Super Prix will be a one-off Renault formula race accompanies by a series of saloon car races. Sponsorship will come from Soviet and European industry with FIA backing. "We hope this is the start of a series of international events," said Soviet embassy spokesman, Grigory Karasin.

Armin Schwarz held off title-chasing Juha Kankkunen to score his first ever Championship win despite rolling his Toyota during the final day's action. He lost 50 seconds when the incident occurred on stage 33 but his car was not seriously damaged and he set the fastest time on the final stage. Kankkunen edged out Francois Delecour by a mere five secs to finish second and now heads reigning champion Carlos Sainz by seven points overall. They will decide the driver's title at the RAC rally later this month.

Final result after 35 stages:
Accumulated penalties     hrs:mins:secs
 1 A Schwarz   Ger To'ta Celica 6:44.42
 2 J Kankkunen Fin Lancia Delta 6:46.15
 3 F Delecour  Fr  Ford Sierra  6:46.20
 4 J Bardolet  Sp  Ford Sierra  6:50.22
 5 A Aghini    It  Lancia Delta 6:51.44
 6 J Recalde   Arg Lancia Delta 7:03.42
 7 L Monzon    Sp  Lancia Delta 7:09.08
 8 F Cardevila Sp  Ford Sierra  7:37.51
 9 J Casayes   Sp  Peugeot 309  7:50.24
10 JM Ponce    Sp  BMW 325      7:50.33

 after Catalunya Rally
1 J Kankkunen Fin  Lancia    138 pts
2 C Sainz     Sp   Toyota    131
3 D Auriol    Fr   Lancia    101
4 M Biasion   It   Lancia     69
5 A Schwarz   Ger  Toyota     55

15.11.91 - F1
Luca di Montezemolo, a former technical director of the Ferrari Formula 1 racing team, replaces Piero Fusaro as chairman and managing director of the ailing Italian company.

17.11.91 - ALL-JAPAN F-3000
American Ross Cheever won the 11th race of the series, edging out Italian Mauro Martini by less than a second. Driving a Reynard 91D, Cheever claimed his third victory of the series, covering 35 laps of the Suzuka circuit in 1 hr 4 mins 23.785. Martini finished nearly 0.7 seconds behind and fellow Lola T91-50 driver Volker Weidler of Germany was third. The final race is on December 1 at Fuji International Speedway, with Japan's Ukyo Katayama still overall leader.

18.11.91 - SPORTSCARS
Peugeot have called an emergency team meeting in Paris for Friday in a bid to save the World Sportscar Championships. Champions Jaguar, Toyota and Mazda, as well as a dozen private teams, have promised to attend. Peugeot team chief Jean Todt said: "This is our last chance to prevent the world championship from being axed." Max Mosley, new president of world governing body FISA, said last week that the 38-year-old series would lose its world status for lack of support.

19.11.91 - F1
The Camel Benetton Ford F1 team have named Briton Ross Brawn and their new technical director and chief designer. He replaces American Gordon Kimball, who leaves the team after just five months as part of boss Tom Walkinshaw's rebuilding plans. Walkinshaw bought a one-third stake in Benetton in July and they have since signed up Michael Schumacher and Martin Brundle as their drivers for 1992. Brawn formerly worked with Walkinshaw in the Jaguar sportscars team and also for the former Arrows GP outfit.

Former world rally champion Ari Vatanen makes a popular appearance in the RAC Rally, in a Rothmans Subaru. The 39-year-old Finn, RAC winner in '84 in a Peugeot, drives for Subaru Rally Team Europe joining another former winner Markku Alen and one of Britain's brightest prospects Scot Colin McRae. Vatanen is new to the car, having only just signed a two-year contract with the team and admits to being rusty with only one other World Championship outing this season, for Mitsubishi.

Juha Kankkunen and Carlos Sainz will be under a lot of pressure, with the world title at stake, but I guarantee they do not crack easily. Ten years ago, I was in exactly this position. This is what competition is all about and there is nothing to match the satisfaction of winning when you have really had to work for it. Things went almost too well in the RAC Rally in 1984 but then, as I was looking set for victory, I put the car on its roof for a few minutes. Luckily we managed to get going and won anyway.

Carlos Sainz is an immensely talented driver. He is the Ayrton Senna of rallying - so quick in any conditions and on any surface. It has been great for the sport to have a Spaniard breaking the domination of the Scandinavian drivers. Juha Kankkunen will not make things easy for him. He is as good as Sainz on gravel, not as good on tarmac - which will not matter this week - but better in heavy snow, should that happen. I would say it will be 50-50 and it should be a tremendous battle.

I have only driven the Subaru rally car briefly but it does not feel like a stranger to me. However I have no plans to set the world alight this week. I am sometimes too competitive for my own good but at the moment I am a bit rusty and must work myself back to form. The 1,000 Lakes in August was my only other World Championship event this season and, without recent good results, it is easy to lose confidence ...rallying is all between the ears. I will be happy to finish the rally - the first of my new contract - and I am sure that would please the bosses.

It is important to arrive at this event well rested and to stick to a sensible diet but I make no other preparations; my work as a farmer keeps me fairly fit. I am pleased we can use pacenotes again this year. 'Secret' rallies are not as enjoyable - you drive at the same speed but without knowing what lies ahead. Ironically last year, when we first used pacenotes on all stages of this rally, there were more offs than usual but perhaps everyone was trying harder. There are already enough unknown factors with the weather so changeable - anything from dry tracks to snow.

I will be glad when the first day is over. There is so little to gain and so much to lose on those spectator stages. They are not natural stages and it is hard to find any rhythm as they swing from mud to asphalt, around trees and buildings. I will just try not to make a mistake and not to lose too much time. Going to Wales is good news for us all - they are the best stages in the UK. But the most fantastic stages are the two at Grizedale. They head over hills, twisting left and right through all sorts of angles. You work really hard from the start to the finish.

Spectators here are very knowledgeable and generally well-behaved but I am surprised by the little interest in the national Press - excluding Ceefax! You have a great British driver in Colin McRae. He is going to be very good - I have not seen anyone like him before in this country and I am not saying this because he is a teammate. It would be no surprise to find him ahead of me - and no disgrace either. My target is a little further down the road, in the months to come. This is just one rally. You cannot win them all, however much you would like to...

Defending world champion Carlos Sainz will the first away when the final round of the '92 FIA World Rally Championship gets underway in Harrogate on Sunday. The Toyota star faces a tough battle to retain his crown with Lancia driver Juha Kankkunen, starting two minutes later in car number two, looking well set for his third world title. Sainz retired from the penultimate round, leaving everything to be decided in the forests of Britain. He must now finish fifth or better - and ahead of Juha - to keep his crown.

New British Open champion Colin McRae drives a Prodrive Subaru Legacy as he bids to better his sixth place which made him the 1990 event's top Briton. Roger Clark was the last British driver to win the RAC Rally, triumphing for Ford in 1972 and 1976 - before McRae was out of short trousers. McRae, at 23, is the youngest of the leading home contenders with David Llewellin and Malcolm Wilson also hoping they can end the 15-year drought. Llewellin drives a Nissan while Wilson heads Ford's assault this year.

Extra power has been granted to the two Soviet works drivers Sergei Alyasov and Viktor Shkolny, this year competing in Lada Samaras with 1600cc engines rather than the 1300ccs of previous years. This year's route visits England, Scotland and Wales, covering a total of 1462 miles and including 37 stages. A total of 155 crews are expected to start with the world's best among them. Toyota Team Europe have withdrawn Swedish stars Mikael Ericsson and Mats Jonsson in order to concentrate their efforts on Carlos Sainz in his bid to retain the world crown. Leicester's Penny Mallory and Sue Mee will be supported by an all-female service crew looking after their bright green Ford Sierra - number 162. Guy Anderson competes for the seventh time making him a veteran at 24 (147). Harry Mellor and Eddie Bastiana are the oldest drivers with a combined age of 124 years in car 132.

Doctor Grahame Coleman and dentist Robin Pope hope to suffer no pain during their first ever Lombard RAC rally in their Vauxhall Nova (159). Francine Bogg is the youngest driver at 19. She won the 1991 Radio Times Rally Quest and drives her prize - the use of a works prepared Vauxhall Nova (177). Martin Stockdale has the oldest and heaviest car in the event - a 1980 Opel Monza weighing 1150kgs (78). Paul Dyas is the tallest driver in the event at 6ft 3ins aided by 5ft 4ins Stuart Derry in car number 90.

Leading positions after 13 rounds: (best nine scores count)
 1 J Kankkunen    Fin    138
 2 C Sainz        Sp     131
 3 D Auriol       Fr     101
 4 M Biasion      It      69
 5 A Schwartz     Ger     55
 6 K Erikkson     Swe     51
 7 M Alen         Fin     40
 8 F Delecour     Fr      34
 9 M Ericsson     Swe     27
10 J Recalde      Arg     23

Leading positions after nine rounds: (best seven scores count)
 1 Lancia        168
 2 Toyota        148
 3 Ford           46
 4 Mitsubishi     45
 5 Mazda          38
 6 Subaru         32
 7 Nissan         16
 8 BMW             6
 9 Renault         4
10 Daihatsu        2  Lancia are 1991 champions

Stage 21 of 37: latest positions
   Driver            Car        H  M  S
 1 Sainz         Sp  Toyota     2:36:04
 2 Auriol        Fr  Lancia     2:36:16
 3 Kankkunen     Fin Lancia     2:36:36
 4 C McRae       GB  Subaru     2:37:17
 5 Eriksson      Swe Mitsubishi 2:37:59
 6 Alen          Fin Subaru     2:38:02
 7 Vatanen       Fin Subaru     2:38:33
 8 Salonen       Fin Mitsubishi 2:39:52
 9 Blomqvist     Swe Nissan     2:40:14
10 Delecour      Fr  Ford       2:41:14
11 Mikkola       Fin Mazda      2:42:15
12 Lampi         Fin Mitsubishi 2:42:51
Spaniard Carlos Sainz produced a late charge on day two to recapture the lead in his works Toyota before the rally reached the overnight halt in Chester. Sainz, needing to finish ahead of Juha Kankkunen in order to retain his world title, had been in contention all day. He lay second behind Colin McRae as the young Scot enjoyed a couple of stages of glory in his Subaru and then pushed Frenchman Didier Auriol when the Lancia driver took the lead on stage 16. Fastest times on Monday's final two stages gave Sainz a 12-second lead over Auriol, with Kankkunen in third place.

Scot Colin McRae set the Welsh forests alight during the early stages of day two with one of the best performances by a Briton since Tony Pond in 1986. His works Rothmans Subaru overhauled the two world title rivals Carlos Sainz and Juha Kankkunen with the best times on stages 12 and 13 in north Wales. McRae, second overnight, lost time on the day's first stage, Clocaenog West, which he described as very muddy with the ground rutted by earlier cars. His brilliant run was halted when he spun losing almost a minute on stage 14 to slip back to fourth place.

"I'm very relieved to get Wales out of the way," admitted Colin McRae as he finished day two fourth, after 21 of the 37 stages, in his Rothmans Subaru. "I've had bad luck there in the past and it's a psychological victory to emerge unscathed," said the 23-year-old who spent the day challenging some of the world's top rally drivers. "The conditions were terrible, running so far down did not help," said McRae, who was running at number 21. "I have not pushed too hard today because I wanted a good finish for seeding. I'll be going for it tomorrow."

The Welsh forests proved unkind to the principality's two leading drivers, David Llewellin and Gwyndaf Evans. Llewellin's Nissan suffered a broken electrical master switch on stage 17. "The engine just died," the team said. Then, near the start of stage 16, Evans crashed his Sierra Cosworth 4x4 for the third time this rally; the crew were unhurt but the car was wrecked. British hopes had already been knocked on stage 14, Hafren, when Cumbrian Malcolm Wilson retired with a broken driveshaft during the 22-mile section.

Back to the forests for the remaining 144 cars which restarted from Chester at 0500. Today's first stage was a fast 11.96-mile twisty section at Clocaenog West where conditions were very muddy. Kenneth Eriksson moved ahead of Markku Alen into fourth spot despite suffering a puncture early in the 12-mile stage 10 in one of his Michelin ATS tyres. He eventually finished the day in fifth. Gwyndaf Evans needed a new cylinder head gasket fitted to his Sierra 4x4 on Sunday night, then had a big crash in his Q8 Autoglass Ford before finally going out in another accident on ss16.

Malcolm Wilson lost about a minute on ss10 after running eight miles with a front puncture. But his rally was run on stage 14 when his transmission seized and, despite help from Louise Aitken-Walker, he could not continue. Carlos Sainz, second fastest on stage 12 but five seconds off Colin McRae's time, reported a strong smell of oil. Juha Kankkunen, battling with Sainz for the world title, showed concern after dropping 12 seconds to McRae on stage 12 for no obvious reason. But from stages 15 to 20 he was only once out of the top two best times.

Many of the later competitors were in trouble on stage 12 where the surface deteriorated throughout the morning. Peter Stephenson (car no 69) grounded his Toyota Celica on a bend, smashing the driveshaft and puncturing a tyre. Virendra Kumar Anand retired after going off in his Lancia (96); Mark Jackson buckled a wheel and blew the turbo on his Mazda 323 (97); Geoff Stewart broke a wheel on his Nova (98). Richard Moore bent the front suspension on his Opel (143); John Cleary's Toyota (104) and Christopher Rees's Mazda (103) both had punctures.

Markku Alen finished stage 11 needing a new gearbox for his Subaru Legacy. By late afternoon he was reporting an ever-increasing loss of power but he held on to finish the day in sixth spot. A broken propshaft left Stig Blomqvist with only front wheel drive on his works Nissan on the 22-mile stage. He lost 2 mins 13 secs to stage 14 leader Didier Auriol, slipping to 14th overall. Teammate David Llewellin found the day's early stages "too dark and cold" but survived a spin to remain 10th. He had a new propshaft before a broken electrical master switch forced him out.

Tommi Makinen said the afternoon's Welsh forest stages were "very slippy for my Mazda" - he lost some 14 seconds on ss15 after spinning twice. Rally fans who gave free spares and kit for the Richard Moore/William Sturrock Opel Corsa (143) have helped it stay in the rally - albeit in 105th spot. The team's 30,000-worth of spares were stolen in Harrogate before the start.

Group N got a new leader late in the afternoon when the Shell Sierra 4x4 of Robbie Head/Campbell Roy pulled 18 seconds on their nearest rival, despite a broken gearbox on stage 11. They led by 79 seconds at the end of the day. Richard Jackson came off at a hairpin on the Hafren stage and ploughed up a bank in his Peugeot (97). His car was lifted off allowing him to continue. He has been keeping his crew busy, needing a new driveshaft and front strut. A new turbo also gave trouble. An exhausted George Porteous struggled to the end of stage 14 and joked: "This is my once a year weight-watchers".

Former world champion Massimo Biasion rolled his Lancia end-over-end three times in the day's final stage. He and co-driver Tiziano Siviero were shaken but unhurt and retired, having been in fourth place.

Stage 32 of 37: latest positions
  Driver            Car        H  M  S
1 Kankkunen     Fin Lancia     4:51:02
2 Eriksson      Swe Mitsubishi 4:54:03
3 Salonen       Fin Mitsubishi 4:58:49
4 Vatanen       Fin Subaru     5:00:03
5 Delecour      Fr  Ford       5:04:11
6 Mikkola       Fin Mazda      5:04:22
7 Makinen       Fin Mazda      5:08:16
8 Duez          Bel Toyota     5:09:22
Spaniard Carlos Sainz's hopes of retaining his world title suffered a serious setback in the Kielder forest. Sainz went off on stage 28, causing considerable damage to his Toyota, as he attempted to stay in touch with the flying Lancia of leader Didier Auriol. He struggled through the next stage with the car overheating, slipping to third. He then used all his available lateness time as the crew fixed his car. Finn Juha Kankkunen, who needs only to finish ahead of Sainz to take the world crown, moved into the runner-up spot.

Frenchman Didier Auriol set the pace on the penultimate day in his Lancia as world title rivals Carlos Sainz and Juha Kankkunen battled behind him. Auriol took the lead from Sainz on ss23 and mastered wet, slippery conditions in the Lake District and Borders to clock best times on five of six stages. He continued to pile on the pressure as the rally reached the notorious Kielder forest stages where the first casualty was Sainz who damaged his suspension, bodywork and radiator in an off on ss28. Auriol was again fastest on ss30 and 31 to lead by 82 seconds from Kankkunen.

Colin McRae crashed out of the rally on Tuesday evening after recovering from a spectacular roll earlier in the day. McRae, fourth overnight in his Subaru, promised he would be "going for it" over the day's 12 stages and go for it he did clocking the second best time on ss22 to close on leader Carlos Sainz. But his bid was halted on ss23 when he rolled his car on a tight bend and lost 12 minutes despite help from spectators. He worked his way back into 10th place but, on ss31, he rolled again and this time his car could not be recovered.

Colin McRae was the first of many crews to fall victim to one of the early bends on the tough Grizedale West stage. "I lost the gravel line over a tight crest and the back end went into a ditch, the car on its side," he said. His Subaru suffered severe bodywork damage and a smashed windscreen. Swede Kenneth Eriksson went off on the same bend - soon to be named McRae's Corner - but recovered to take fourth. Other victims included Stig Olov Walfridson (28), Phil Mellors (47) and Nigel Worswick (46) while Shin'ya Yamauchi (38) put his car on its roof.

The remaining 120 cars set off early this morning from Chester for the first northern stage (4.47 miles) of the rally, at Grizedale East. The crews re-started in the order they finished on the leaderboard on Monday night. Robbie Head retained his Group N lead during the day but, on ss30 with three stages to go before the overnight halt at Harrogate, he found himself without second gear on his Ford Sierra Cosworth and was looking for a gearbox change. Didier Auriol, leader since early on Tuesday, said he was finding it "very hard going" over the day's later stages.

Japan's Kosho Kanao lost two minutes during ss23 changing a wheel after a puncture on his Mazda 323 (120). Briton David Williams lost the brakes on his Subaru (79) one mile into ss23 and had to complete the 17.31 miles with only the handbrake. Ian Calvin lost time when an electrical master switch was accidentally knocked off on his Opel Kadett at Grizedale East. He retired on RS24. Brian Gill and Joyce Champion had a blown turbo on their Daihatsu Charade but were able to continue. Juha Kankkunen emerged from ss25, Wythop, still in third place overall but with some minor damage to the righthand rear suspension on his Lancia.

Stephen Green managed to keep going despite a broken ignition switch on his Vauxhall Nova (92) between ss23 and 24. Swede Stig Olov Walfridson was forced to retire his Mitsubishi Galant (28) after ss24 with overheating problems. He had earlier succumbed to 'McRae's Corner' but recovered and was lying in 19th place overall, second in Group N, when he pulled out. Stig Blomqvist went out while lying in seventh when the front suspension of his Nissan broke in Kielder Forest. The crew attempted to reach the striken car, halfway through ss29 (Falstone), but were held up by traffic jams. "There are places in Kielder where you can stop far, far away from anywhere," said Blomqvist. "This was one of them and our rally was over."

Finn Tommi Makinen made an unexplained stop on ss26 in his Mazda and lost over five minutes, dropping two places from 14th to 16th overall. Nigel Worswick's Sierra Cosworth (46) was seen driving through the Lake District stages without front or rear windscreens. Sue Orchard and Liz Jordan rolled twice down a steep embankment into a stream at Wythop and were pulled out on a rope by spectators, losing 19 minutes.

F1:- Mercedes have decided against a Formula One comeback after its recent withdrawal from the world sportscar championships but will continue in touring cars.


FINAL LEADERBOARD (after four days)
Stage 37 of 37: leading positions
   Driver            Car        H  M  S
 1 Kankkunen     Fin Lancia     5:46:43
 2 Eriksson      Swe Mitsubishi 5:49:35
 3 Sainz         Sp  Toyota     5:52:43
 4 Salonen       Fin Mitsubishi 5:55:34
 5 Vatanen       Fin Subaru     5:56:50
 6 Delecour      Fr  Ford       6:02:04
 7 Mikkola       Fin Mazda      6:02:41
 8 Duez          Bel Toyota     6:08:44
 9 Saby          Fr  Lancia     6:10:42
10 Aitken-Walker GB  Ford       6:23:29
11 Head          GB  Ford       6:27:00
12 Auriol        Fr  Lancia     6:30:48
Finn Juha Kankkunen has won the 1991 Lombard RAC Rally and captured his third world crown in six years. The Lancia driver finished the 37 competetive stages almost three minutes clear of Swede Kenneth Eriksson in a Mitsubishi and headed back to Harrogate to the finish ramp and victory ceremony. Spaniard Carlos Sainz, his only rival for the world title, completed the 7.55-mile Cropton stage, the final test, in third spot overall in a Toyota. Kankkunen and co-driver Juha Piironen also won the event in 1987.

Juha Kankkunen handed Lancia the perfect end to their World Championship winning season with victory in the four-day finale around Britain. He completed the 37 stages, a total of 351 competitive miles, without serious mishap, to win by 2 mins 52 secs from Kenneth Eriksson, also second in 1990. Kankkunen's only problems appear to have been a broken front differential at the end of ss19 and some minor suspension damage at the end of ss25. It was his fifth World Championship win of the season in the Lancia Delta HF 16v integrale and the team's sixth.

Juha Kankkunen has won the British round of the FIA World Championship. The cool-headed Finn, winner of the event in 1987, led at the end of the first day and then stayed in touch as the rally headed into the Welsh forests. Here Scot Colin McRae enjoyed a morning of glory but, by the end of day two, it was Kankkunen's world title rival Carlos Sainz in the lead in his Toyota. Day three's action was dominated by the Lancia of Didier Auriol but Kankkunen took over on ss32 and was never headed.

Juha Kankkunen's success in the Lombard RAC Rally was made easier by the mistakes of some of the top competitors. Carlos Sainz was among the unluckier drivers, a minor off on ss28 causing considerable damage to the Spaniard's Toyota and earlier overheating problems costing time he could never recoup. Kankkunen's Lancia teammate Didier Auriol posed one of the biggest threats as he led for nine stages on the third day before a mishap left him stranded on a muddy bank, his challenge over. Earlier Colin McRae had made a brave bid for glory, eventually rolling out.

Juha Kankkunen clinched his third world title in the best possible way - with aconvincing victory in the final round of the 1991 FIA World Championship. He had started the event needing to finish ahead of Carlos Sainz to regain the crown he won in 1986 and 1987. "This victory was much harder than in the event in 1987 because Carlos pushed me all the way," admitted the Finn, the first man to win the title three times. "For a lot of the time I did not think I would be able to catch him...This was one of the toughest rallies I have done all year." Carlos Sainz lost his world title to Lombard RAC Rally winner Juha Kankkunen and vowed: "I'll be back next year."

"I did the maximum to win," said the Toyota star. "It will be difficult to do better next year." Juha Kankkunen, world champion for the third time, insisted: "It's a pity we cannot split the title... Carlos is a fantastic driver and has many years and many titles in front of him." Co-driver Juha Piironen said the final day's stages were the toughest. "We kept hearing noises in the engine and hoped it wasn't going to break."

Louise Aitken-Walker took the honours as highest-placed Briton with a superb 10th place in her Ford Sierra Cosworth. The women's world rally champion was 36 mins 45 secs off the pace set by Juha Kankkunen and 3.5 minutes ahead of fellow-Scot Robbie Head in 11th place. Despite suffering an injured hand early on due to gearbox problems - "I'm ignoring the pain" - she continued even stopping to help Malcolm Wilson on ss14. She had not competed since last June in Scotland and felt "rally-rusty" but achieved her best finish in the event.

Robbie Head collected the NatWest Environmental Award for the highest placed car run on commercially available lead-free petrol. The Scot wins 03,000 having finished in 11th place in his near-standard 4x4 Ford Sierra Cosworth. The 23-year-old came first in Group N and Class 4 in the ex-Gwyndaf Evans works car, the first time he has completed the Lombard RAC rally. He clocked 6 hrs 27 mins over the 37 stages to be the second Briton home behind Louise Aitken-Walker.

Frenchman Francois Delecour was stopped by the north Yorkshire police after an alleged road traffic infringement in his Sierra on the road section into Harrogate on Tuesday night. The delay resulted in a 16-second time penalty at the final passsage control but he retained overall sixth place. Timo Salonen hung on to fourth place in his Mitsubishi (10) after ss34, with three to go, and admitted: "I'm just driving to get home now." Belgian Marc Duez suffered a broken throttle cable on his Toyota (19) on ss34 but completed it in eighth place.

The Mazda service crew needed to change both the battery and computer on Hannu Mikkola's car (15) after he reported a misfire over 7,000rpm on ss34, Dalby. Belgian Gregoire De Mevius slipped from second to fourth in Group N after turbo problems on his Mazda 323 (29) on the final day. He struggled through the stages with the car smoking badly. Glyn Jones had transmission problems on ss34 and was desperately seeking a service crew for his Sierra Cosworth. He managed to survive to finish the rally in a very respectable 18th place.

Richard Burns was reduced to stopping on handbrake only in his Peugeot 309 throughout ss34 but repairs saw him through to the end and 16th position. John Denman's Peugeot 205's starter motor failed on the 20-mile all gravel stage of Dalby but he made the finish line in 60th place overall. Guy Anderson lost five minutes on ss29 after going off and was left with third gear only. He lost his clutch on ss34 but limped home to finish 62nd. Brian Gill had several bouts of turbo trouble in his Daihatsu Charade, using up all his spares. He finished 59th.

Penny Mallory was delayed on ss34 by poor visibility, created by fog, clouds and smoke pouring from the car ahead, the ailing Harry Mellor who eventually retired his Ford Fiesta (132) on RS34. Theft victim Richard Moore retired on ss34 (Dalby) with engine trouble in his Opel Corsa. His crew had been swamped with spare parts and help after their service van was raided before the start. Tony Jardine finished in the top 50 in his Toyota (114) to win the Fleet Street award presented to the leading journalist who is not a pro driver.

 No Driver              Car
  1 SAINZ/MOYA          Toyota Celica   3rd -  3 Group A,  3 Class 8
  2 KANKKUNEN/PIIRONEN  Lancia Delta    Winner of the 1991 Lombard
  3 ERIKKSON/PARMANDER  Mitsubishi Gal  2nd -  2 Group A,  2 Class 8
  4 AURIOL/OCCELLI      Lancia Delta    12th -11 Group A, 11 Class 8
  6 ALEN/KIVIMAKI       Subaru Legacy   off stage 31, while in 6th
  7 BIASION/SIVIERO     Lancia Delta    crashed out on stage 21
  8 DELECOUR/GRATALOUP  Ford Sierra Cos 6th - 6 Group A, 6 Class 8
  9 MAKINEN/HARJANNE    Mazda 323       retired ss33,hit tree in 8th
 10 SALONEN/SILANDER    Mitsubishi Gal  4th - 4 Group A, 4 Class 8
 11 VATANEN/BERGLUND    Subaru Legacy   5th - 5 Group A, 5 Class 8
 12 BLOMQVIST/MELANDER  Nissan Sunny    retired ss29, broken suspen.
 15 MIKKOLA/JOHANSSON   Mazda 323       7th - 7 Group A, 7 Class 8
 16 SABY/GRATALOUP      Lancia Delta    9th - 9 Group A, 9 Class 8
 18 WILSON/GRIST        Ford Sierra Cos ret.ss14, broken driveshaft
 19 DUEZ/WICHA          Toyota Celica   8th - 8 Group A, 8 Class 8
 21 McRAE/RINGER        Subaru Legacy   rolled ss31 while lying 10th
 22 LLEWELLIN/DIEKMANN  Nissan Sunny    ss16electrical master switch
 23 EVANS/DAVIES        Ford Sierra Cos retired ss16, crashed unhurt
 25 AIT-WALKER/THORNER  Ford Sierra Cos 10th -10 Group A, 10 Class 8
 26 LAMPI/KUUKKALA      Mitsubishi Gal  retired ss28, transmission
 27 EKLUND/BOHLIN       Lancia Delta    retired RS30, differential
 28 WALFRIDSON/BARTH    Mitsubishi Gal  retired ss24, overheating
 29 DE MEVIUS/SAUVAGE   Mazda 323       22nd - 4 Group N, 4 Class 4
 30 GERBER/THUL         Toyota Celica   13th -12 Group A, 12 Class 8
 31 BOSCH/GORMLEY       Nissan Sunny    27th - 7 Group N, 7 Class 4
 34 SIBERA/GROSS        Skoda Favorit   20th -18 Group A, 1 Class 5
 37 KLEINT/HOHENADEL    Lancia Delta    failed to reach PC, stage 19
 38 YAMAUCHI/TAGUCHI    Mitsubishi Gal  15th -14 Group A, 13 Class 8
 39 CAPDEVILA/RODRIGUEZ Ford Sierra Cos stopped stage 14
 40 MENEM/ZUCCHINI      Ford Sierra Cos crashed out unhurt on s1
 41 METCALFE/GRINDROD   Vauxhall Nova   14th -13 Group A, 1 Class 6
 42 HEAD/ROY            Ford Sierra Cos 11th - 1 Group N, 1 Class 4
 46 WORSWICK/FRYER      Ford Sierra Cos 30th -21 Group A, 16 Class 8
 47 MELLORS/STAKER      Ford Sierra Cos retired stage 32
 48 JONES/JAMES         Ford Sierra Cos 18th - 7 Group A, 14 Class 8
 49 MASLEN/BALFOUR      Ford Sierra Cos stopped ss29
 51 EASSON/COOK         Ford Sierra Cos 19th - 2 Group N, 2 Class 4
 52 MILNER/MOSS         Peugeot 205     17th - 16 Group A, 2 Class 7
 54 HARRISON/ORRICK     Ford Sierra Cos stopped ss28
 55 A McRAE/SENIOR      Subaru Legacy   retired ss5 - engine failure
 56 FURBER/EDEN         Peugeot 205     excluded, missed PC16
 57 PAYNE/EDWARDS       Ford Sierra Cos retired ss28 - went off road
 58 LANCASTER/JOLL      Ford Sierra Cos 37th -13 Group N, 11 Class 4
 59 BURNS/REID          Peugeot 309     16th -15 Group A, 1 Class 7
 60 STROMBERG/G'AVSSON  Saab 900        25th -20 Group A, 15 Class 8
 61 SMITH/HUGHES        Lancia Delta    23rd - 5 Group N, 5 Class 4
 62 COX/KNIGHT          Opel Monza      34th -23 Group A, 17 Class 8
 63 HIGGINS/SIMMONS     Vauxhall Nova   crashed s2, minor injuries
 64 DIONISIO/BARONE     Mazda 323       stopped ss28
 65 MENZIES/STANWAY     Ford Sierra Cos 21st - 3 Group N, 3 Class 4
 66 HUMPHREYS/MORRIS    Ford Sierra Cos failed to reach stage 20
 67 SMITH/STARK         Ford Sierra Cos 29th - 9 Group N, 9 Class 4
 68 RECORDATI/VITALE    Lancia Delta    41st -25 Group A, 18 Class 8
 69 STEPHENSON/SPOONER  Toyota Celica   stopped stage 14.
 70 YOSHIDA/CROFT       Mitsubishi Gal  31st -10 Group N, 10 Class 4
 71 FORSTER/WILKINSON   Vauxhall Nova   retired on RS 8 - gearbox
 72 ALYASOV/LEVITAN     Lada Samara     failed to reach PC16
 73 JOANNIDES/MORGAN    Ford Sierra Cos 26th - 6 Group N, 6 Class 4
 74 GREER/McAULEY       Ford Sierra Cos failed to start - car stolen
 75 IWASHITA/WISE       Nissan March    24th - 19 Group A, 2 Class 6
 76 KOBAYASHI/TAKAYAMA  Toyota Levin    did not complete RS14b
 77 ISHIDA/ISHIDA       Toyota Levin    51st - 30 Group A, 5 Class 6
 78 STOCKDALE/SENDALL   Opel Monza      stopped ss27
 79 WILLIAMS/THOMPSON   Subaru Legacy   28th - 8 Group N, 8 Class 4
 80 SHKOLNY/GOGUNOV     Lada Samara     stopped stage 11
 82 RUCK/HARRIS         Vauxhall Astra  did not arrive at stage 23
 83 CALVIN/CALVIN       Opel Kadett     did not complete road s24
 84 BARBER/BARBER       Vauxhall Astra  38th - 14 Group N, 1 Class 8
 87 MAXTED/STARKEY      Toyota Corolla  33rd - 22 Group A, 3 Class 6
 88 SAIZ/GARCIA         Peugeot 205     stopped ss28
 89 MENESTRIER/MAILLARD Renault Clio    54th - 22 Group N, 5 Class 3
 90 DYAS/DERRY          Toyota Corolla  32nd - 11 Group N, 1 Class 2
 91 GOLDING/AYRES       Toyota Corolla  43rd - 17 Group N, 3 Class 2
 92 GREEN/THOMAS        Vauxhall Nova   lost a wheel on RS31
 93 JACKSON/VARLEY      Toyota Celica   retired RS10, broken suspen.
 94 SHIELDS/WHITAKER    Vauxhall Astra  40th - 16 Group N, 3 Class 3
 95 WEDGEBURY/PETRUSIC  Skoda Favorit   stopped RS11, mechanical
 96 ANAND/WALKER        Lancia Delta    off stage 12
 97 JACKSON/ROUGHEAD    Mazda 323       stopped ss28
 98 STEWART/MURRAY      Vauxhall Nova   56th - 33 Group A, 7 Class 6
 99 DAVIES/PRENTICE     Peugeot 205     39th - 15 Group N, 2 Class 3
100 WHITEHURST/WILLIAMS Toyota Corolla  stopped stage 17
101 HUNT/HUGHES         Ford Sierra Cos retired stage 12 - differ'l
102 WAITE/LEWIS         Toyota Corolla  35th - 12 Group N, 2 Class 2
103 REES/HEYMER         Mazda 323       52nd -31 Group A, 20 Class 8
104 CLEARY/I'ANSON      Toyota Corolla  stopped stage 31
105 CEEN/PALMER         Mazda 323       stopped RS26,gearbox trouble
106 CLARIDGE/HALL       Peugeot 309     did not arrive at stage 32
107 SISSON/BYE          Ford Sierra Cos 44th -18 Group N, 12 Class 4
108 GRIFFIN/DASHFIELD   Vauxhall Astra  did not complete RS30
109 GILL/CHAMPION       D'hatsu Charade 59th - 25 Group N, 6 Class 3
110 ARCHER/LEE          Vauxhall Astra  did not report PC30
112 STOODLEY/JENKINS    Peugeot 309     47th - 20 Group N, 4 Class 3
113 LAY/HOBBS           Toyota Corolla  stopped ss29
114 JARDINE/BARBOUR     Toyota Corolla  49th - 21 Group N, 5 Class 2
115 PRESSWELL/COTTAM    Vauxhall Astra  46th - 27 Group A, 3 Class 5
116 YAMADA/TASHIRO      Isuzu Gemini    45th - 19 Group N, 4 Class 2
117 BEAN/HAIGH          MG Maestro      retired s13, driveshaft
118 MOSS/MOSS           Opel Corsa      57th - 34 Group A, 5 Class 5
119 KNIGHT/FLETCHER     Toyota Corolla  55th - 23 Group N, 6 Class 2
120 KANAO/MITCHELL      Mazda 323       stopped ss28
121 BEAUMONT/TURNER     Mazda 323 4wd   61st -26 Group N, 13 Class 4
122 LARSEN/McINTOSH     Peugeot 205     stopped ss29
123 SAMUEL/STOAKLEY     Suzuki Swift    retired s8 - cylinder head
124 HEWITT/BEECH        Suzuki Swift    67th - 31 Group N, 1 Class 1
125 SLAYMARK/FULLER     Toyota Corolla  stopped ss26
126 ORFORD/PHILLIPS     Toyota Corolla  36th - 24 Group A, 4 Class 6
127 DENMAN/BIRD         Peugeot 205     60th - 35 Group A, 8 Class 6
128 WILLIAMS/CANN       Skoda Favorit   42nd - 26 Group A, 2 Class 5
132 MELLOR/BASTIANA     Ford Fiesta XR2 ret.RS34, blown head gasket
133 JACKSON/BIRKITT     Peugeot 205     74th -40 Group A, 11 Class 6
135 BLAIR/BOOTH         Peugeot 205     failed to reach PC16
137 HALL/CHAPMAN        Peugeot 309     excluded, missed PC20
138 TAFT/EVANS          Mazda 323       failed to complete RS25
139 WILLIAMS/FOLEY      Ford Sierra Cos retired RS14 with split sump
140 BARRY/GOOCH         Volkswagen Golf retired stage 3
141 KIRTLEY/KITSON      Ford Sierra Cos stopped stage 29
142 SOMERVILLE/PERRIN   Ford Sierra Cos 48th -28 Group A, 19 Class 8
143 MOORE/STURROCK      Opel Corsa      stopped s34, engine trouble
144 JASPER/EDWARDS      Peugeot 309     stopped stage 31
146 FAIRWEATHER/F'ERTON Vauxhall Astra  stopped stage 31
147 ANDERSON/RANDS      Peugeot 205     62nd - 27 Group N, 7 Class 3
148 FURNESS/ATHERTON    Opel Manta      ret.RS25, damaged rear axle
149 WASHIO/SHIRAI       Toyota Corolla  71st -39 Group A, 10 Class 6
150 PORTEOUS/JARDINE    Toyota Corolla  53rd - 32 Group A, 6 Class 6
151 HOWELLS/ARMISTEAD   Opel Corsa      50th - 29 Group A, 4 Class 5
152 GALVIN/GALVIN       Toyota Corolla  72nd -33 Group N, 11 Class 2
153 RAYBOULD/BISSELL    MG Maestro      70th - 38 Group A, 4 Class 7
154 FAVODON/LEMASSON    Peugeot 205     retired on stage 12
155 HODKIN/WOOLISCROFT  Skoda Favorit   77th - 37 Group N, 3 Class 1
156 HARINGTON/NICKSON   Peugeot 205     retired on stage 33
157 WILSON/STOTHARD     Toyota Corolla  69th - 37 Group A, 9 Class 6
158 GODWIN/WYER         Volkswagen Golf 64th - 36 Group A, 3 Class 7
159 POPE/COLEMAN        Vauxhall Nova   80th -39 Group N, 14 Class 2
160 MALLEN/PAYNE        Honda Civic     58th - 24 Group N, 7 Class 2
161 GOBERT/CHILD        Suzuki Swift    retired on stage 23
162 MALLORY/MEE         Ford Sierra XR4 76th -36 Group N, 14 Class 4
163 PIDCOCK/BENTON      Peugeot 205     retired RS 7 - differential
164 LABAUNE/SASSOULAS   Peugeot 205     off s14, unable to continue
165 BROOKS/DYSON        Vauxhall Nova   63rd - 28 Group N, 8 Class 2
166 BUTLER/GLADWIN      Toyota Corolla  75th -35 Group N, 12 Class 2
167 SHELLEY/BERRIS      Toyota Corolla  65th - 29 Group N, 9 Class 2
168 ANDREW/MIDDLETON    Skoda Favorit   73rd - 34 Group N, 2 Class 1
169 MOORE/BIGGINS       Vauxhall Nova   81st - 40 Group N, 4 Class 1
170 SAUZON/TERRASSE     Volkswagen Golf 66th - 30 Group N, 8 Class 3
171 ARDEN/STONE         Lada Samara     stopped ss29
172 MURRELL/DAVIES      Opel Corsa      79th - 41 Group A, 6 Class 5
173 ORCHARD/JORDAN      Suzuki Swift    82nd - 41 Group N, 5 Class 1
174 RICHARDSON/EVANS    Peugeot 205     retired s13, driveshaft
175 COLLYER/THORLEY     Vauxhall Nova   stopped ss27
176 McTIGHE/ENTWISTLE   Peugeot 205     78th -38 Group N, 13 Class 2
177 BOGG/SHEPHERD       Vauxhall Nova   68th -32 Group N, 10 Class 2

28.11.91 - SPORTSCARS
British Racing Motors are to return to the racetracks in 1992. The company has unveiled a V-12 engined Group C car in the same dark green and orange colours carried by the team which won the 1962 Formula One title. Two cars will be raced next year at Le Mans, and at the World Sportscar Championship - if the series continues. If it folds, then BRM will run the 3.5L cars in the European endurance races which replace it.