August 1994

01.08.94 - F1
Formula One chiefs will launch a full investigation into the pit lane fireball which engulfed Jos Verstappen in Sunday's German GP. The Benetton driver amazingly escaped without serious injury, as did the team's crew, after he stopped for refuelling. Ther e has been no suggestion so far of an immediate ban on mid-race refuelling, which was re-introduced at the start of the season. Benetton are to meet with the makers of the refuelling equipment in a bid to determine the cause.

04.08.94 - F1
Damon Hill recorded the fastest time out of nine drivers after two days of testing at Silverstone. The Briton's Williams Renault team concentrated on damper and suspension testing and both cars will have overnight engine changes. Michael Schumacher was do ing set-up work while the FIA was attempting to determine the reason for the German GP pit-lane fire on Sunday. Frenchman Philippe Alliot joined Mika Hakkinen in testing the MP4/9 in preparation for his first GP in a McLaren at the Hungarian race.

Times after two days of testing:
                            mins secs
1 D Hill       GB  Williams   1:29.67
2 M Schumacher Ger Benetton   1:29.79
3 D Coulthard  GB  Williams   1:30.26
4 M Hakkinen   Fin McLaren    1:30.36
5 O Panis      Fr  Ligier     1:31.67
6 M Blundell   GB  Tyrrell    1:32.42
7 P Alliot     Fr  McLaren    1:34.26
8 B Gachot     Fr  Pacific    1:35.23
9 P Belmondo   Fr  Pacific    1:37.34

F1:- Damon Hill has revealed he received a death threat before Sunday's German Grand Prix at Hockenheim. A call was made to the Williams team on Friday saying Hill would be shot if he finished ahead of Michael Schumacher. Hill said: "I had a police escort everywhere I went outside the track and there was someone on duty outside my bedroom door each night. I did my best to forget about the threat but it proved a bit difficult on race morning."

RALLYING:- Scotland's Colin McRae will contest September's Rally of Australia. The New Zealand Rally winner will compete in a third Subaru Impreza 555, joining Possum Bourne and Richard Bourne. His participation will result in a one-car entry for the 555 team in the 1000 Lakes Rally - where Carlos Sainz will be in action. McRae will return to his World Championship programme after Australia, competing in San Remo and the Great Britain RAC Rally.

07.08.94 - F3

Result of Marlboro Masters, Zandvoort (NL)
 1 G.Rees        GB  Dallara Mugen Honda F394  36:29.363
 2 J.Muller      Ger Dallara Fiat F394         36:30.115
 3 S.Maassen     Ger Dallara Opel F394         36:30.473
 4 P.Peter       Aut Dallara Fiat F394         36:32.255
 5 N.Fontana     RA  Dallara Opel F394         36:35.150
 6 P.Coloni      It  Dallara Fiat F394         36:38.982
 7 R.Colciago    It  Dallara Fiat F394         36:41.176
 8 J.Dufour      Fr  Dallara Mugen Honda F394  36:41.434
 9 G.Fisichella  It  Dallara Opel F394         36:42.153
10 M.Gueiros     Brz Dallara Vauxhall F394     36:43.812
11 C.Tinseau     Fr  Dallara Opel F394         36:44.323
12 D.Franchitti  GB  Dallara Mugen Honda F394  36:45.001




 1 M Schumacher  Ger Benetton   1:18.258
 2 D Hill        GB  Williams   1:18.824
 3 D Coulthard   GB  Williams   1:20.205
 4 G Berger      Aut Ferrari    1:20.219
 5 U Katayama    Jap Tyrrell    1:20.232
 6 M Brundle     GB  McLaren    1:20.629
 7 E Irvine      NI  Jordan     1:20.698
 8 H Frentzen    Ger Sauber     1:20.858
 9 O Panis       Fra Ligier     1:20.929
10 R Barrichello Brz Jordan     1:20.952
11 M Blundell    GB  Tyrrell    1:20.984
12 J Verstappen  NL  Benetton   1:21.141
13 J Alesi       Fra Ferrari    1:21.206
14 P Alliot      Fra McLaren    1:21.498
15 P Martini     It  Minardi    1:21.837
16 C Fittipaldi  Brz Arrows     1:21.873
17 A DeCesaris   It  Sauber     1:21.946
18 E Bernard     Fra Ligier     1:22.038
19 G Morbidelli  It  Arrows     1:22.311
20 M Alboreto    It  Minardi    1:22.379
21 E Comas       Fra Larrousse  1:22.487
22 A Zanardi     It  Lotus      1:22.513
23 D Brabham     Aus Simtek     1:22.614
24 J Herbert     GB  Lotus      1:22.705
25 O Beretta     Mon Larrousse  1:22.899
26 J Gounon      Fra Simtek     1:24.191
Non Qualifiers
27 B Gachot      Bel Pacific    1:24.908
28 P Belmondo    Fra Pacific    1:26.275


 1 M Schumacher  Ger Benetton    1:48:00.185
 2 D Hill        GB  Williams    1:48:21.012
 3 J Verstappen  NL  Benetton    1:49:10.514
 4 M Brundle     GB  McLaren     @ 1 lap
 5 M Blundell    GB  Tyrrell     @ 1 lap
 6 O Panis       Fra Ligier      @ 1 lap
 7 M Alboreto    It  Minardi     @ 2 laps
 8 E Comas       Fra Larrousse   @ 2 laps
 9 O Beretta     Mon Larrousse   @ 2 laps
10 E Bernard     Fra Ligier      @ 2 laps
11 D Brabham     Aus Simtek      @ 3 laps
12 G Berger      Aut Ferrari     @ 5 laps
13 A Zanardi     It  Lotus       @ 5 laps
14 C Fittipaldi  Brz Footwork    @ 8 laps

D.Coulthard   - Accident
J.Alesi       - Gearbox
P.Martini     - Spin
H.Frentzen    - Gearbox
J.Herbert     - Electrics
A.De Cesaris  - Spin
G.Morbidelli  - Accident
J.Gounon      - Handling
P.Alliot      - Water Leak
U.Katayama    - Accident
R.Barrichello - Accident
E.Irvine      - Accident

Michael Schumacher slowed down on the second to last lap so that his teammate Jos Verstappen could unlap himself and attempt to chase Martin Brundle, in case something went wrong. And indeed it did - half way around the last lap Brundle's engine expired, allowing Verstappen through. He was still classified fourth, however.

Katayama, Barrichello and Irvine were all eliminated in a shunt at the second corner just after the start. Accounts differed. "I was in fifth place when I was hit very hard in the back, and pushed off the track. There was nothing I could do," complained K atayama. The two Jordan drivers saw it differently: "I was in fifth place", said Irvine, "with Rubens and Katayama behind me. Katayama tried to come up the outside under braking, and Rubens tried to come down the inside. There wasn't enough room for three cars..." "I think maybe Katayama moved over on Eddie", said Barrichello. "Eddie came over to the inside, and we touched..." Eddie Jordan was not best pleased.

 1 J Winkelhock   BMW 318i         28:09.63
 2 A Menu         Renault Laguna   28:12.58
 3 G Tarquini     Alfa Romeo 155   28:18.24
 4 G Simoni       Alfa Romeo 155   28:18.66
 5 R Ravaglia     BMW 318i         28:18.94
 6 T Harvey       Renault Laguna   28:26.29
 7 J Lammers      Volvo 850 SE     28:29.73
 8 P Watts        Peugeot 405 Mi16 28:39.58
 9 J Bailey       Toyota Carina E  28:44.36
10 K Odor         Nissan Primera   28:44.55

INDYCAR: Mid-Ohio, Results:
 1 A Unser Jnr   Penske Ilmor PC23  1:42:43.447
 2 P Tracy       Penske Ilmor PC23  1:41:53.411
 3 E Fittipaldi  Penske Ilmor PC23    83 laps
 4 R Gordon      Lola Ford T94/00     82 laps
 5 M Andretti    Reynard Ford 941     82 laps
 6 A Fernandez   Reynard Ilmor 941    82 laps
 7 N Mansell     Lola Ford T94/00     82 laps
 8 R Boesel      Lola Ford T94/00     82 laps
 9 J Villeneuve  Reynard Ford 941     82 laps
10 M Andretti    Lola Ford T94/00     82 laps


INDYCAR: New Hampshire Oval, results
 1 A Unser Jnr   Penske Ilmor PC23  1:43:31.594
 2 P Tracy       Penske Ilmor PC23  1:43:42.484
 3 E Fittipaldi  Penske Ilmor PC23    200 laps
 4 R Boesel      Lola Ford T94/00     198 laps
 5 M Andretti    Reynard Ford 941     198 laps
 6 D Dobson      Lola Ford T94/00     197 laps
 7 J Vasser      Reynard Ford 941     195 laps
 8 A Fernandez   Reynard Ilmor 941    195 laps
 9 B Rahal       Lola Honda T94/00    193 laps
10 W Ribbs       Lola Ford T94/00     192 laps
Nigel Mansell and Mario Andretti colided with each other mid race. Mansell was coming up to lap Andretti, who resisted. Mansell went down the inside, and Andretti squeezed him. As Mansell was on the inside of the track, Mansell's car lost grip and he went sideways into Andretti, eliminating him on the spot as he went into the wall. Mansell retired a few laps later with handling problems.

"He drove right into me coming off Turn 1", complained Andretti, who was briefly treated for a bruised thigh. "I thought he was under me, and the next thing I know he drilled me right into the wall". Mansell saw it differently however. "I got a good jum p going down the main straight. I was alongside, maybe half a car's length in front going into Turn 1. I don't know whether Mario didn't see me because he came across. I tried to give him some room and almost came over into the pitlane. But unfortunately we touched..."


Race 1
 1 J Magnusson    Dallara Mugen      15:11.52
 2 V Radermecker  Dallara Mugen      15:11.72
 3 D Franchitti   Dallara Mugen      15:13.87
 4 R Rosset       Dallara Mugen      15:16.20
 5 G Rees         Dallara Mugen      15:16.63
 6 C Horner       Dallara Mugen      15:22.00
 7 D Morelli      Dallara Fiat       15:22.36
 8 G Salles       Dallara Mugen      15:23.86
 9 D Vercoe       Dallara Vauxhall   15:25.93
10 M Gene         Dallara Mitsubishi 15:26.55

Race 2
 1 J Magnusson    Dallara Mugen      17:52.19
 2 D Franchitti   Dallara Mugen      17:53.04
 3 R Rosset       Dallara Mugen      17:53.55
 4 G Rees         Dallara Mugen      17:54.54
 5 V Radermecker  Dallara Mugen      17:58.94
 6 D Morelli      Dallara Fiat       18:00.39
 7 G Salles       Dallara Mugen      18:01.35
 8 D Vercoe       Dallara Vauxhall   18:01.79
 9 C Horner       Dallara Mugen      18:02.59
10 M Gene         Dallara Mitsubishi 18:03.33


There is a major change drivers must confront at Spa this weekend. In the light of a safety review, the infamous Eau Rouge corner has been completely shaped. This once formed one of the most daunting sequence of corners on any GP circuit, but for this yea r it will become a "stop-start" chicane. The Spa circuit still partially runs on public roads and it is not until 1995 when it becomes a permanent circuit that sufficient safety permits a return to the original layout.

The outcome of the change at the Eau Rouge corner underlines the true nature of the circuit. That nature has always been about power. This change cements that fact. The change alone provides Williams-Renault and Ferrari with a further opportunity to sc ore a victory. Acceleration from Eau Rouge now dominates the one kilometre climb up to Les Coombes. Anybody with less than 800 horsepower will be really hurting.

The need for power is bad news for Michael Schumacher and Benetton as the Ford Zetec R engine does not quite match its rivals. A superb team effort has led to Benetton's domination this year and if anybody wanted inclement weather this weekend it is th em. Rain is a fairly frequent visitor to the Belgian GP. Equally, race strategy will once again play a contributory role. These influences will be the best possible leveller to balance their relative lack of grunt.

If Michael Schumacher were to be challenged for the title of most exciting driver, then look no further than Mika Hakkinen. The young Finn, returning to his McLaren seat, is always impressive. The same factors that will benefit Michael Schumacher's tea m will also play into McLaren's hands. But it is Hakkinen's enthusiasm and commitment that will make him a spectacular force throughout the Spa weekend.

Britain's Damon Hill will want to win to gain full benefit from the two-race ban hanging over series leader Michael Schumacher. Hill still has some catching up to do in the points race and cannot afford anything less than a maximum score. With Schumach er's appeal being heard on 30 August, the result of this race will be crucial to him. If the German wins, I expect him to accept his punishment. But if his championship lead slips, he may choose to go ahead with the appeal.

Two teams presently vying for top six honours are Tyrrell and Jordan. What makes their progress exciting is that their respective drivers are battling with their teammates as much as the rest of the field. Spa is an easy circuit to trip over another ca r - especially going into La Source hairpin after the start. This applies as much to the front of the grid as it does to the back. Making his F1 debut at Spa is Belgian Philippe Adams. A daunting prospect at the best of times, his home GP may well be over whelming.

Saturday's qualifying times:
                              mins secs
 1 R Ba'chello  Brz Jordan     2:21.163
 2 M Schumacher Ger Benetton   2:21.494
 3 D Hill       GB  Williams   2:21.681
 4 E Irvine     NI  Jordan     2:22.074
 5 J Alesi      Fr  Ferrari    2:22.202
 6 J Verstappen Hol Benetton   2:22.218
 7 D Coulthard  GB  Williams   2:22.359
 8 M Hakkinen   Fin McLaren    2:22.441
 9 H Frentzen   Ger Sauber     2:22.634
10 P Martini    It  Minardi    2:23.326
11 G Berger     Aut Ferrari    2:23.895
12 M Blundell   GB  Tyrrell    2:24.048
13 M Brundle    GB  McLaren    2:24.117
14 G Morbidelli It  Footwork   2:25.114
15 A de Cesaris It  Sauber     2:25.695
16 E Bernard    Fr  Ligier     2:26.044
17 O Panis      Fr  Ligier     2:26.079
18 M Alboreto   It  Minardi    2:26.738
19 P Alliott    Fr  Larrousse  2:26.901
20 J Herbert    GB  Lotus      2:27.155
21 D Brabham    Aus Simtek     2:27.212
22 E Comas      Fr  Larrousse  2:28.156
23 U Katayama   Jpn Tyrrell    2:28.979
24 C Fittipaldi Brz Footwork   2:30.931
25 JM Gounon    Fr  Simtek     2:31.755
26 P Adams      Bel Lotus      2:33.885
Failed to qualify:
27 B Gachot     Bel Pacific    2:34.582
28 JP Belmondo  Fr  Pacific    2:35.729
Rubens Barrichello earned pole position for the first time in his career as the bad weather continued on the eve of Sunday's race. The 22-year-old Brazilian sat out the wet final qualifying session but no-one was able to better his overnight time of 2:21. 163. His daredevil driving on the sodden Spa Francorchamps track upset the formbook to give Jordan pole for the first time in their history. Michael Schumacher will start alongside Barrichello, with Damon Hill third and Eddie Irvine fourth.

Positions after 27 of 35 stages:
                            hrs mins secs
 1 T Makinen   Fin Ford Escort 3:21.45
 2 D Auriol    Fr  Toyota      3:22.03
 3 C Sainz     Sp  Subaru      3:22.07
 4 F Delecour  Fr  Ford Escort 3:24.52
 5 M Gronholm  Fin Toyota      3:26.24
 6 L Lampi     Fin Mitsubishi  3:30.16
 7 J Kytolehto Fin Mitsubishi  3:30.42
 8 T Radstrom  Swe Toyota      3:33.11
 9 T Jansson   Swe Toyota      3:34.46
10 O Harkki    Fin Mitsubishi  3:38.03


Sunday's revised result:    hrs mins secs
 1 D Hill       GB  Williams 1:28:47.170
 2 M Hakkinen   Fin McLaren   @  :51.381
 3 J Verstappen Hol Benetton  @ 1:10.453
 4 D Coulthard  GB  Williams  @ 1:45.787
 5 M Blundell   GB  Tyrrell   @ 1 lap
 6 G Morbidelli It  Footwork  @ 1 lap
 7 O Panis      Fr  Ligier    @ 1 lap
 8 P Martini    It  Minardi   @ 1 lap
 9 M Alboreto   It  Minardi   @ 1 lap
10 E Bernard    Fr  Ligier    @ 2 laps
11 JM Gounon    Fr  Simtek    @ 2 laps
12 J Herbert    GB  Lotus     @ 3 laps
13 E Irvine     NI  Jordan    @ 4 laps

Championship standings (after Belgian GP)
 1 M Schumacher   Ger    76 pts
 2 D Hill         GB     55
 3 G Berger       Aut    27
 4 J Alesi        Fr     19
 5 M Hakkinen     Fin    14
 6 R Barrichello  Brz    10
 7 M Brundle      GB      9
 8 M Blundell     GB      8
 = J Verstappen   Hol     8
10 O Panis        Fr      7
 = D Coulthard    GB      7
12 N Larini       It      6
 = C Fittipaldi   Brz     6

Championship standings (after Belgian GP):
 1 Benetton Ford       85 points
 2 Williams Renault    64
 3 Ferrari             52
 4 McLaren Peugeot     23
 5 Jordan Hart         14
 6 Tyrrell Yamaha      13
 = Ligier              11
 8 Sauber Mercedes     10
 9 Footwork Ford        9
 = Minardi Ford         5
11 Larrousse Ford       2

Race winner Michael Schumacher has been disqualified by officials because of a rules infringement. The championship leader finished more than 13 seconds ahead of Damon Hill to claim what was thought to be his eighth win from 11 races. But hours after the finish race stewards ruled that a mandatory wooden plank under his car, aimed at slowing down drivers, did not meet legal measurements. As a result Hill was awarded the victory to open up the title race.

Runaway championship leader Michael Schumacher roared to his eighth win in eleven races, but was later disqualified by officials. The 25-year-old German, starting in second place on the grid, overtook Rubens Barrichello to claim the lead on the first l ap. He was briefly overtaken by David Coulthard on lap 28 after a pit stop but always looked in control. Damon Hill claimed his fifth second place of the season, but was later elevated to first, while Coulthard moved up from fifth to fourth place.

Michael Schumacher's up-and-down season continued as he had his 35-point championship lead cut to 21 following his disqualification. The German looked to have given himself and his Benetton team the perfect tonic by winning, following the barrage of re cent criticism. To make matters worse Schumacher faces an appeal against a two-race ban on Tuesday imposed for ignoring a black flag at Silverstone. If the suspension stands, Britain's Damon Hill will be presented with a golden chance to close the gap.

Damon Hill was awarded victory after a post-race inspection resulted in the disqualification of race winner Michael Schumacher. Hill had a lengthy battle with teammate David Coulthard before finally going through on lap 36, breaking the lap record on t he way. Coulthard, who briefly led the field, eventually finished in fifth after his car was jammed in fourth gear for the final few laps. Mark Blundell was sixth in the Tyrrell but Martin Brundle was forced to retire after spinning off.

The wooden plank under winner Michael Schumacher's car which led to his disqualification was brought in to slow drivers down. The board was introduced at the German Grand Prix in the wake of the tragic deaths of Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger. Ev ery car is allowed to lose 1mm off the plank during the race, but officials ruled Schumacher's was under their requirements. A claim by Benetton that a spin on lap 19 had worn the wood down was rejected.

Combined qualifying from Brands Hatch:
 1 J Winkelhock  BMW              47.08
 2 S Soper       BMW              47.09
 3 G Simoni      Alfa Romeo       47.36
 4 G Tarquini    Alfa Romeo       47.39
 5 R Rydell      Volvo 850        47.43
 6 A Menu        Renault Laguna   47.44
 7 T Harvey      Renault Laguna   47.54
 8 J Lammers     Volvo 850        47.56
 9 P Radisich    Ford Mondeo      47.57
10 P Watts       Peugeot 405      47.62

Result after 35 stages:    hrs mins secs
 1 T Makinen   Fin Ford Escort 4:33.44
 2 D Auriol    Fr  Toyota      4:34.06
 3 C Sainz     Sp  Subaru      4:34.38
 4 F Delecour  Fr  Ford Escort 4:39.22
 5 M Gronholm  Fin Toyota      4:40.55
 6 L Lampi     Fin Mitsubishi  4:45.47
 7 T Radstrom  Swe Toyota      4:50.09
 8 J Kytolehto Fin Mitsubishi  4:51.55
 9 J Kankkunen Fin Toyota      4:53.29
10 O Harkki    Fin Mitsubishi  4:58.37

1 D Auriol    Fr   Toyota  90 pts
2 C Sainz     Sp   Lancia  84
3 J Kankkunen Fin  Toyota  74
4 A Schwarz   Ger  M'bishi 31
5 F Delecour  Bel  Ford    30
8 C McRae     GB   Subaru  21

1 Toyota                  145 pts  *CHAMPIONS*
2 Subaru                  129
3 Ford                     88
4 Mitsubishi               41
5 Renault                   4
= Skoda                     4

Finland's Tommi Makinen notched his first ever victory in the world rally championship when he took the 1,000 Lakes in his Ford Cosworth. But there was consolation for Toyota, who picked up their second consecutive world constructors title as Didier Aurio l was second. Former world champion Carlos Sainz of Spain was third in a Subaru Impreza, 1min 4sec off the pace. Toyota have 145 points to 129 for Subaru, and only eight of the season's 10 races are counted in the standings.

F3:- Jan Magnussen clinched the British Formula Three Championship at Silverstone with wins in rounds 15 and 16 of the series. The Dane qualified for the first race on pole and swiftly collected the 12 points necessary to claim the title. Magnussen's titl e is the third in succession for his team, Paul Stewart Racing. His victory also equalled the late Ayrton Senna's record of 12 wins in a season.

TOURING CARS: From Brands Hatch
Result - Round 16               mins:secs
 1 J Winkelhock  BMW              25.52
 2 G Tarquini    Alfa Romeo       25.53
 3 G Simoni      Alfa Romeo       25.56
 4 T Harvey      Renault Laguna   26.02
 5 S Soper       BMW              26.07
 6 P Watts       Peugeot 405      26.08
 7 A Menu        Renault Laguna   26.08
 8 E O'Brien     Peugeot 405      26.08
 9 J Lammers     Volvo 850        26.11
10 J Bailey      Toyota Carina    26.11

Result - Round 17               mins:secs
 1 J Winkelhock  BMW              23.27
 2 G Tarquini    Alfa Romeo       23.28
 3 G Simoni      Alfa Romeo       23.30
 4 S Soper       BMW              23.34
 5 J Lammers     Volvo 850        23.38
 6 J Bailey      Toyota Carina    23.38
 7 A Menu        Renault Laguna   23.42
 8 R Rydell      Volvo 850        23.48
 9 T Needell     Nissan Primera   23.54
10 N Smith       Vaux Cavalier    24.05

F1:- Benetton driver Michael Schumacher has failed with his appeal against the two race ban imposed by the FIA. Schumacher was attempting to reduce the punishment of a six-points deduction and a two-race suspension imposed on him for ignoring a black flag at the British Grand Prix. The International Automobile Federation's court of appeals upheld his disqualification and the sanctions handed down in July. German driver Schumacher leads the Formula One driver's championship by 21 points from Damon Hill.

MANSELL:- Nigel Mansell will end his two-year participation in US IndyCar racing to rejoin the Williams Formula One team for the rest of the season. Mansell will drive the final four races on the IndyCar schedule, then join Williams for the last three gra nds prix of 1994. His first F1 race will be in Jerez at the European Grand Prix on October 6 with further appearances at Suzuka and Adelaide. He will partner fellow Briton Damon Hill, replacing Scotland's David Coulthard at Williams-Renault.

Nigel Mansell's return to Formula One has been warmly welcomed by Williams team boss Frank Williams. He said: "I think Nigel enjoyed his race in France and the fact he is prepared to come back for the final three seems to underline this. Nigel never ta kes an easy option and coming to Formula One after two seasons in another series confirms this," he added. Williams would not comment further on reports that Mansell would stay with the team in the 1995 season.

Nigel Mansell has been given a send-off by his US Indycar team following his decision to return to the Formula One scene. Newman/Haas racing boss Carl A Haas said he hopes Mansell prospers in his comeback with Williams-Renault. "Paul Newman and I have enjoyed our success with Nigel," said Haas. "We became friends and we made history. We all wish him the best of luck and success in the future and I know our friendship will continue."

31.08.94 - F1
Michael Schumacher's Benetton team have claimed that the FIA bent its own rules by disqualifying him at the Belgian Grand Prix. Schumacher, who had victory wiped out after officials ruled that he had committed a technical offence, will have an appeal agai nst the decision heard in London on Monday. A copy of Benetton's grounds of appeal says that stewards did not follow correct procedure. Benetton claim that the decision to disqualify was made solely on a statement by the course clerk.