May 1994


AM:- Formula One

Revised grid positions:       mins secs
 1 A Senna      Brz Williams   1:21.548
 2 M Schumacher Ger Benetton   1:21.885
 3 G Berger     Aut Ferrari    1:22.113
 4 D Hill       GB  Williams   1:22.168
 5 JJ Lehto     Fin Benetton   1:22.717
 6 N Larini     It  Ferrari    1:22.841
 7 H Frentzen   Ger Sauber     1:23.119
 8 M Hakkinen   Fin McLaren    1:23.140
 9 U Katayama   Jpn Tyrrell    1:23.322
10 K Wendlinger Aut Sauber     1:23.347
11 G Morbidelli It  Footwork   1:23.663
12 M Blundell   GB  Tyrrell    1:23.703
13 M Brundle    GB  McLaren    1:23.858
14 P Martini    It  Minardi    1:24.078
15 M Alboreto   It  Minardi    1:24.276
16 C Fittipaldi Br  Arrows     1:24.472
17 E Bernard    Fr  Ligier     1:24.678
18 E Comas      Fr  Larrousse  1:24.852
19 O Panis      Fr  Ligiers    1:24.996
20 J Herbert    GB  Lotus      1:25.114
21 A De Cesaris It  Jordan     1:25.234
22 P Lamy       Por Lotus      1:25.295
23 O Beretta    Mon Larrousse  1:25.991
24 D Brabham    Aus Simtek     1:26.817
25 B Gachot     Bel Pacific    1:27.143
26 P Belmondo   Fr  Pacific    1:27.881

Sunday warm-up times:
                              mins secs
 1 A Senna      Brz Williams   1:22.597
 2 D Hill       GB  Williams   1:23.449
 3 N Larini     It  Ferrari    1:23.795
 4 K Wendlinger Aut Sauber     1:23.922
 5 G Berger     Aut Ferrari    1:24.302
 6 C Fittipaldi Brz Footwork   1:24.396
 7 G Morbidelli It  Footwork   1:24.468
 8 JJ Lehto     Fin Benetton   1:24.856
 9 M Blundell   GB  Tyrrell    1:24.891
10 M Hakkinen   Fin McLaren    1:24.924
11 M Schumacher Ger Benetton   1:24.978
12 P Martini    It  Minardi    1:25.051
13 H Frentzen   Ger Sauber     1:25.133
14 M Brundle    GB  McLaren    1:25.455
15 O Panis      Fr  Ligiers    1:26.025
16 M Alboreto   It  Minardi    1:26.423
17 A De Cesaris It  Jordan     1:26.557
18 D Brabham    Aus Simtek     1:26.880
19 O Beretta    Mon Larrousse  1:26.906
20 E Comas      Fr  Larrousse  1:27.080
21 B Gachot     Bel Pacific    1:27.623
22 J Herbert    GB  Lotus      1:28.390
23 E Bernard    Fr  Ligier     1:28.774
24 P Lamy       Por Lotus      1:42.987
-- U Katayama   Jpn Footwork  to follow

PORSCHE SUPERCUP:- French driver Jacques Heuclin was slightly injured at Imola when he crashed during the SuperCup Porsche race - a preulde to the Formula One Grand Prix race at the circuit.

F3:- Scotland's Dario Franchitti is on provisional pole for Monday's British Formula Three Championship race at Silverstone. He clocked 55.73 secs in his Dallara Mugen, 0.18 quicker than second-placed Scott Lakin.

PM:- Formula One driver Ayrton Senna has died after a crash during the San Marino Grand Prix at Imola. The 34-year-old Brazilian driver was seriously injured when his Williams-Renault car left the track on a 165mph corner after six laps. Senna was flown to hos pital in a coma with fractures to the base of the skull and forehead injuries. Doctors said he was clinically dead. He was kept alive on life support machines but his heart later stopped beating.

Ayrton Senna's death was the second at the San Marino grand prix. The Austrian driver Roland Ratzenberger died yesterday after a similar crash during qualifying. Senna, who had already achieved pole position, declined to resume practice after Ratzenberger's death. Nine people were hurt in two other incidents in the race itself. On Friday driver Rubens Barrichello survived a horrific crash on the corner after the site of Ratzenbergers crash. Tributes have been coming in for racing driver Ayrton Senna, who died after a crash at the San Marino grand prix at Imola. Former racing driver Stirling Moss said: "We have lost probably the greatest driver of all time." Former world champion Jackie Stewart said: "Ayrton Senna was a great driver. This is really awful." Veteran BBC commentator Murray Walker said it was the blackest day for grand prix racing since he had started covering the sport.

Ayrton Senna was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1960. After eight seasons racing karts he joined the West Surrey Racing Formula Three team. The 34-year-old made his Formula One debut in Brazil in 1984 with Toleman, but left to join Lotus a year later. He signed with McLaren in 1988 and moved to Williams this season to fill the seat vacated by his great French rival, Alain Prost.

Ayrton Senna first became world champion in 1988 when he won eight races for the McLaren team, a record for one season. He won the title in 1990 and again in the following year. In 161 starts, Ayrton Senna won a total of 41 grands prix and was one of only seven drivers to win the world championship three times. He was acknowledged as one of the most accomplished drivers ever, and had set his sights on a fourth championship win this season.

Today's race was Ayrton Senna's 65th start from pole position. "Winning is like a drug, I cannot justify in any circumstances coming second or third," he once said. But Senna's career was also dogged by controversy. In 1989, he and title rival Alain Prost tangled at in the Suzuka Grand Prix. Senna was disqualified and lost the title. A year later, the pair collided again at the first corner at Suzuka Senna later admitted he had deliberately collided with Prost.

Triple world champion Ayrton Senna has died in hospital following his horrific 190mph crash during the San Marino Grand Prix at Imola. His death was announced 25 minutes after doctors at Bologna's Maggiore hospital revealed that he had suffered irreversible brain damage. The Brazilian suffered multiple skull fractures in the crash which occurred when he was leading the race - the 161st GP of his career. His death came 24 hours after Roland Ratzenberger was involved in a fatal accident during practice.

Ayrton Senna will be remembered as one of the greatest drivers to sit in a Formula One car following his fatal crash at Imola on Sunday. The single-minded Brazilian began his Grand Prix career with Toleman in 1984 before moving on to Lotus. But it was with McLaren that he achieved the bulk of his 41 wins - eight of them in 1988 when he took the first of three world titles. He set his sights on further glory on moving to Williams at the start of the current season but failed to finish the first two races.

Jackie Stewart has urged Formula One drivers to form their own group to press for safety changes after Ayrton Senna's fatal accident. "They will then be able to represent themselves against sports authorities, and united, they could refuse to drive on a bad circuit. What happened at Imola during the weekend showed the circuit was dangerous," said the Scot, who won the world title on three occasions. "Ayrton Senna was a great driver and this is really awful."

Reigning world champion Alain Prost has hit out at Formula One safety measures after the double tragedies at the San Marino Grand Prix. Prost said the sport must learn from the fatal crashes of Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger. Prost, who retired last season, said: "When I talked about safety I was called a coward. This weekend has shown us that security is a major issue in Formula One and we cannot afford to neglect it."

German Michael Schumacher completed a hat-trick of wins - but it was totally overshadowed by the tragic death of Ayrton Senna. The Brazilian's accident, which followed Roland Ratzenberger's fatal crash on Saturday, cast gloom along the pit lane. Gerhard Berger led briefly after the re-start but once Schumacher had got his Benetton in front the result was never in doubt. He came home ahead of Nicola Larini and Mika Hakkinen, with Senna's Williams teammate Damon Hill sixth.

Michael Schumacher found himself overtaken by events as one of the saddest weekends in Grand Prix history ended with his victory. He took the chequered flag after a race in which three-times world champion Ayrton Senna suffered fatal head injuries in a crash. Fans near the pit lane had earlier been hurt by a flying tyre after Pedro Lamy crashed into JJ Lehto's stationary Benetton at the start. And four mechanics were later injured when a wheel from Michele Alboreto's car hit them as he exited the pits.

Michael Schumacher was in sombre mood after a victory marred by Ayrton Senna's death at Imola. "What has happened is so dramatic and so bad I feel no satisfaction," the German commented. "It's not right what has happened. There is no way to explain what has happened but we have to learn from this," he went on. "I was behind Ayrton and the lap before I saw he was a little unstable and a little skittish at that corner. The next time he went sideways and then he lost it."

Overall result after 58 laps:
 1 M Schumacher Ger Benetton 1:28.28
 2 N Larini     It  Ferrari  1:29.23
 3 M Hakkinen   Fin McLaren  1:29.39
 4 K Wendlinger Aut Sauber   1:29.42
 5 U Katayama   Jpn Tyrrell  @ 1 lap
 6 D Hill       GB  Williams @ 1 lap
 7 H Frentzen   Ger Sauber   @ 1 lap
 8 M Brundle    GB  McLaren  @ 1 lap
 9 M Blundell   GB  Tyrrell  @ 2 laps
10 J Herbert    GB  Lotus    @ 2 laps
11 O Panis      Fr  Ligier   @ 2 laps
12 E Bernard    Fr  Ligier   @ 3 laps
13 C Fittipaldi Brz Footwork @ 4 laps

Drivers Championship
 1 M Schumacher Ger    30
 2 R Bar'chello Brz     7
 = D Hill       GB      7
 4 G Berger     Aut     6
 = N Larini     It      6
 6 J Alesi      Fr      4
 = M Hakkinen   Fin     4
 = U Katayama   Jpn     4
 = K Wendlinger Aut     4
10 C Fittipaldi Brz     3
11 H Frentzen   Ger     2
12 E Comas      Fr      1

Constructors Championship
1 Benetton Ford       30 points
2 Ferrari             16
3 Jordan Hart          7
= Williams Renault     6
5 Sauber Mercedes      6
6 Tyrrell Yamaha       4
= McLaren Peugeot      4
8 Footwork Ford        3
9 Larrousse Ford       1

Practice times for Monday's race:
                           mins secs
 1 G Simoni    Alfa Romeo   1:13.46
 2 P Radisich  Ford Mondeo  1:13.64
 3 R Rydell    Volvo 850    1:13.66
 4 A Menu      Renault Lag  1:13.67
 5 G Tarquini  Alfa Romeo   1:13.70
 6 A Rouse     Ford Mondeo  1:13.81
 7 T Harvey    Renault Lag  1:13.83
 8 K Odor      Nissan Prim  1:13.84
 9 E O'Brien   Peugeot 405  1:14.00
10 S Soper     BMW          1:14.05

F3:- Championship leader Jan Magnussen snatched pole for Monday's British Formula Three race at Silverstone with a lap of 55.45 secs. It was one tenth of a second faster than Paul Stewart Racing teammate Dario Franchitti.

HILL CLIMBING:- Cambridge rider Mark Colton broke the three-year-old course record as he won the Gulf Oil/RAC Hill Climb Championship in Prescott, Gloucs. Colton clocked 38.35 secs on his Roman, shaving two tenths of a second of the previous best and giving him a five point lead in the championship.

02.05.94 F1:- Motor racing's governing body, the FIA, has ordered an inquiry into the tragic events at Imola. The deaths of Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger at the San Marino GP will be dealt with at an emergency meeting on Wednesday. Senna had expressed his own safety concerns about Formula One racing after controversial rule changes brought in by the FIA this year. The Imola circuit has been closed following a court order to prevent visitors and reporters going to the track and hampering the inquiry.

Italian magistrates have ordered post-mortems on Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger after their tragic deaths at Imola. Brazilian diplomats had hoped to fly Senna's body home but said they would be unable to do so until later in the week. Italian authorities announced the decision in a statement. Both drivers' cars and all available film of the accidents have been confiscated.

The FIA, motor sport's governing body, has defended the rule changes they introduced to encourage more competitive Formula One racing. A spokesman refuted claims that the new regulations put drivers at risk and added that the Imola circuit had passed stringent safety checks. The FIA ordered a reduction in the number of electronic aids in cars, notably in the suspension area. Ayrton Senna was among many unhappy with the changes and said this year: "We'll be lucky if something really serious doesn't happen."

Ayrton Senna was having problems with the handling of his car, according to a newspaper interview published the morning of his death. Previewing the San Marino GP for a German publication, he said: "My car reacts a bit nervously on this kind of race surface. "This stems from its special aerodynamics but it's also got to do with a difficulty in the suspension," the Brazilian wrote. It is not yet clear what caused Senna to lose control on lap seven and smash into a concrete barrier.

Frank Williams has said that his team will carry on despite Ayrton Senna's fatal crash on Sunday. "We are a grand prix team committed to the sport and will continue our work, which I am sure is what Ayrton would have wanted," he said. Williams added that the cause of the crash was still a mystery before paying a tribute. "Ayrton's loss is impossible to quantify. We will all remember him with respect, admiration and affection. I hope our future achievements will be an honour to his memory."

Ayrton Senna's tragic death has left former Formula One rival Nigel Mansell in a state of shock. He said: "Ayrton and I shared some of the most exciting races ever staged and it is impossible to put into words what a sad loss this is to motor racing. "I was stunned after Roland Ratzenberger was killed and for Ayrton to lose his life the next day makes it a very black weekend. "There will not be a driver in the world who will not be deeply affected by this terrible news."

Result of Monday's race: mins secs
1 G Tarquini  Alfa Romeo  27:37.45
2 P Radisich  Ford Mondeo 27:38.45
3 G Simoni    Alfa Romeo  27:40.42
4 K Odor      Nissan Prim 27:54.13
5 P Watts     Peugeot 405 27:58.58
6 J Allam     Vauxhall    27:59.71

Championship standings:
1 Tarquini        96 pts
2 Cleland         48
3 Radisich        36
4 Simoni          30

F3:- Championship leader Jan Magnussen continued to dominate the British Formula Three Championship as he won both races of a double header at Silverstone. The Paul Stewart Racing driver led from the start and was not seriously challenged throughout.

F3000:- Frank Lagorce won the Formula 3000 Autosport International Trophy at Silverstone in his Reynard Cosworth. Lagorce finished in a time of 1 hr, 1 min, 56.79 secs, more than four seconds ahead of teammate David Coulthard. Gil de Ferran was third in the Reynard Zytek Judd.

F.RENAULT:- James Matthews won his third race in a row in the Formula Renault Championship at Snetterton to extend his lead at the top.

03.05.94 - F1
Italian prosecutors have told the managing director of the Imola race track he is under investigation after the deaths at the weekend. Federico Bendinelli was informed that he is under suspicion of culpable homicide after the tragic crashes of Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger at the San Marino GP. Under Italian law, suspects in any inquiry must be told they are under investigation but this does not mean charges will definitely follow. Notices may also be sent to team officials at Williams.

The Williams team has said any theories from any source as to the cause of Ayrton Senna's accident are pure speculation. The car the Brazilian was driving when he crashed at the San Marino Grand Prix is impounded in Italy and until a thorough investigation is completed no comment can be made. The FIA is gathering reports from its technical, medical, safety and supervisory staff. They will then determine whether additional safety measures will need to be introduced.

FIA president Max Mosley defended the sport of Formula 1 motor racing as the inquests into the two deaths at Imola last weekend began. "It's no more dangerous or safer than it was a week ago," he said. "You can never be happy unless it's completely safe. It's still not safe and arguably never will be."

"The so-called drivers' aids had nothing to do with the accidents," he added. "Of the 12 years we've had without any fatalities on the track, 10 of those have been without the aids."


Positions after 6 of 23 stages:
                            hrs min sec
 1 D Auriol    Fr  Toyota      1:18.34
 2 C Sainz     Sp  Subaru      1:18.51
 3 A Aghini    It  Toyota      1:19.09
 4 J Kankkunen Fin Toyota      1:19.20
 5 G Cunico    It  Ford Escort 1:19.39
 6 M Biasion   It  Ford Escort 1:19.53
 7 B Thiry     Bel Ford Escort 1:19.55
 8 J Ragnottii Fr  Renault     1:21.53
 9 P Bugalski  Fr  Renault     1:22.33
10 S Jordan    Fr  Renault     1:23.01
McRae retired - out of time

F1:- Alain Prost and Damon Hill were amongst those who attended Ayrton Senna's funeral in Sao Paulo. Four-time world champion Prost, one of Senna's bitterest rivals, joined Hill as part of the Renault-Sport official delegation. Emerson Fittipaldi, Jackie Stewart, Gerhard Berger and Christian Fittipaldi were among those who carried the coffin. Senna, who won the world crown three times, was killed in a 190mph crash at the San Marino Grand Prix, Imola last Sunday.


While Didier Auriol has powered into the lead after the first leg there are four Escort Cosworths in the top ten. Auriol's Toyota has set the quickest time on each of the eight stages and opened a 35 second lead over the 555 Subaru of Carlos Sainz. The Spaniard's British team-mate Colin McRae retired from the rally after hitting a rock and damaging the steering on stage 4. Andrea Aghini has moved his Grifone Toyota into third place.

Positions after 8 of 23 stages:
                            hrs min sec
 1 D Auriol    Fr  Toyota      1:51.14
 2 C Sainz     Sp  Subaru      1:51.49
 3 A Aghini    It  Toyota      1:52.14
 4 J Kankkunen Fin Toyota      1:52.28
 5 G Cunico    It  Ford Escort 1:52.56
 6 B Thiry     Bel Ford Escort 1:53.14
 7 M Biasion   It  Ford Escort 1:53.20
 8 P B'dini    Fr  Ford Escort 1:56.03
 9 J Ragnotti  Fr  Renault     1:56.28
10 S Jordan    Fr  Renault     1:58.11

06.05.94 - TOUR OF CORSICA

Positions after 15 of 23 stages:
(end of second day)         hrs min sec
 1 D Auriol    Fr  Toyota      3:34.08
 2 C Sainz     Sp  Subaru      3:34.41
 3 A Aghini    It  Toyota      3:35.42
 4 J Kankkunen Fin Toyota      3:36.08
 5 M Biasion   It  Ford Escort 3:37.51
 6 B Thiry     Bel Ford Escort 3:38.37
 7 J Ragnotti  Fr  Renault     3:44.00
 8 P Bern'dini Fr  Ford Escort 3:45.11
 9 S Jordan    Fr  Renault     3:47.15
10 M Mass'otto Fr  BMW         3:49.37

Three spectators were injured in a freak accident as four-times winner Didier Auriol maintained his lead on day two of the Tour of Corsica. The trio fell from a wall hit by Italian Gianfranco Cunico's Ford Escort after he slid during the day's second timed stage. The casualties were taken to hospital but the extent of their injuries are not yet known. Carlos Sainz won two of the day's seven special stages but Auriol had stretched his lead to 33 seconds at the overnight haul in Calvi.

F1:- Ayrton Senna may have died due to a fault with his car, Formula One team boss Frank Williams is reported to have said. A Brazilian newspaper has carried a story based on remarks allegedly made by Williams to Senna's brother at the driver's funeral this week. Williams had said that theories are pure speculation at this stage. But Leonardo Senna claimed: "Frank Williams told me that the car was hitting the ground more than normal...only a mechanical problem could have caused such a crash."


Frenchman Didier Auriol held off a late surge by Spaniard Carlos Sainz to win his fifth Corsican title. Toyota driver Auriol, who started the day 33 seconds ahead of his old rival, saw his lead slip to nine seconds with four stages remaining. But Sainz suffered understeering problems in the fifth section and Auriol took advantage to regain the impetus and storm on to victory. Auriol's triumph allowed him to steal first place from teammate Juha Kankunnen in the world drivers' championship standings.

Final positions after 23 stages:
                            hrs min sec
 1 D Auriol    Fr  Toyota      5:57.46
 2 C Sainz     Sp  Subaru      5:58.42
 3 A Aghini    It  Toyota      5:59.57
 4 J Kankkunen Fin Toyota      6:00.29
 5 M Biasion   It  Ford Escort 6:02.33
 6 B Thiry     Bel Ford Escort 6:02.45
 7 P Bern'dini Fr  Ford Escort 6:13.33
 8 J Ragnotti  Fr  Renault     6:17.30
 9 S Jordan    Fr  Renault     6:20.47
10 M Mass'otto Fr  BMW         6:25.06

1 D Auriol    Fr   Toyota  47 pts
2 J Kankkunen Fin  Toyota  45
3 C Sainz     Sp   Lancia  37
4 M Biasion   It   Ford    30
5 F Delecour  Fr   Ford    20
= C McRae     GB   Subaru  20

1 Toyota                   77 pts
2 Subaru                   58
3 Ford                     46
4 Mitsubishi               10
5 Skoda                     2                     

Final result after 6 stages:
                             mins secs
 1 J Bennet-Evans  Sapphire      47.08
 2 G Jones         Escort        47.24
 3 A Burton        A-Ferrari     47.52
 4 P Squires       Escort        47.59
 5 B Green         Sierra Cos    48.10
 6 R York          Gartac G3     48.20
 7 A Struthers     Escort RS     48.42
 8 S Crook         Opel Manta    48.47
 9 P Griffiths     Sierra Cos    48.55
10 B Mantle        Ford Escort   49.13
Leader John Roberts retired at the end of stage four after putting his Ford Sierra Cosworth off the road.

F3:- Jan Magnussen took victory in a gripping seventh round of the British Formula Three Championship at Brands Hatch. His narrow win over Paul Stewart Racing team mate Dario Franchitti extends his series lead over Vincent Radermecker who came third.

JAPANESE F3000:- Britain's Andrew Gilbert-Scott raced superbly at the Mine Circuit to maintain his challenge in the Japan F3000 series. He finished second to Italian Marco Apicella to stay just three points behind him in the series standings.

09.05.94 - F1
The Rothmans Williams Renault team will only enter one car at the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend as a mark of respect to Ayrton Senna. Damon Hill will be sole team driver at Monte Carlo, though Williams have yet to decide what their plans will be for the next race at Spain. A Williams statement about Senna's crash reads: "An intensive study of the available data has not revealed a system or component failure. However, investigations continue and they would be greatly assisted by access to the impounded car."

The FIA have decided that the front row of the grid will be vacant at this weekend's Monaco GP as a mark of respect to Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger. The leading qualifier will start the race from the normal grid place for the third fastest driver. Management consultants Barbara MC have agreed a new sponsorship deal with the British Simtek team in memory of Roland Ratzenberger. The Monaco-based company were the Austrian's personal sponsors before his death at San Marino.

Damon Hill has called for action to reduce the dangers of Grand Prix racing after the death of Williams teammate Ayrton Senna. He said in a Daily Mail article that the structure of cars was such that drivers were unable to survive the shock of high-speed crashes. "Drivers will drive in the most perilous conditions because competition is stupendously fierce and there are any number of hopefuls ready to fill the void." Williams have still not discovered the cause of Senna's crash at Imola.

The Sauber team took no further part in Thursday's practice session following the horrific crash that left Karl Wendlinger critical. In a statement the team said he had braked 13 metres later than on his previous lap before crashing into chicane barriers. The statement added that Wendlinger hit the barriers side on but there was no apparent technical defect to the car. The Austrian, in his fourth year in Formula One, is currently joint sixth in the drivers' championship.

Jean Alesi has threatened to pull out of the Belgian Grand Prix in August unless the Spa circuit is changed to improve safety.


The normal effervescence of the Monaco Grand Prix will be flattened by the tragedies at San Marino. Every emotion has been touched by events at Imola two weeks ago. The realisation that six-time Monaco Grand Prix winner Ayrton Senna will not grace that famous circuit again has finally dawned. The result of that fateful weekend is the introduction of a number of regulation changes, relating principally to pit lane entry and exit and the pit lane itself.

Monaco itself presents unique pit lane problems as it occupies an everyday car park and all the team structures are only temporary. Teams may agree to restrict the number of pit stops this weekend. The main rule change is that all team members must not stand in pit lanes except at predesignated pit lane slots or if a car has to come in with mechanical problems. We don't know if there will be any penalties for teams who do not conform. Ultimately everyone must rely on a measure of common sense.

As for the grand prix itself, the 78 lap 3.328km Monaco circuit is going to be demanding as always. The majority of corners are taken in first, second and third gears with the tunnel exit and the entrance to Casino Square being the only fast corners. So far this year Michael Schumacher has been dominant in his Benetton Ford, taking maximum points from victories in the first three races. In reality, Monte Carlo should not represent too much of a hurdle to stop him making it four out of four.

As a mark of respect to three-time world champion Ayrton Senna, the Williams team will only enter one car at the Monaco Grand Prix. The tragedy at Imola will have had a devastating affect, though they will undoubtedly recover. The strength of the team is in the team's strength and the performance on the day rarely lies solely with one individual. Damon Hill is now the unofficial team leader and he will feel the benefit from team consolidation.

The most successful team at Monte Carlo since 1984 has been McLaren. Ironically, the single Lotus win to break their stranglehold during that time was the victory by Ayrton Senna in 1987. Mika Hakkinen and Martin Brundle have a massive reputation to live up to this weekend and to win here would be a remarkable achievement. One must never give up hope though and, as we saw in 1992, keeping in touch with the leading drivers means you can be there to take advantage should they falter.

Ferrari come to Monaco and they will bring with them a wave of support from the Italian fans. Nicola Larini's second place two weeks ago was a superb performance and the return of Jean Alesi will give strong emotional support to Gerhard Berger. Berger was affected deeply by events at San Marino as he mourned the loss of two close friends. Ferrari's task will be difficult, but their spectacular efforts should be just what Formula One needs presently.

Rubens Barrichello will be back for Monaco and the Jordan team will be looking for a trouble-free weekend. Andrea de Cesaris will be in his second stand-in race for Jordan and he should be able to shoulder the responsibility with his experience. For the team's sake, both drivers must avoid contact with anything solid at the Monte Carlo circuit. The most improved grand prix driver has been Ukyo Katayama driving for Tyrrell. His progress has certainly amazed me in the first three races and Tyrrell are more than ecstatic.

In an equal show of respect to that of Williams, Simtek Ford will only enter one car at Monaco after the death of Roland Ratzenberger. David Brabham will be their sole driver and as a new small team, this is the most pragmatic choice. Equally Pacific G rand Prix, who had a fire on their transporter on the way back from Imola, will be hoping their ill luck has changed. Sauber, Tyrrell and Footwork are all easily capable of scooping up points in a race I hope will be remembered for the best of reasons.

11.05.94 - F1
Ayrton Senna may have been killed by a freak blow from his car's front wheel, FIA president Max Mosley has said. In a letter to The Times, he said there was a "strong suspicion" that a blow from the detached wheel and suspension has caused the tragedy. Both right hand wheels were ripped off Senna's Williams when it hit a wall at the Imola circuit. Constructors boss Bernie Ecclestone says in the newspaper that Senna was the victim of a "bloody fluke."

Ferrari driver Gerhard Berger will take part in this weekend's Monaco Grand Prix after deciding not to retire from the sport. There had been intense speculation that he might quit the sport after the deaths of Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger at San Marino. But he told a news conference that he still loved racing and would continue unless things didn't feel right during the qualifying laps. Berger will chair a drivers' meeting on Thursday to discuss safety standards in the sport.

Australian GP officials have commemorated triple world champion Ayrton Senna by naming part of the Adelaide circuit in his honour. A chicane at the end of the pit straight has been been named after Senna, who was killed at the San Marino Grand Prix on May 1.

Karl Wendlinger is fighting for his life after an horrific crash in Thursday morning's free practice. The 24-year-old is in a critical condition after braking late when exiting the tunnel and smashing into chicane barriers at speed. A Nice hospital doctor said: "We are reserving judgment on his progress in the coming hours. The prognosis is very serious." The incident comes just two weeks after the deaths of Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger at Imola.

Karl Wendlinger's girlfriend and family were keeping a bedside vigil after the Austrian driver's crash during practice at Monaco. Robi Quet, the director of Public Relations at the Saint Roch Hospital in Nice, said: "It's very serious. We don't know if he will live. Right now the doctors are speaking with his family and girlfriend." Fellow-Austrian Gerhard Berger said "Out of the tunnel, the braking into the chicane where Wendlinger had his accident is wrong."

The FIA have announced a complete review of safety precautions in the wake of recent tragedies that have devastated the motor racing world. Following a meeting of all F1 teams with FIA and FOCA representatives it was also agreed to impose an 80kmh speed limit in the pits, which will take immediate effect. Gerhard Berger has been nominated to participate in the review. Karl Wendlinger is fighting for his life in hospital after crashing in practice, a fortnight after Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger died.


F1 drivers have agreed to form a Grand Prix Drivers' Association in the wake of recent tragedies and accidents at Grand Prix circuits. Niki Lauda, Michael Schumacher, Gerhard Berger and Christian Fittipaldi will act as the drivers' representatives. The GPDA, who want a say in the running of the FIA, will strive to improve safety for its members. Their first action will be to inspect the next three GP circuits to examine safety levels.

Karl Wendlinger's condition remains stable in a coma but officials are hopeful he will make a recovery. The Sauber driver is in a critical condition after smashing into chicane barriers during free practice on Thursday morning. Norbert Haug, head of Mercedes Benz who supply Sauber's engines, said: "We have good reason to believe he will soon be okay." The Sauber-Mercedes team have decided to pull out of Sunday's Monaco GP following Wendlinger's accident in practice.

FIA chairman Max Mosley has announced sweeping safety reforms following the recent accidents in Formula One racing. The measures include reducing the size of the front wing and a reduced size for the diffusor with the minimum weight for cars increased by 25 kilograms. Mosley said the measures would reduce downforce and power in the cars and help ensure drivers safety. He said the most of the reforms would be introduced in time for the Spanish GP at Barcelona.

The autopsy on Ayrton Senna has confirmed he died from a head injury after being hit by part of his car. The three-times world champion died after crashing his Williams during the San Marino Grand Prix at Imola. "The cause of death was that a part of the suspension of the car went through his helmet and caused the head injury from which he died," announced FIA president Max Mosley. But he added that it was not yet known what caused Senna to deviate from the track at 192mph.

Karl Wendlinger has been making steady progress in Formula One since his debut for the Leyton House March team in 1991. He was signed by Sauber for their debut season last year, finishing fourth in Italy, fifth in Portugal and sixth in Canada and Hungary. He was 12th in the World Drivers' Championship in 1992 and 1993. He is lying sixth in the current campaign, having gained a sixth place in Brazil and fourth at Imola a fortnight ago.

Britain's Martin Brundle claimed a career-best provisional front grid place for Sunday's race. The Kings Lynn-based McLaren driver said "I had a problem-free lap. I touched the barriers a couple of times, bnt that's normal here. Michael Schumacher took first place while Damon Hill, in the sole Williams entry following Ayrton Senna's death, was lying sixth. "I'd be lying if I said we're not conscious of all that's happened when we're driving," he said.

Thursday's practice times:    mins secs
 1 M Schumacher Ger Benetton   1:20.230
 2 M Brundle    GB  McLaren    1:21.580
 3 M Hakkinen   Fin McLaren    1:21.881
 4 G Berger     Aut Ferrari    1:22.038
 5 J Alesi      It  Ferrari    1:22.521
 6 D Hill       GB  Williams   1:22.605
 7 P Martini    It  Minardi    1:23.162
 8 E Comas      Fr  Larrousse  1:23.514
 9 M Blundell   GB  Tyrrell    1:23.522
10 G Morbidelli It  Footwork   1:23.580
11 C Fittipaldi Brz Footwork   1:23.588
12 JJ Lehto     Fin Benetton   1:23.885
13 J Herbert    GB  Lotus      1:24.103
14 O Beretta    Mon Larrousse  1:24.126
15 U Katayama   Jpn Tyrrell    1:24.488
16 A De Cesaris It  Jordan     1:24.519
17 R Bar'chello Brz Jordan     1:24.731
18 O Panis      Fr  Ligier     1:25.115
19 M Alboreto   It  Minardi    1:25.421
20 P Lamy       Por Lotus      1:25.859
21 D Brabham    Aus Simtek     1:26.690
22 E Bernard    Fr  Ligier     1:27.694
23 P Belmondo   Fr  Pacific    1:29.984
24 B Gachot     Bel Pacific    1:48.173

Practice times:                   mph
 1 E Fittipaldi Brz P/Mercedes  230.438
 2 R Boesel     Brz Lola-Ford   230.403
 3 P Tracy      Can P/Mercedes  229.961
 4 E Cheever    US  Lola-Menard 228.676
 5 M Andretti * US  Lola-Ford   228.351
 6 M Andretti   US  Re'rd-Ford  228.189
 7 N Mansell    GB  Lola-Ford   227.969
 8 R Gordon     US  Lola-Ford   227.038
 9 S Brayton    US  Lola-Menard 227.658
10 A Unser Jnr  US  P/Mercedes  227.457
11 J Villeneuve Can Re'rd-Ford  226.638
12 A Luyendyk   Hol Lola-Ilmor  225.983
13 R Guerrero   US  Lola-Buick  225.739
14 D Dobson     US  Lola-Ford   225.462
* - Mario Andretti

MINTEX NATIONAL RALLY:- Martin Rowe in his Peugeot 306S16 leads the entrants for the third round of the Mintex National Rally on the Isle of Man. John Price, driving an MG Metro 6R4 will be aiming for his first Manx win after 20 years of trying. He will be the second car to leave the Grandstand on Saturday.

TOURING CARS:- Gabriele Tarquini will be hoping his domination of the British Championship will continue in rounds five and six at Silverstone on Sunday. The Alfa Romeo driver has a maximum of four wins from four rounds.

F3:- Giancario Fisichella took pole position for Saturday's Monaco Grand Prix in his Opel ahead of Joerg Muller's Dallara.


Karl Wendlinger remained in a deep coma as practice resumed on Saturday for the Monaco Grand Prix. The Sauber driver is still in a critical condition after smashing into chicane barriers during free practice on Thursday morning. Norbert Haug, head of Mercedes Benz who supply Sauber's engines, had earlier said: "We have good reason to believe he will soon be okay." The Sauber-Mercedes team decided to pull out of Sunday's race following Wendlinger's accident in practice.

Michael Schumacher took the first step towards a fourth successive GP with an elecrifying lap to clinch pole position for Sunday's race. He sped round the famous street circuit in 1 min 18.560 secs in his Benetton Ford to shatter the qualifying lap record. He is only the second German to win pole for a GP, following Wolfgang Von Tripps in Italy 33 years ago. Mika Hakkinen (1:19.488) will start alongside him on the grid. Damon Hill was fourth fastest.

Damon Hill faced up to his new responsibilities as Williams team leader by grabbing fourth place on the grid with a gritty display. Hill, the team's sole entrant in respect to Ayrton Senna, improved his time from Thursday but failed to make the front row. "The car is getting better steadily and I believe we're in with a shout for the race," he said. "I have to shoulder all the responsibility for everyone and I must say I've found it quite hard," he admitted.

German Michael Schumacher spared thought for Ayrton Senna after securing his first pole position. "Winning my first pole position, particularly at Monaco, gives me great pleasure and I expect some more if the car stays as good as it is," he said. "But I wish I had won this pole position against the quickest driver, who was Ayrton Senna up to this time. I wanted to win it against him, but unfortunately this was not possible," Schumacher added.

Final qualifying times:       mins secs
 1 M Schumacher Ger Benetton   1:18.560
 2 M Hakkinen   Fin McLaren    1:19.488
 3 G Berger     Aut Ferrari    1:19.958
 4 D Hill       GB  Williams   1:20.079
 5 J Alesi      It  Ferrari    1:20.452
 6 C Fittipaldi Brz Footwork   1:21.053
 7 G Morbidelli It  Footwork   1:21.189
 8 M Brundle    GB  McLaren    1:21.222
 9 P Martini    It  Minardi    1:21.288
10 M Blundell   GB  Tyrrell    1:21.614
11 U Katayama   Jpn Tyrrell    1:21.731
12 M Alboreto   It  Minardi    1:21.793
13 E Comas      Fr  Larrousse  1:22.211
14 A De Cesaris It  Jordan     1:22.265
15 R Bar'chello Brz Jordan     1:22.359
16 J Herbert    GB  Lotus      1:22.375
17 JJ Lehto     Fin Benetton   1:22.679
18 O Beretta    Mon Larrousse  1:23.025
19 P Lamy       Por Lotus      1:23.858
20 O Panis      Fr  Ligier     1:24.131
21 E Bernard    Fr  Ligier     1:24.377
22 D Brabham    Aus Simtek     1:24.656
23 B Gachot     Bel Pacific    1:26.082
24 P Belmondo   Fr  Pacific    1:29.984

INDYCAR:- Canadian Paul Tracy escaped serious injury after crashing in practice prior to Saturday's opening qualifying session. He appeared to lose control of his Penske as he exited turn four and the car spun into the outside wall before sliding down the banking. It took several minutes to remove him from the wreckage and he was then taken to hospital. He suffered concussion and neck and foot injuries but there is still a possibility of him driving again on Sunday.

Final practice times at Silverstone:
                              mins secs
 1 A Menu       Renault Laguna 1:01.71
 2 G Tarquini   Alfa Romeo     1:01.93
 3 P Radisich   Ford Mondeo    1:01.99
 4 T Harvey     Renault Laguna 1:02.13
 5 A Rouse      Ford Mondeo    1:02.26
 6 G Simoni     Alfa Romeo     1:02.31
 7 J Cleland    Vauxhall Cav   1:02.32
 8 W Hoy        Toyota Carina  1:02.40
 9 P Watts      Peugeot 405    1:02.43

F1:- Championship leaders Benetton have taken over rivals Ligier but both will continue to race independantly during the 1994 season. Benetton boss Flavio Briatore said he had guaranteed the future of the Ligier team, whose activities will continue to be based in France. He said he would focus on offering "greater stability" and providing Ligier with a "more advanced technical programme." It is not yet known whether the move will mean any driver changes in the Ligier team.

Saturday's practice times:        mph
 1 A Unser Jnr  US  P/Mercedes  228.011
 2 R Boesel     Brz Lola-Cos    227.618
 3 J Villeneuve Can Reynard-Cos 226.259
 4 M Andretti   US  Reynard-Cos 226.205
 5 N Mansell    GB  Lola-Ford   224.041
 6 A Luyendyk   Hol Lola-Ilmor  223.673
 7 E Cheever    US  Lola-Menard 223.163
 8 D Dobson     US  Lola-Cos    222.970
 9 S Fox        US  Reynard-Cos 222.867
10 H Matsuda    Jpn Lola-Cos    222.545
* - provisional starting grid after rain halted practice.

MANX NATIONAL RALLY:- Pete Doughty, in a Ford Sierra Cosworth, leads the field after the 12th of 14 stages at the Manx National Rally. John Price set the early pace but was then forced to retire. Dave Mann led briefly was forced to drop back after a neck injury to his co-driver Ian Wray.

F3:- Giancario Fisichella took pole position for Saturday's Monaco Grand Prix in his Opel ahead of Joerg Muller's Dallara.


 Final result:                mins:secs
 1 M Schumacher Ger Benetton
 2 M Brundle    GB  McLaren     0:32.3
 3 G Berger     Aut Ferrari     1:16.7
 4 A De Cesaris It  Jordan      1 lap
 5 J Alesi      It  Ferrari     1 lap
 6 M Alboreto   It  Minardi     1 lap
 7 JJ Lehto     Fin Benetton    1 lap
 8 O Beretta    Fr  Larrousse   2 laps
 9 O Panis      Fr  Ligier      2 laps
10 E Comas      Fr  Larrousse   3 laps
11 P Lamy       Por Lotus       5 laps

13 drivers failed to finish

German Michael Schumacher made it four wins from four races this season for Benetton after cruising to victory at Monte Carlo. Britain's Martin Brundle finished in second place and Gerhard Berger took third but there was less success for Damon Hill who had to retire after the first bend. Hill was involved in a collision with Mika Hakkinen and both drivers withdrew from the race unhurt. Monaco was exciting as always but relatively incident-free after the tragedies at San Marino.

Michael Schumacher made it home sweet home as he drove to an easy win in the Monaco Grand Prix. The Monte Carlo-based German said: "This is more or less where I live now so this victory means a lot. I am very pleased that we came here with the car sorted out after a few small problems and we were very competitive." With safety of paramount concern at Monaco, Schumacher praised the rule changes brought in for the race. "I am very happy that Formula One set such an example," he said.

Martin Brundle was a proud man at Monte Carlo as he picked up his first points of the season with a superb second-place performance. He said: "This is a great day for me and I am so glad to achieve this for my loyal and patient fans. Today was one of the best days in my racing career. I made a perfect start and had a faultless race." On a sadder note he added: "It has been a very difficult time. When your five-year-old daughter asks you if it's true Senna is dead it is difficult to reconcile things."

Damon Hill was clearly unhappy after an early collision with Mika Hakkinen forced both drivers to retire from the race. Hill said: "I made the best start I have made all season and I was closing on Hakkinen. "It looked to me as if I had the room to get by him on the left but he moved off his line, I hit the wall and then hit him. It broke the steering and that was it." Pier Luigi Martini and Gianni Morbidelli were also involved in the incident and forced to retire.

Drivers Championship
1 M Schumacher Ger    40
2 G Berger     Aut    10
3 D Hill       GB      7
= R Bar'chello Brz     7
5 N Larini     It      6
= M Brundle    GB      6
= J Alesi      Fr      6
8 M Hakkinen   Fin     4
= U Katayama   Jpn     4
= K Wendlinger Aut     4

Constructors Championship
1 Benetton Ford       40 points
2 Ferrari             24
3 Jordan Hart         10
= McLaren Peugeot     10
5 Williams Renault     7
6 Sauber Mercedes      6
7 Tyrrell Yamaha       4
8 Footwork Ford        3
9 Larrousse Ford       1
= Minardi Ford         1

Karl Wendlinger remained in a deep coma in a stable condition as the Monaco Grand Prix got underway. The Sauber driver is still unconscious after smashing into chicane barriers during free practice on Thursday morning. Norbert Haug, head of Mercedes Benz who supply Sauber's engines, had earlier said: "We have good reason to believe he will soon be okay." The Sauber-Mercedes team decided to pull out of the race following Wendlinger's accident in practice.

TOURING CARS:- Double header, Silverstone
Round five result:           mins secs
 1 G Tarquini   Alfa Romeo    19:00.64
 2 P Radisich   Ford Mondeo   19:03.32
 3 A Menu       Renault Lag   19:03.81
 4 A Rouse      Ford Mondeo   19:05.05
 5 P Watts      Peugeot 405   19:11.14
 6 W Hoy        Toyota Carina 19:11.64
 7 J Cleland    Vauxhall Cav  19:11.96
 8 K O'dor      Nissan Prim   19:12.50
 9 T Sugden     Toyota Carina 19:15.09
10 J Bailey     Toyota Carina 19:19.64

Round six result:            mins secs
 1 P Radisich   Ford Mondeo   23:15.22
 2 A Menu       Renault Lag   23:15.43
 3 P Watts      Peugeot 405   23:24.15
 4 J Cleland    Vauxhall Cav  23:24.62
 5 J Bailey     Toyota Carina 23:30.19
 6 W Hoy        Toyota Carina 23:30.39
 7 T Sugden     Toyota Carina 23:31.16
 8 T Harvey     Renault Lag   23:31.16
 9 J Allam      Vauxhall Cav  23:31.57
10 E O'Brien    Peugeot 405   23:34.14

F1:- Martin Brundle has voiced his concern over the package of changes to be introduced to make Formula One safer. The Briton, who finished second in Sunday's Monaco Grand Prix, is worried the changes could make the cars more difficult to drive. "If we are fundamentally changing the car to go to the next race with an unknown quantity it does not strike me as particularly safe," said the Marlboro McLaren driver. Others have also expressed concern over the proposed changes.

Drivers, engineers and team officials have agreed to accept the first set of safety changes imposed by the FIA. A "unanimous agreement" was reached after a seven hour meeting in Monaco on the new regulations, to take effect at next race in Spain. But no decision was forthcoming on the more significant changes due to be phased in beginning with the Canadian GP on June 12. The changes for Barcelona will reduce speeds by cutting the cars' downforce by 15 per cent.

Leading qualifiers for race on May 29:
 1 A Unser Jnr  US  Penske Merc 228.011
 2 R Boesel     Brz Lola-Ford   227.618
 3 E Fittipaldi Brz Penske Merc 227.303
 4 J Villeneuve Can Reynard F   226.259
 5 M Andretti   US  Reynard F   226.205
 6 L St James   US  Lola-Ford   224.154
 7 N Mansell    GB  Lola-Ford   224.041
 8 A Luyendyk   Hol Lola-Ilmor  223.673
 9 M Andretti   US  Lola Ford   223.503
10 J Andretti   US  Lola-Ford   223.263
11 E Cheever    US  Lola-Menard 223.168
12 D Dobson     US  Lola-Ford   222.970
13 S Fox        US  Reynard B   222.867
Al Unser junior will be on pole for the 78th running of the race on May 29 after Emerson Fittipaldi was frustrated by the weather. The American qualified his Penske Mercedes at 228.011 miles per hour on Saturday but rain prevented Fittipaldi from making his run. The Brazilian, who won last year's race, returned on Sunday but hot, humid weather meant he could do no better than 227.303. It gave him third place on the grid with Nigel Mansell seventh fastest.

17.05.94 - F1
Jordan have rejected an inquiry from Williams about their Brazilian driver Rubens Barrichello. Williams are believed to have approached the Northamptonshire-based Formula One team before last weekend's Monaco Grand Prix. A spokeswoman for Jordan says the request was firmly rejected. Barrichello, in his second season of Formula One racing, is currently third in the drivers' championship.

Doctors will this week try to bring Karl Wendlinger out of his controlled coma. The 25-year-old Austrian suffered serious head injuries last Thursday in a crash during the Monaco Grand Prix. A Team Sauber spokesman said his current condition was stable and the process of bringing him out of the coma was due to begin. The spokesman added: "His progress is generally encouraging."

18.05.94 - F1
Austrian driver Karl Wendlinger, who sustained serious head injuries at Monaco, is being gradually brought out of his controlled coma. A Team Sauber spokesman said that the process of bringing Wendlinger round "progresses as planned" in a Nice hospital. The statement added: "Wendlinger is being woken up slowly over several days by reducing his medications. Further prognoses are not possible in the present stages."

20.05.94 - F1
Williams will not be announcing the identity of Damon Hill's new teammamte until next Thursday. An announcement on the identity of the driver to fill Ayrton Senna's seat was expected on Friday. But a spokeswoman said boss Frank Williams had not yet made up his mind and a press conference is scheduled in Barcelona next week. Team test driver David Coulthard tests for the team at Jerez, in Spain, this weekend.

A Belgian politician is threatening to ban the August Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps if more safety measures are not adopted there. Interior Minister Louis Tobback said: "If no effort is made in the coming weeks to improve security, the race will not take place." The circuit is one of the fastest in Formula One and track official Andre Maes said race organisers are working on improving safety. Authorities in Italy say they are happy with the Monza circuit and Italian Grand Prix will go ahead.

Formula One manufacturers have drawn up new engine regulations intended to reduce speed and improve driver safety. The decision was taken at a meeting of all the leading engine suppliers including Ford, Renault and Yamaha at the Ferrari HQ in Italy. A Ferrari spokesman said the exact details of the proposals could not be disclosed at this stage. But they have been forwarded to FIA president Max Mosley.

Jordan Grand Prix team have joined forces with windscreen specialists Glass Medic in a sponsorship deal.

Austrian Karl Wendliger is still in a deep coma after sustaining head injuries in a crash during practice for the Monaco Grand Prix. An attempt to bring Wendliger out of his controlled coma was halted after a scan showed persistence of a brain swelling. The Formula One star is being kept under observation at the Nice Saint-Roch hospital. Dr Dominique Grimaud said: "The neurologial signs have slightly bettered but the patient is still in a critical condition."

INDYCARS:- Indycar driver Roberto Guerrero suffered first and second degree burns to his right arm as a fire broke out in his car during practice for the Indianapolis 500.

HILL-CLIMBING:- Cambridge driver Mark Colton in a Roman won the fifth round in the Isle of Man to go seven points clear in the Gulf Oil RAC Hill Climb Championship. Colton was almost a second faster than reigning champion David Grace (Pilbeam) over a mile-long section of the TT course near Ramsay.

22.05.94 - F3000
Allan McNish, the Benetton Formula One test driver, will drive a Vortex Motorsport Reynard Cosworth in Monday's second round of the FIA Formula 3000 championship in France. It will be McNish's first race of the season.

23.05.94 - F1
The Williams team's major sponsors have played down newspaper claims that Nigel Mansell is set to return to Formula One. Williams have been searching for a new driver since Ayrton Senna was killed three weeks ago and Mansell has been linked with a comeback. But Rothmans International promotions manager David Beck said: "There is no pressure on the team to re-sign Nigel." Mansell is currently in his second year of racing with the Newman Haas Indy Car team in America.

24.05.94 - F1
Portuguese Formula One driver Pedro Lamy broke both knee-caps and a thigh in a crash at Silverstone. Lamy, 22, was taken to Northampton General Hospital by helicopter after receiving treatment at the scene of the crash - Abbey Curve. The car disintegrated in the crash, although Lamy's safety cell - the area surrounding the cockpit - appeared relatively intact. Lotus were testing modifications to their cars, aimed at reducing down-force and slowing their speeds.

Martin Brundle and Mark Blundell have voiced fears over the new "safer" cars they will race at this weekend's Spanish Grand Prix. The pair's concerns, expressed in Motoring News, come just 24 hours after Pedro Lamy was injured during testing at Silverstone. Tyrrell driver Blundell said he did not think the modified cars were any safer than before and were "a bit of a culture shock." Brundle called for a reduction in power to go with the changes which have reduced downforce by 25%.

Benetton-Ford have attacked the governing body of Formula One over changes being made to the sport. Managing Director Flavio Briatore said that the chances of an accident have increased under new rules designed to make racing safer. In an open letter to FIA President Max Mosley, Benetton-Ford have commented on changes introduced after the deaths of Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger. Briatore says that initial tests show that the changes "will decrease car safety in the future."

Pedro Lamy is said to be in a stable condition in hospital following his crash at Silverstone on Tuesday. Lamy suffered very severe fractures and dislocation of both knees and a successful preliminary operation has been carried out. He is said to be in good spirits and is talking to his family who have arrived from Portugal. It is likely that he will be transferred to Portugal next week following a weekend operation on his right knee.

Simtek-Ford have named Andrea Montermini and Jean-Marc Gounon as the replacements for Roland Ratzenberger who died during qualifying for the San Marino GP. Sauber will enter only one driver in Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix. The team have decided not to run a second car until Karl Wendlinger, critically injured during practice for the Monaco GP, is out of danger.


Barcelona this weekend sees the introduction of the first technical changes in the wake of the tragic accidents at Imola four weeks ago. They involve a 20% reduction in downforce, achieved by removing the extensions and raising the end plates on the front wings and adjusting rear underbody defusers. Herein lies the irony as this method will achieve its aim on one hand, but on the other may make the cars more difficult to drive. This in turn does not equate to greater safety for the drivers.

Since the new safety regulations were concocted at Monaco, most of the teams have been developing and testing the new set-up. Part of the irony is that as soon as the changes were announced, teams rushed to their wind tunnels. They have been simulating the kind of downforce figures they will now be having to cope with. Once they established that fact, they have been trying to recover as much of the 20% downforce loss the new regulations expect.

Team principals, designers and the drivers have voiced concerns about the new regulations. A number of disturbing incidents have occurred in testing, the most serious involving Pedro Lamy's Lotus at Silverstone on Tuesday. The cause of his accident, like those of Roland Ratzenberger and Ayrton Senna, was not driver error. Many people will argue strongly for teams to return to the aerodynamic set-ups used until the Monaco Grand Prix as these are tested and proven or at least a known quantity.

The haste to introduce new regulations equals public outcry for action to slow cars down. But I believe, the most effective method would be to insist on the fuel used in Formula One being literally supplied from the garage round the corner at the race track. With the sophistication of today's engineering management, I feel sure engines could cope with this. Also a ban on airboxes, mounted above the driver's heads would help towards a reduction of about 50 horsepower across the board.

I believe there should be a fresh approach to longer term safety objectives in Grand Prix racing. Having recently visited the Penske factory in Poole, I was impressed by the degree of strength and protection afforded to the drivers of their Indy cars. If Formula One regulations were aligned to the design philosophy of Indy Cars, I feel that the improvement would be immediate. But the whole question of safety in Formula One is one which cannot be resolved overnight.

Benetton, Ford and Michael Schumacher have a lock on the Championship - momentum is high and the reliability is superb. There is no reason to feel they should not retain their advantage - while Ferrari and McLaren have moved up as principle challengers. I consider Williams to be fourth of the big four now - a massive change in fortune. They have been improving an erratic car with a revised aerodynamic package with Damon Hill and David Coulthard at a four-day test.

David Coulthard looks certain to get the opportunity of his dreams with the Williams team at Barcelona this weekend. As the test driver he is as familiar with the car as Damon Hill but will be going into territory he has not been in before in a single-seater car. His place in the teams looks a formality as no-one else has tested the Williams since Monaco. Another new face this weekend will be Andrea Montermini, who has been given a drive by the Simtek team.

Eddie Irvine returns to Formula One to his seat in the Sasol Jordan team in Spain. He has missed three Grands Prix, his punishment for the incident at the opening Brazlian GP. A lot is riding on Irvine's performance this weekend. He has lost the benefit of being at three Grands Prix. He will have had two days testing at Jerez but that's not enough. He will have to rely on his own fitness. I hope it's up to scratch.

The world's top Formula One drivers have threatened to pull out of this weekend's Spanish Grand Prix. The drivers say they will pull out unless a better chicane was built at one of the fastest sections of the Circuit de Catalunya. The drivers, who met for five hours at the track, said they wanted a modified chicane put in before the Nissan corner to slow down the cars. Ferrari's Gerhard Berger said: "The improvements they have made are not safe enough for us."

David Coulthard has been confirmed as the second driver for Williams in Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix. He has been the team's test driver and now gets his chance alongside Damon Hill following the tragic death of Ayrton Senna at Imola. "It's impossible for me to follow Ayrton Senna because he was the greatest racing driver, I think, there's ever been. I think it will be some time before anyone reaches the same level as Senna," Coulthard said.

Team boss Frank Williams had no qualms about young Scot David Coulthard after naming him as Damon Hill's teammate for the Spanish GP. "David has proved an excellent test driver for the team and impressed us with his skills during the many sessions he has undertaken for us," he said. "He is a confident driver with a mature head and I am sure he will be an excellent partner for Damon. "He knows the car and the Renault engine package well and the people who comprise the team."

Italian Andrea De Cesaris has been signed by the Sauber team following Karl Wendlinger's practice crash at Monaco two weeks ago. They have entered only Heinz Harald Frentzen for Sunday's Spanish GP but De Cesaris will join him in Canada next month. He has driven in two races for Jordan this season while Eddie Irvine served a suspension and finished fourth at Monaco. Wendlinger is gradually coming out of a controlled coma at a hospital in Nice.

Championship leaders Benetton could be barred from racing in Sundays Spanish Grand Prix after clashing with FIA over safety measures. The threat comes a day after Benetton managing director Flavio Briatore said that new restrictions had made cars more dangerous. Briatore said that he was not happy that his cars, modified to comply with new safety standards, had been subject to proper testing. FIA officials now say Benetton cannot race unless they confirm their cars have undergone testing.


The Benetton-Ford team have been cleared to take part in Sunday's Grand Prix after confirming the safety of their cars to the FIA. FIA officials at Barcelona refused to let them practice on Friday morning until they provided written evidence their cars were tested. Driver Michael Schumacher was forced to sit out the unofficial session although several of the top teams also refused to practice. Benetton, who have won the first four races of the season, had criticised the FIA over car changes.

More changes have been made to the Circuit de Catalunya following a threat by the world's top Formula One drivers to pull out of the race. A modified chicane has been put in before the Nissan corner to slow down the cars that can reach up to 193mph on the long straight. The 2.95 mile track has also been altered with more plastic, water and tyres placed around the walls. Friday's morning practice was disrupted with several teams not participating but they all competed later in official qualifying.

Championship leader Michael Schumacher claimed pole position for Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix. The 25-year-old German, driving a Benetton, has already won the opening four races of the season, and is seeking a fifth victory. In hot conditions, Schumacher was quickest ahead of Finland's Mika Hakkinen in a McLaren. Next came Britain's Damon Hill in a Williams and Frenchman Jean Alesi in a Ferrari.

Michael Schumacher was happy to have clinched provisional pole for the Spanish GP but admitted he was having handling problems. "With the latest changes to the wings and the underbody, the car is sliding more," he said. "We haven't got the same stability when putting down the power coming out of the medium speed corners," added the Championship leader. Williams driver Damon Hill, third after the first practice, said: "We have got some work to do to try and find some time."

 Friday's practice:           mins secs
 1 M Schumacher Ger Benetton   1:23.426
 2 M Hakkinen   Fin McLaren    1:24.580
 3 D Hill       GB  Williams   1:24.716
 4 J Alesi      It  Ferrari    1:24.957
 5 H Frentzen   Ger Sauber     1:25.115
 6 P Martini    It  Minardi    1:25.502
 7 JJ Lehto     Fin Benetton   1:25.587
 8 M Blundell   GB  Tyrrell    1:25.863
 9 R Bar'chello Brz Jordan     1:25.990
10 E Comas      Fr  Larrousse  1:26.097
11 G Berger     Aut Ferrari    1:26.121
12 E Irvine     GB  Jordan     1:26.368
13 M Alboreto   It  Minardi    1:26.595
14 M Brundle    GB  McLaren    1:26.614
15 U Katayama   Jpn Tyrrell    1:27.017
16 D Coulthard  GB  Williams   1:27.428
17 G Morbidelli It  Footwork   1:27.459
18 C Fittipaldi Brz Footwork   1:27.631
19 O Panis      Fr  Ligier     1:27.872
20 O Beretta    Mon Larrousse  1:28.011
21 E Bernard    Fr  Ligier     1:28.824
22 A Zanardi    It  Lotus      1:30.379
23 D Brabham    Aus Simtek     1:30.797
24 A Montermini It  Simtek     1:31.111
25 P Belmondo   Fr  Pacific    1:31.750
26 B Gachot     Bel Pacific    1:34.318
27 J Herbert    GB  Lotus      1:59.009


Alfa Romeo's debut British Touring Car season was in doubt after they lost an appeal against disqualification from two races. The Motor Sports Council upheld a decision of Snetterton officials that the Romeo cars presented on May 2 differed from on-road models. The Italian team won that race and the race at Silverstone on May 15 when they competed under exactly the same conditions. But the decision means that the team and lead driver Gabriele Tarquini lose the points gained.

Simtek driver Andrea Montermini suffered two broken feet after a 160mph crash during free practice. The 29-year-old debutant, in for Roland Ratzenberger, ran wide on the final corner and smashed head on into a concrete wall. The battered car spun several times before coming to rest, with Montermini initially unconscious and the front of the car wrecked. He was cut free before being flown to hospital where he underwent an operation on his left foot.

Mark Blundell spun off at the last corner where Andrea Montermini had earlier crashed but the Briton was unhurt. Blundell lost control of the Tyrrell but the car was caught by a gravel trap. Damon Hill, second on the grid, suggested that walls should be curved away from the circuit on the exit from a fast corner. He said: "It has concerned me for a long time that a barrier can come back at you like that."

Championship leader Michael Schumacher improved on Friday's time to secure pole for Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix. The 25-year-old German, driving a Benetton, clocked 1 min 21.908 secs for his second successive pole. He has already won the opening four races of the season, and is seeking a fifth victory. Britain's Damon Hill also improved to take second place on the grid ahead of Finland's Mika Hakkinen.

FIA president Max Mosley has denied making any concessions to teams over the new F1 regulations. Mosley said: "Suggestions that the FIA or any of its officers have made concessions or abandoned power are wholly false. "At no time did the teams seek concession or threaten not to run in qualifying on Friday. Had such a threat been made I would have immediately invited those concerned to carry it out."

 Final qualifying session:    mins secs
 1 M Schumacher Ger Benetton   1:21.908
 2 D Hill       GB  Williams   1:22.559
 3 M Hakkinen   Fin McLaren    1:22.660
 4 JJ Lehto     Fin Benetton   1:22.983
 5 R Bar'chello Brz Jordan     1:23.594
 6 J Alesi      It  Ferrari    1:23.700
 7 G Berger     Aut Ferrari    1:23.715
 8 M Brundle    GB  McLaren    1:23.763
 9 D Coulthard  GB  Williams   1:23.782
10 U Katayama   Jpn Tyrrell    1:23.969
11 M Blundell   GB  Tyrrell    1:23.981
12 H Frentzen   Ger Sauber     1:24.254
13 E Irvine     GB  Jordan     1:24.930
14 M Alboreto   It  Minardi    1:24.996
15 G Morbidelli It  Footwork   1:25.018
16 E Comas      Fr  Larrousse  1:25.050
17 O Beretta    Mon Larrousse  1:25.161
18 P Martini    It  Minardi    1:25.247
19 O Panis      Fr  Ligier     1:25.577
20 E Bernard    Fr  Ligier     1:25.766
21 C Fittipaldi Brz Footwork   1:26.084
22 J Herbert    GB  Lotus      1:26.397
23 A Zanardi    It  Lotus      1:27.685
24 D Brabham    Aus Simtek     1:28.151
25 B Gachot     Bel Pacific    1:28.873
26 P Belmondo   Fr  Pacific    1:30.657
27 A Montermini It  Simtek     1:31.111

INDYCARS:- Defending champion Emerson Fittipaldi is predicting that this Sunday's race will be the most competitive ever. Fittipaldi said: "I think eight or nine guys could win this race easily. It's going to be tough." American Al Unser Jr, the 1992 Indy champion is on pole position. Fittipaldi starts the race on the outside of the front row in third. Britain's Nigel Mansell is on the third row along with Mario Andretti and Arie Luyendyk.

Nigel Mansell is worried that his Lola Ford Cosworth will be unable to match the high-powered Penske team cars in Sunday's race. "Penske think like a Formula One outfit and have made millions of dollars available to go faster. Other teams have got to decide whether they can find extra finance for the future," he said. "What they have done is very clever and all we can do is hope they have a slip-up or a problem on Sunday."


The fifth round of the world championship will undoubtedly provide the toughest test yet for the strong list of entrants. The exceptional Grecian heat will test engines to the limit and the rocky mountain roads are capable of shredding the cars to pieces. The 1,400km route is short enough for the crews to go flat out but luck could play a large part. Mitsubishi driver Armin Schwarz warned: "It is really rough in some places and slower than last year, which will be bad for cooling."

World champion Juha Kankkunen heads an impressive entry list for one of the most unpredictable events on the rallying calendar. The Flying Finn is chasing a hat-trick of victories in Greece after successes in 1986 and 1991. Last year's winner, Miki Biasion, has already completed the 'treble' and will be among the favourites in his Ford Escort Cosworth. Kankkunen's Toyota teammate and current championship leader Didier Auriol should also figure strongly when the rally gets underway Sunday.

Colin McRae will spearhead the British challenge, providing his Subaru Impreza can stand the heat. The Subarus have had an impressive start to the season and McRae, so often the nearly man, is capable of going one better this time. Ford's chief test driver Malcolm Wilson is plunged into the action following an injury to regular driver Francois Delecour. Wilson, third in last year's British Rally, has competed in Acropolis three times and has spent the last fortnight preparing.


Result after 65 laps:
 1 D Hill       GB  Williams 1 hr 36 mins 14 secs
 2 M Schumacher Ger Benetton @  24.16s
 3 M Blundell   GB  Tyrrell  @1:26.96
 4 J Alesi      Fr  Ferrari    1 lap
 5 P Martini    It  Minardi    1 lap
 6 E Irvine     GB  Jordan     1 lap
 7 O Panis      Fr  Ligier     2 laps
 8 E Bernard    Fr  Ligier     3 laps
 9 A Zanardi    It  Lotus      3 laps
10 D Brabham    Aus Simtek     4 laps
11 M Brundle    GB  McLaren    6 laps

Drivers Championship
 1 M Schumacher Ger    46
 2 D Hill       GB     17
 3 G Berger     Aut    10
 4 J Alesi      Fr      9
 5 R Bar'chello Brz     7
 6 N Larini     It      6
 = M Brundle    GB      6
 8 M Hakkinen   Fin     4
 = U Katayama   Jpn     4
 = K Wendlinger Aut     4
 = M Blundell   GB      4

Constructors Championship
 1 Benetton            46 points
 2 Ferrari             27
 3 Williams            17
 4 Jordan              11
 5 McLaren             10
 6 Tyrrell              8
 7 Sauber               6
 8 Footwork             3
 = Minardi              3
10 Larrousse            1

Damon Hill finally ended Michael Schumacher's GP monopoly as he triumphed in a trouble-free race at the Circuit de Catalunya. The Williams star, somewhat apprehensive about the new safety changes, kept his nerve in a race of fluctuating fortunes. Schumacher, looking for a fifth straight win, had led by 18 secs but was forced to battle on with gearbox trouble. He fought hard in the Benetton but Hill held on, with Mark Blundell grabbing third spot in the Tyrrell.

Damon Hill picked up the fourth Grand Prix win of his career to give himself and Williams a massive boost in Spain. The 33-year-old Londoner punched the air in delight as he finally had something to smile about after the trauma of recent weeks. Hill gleefully held a British flag aloft from his car as he took the applause from the crowd on a well-deserved victory lap. He is still a long way behind overall leader Michael Schumacher but the win was one to savour.

German ace Michael Schumacher had to settle for second place - but produced a brilliant drive after losing his gears. The dashing 25-year-old looked set to equal Nigel Mansell's GP record of five season-opening wins as he typically forged ahead. He was clearly in trouble after 20 laps but miraculously carried on with his Benetton apparently jammed in fifth gear. It was a brilliant performance and he was clearly thrilled to finish second behind Damon Hill.

Mark Blundell was thrilled after grabbing an impressive third place for Tyrrell, his best result since last year's German Grand Prix. Blundell stuck to his task stoicly as the 65-lap race turned into a gruelling battle in the searing heat of Barcelona. Blundell was one of only 10 out of the 26 starters to finish but there was disappointment for his former teammate Martin Brundle. Brundle was third with five laps to go but was cruelly denied when his engine went up in flames.

Irishman Eddie Irvine made a great return to Formula One as he finished in the points with sixth place in the Jordan. Irvine passed a tough test with flying colours after returning from suspension. Debutant David Coulthard had an eventful race in the Williams, moving up to sixth before his car stalled in the pits on lap 16. He battled back to 12th before retiring at half-way but said: "I think it was a good debut overall."

Delighted Damon Hill dedicated his victory to Williams and especially to the memory of Ayrton Senna after triumphing in Spain. He said: "I don't think I have known such a difficult month. Everyone at Williams has been through a terrible time. This victory must go to them and to all the fans of Ayrton Senna who I met in Brazil. They wanted Williams to be successful. "It was important to do well in this race and to win it is better than I expected to do."

Silverstone chiefs are to bring in a host of safety changes to the circuit in time for the British Grand Prix. The proposed changes will tighten and slow down Copse Corner, Stowe Corner, Abbey Curve, Priory Corner and the pit lane entrance. Gravel traps and tyre walls will also be extended and some kerbing will be lowered. The moves come following Pedro Lamy's crash last week when he shattered both kneecaps.

INDYCARS:- Nigel Mansell's bid for victory ended on the 93rd lap when he was hit by Dennis Vitolo and sent spinning off the track. The reigning Indycar champion was unhurt and walked out of the track medical centre before doctors could complete their examination. The British former Formula One world champion said: "I feel great. I've got a bit of concussion." The Lola-Ford driver was struck by the rookie while under the yellow caution flag and was furious.

Nigel Mansell was extremely angry after being shunted out of the race while lying in third place. The field was driving slowly round the oval due to a yellow flag when Dennis Vitolo's Lola landed on top of Mansell's car. "I've never seen such a joke as what we just had out there. We were in the yellow and someone tries to take my head off," said Mansell. Rookie Vitolo admitted: "It was my fault. I ran into the back of John Andretti...the impact pitched me in the air and onto Mansell's car."

Al Unser Jr won an incident-packed 78th Indianapolis 500 in a Penske Mercedes-Benz. The American, who won in 1992, came home ahead of Canadian Jacques Villeneuve in a Reynard-Ford, the youngest driver in the race. Bobby Rahal was given third place in the Penske Ilmor after Michael Andretti collected a penalty. Emmerson Fittipaldi had been leading the field by one full lap but crashed with 16 laps remaining to leave his teammate, who started on pole, the chance for victory.

Positions after 10 of 33 stages:
                           hrs mins secs
 1 C McRae     GB  Subaru     01:31:58
 2 C Sainz     Sp  Subaru     01:32:41
 3 D Auriol    Fr  Toyota     01:32:50
 4 J Kankkunen Fin Toyota     01:32:59
 5 A Vatanen   Fin Ford       01:33:01
 6 K Eriksson  Swe Mitsubishi 01:33:39
 7 M Biasion   It  Ford       01:34:01
 8 M Wilson    GB  Ford       01:34:39
 9 A Schwarz   Ger Mitsubishi 01:34:55
10 A Fiorio    It  Lancia     01:40:03
Scotsman Colin McRae dominated the first day of the Acropolis Rally winning six of the 10 stages. The Subaru driver has a 43 second advantage over his teammate Carlos Sainz of Spain with Frenchman Didier Auriol third, a further nine seconds adrift in his Toyota. Reigning world champion, Finn Juha Kankkunen, is fourth in his Toyota with Ford driver Ari Vatanen fifth. The 88 starters found the first day of three tough going in the heat with 23 tough stages still to come.

TOURING CARS:- Alain Menu is on pole position for round seven of the British Championship at Oulton Park on Monday. Alfa Romeo have been excluded from the meeting after their 155's were deemed ineligible by course stewards due to front spoilers being in the forward position.


Alain Menu scored his first victory of the season in round seven of the British Touring Cars Championship at Oulton Park. The Swiss driver took the lead on the third lap in his Renault Laguna passing the fast sarting Ford Mondeo of Paul Radisich. The New Zealander tried hard to stay on terms but had slipped to almost two seconds behind by the chequered flag. Radisich's second place gives him a 36 point advantage at the top of the standings.

Result of Round Seven:        mins secs
 1 A Menu       Renault Laguna 28:22.23
 2 P Radisich   Ford Mondeo    28:24.18
 3 P Watts      Peugeot 405    28:27.89
 4 S Soper      BMW 318i       28:28.94
 5 R Rydell     Volvo 850      28:34.52
 6 J Allam      Vauxhall Cav   28:34.94
 7 J Cleland    Vauxhall Cav   28:36.70
 8 J Winkelhock BMW 318i       28:37.88
 9 E O'Brien    Peugeot 405    28:39.87
10 J Bailey     Toyota Carina  28:40.46

1 P Radisich   Ford Mondeo    108 pts
2 G Tarquini   Alfa Romeo      72
3 J Cleland    Vauxhall Cav    68
4 A Menu       Renault Laguna  66
5 P Watts      Peugeot 405     57

1 Ford         115 pts
2 Vauxhall      88
3 Peugeot       72
= Alfa Romeo    72
5 Renault       69
6 BMW           50

F3:- Dane Jan Magnussen stretched his British championship lead to 62 points with his sixth win of the season in the eighth round at Thruxton.

BRITISH F2:- Walsall driver Phil Andrews comfortably won the opening round of the Venson British Championship at Brands Hatch driving a Reynard-Cosworth.

F3000:- Massimilio Papis won the third round of the F3000 Championship in Barcelona, ahead of Fabrizio de Simone. Britain's Oliver Gavin retired after 10 of the 41-lap race.

Positions after 22 of 33 stages:
                           hrs mins secs
 1 C Sainz     Sp  Subaru     04:12:19
 2 C McRae     GB  Subaru     04:12:26
 3 A Schwarz   Ger Mitsubishi 04:16:44
 4 M Wilson    GB  Ford       04:17:14
 5 J Kankkunen Fin Toyota     04:18:32
 6 A Vatanen   Fin Ford       04:23:59
 7 A Fiorio    It  Lancia     04:25:04
 8 F Yoshio    Jpn Toyota     04:34:35
 9 A Vovos     Gre Lancia     04:36:19
10 E Triner    Cz  Skoda      04:50:57
Carlos Sainz took the overall lead on the final stage of the day after Colin McRae clipped a rock and damaged his Subaru's suspension. The Scotsman's Spanish teammate now holds a seven second advantage with 11 special stages remaining. McRae also faces a possible time penalty which will ruin his chances if it is incurred. Britain's Malcolm Wilson dropped from third to fourth in his Escort with turbo problems and is showing signs of wear and tear.

Colin McRae has a road time penalty of 14 mins 30 secs pending after starting ss16 late. The Scotsman arrived at the control prior to the stage with a broken windscreen so he positioned himself to prevent other competitors passing while it was mended. But the Subaru driver claimed the damage was a result of scrutineers failing to secure the bonnet causing it to fly open and break the screen. Officials have told McRae to appeal.

INDYCARS:- Nigel Mansell is considering his IndyCar future after the Indy 500 pile-up which left him with neck and shoulder injuries. He had a lucky escape when his Newman-Haas Lola Ford was crushed in the pit lane by the car of rookie Dennis Vitolo. "I'm very disillusioned and my wife Roseanne was very upset," The Sun quotes him as saying. Mansell may miss this weekend's race at Milwaukee. "I don't even want to think about next week or beyond at this moment," he added.

ACROPOLIS RALLY:- Carlos Sainz won the Acropolis Rally for the second time to join Juha Kankkunen at the top of the Drivers' World Championship. The Spaniard steered his Subaru to victory in 6 hrs 36mins 38 secs, four minutes ahead of Armin Schwarz in the new Mitsubishi. Sainz moved into the lead following the controversial disqualification of Britain's Colin McRae for fixing his car in a forbidden area. Juha Kankkunen was third, and Malcolm Wilson a magnificent sixth in the Ford Escort Cosworth.

Result after completion of 33 stages:
                           hrs mins secs
 1 C Sainz     Sp  Subaru     06:36:38
 2 A Schwarz   Ger Mitsubishi 06:40:39
 3 J Kankkunen Fin Toyota     06:42:31
 4 A Fiorio    It  Lancia     06:50:58
 5 A Vatanen   Fin Ford       06:52:03
 6 M Wilson    GB  Ford       06:59:25
 7 Y Fujimoto  Jpn Toyota     07:09:30
 8 A Vovos     Gre Lancia     07:19:15
 9 E Triner    Cz  Skoda      07:37:02
10 P Sibera    Cz  Skoda      07:37:46

1 C Sainz     Sp   Subaru  57 pts
2 J Kankkunen Fin  Toyota  57
3 D Auriol    Fr   Toyota  47
4 M Biasion   It   Ford    30
5 F Delecour  Fr   Ford    20

1 Toyota                   91 pts
2 Subaru                   78
3 Ford                     54
4 Mitsubishi               27
5 Skoda                     4
6 Renault                   4