August 1995



 1 N Fontana      RA  Dallara Opel     34:47.352
 2 R Schumacher   Ger Dallara Opel     34:48.163
 3 H Neves        Brz Dallara Mugen    34:49.810
 4 O Gavin        GB  Dallara Vauxhall 34:51.874
 5 T Coronel      NL  Dallara Opel     35:05.603
 6 M Angelelli    It  Dallara Opel     35:06.512
 7 L Rangoni      It  Dallara Fiat     35:07.461
 8 K Mollekens    Bel Dallara Mugen    35:14.649
 9 P Coloni       It  Dallara Fiat     35:16.298
10 R Firman       GB  Dallara Mugen    35:16.730

ITC - Estoril
Race 1

 1 B Schneider   Mercedes  40:30.52
 2 J Magnussen   Mercedes  40:32.95
 3 N Larini      Alfa      40:35.19
 4 G Fisichella  Alfa      40:35.52
 5 D Franchitti  Mercedes  40:36.18
 6 K Thiim       Mercedes  40:39.39

Race 2

 1 J Magnussen   Mercedes  40:01.65
 2 B Schneider   Mercedes  40:03.85
 3 D Franchitti  Mercedes  40:04.86
 4 S Grau        Mercedes  40:16.39
 5 S Modena      Alfa      40:16.87
 6 J Ommen       Mercedes  40:24.18


F1: THE HUNGARIAN GP - Qualifying

Pos  Driver                 Nat  Constructor  Time 
 1.  Damon Hill             GB   Williams   1:16.982
 2.  David Coulthard        GB   Williams   1:17.366
 3.  Michael Schumacher     D    Benetton   1:17.558
 4.  Gerhard Berger         A    Ferrari    1:18.059
 5.  Mika Hakkinen          FIN  McLaren    1:18.363
 6.  Jean Alesi             F    Ferrari    1:18.968
 7.  Eddie Irvine           GB   Jordan     1:19.499
 8.  Martin Brundle         GB   Ligier     1:19.748
 9.  Johnny Herbert         GB   Benetton   1:20.072
10.  Olivier Panis          F    Ligier     1:20.160
11.  Heinz-Harald Frentzen  D    Sauber     1:20.413
12.  Luca Badoer            I    Minardi    1:20.543
13.  Mark Blundell          GB   McLaren    1:20.640
14.  Rubens Barrichello     BR   Jordan     1:20.902
15.  Pedro Lamy             P    Minardi    1:21.156
16.  Mika Salo              FIN  Tyrrell    1:21.624
17.  Ukyo Katayama          J    Tyrrell    1:21.702
18.  Taki Inoue             J    Arrows     1:22.081
19.  J.-C. Boullion         F    Sauber     1:22.161
20.  Max Papis              F    Arrows     1:23.275
21.  Roberto Moreno         BR   Forti      1:24.351
22.  Andrea Montermini      I    Pacific    1:24.371
23.  Pedro Diniz            BR   Forti      1:24.695
24.  Giovanni Lavaggi       I    Pacific    1:26.570

INDYCARS - Mid Ohio, Qualifying

 1 J Villeneuve  1:06.836
 2 B Herta       1:07.416
 3 M Andretti    1:07.463
 4 M Gugelmin    1:07.881
 5 R Gordon      1:08.008
 6 G de Ferran   1:08.045
 7 P Tracy       1:08.080
 8 A Under Jnr   1:08.148
 9 B Rahal       1:08.179
10 J Vasser      1:08.214



 1 D Hill         Williams    1:46:25.271
 2 D Coulthard    Williams    1:46:59.119
 3 G Berger       Ferrari     @ 1 lap
 4 J Herbert      Benetton    @ 1 lap
 5 H Frentzen     Sauber      @ 1 lap
 6 O Panis        Ligier      @ 1 lap
 7 R Barrichello  Jordan      @ 1 lap
 8 L Badoer       Minardi     @ 2 laps
 9 P Lamy         Minardi     @ 3 laps
10 J Boullion     Sauber      @ 3 laps

M Schumacher  lap 74 - Fuel Pump
M Brundle     lap 67 - Engine
J Alesi       lap 42 - Engine
M Hakkinen    lap 3  - Engine

Drivers Championship:
1 Schumacher   56 pts
2 Hill         45
3 Alesi        32
4 Coulthard    29
5 Herbert      28
6 Berger       25

The strangest incident of the weekend happened to Taki Inoue. Having parked his car at the side of the circuit, a small electrical fire started. Inoue then ran to a marshal, got a fire extinguisher, and started jogging back to the car. On his way back, a safety car arrived and hit him, sending him sprawling across the bonnet of the car. He was taken to hospital, but he only suffered bruising to the leg. Alesi also ended up in the hospital for a check-up after parking his Ferrari in the barriers at 120mph during practice.

Damon Hill declared this win to be his best ever, leading at all times, setting fastest lap along the way. Once past Coulthard on lap 12, Schumacher shadowed him all the way until lap 74, when his fuel pump let go. Schumacher was using a two stop strategy to Hill's three, but never totally got on terms with Hill, although Hill said "You never feel really secure in this place, however comfortable things appear to be because traffic is a constant problem - you can easily lose four seconds in a lap because of it." Hill had a minor scare on lap 44, lapping traffic. Hill's car got a bit sideways, and Schumacher attempted to overtake. This was the closest he got all afternoon.

SUPERTOURING: Brands Hatch Indy Circuit

Race 1

 1 W Hoy         Renault Laguna    23:51.57
 2 R Rydell      Volvo 850         23:52.03
 3 J Cleland     Vauxhall Cavalier 23:52.27
 4 A Menu        Renault Laguna    23:52.75
 5 J Cecotto     BMW 318i          23:53.18
 6 M Briggs      Vauxhall Cavalier 24:01.27
 7 T Harvey      Volvo 850         24:04.82
 8 D Warwick     Alfa Romeo        24:09.08
 9 J Bailey      Toyota Carina     24:09.28
10 J Kaye        Honda Accord      24:12.11

Race 2
 1 J Cleland     Vauxhall Cavalier 23:46.09
 2 W Hoy         Renault Laguna    23:53.03
 3 R Rydell      Volvo 850         23:55.72
 4 G Tarquini    Alfa Romeo        23:56.11
 5 M Briggs      Vauxhall Cavalier 23:56.45
 6 P Watts       Peugeot 405       24:05.05
 7 T Harvey      Volvo 850         24:06.73
 8 J Kaye        Honda Accord      24:10.72
 9 T Sugden      Toyota Carina     24:10.98
10 D Leslie      Honda Accord      24:18.04
Mike Briggs was brought in as a replacement for the injured James Thompson. He is the 1995 South African Touring Car Champion.

John Cleland and Rickard Rydell both received licence endorsements for incidents together in both races. TWR Racing believed that the penalty for Cleland should have been harsher, as they claimed that it determined the outcome of the race, whereas the first incident in the second race didn't change anything. As TWR appealed, so did Vauxhall. The result of the challenge will be heard on the morning of the next race at Snetterton, August 28th.

INDYCAR: Mid-Ohio, Result (83 laps)

 1 A Unser Jnr     Penske Mercedes  1:44:04.774
 2 P Tracy         Lola Ford         83 laps
 3 J Villeneuve    Reynard Ford      83 laps
 4 A Fernandez     Lola Mercedes     83 laps
 5 B Herta         Reynard Ford      83 laps
 6 M Gugelmin      Reynard Ford      83 laps
 7 J Fangio II     Reynard Ford      83 laps
 8 R Gordon        Reynard Ford      83 laps
 9 J Vasser        Reynard Ford      83 laps
10 E Cheever       Lola Ford         83 laps

Championship: 1 Villeneuve     156 pts
              2 Rahal          111
              3 Gordon         104
              4 Andretti, Unser 97


1 K Eriksson    Mitsubishi   4:47:27
2 T Makinen     Mitsubishi   4:49:28
3 K Singh       Proton       5:07:43
4 T Challis     Mitsubishi   5:16:14
5 N Tajima      Suzuki       5:35:26
Round of Asia-Pacific series. McRae crashed out on opening day after sliding on mud. Possum Bourne misjudged pace-notes when blinding sunlight left him unsure of oncoming hazards on second day, and crashed out.

F1: Jacques Villeneuve and Damon Hill are to be the two Williams drivers for 1996, leaving David Coulthard free to join either Ferrari or McLaren. This follows Ferrari signing Schumacher with a $25 million contract

20.08.95 - INDYCAR
Rookie Andre Ribeiro of Brazil won his first Indy-car race Sunday at the New England 200, while Jacques Villeneuve edged closer to the overall title. Ribeiro, whose best previous finish was fourth, passed Michael Andretti for the lead on the 100th lap, and relinquished it only when he pitted on 122. With Andretti in the pits on 127, Ribeiro retook the lead on 128 and finished with a 14.482-second margin over Andretti. The result marked the first victory for Honda this season.

21.08.95 - F1
Alain Prost is to test-drive for McLaren this season, fuelling rumours he may be joining them for next year. "Ron Dennis and I have had a series of talks," he said. "We agreed that it would be mutually beneficial if I took an active interest in the race and test programme for a period of time. As yet we have no plans to commit to anything more than that." McLaren chief Dennis said: "Alain and I have been friends and colleagues for a long time and have much respect for each other. People should not read too much into this."

22.08.95 - F1
Benetton engineering director Tom Walkinshaw has said Johnny Herbert will only have himself to blame if he does not retain his seat for next year. Walkinshaw said: "Johnny does not seem to want to apply himself to winning races at the top level. He has a lot of talent and he can string one lap together. But I don't think he knows how he does it and I don't think he is really interested in finding out."

Keke Rosberg will retire from racing at the end of the season. The 46-year-old former Formula One world champion made the announcement at the Nurburgring last weekend.

Benetton boss Flavio Briatore has tried to quash speculation that his team may suffer a drop in performance when Michael Schumacher leaves to be replaced by Jean Alesi. He said: "Jean is one of the fastest drivers and we want him to be able to win the Championship with us."


The reinstatement of the infamous L'Eau Rouge corner is the most notable feature of this weekend's Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps. Safety concerns saw this high speed corner reduced to a second gear chicane in 1994. Now, after many improvements, this most daunting of corners on the GP calendar is set to re-appear. Many drivers who have competed on this circuit rate L'Eau Rouge as the most fulfilling corner in Formula One. I must disagree. These drivers seem to have a romantic view of this corner and this clouds their judgement.

World champion Michael Schumacher is not alone in his love for L'Eau Rouge, in my opinion one of the most dangerous corners on the GP circuit. He is quoted as saying "L'Eau Rouge is a very special thing to experience for a driver... There is nothing more satisfying and encouraging than to go flat through L'Eau Rouge. If you do you always feel extremely excited and know it means you are probably on for a very good lap time." It is exhilerating and very fast but why do drivers condemn some less demanding corners and praise this one?

My opinion of L'Eau Rouge will be a voice in the wilderness this weekend. A spoilsport of sorts perhaps but someone whose experience does have value I hope. Let me explain. The problem is the compression in the middle of the corner, at which point cars are doing 280kph, followed by a sudden rise over the Raidillon leading on to the main straight. For a brief moment, even the best F1 driver becomes a passenger and this is unacceptable. When so many other great corners have been emasculated, L'Eau Rouge remains an unnecessary anomaly.

The FIA Formula One World Championship has been rekindled by the outstanding Hill-Williams performance in Hungary. This, combined with an uncharacteristic mechanical problem for Michael Schumacher saw the gap at the top of the table reduced to just 11 points. Both Hill and Schumacher have announced their '96 plans so they can now concentrate on the title battle on a circuit they both espouse. Strangely, despite being 4.333 miles long there are no more overtaking opportunities here than anywhere else so pole position will again be vital.

While the Championship battle claims much of the attention, an intense war is raging over third place. Jean Alesi, David Coulthard, Johnny Herbert and Gerhard Berger are within seven points of one another and we would therefore expect one of them to be on the podium on Sunday afternoon. My choice must be Coulthard who, like Damon Hill, will benefit from a superb Williams Renault combo. However, at Spa, there are a number of factors which can influence the result of a race and among these will be the weather or, to be precise, rain.

Changeable weather is sweeping across Europe and this could have a major impact on this weekend's GP meeting. The Spa Francorchamps circuit flows through the valleys and forest of this district deep in the rolling woodlands of the Ardennes mountain region. These woodlands act like blotting paper drawing any moisture out of the atmosphere, resulting in rain. The long uphill straight from L'Eau Rouge to Les Combes has been resurfaced and the 24-hour touring car race saw aquaplaning at speeds around 140kph... And these guys say they love Spa!

Testing times for rounds 20/21:
 1 J Cleland  Vauxhall Cav  1:12.896                                            
 2 A Menu     Renault Lag   1:12.909
 3 R Rydell   Volvo 850     1:12.941
 4 P Radisich Ford Mondeo   1:12.945
 5 J Kaye     Honda Accord  1:13.008    
 6 M Neal     Ford Mondeo   1:13.072
 7 W Hoy      Renault Lag   1:13.115
 8 T Harvey   Volvo 850     1:13.207
 9 M Briggs   Vauxhall Cav  1:13.449
10 D Leslie   Honda Accord  1:13.481

F1:- Pacific director Keith Wiggins has been locked in talks to ensure his team will be able to take part in Sunday's race. The team have been faced with a court order banning them from competing after a dispute over money with the engine company who supplied them last season. Commercial manager Mark Gallagher said: "It is a little local difficulty and at the moment there is no question of us not competing. "They have said they do not want to enforce the order until they have had further discussions with Keith and it should be sorted out quickly."

1000 LAKES RALLY:- The 1000 Lakes Rally gets under way on Friday morning with 87 cars competing on the 1539km course over three days. The race is the ninth of the ten-round series and has attracted the best entry of the series with Skoda, Nissan, Open, Seat and Volkswagen all submitting official cars. Nissan are the pre-event favourites with last year's runner-up Alistair McRae in one of their Sunny GTI's. Tommi Makinen returns to his home event and will start if off in his official Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.


Damon Hill was knocked off provisional pole as Gerhard Berger, thriving on a wet track, took the first qualifying session honours in his Ferrari. The Williams driver ended up fourth, just ahead of teammate David Coulthard, as Michael Schumacher and Ferrari's Jean Alesi recorded faster times. During earlier practice Schumacher spun badly in the La Source hairpin and Hill's car had to be dragged out of a sandpit. Benetton's Johnny Herbert walked away from a practice session crash, but had to sit out the qualifying session because his car was too badly damaged.

Britain's Damon Hill, who had dominated most of the qualifying session in his Williams when the track was at its wettest, had to make do with fourth. "It wasn't a very good session. As the track dried out we got caught out with the set-up not being quite right, but it felt great when it was very wet." It's easier to overtake here, but I would prefer to be on the front row of the grid," said Hill. Benetton's Michael Schumacher, who finished second, said: "I'm happy to be on the front row because it could be very wet again here on Saturday."

Friday's 1st qualifying session times:
                              mins secs
 1 G Berger       Aut Ferrari  2:14.744
 2 M Schumacher   Ger Benetton 2:14.962
 3 J Alesi        Fr  Ferrari  2:15.077
 4 D Hill         GB  Williams 2:15.143
 5 D Coulthard    GB  Williams 2:15.232
 6 H Frentzen     Ger Sauber   2:15.533
 7 M Hakkinen     Fin McLaren  2:15.848
 8 E Irvine       GB  Jordan   2:16.540
 9 R Barrichello  Brz Jordan   2:17.144
10 M Brundle      GB  Ligier   2:17.207
11 L Badoer       It  Minardi  2:17.335
12 J Boullion     Fr  Sauber   2:17.406

F3:- With 10 of its 18 races completed the Championship comes to Brands with its outcome still wide open. On top going into Sunday and Monday's pair of races is Norfolk's Ralph Firman who has so far racked up six pole positions and three wins. Tracking him is top French star Jeremie Dufour, who became the first French driver to win a British F3 race when he triumphed at Silverstone in May. Oliver Gavin is also a three-times winner this season, and threatens to equal or beat his 1993 showing when he was runner-up to Kelvin Burt.



Saturday free practice:       mins secs
 1 D Coulthard    GB  Williams 1:52.474
 2 M Hakkinen     Fin McLaren  1:52.876
 3 M Schumacher   Ger Benetton 1:53.319
 4 G Berger       Aut Ferrari  1:53.343
 5 D Hill         GB  Williams 1:53.392
 6 M Blundell     GB  McLaren  1:54.118
 7 E Irvine       GB  Jordan   1:54.283
 8 M Salo         Fin Tyrrell  1:55.182
 9 R Barrichello  Brz Jordan   1:55.269
10 J Herbert      GB  Benetton 1:55.786
11 M Brundle      GB  Ligier   1:55.887
Conditions: dry

Michael Schumacher escaped serious injury in a horrifying high speed crash during the morning's free practice. The Benetton star had just moved into third place on the unofficial times and was going for a quick lap when he ran into trouble at the Malmedy corner. His car rode the kerb and went out of control, sliding across the track into a gravel bed and hitting the last tyre on a safety wall. Commentator John Watson said Schumacher had been extremely lucky. "He was within three feet of striking a steel barrier - at 100mph," he said.

The Benetton team face a major problem after Michael Schumacher badly damaged his car in a high speed crash during the free practice session. Johnny Herbert, who has yet to qualify after crashing out of Friday practice, may now have to share his car with the defending champion in final qualifying. The first practice session was wet and times are likely to be much quicker if the track stays dry this afternoon.

Johnny Herbert was back behind the wheel of his Benetton after recovering from a crash during Friday practice. Herbert missed qualifying after being dazed when his car hit both perimeter walls in a rain-hit session. McLaren's Mika Hakkinen caused a surprise when he set the fastest time during today's free practice, clocking 1 min 53.601 secs - 21 secs quicker than Gerhard Berger's provisional pole. World champion Michael Schumacher was second fastest followed by Berger.

PM:- Ferrari drivers Gerhard Berger and Jean Alesi were handed front row places for Sunday's race after rain fell early in the final qualifying session. The two took advantage of a dry track to clock a fast opening lap just before wet weather arrived to send cars sliding off in all directions at the difficult L'Eau Source corner. Damon Hill will start from eighth place after late efforts to improve his time saw him spinning off into a tyre wall. Championship rival Michael Schumacher managed only one lap and starts from a lowly 16th place on the grid.

Championship hopeful Damon Hill was not completely unhappy with his eight place in qualifying - with rival Michael Schumacher well back in 16th spot. "I am going to have to do a lot of overtaking but it will make the race interesting," said the Williams driver. "The opportunity is there to score more points than Michael which is what I want...but it was a messy day," he said. Hill's day began with a one-race ban, suspended, after he cut across grass to the pit entrance. He also slid off at the end of the session. "The back of the car stepped out on me" he explained.

Britain's Johnny Herbert put Friday's crash behind him as he grabbed a place on the second row in his Benetton. "There was a lot of confusion at the start of the final qualifying session in deciding who would go out first and in which a result we missed the early dry spell," said Herbert. Teammate Michael Schumacher damaged his car in a high speed crash in free practice and was kept out of most of the final session with gearbox trouble. He starts from 16th place, his worst ever F1 qualifying position but said: "I'm sure it will be entertaining."

Final qualifying times:       mins secs
 1 G Berger       Aut Ferrari  1:54.392
 2 J Alesi        Fr  Ferrari  1:54.631
 3 M Hakkinen     Fin McLaren  1:55.435
 4 J Herbert      GB  Benetton 1:56.085
 5 D Coulthard    GB  Williams 1:56.254
 6 M Blundell     GB  McLaren  1:56.622
 7 E Irvine       GB  Jordan   1:57.001
 8 D Hill         GB  Williams 1:57.768
 9 O Panis        Fr  Ligier   1:58.021
10 H Frentzen     Ger Sauber   1:58.148
11 M Salo         Fin Tyrrell  1:58.224
12 R Barrichello  Brz Jordan   1:58.293
13 M Brundle      GB  Ligier   1:58.314
14 J Boullion     Fr  Sauber   1:58.356
15 U Katayama     Jpn Tyrrell  1:58.551
16 M Schumacher   Ger Benetton 1:59.079
17 P Lamy         Por Minardi  1:59.256
18 T Inoue        Jpn Footwork 2:00.990
19 L Badoer       It  Minardi  2:01.013
20 M Papis        It  Footwork 2:01.685
21 A Montermini   It  Pacific  2:02.405
22 R Moreno       Brz Forti    2:03.817
23 G Lavaggi      It  Pacific  2:06.407
24 P Diniz        Brz Forti    2:09.537

Positions after 14 stages:   hrs mins secs
 1 T Makinen   Fin Mitsubishi  1:38.52
 2 M Gronholm  Fin Toyota      1:40.57
 3 J Kytolehto Fin Opel        1:46.26
 4 H Rovanpara Fin Opel        1:46.26
 5 P Svan          Opel        1:46.34
 6 A McRae     GB  Nissan      1:48.39
 7 M Korhonen  Fin Mitsubishi  1:48.42
 8 M Ipatti    Fin Mitsubishi  1:49.27
 9 J Viita     Fin Ford        1:49.57
10 M Utria     Fin Mitsubishi  1:50.52

SUPERTOURING:- Vauxhall and Volvo have withdrawn the appeals lodged with officials after the last two rounds of the British Touring Car Championship on August 13. The appeals followed controversial on-track clashes between Vauxhall's John Cleland and Volvo's Rickard Rydell. Both teams say they have dropped their respective appeals in the best interests of the BTCC and of the sport in general. The title chase continues at the Snetterton circuit in Norfolk on August 28 with rounds 20 and 21 of the 25-round championship.


Michael Schumacher produced a composed performance in a chaotic race to clinch his sixth victory of the season and tighten his grip on the world title. The 26-year-old kept a cool head while out on slicks on a wet track, overcame an incredible mid-race challenge from Damon Hill and calmly drove through ever-changing weather to a great win. Hill battled back from a 10s penalty to grab second place from fellow-Briton Martin Brundle in the Ligier who took third, his best result of the year. Schumacher now heads the Championship table by 15 points from Hill.

Heavy rain saw the safety car out for several laps, with many of the cars stuck out on the track on slick tyres. Race leader Michael Schumacher and second-placed Damon Hill took advantage to come in to the pits for wet weather tyres and rejoined in the same order. With 12 laps to go, it looked like a battle to the finish but to the Williams team's dismay Hill was then brought in for a 10-second penalty imposed for speeding in the pit lane. This effectively ended any hope of him challenging for the lead and left him in third to battle back to second place.

Spa's notorious changing weather played a big part in an incident-packed race and left all the drivers struggling with tyre choice over the 44 laps. Michael Schumacher took the brave decision to stay out on slicks in his Benetton when the first rain appeared while Damon Hill, who had been leading the race, switched to wet weather tyres. The resulting battle was little short of astonishing as Schumacher refused to let the Briton through - even when it looked inevitable. Hill finally made it but, as the track dried, Schumacher pushed past again.

Johnny Herbert survived two spins early in the race but missed out on a point after being overhauled by Jordan driver Reubens Barrichello in the closing laps. Herbert, winner of the British GP, made a good recovery when he spun while leading on lap 6 but then spun again a lap later. He continued in sixth place and eventually finished seventh. Scot David Coulthard inherited the lead after Herbert's first mishap and looked well set for a great race as he pulled steadily away from the field. His brilliant effort came to no avail as he was sidelined by gearbox trouble.

Frenchman Jean Alesi provided much of the early excitement in his Ferrari before making a disappointing exit on the fifth lap with mechanical trouble. Alesi made a great start to take the early lead, hotly pursued by Johnny Herbert in the Benetton. Herbert immediately challenged for the lead and outbraked Alesi at the Les Combes corner. Alesi responded by grabbing the lead back from the Briton at the same place on the following lap. Herbert led again after Alesi retired but spun under pressure, or perhaps on a damp track, to let David Coulthard in.

Michael Schumacher came from 16th place at the start to claim the 16th victory of his career, on the circuit where he made his F1 debut for Jordan in 1991. Schumacher, whose success was largely due to his decision to stay out on slicks on a wet track, admitted: "It was a difficult decision. I didn't know if it was going to rain harder or stop" Damon Hill was unhappy with his penalty for pit lane speeding and the way the Benetton driver had defended his lead on the slippery circuit. "I am not satisfied with being driven into. That is not acceptable," he said.

Result after 44 laps:
 1 M Schumacher  Ger Benetton  1 hr 36 mins 47.875 secs
 2 D Hill        GB  Williams 19.4s back
 3 M Brundle     GB  Ligier   24.9
 4 H-H Frentzen  Ger Sauber   26.9
 5 M Blundell    GB  McLaren  33.7
 6 R Barrichello Brz Jordan   39.6
 7 J Herbert     GB  Benetton 54.0
 8 M Salo        Fin Tyrrell  54.5
 9 O Panis       Fr  Ligier   1m 06.17
10 P Lamy        Por Minardi  1:19.78
11 J Boullion    Fr  Sauber   1 lap
12 T Inoue       Jpn Footwork 1 lap
13 P Diniz       Brz Forti    2 laps
14 R Moreno      Brz Forti    2 laps

 1 M Schumacher  Ger  Benetton 66 pts
 2 D Hill        GB   Williams 51
 3 J Alesi       Fr   Ferrari  32
 4 D Coulthard   GB   Williams 29
 5 J Herbert     GB   Benetton 28
 6 G Berger      Aut  Ferrari  25
 7 H Frentzen    Ger  Sauber   10
 8 O Panis       Fr   Ligier    8
 = R Barrichello Brz  Jordan    8
10 M Brundle     GB   Ligier    7
== M Blundell    GB   McLaren   7
12 E Irvine      GB   Jordan    6
13 M Hakkinen    Fin  McLaren   5
14 J-C Boullion  Fr   Sauber    2

1 Benetton     84 points
2 Williams     74
3 Ferrari      57
4 Ligier       16
5 Jordan       14
6 McLaren      12
= Sauber       12
8 Footwork      1
Benetton deducted 10 points and Williams six, for fuel irregularities

MIKA HAKKINEN (McLaren) Spun out at L'Eau Source on the second lap while lying fourth

JEAN ALESI (Ferrari) Sidelined by mechanical failure on lap five having led over the early laps of the race

DAVID COULTHARD (Williams) Coasted to a halt on lap 14 having established a clear lead which was inherited by his teammate Damon Hill. Coulthard's problem was with his gearbox.

GERHARD BERGER (Ferrari) In trouble on lap 20 while in sixth place.

LUCA BADOER (Minardi) Spun into the gravel pit off a slippery track and retired.

UKYO KATAYAMA (Tyrrell) The safety car was out when Katayama lost control on a very wet track, sliding into the barrier and knocking the nose cone off his car.

EDDIE IRVINE (Jordan) Car caught fire while in the pits but, although it was serious, it was quickly dealt with by the pit crew and no-one was hurt.

Other retirements: G Lavaggi (Pacific), M Papis (Footwork), A Montermini (Pacific)

Michael Schumacher has been handed a suspended one-race ban following his controversial victory. The Williams team protested at the German's driving behaviour as he zig-zagged over the track and banged the wheel of his Benetton against the car of Damon Hill to prevent him overtaking. Race stewards dismissed Williams' complaint and allowed the result to stand, although Schumacher was later punished with a one-race ban, suspended for four races. "I see no reason for it. I will appeal," said Schumacher afterwards.

1000 LAKES RALLY:- Flying Finn Tommi Makinen powered his way to victory for the second straight year on his home territory. It was Makinen's first win for Mitsubishi, made a little easier after four times world champion Juha Kankkunen crashed on the first stage. Finland's Marcus Gronholm was second in a Toyota, with Jarmo Kytolehto third in the Opel. Alistair McRae was third in the two-litre category in the Nissan, the best result for a British driver in the rally's history.

Result after 32 stages:     hrs mins secs
 1 T Makinen   Fin Mitsubishi  4:39.25
 2 M Gronholm  Fin Toyota      4:48.56
 3 J Kytolehto Fin Opel        5:00.06
 4 P Svan      Swe Opel        5:01.08
 5 A McRae     GB  Nissan      5:04.13
 6 M Korhonen  Fin Mitsubishi  5:05.53
 7 M Ipatti    Fin Mitsubishi  5:07.17
 8 J Ahvenlami Fin Toyota      5:09.33
 9 M Utria     Fin Mitsubishi  5:14.08
10 P Sibera    Cz  Skoda       5:16.57

F3:- Norfolk driver Ralph Firman increased his grip on the British F3 title with victory in the first race of the two-day meeting at the Kent circuit. Firman raced away from the start and set a new lap record on his way to winning, 0.78 seconds clear of his Brazilian teammate Helio Castro Neves. Third was Cristiano da Matta with Oliver Gavin fourth ahead of Jamie Davies. Championship challenger Jeremie Dufour finished in sixth place. Firman starts from pole position again for round 12 on Bank Holiday Monday.

SUPERTOURING:- John Cleland moved further ahead in the race for the British title after his chief rival, Sweden's Rickard Rydell, failed to score a single point. Cleland himself made no impression in the rain-affected first race, but came back to claim third place in the second. Ford's Kelvin Burt, who gambled on slick dry-weather tyres, hit the front at the end of lap nine and cruised to his maiden BTCC victory, with David Leslie sprinting to second for Honda. Rydell led the second until he spun off in his Volvo on lap 15, leaving Renault's Will Hoy to claim victory.

Result of Round 20:        mins:secs
 1 K Burt     Ford Mondeo   23:57.61
 2 D Leslie   Honda Accord  24:17.78
 3 P Watts    Peugeot 405   24:18.29
 4 R Gravett  Ford Mondeo   24:19.87
 5 G Tarquini Alfa Romeo    24:22.50
 6 R Kaye     Ford Mondeo   24:22.63
 7 T Sugden   Toyota Carina 24:23.78
 8 M Briggs   Vauxhall Cav  24:25.89
 9 P Radisich Ford Mondeo   24:35.20
10 J Cecotto  BMW 318i      24:46.61

Result of Round 21:        mins secs
 1 W Hoy      Renault Lag   24:42.79
 2 T Harvey   Volvo 850     24:43.29
 3 J Cleland  Vauxhall Cav  24:44.36
 4 M Neal     Ford Mondeo   24:53.82
 5 M Briggs   Vauxhall Cav  25:05.79
 6 J Bailey   Toyota Carina 25:05.99
 7 T Sugden   Toyota Carina 25:06.60
 8 D Leslie   Honda Accord  25:09.86
 9 J Kaye     Honda Accord  25:10.24
10 A Menu     Renault Lag   25:11.36

F.VAUXHALL:- Ulsterman Jonny Kaye took his fifth victory in this year's Formula Vauxhall Championship after making a good start from second on the grid at Snetterton. Walsall's Martin O'Connell followed Kane home for second, with Juan Pablo Montoya of Columbia in third place.

29.08.95 - F1
Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone has revealed that leading GP teams may be allowed to enter three cars instead of two in the 1996 World Championship. Ecclestone said changes to allow for the switch were being considered: "I think it is a good idea and it looks as if it will happen.

"It is being talked about and it could be decided after the Italian Grand Prix at Monza," he added. The third car would not be allowed to score points in the constructors championship, but the driver could score points in the drivers' title race.

30.08.95 - F1
Retired four-time world champion Alain Prost has spent a day back behind the wheel of a Formula One car. The Frenchman, considering a possible full-time comeback with McLaren, has tested at Silverstone, according to team spokeswoman Jocelyn Bia. Bia said Prost would be testing again on Thursday in the run-up to a "performance run" on 12-13 September. McLaren announced last week that Prost would take part in the team's testing and development program for the rest of the season. The 1996 driver line-up will be announced in October.

31.08.95 - F1
Benetton have withdrawn their appeal against the one-race ban imposed on Michael Schumacher for his actions during the Belgian Grand Prix. Schumacher was given the ban, suspended for four races, after being found guilty by stewards of weaving and wheel banging with Damon Hill on Sunday. The German went on to win the race and afterwards protested his innocence to track officials. The appeal was set to be heard next week and if Benetton had lost it the one-race ban could have been invoked.

The Italian Minardi team have confirmed they will continue in Formula One next season and are close to sealing a new engine deal.