May 1995

The 52 survivors in the 10,000-mile rally left Paraguay for Argentina in a non-competitive 780-mile run. But the rally has taken its toll in the seventh country out of the 18 through which it will pass. Top seed Roger Clark and son Matt pulled out of the morning's start as expected due to overheating. Leader Hannu Mikkola continues to set the pace, but with a wary eye on the temperature gauge on his Ford Escort.

Leaders at end of day nine - Asuncion to Jujuy:
 1 Mikkola/Palm     Ford Escort 2:05.28
 2 Dunk'ton/Mansson Datsun 240Z 2:10.04
 3 Martin-H/Kon'vld Ford Escort 2:15.34
 4 Balazs/Jojart    Porsche 911 2:17.05
 5 Rainsford/R'ford Ford M'tang 2:23.12
 6 Fall/Dixon       Volvo       2:23.24
 7 Point'r/Pol'nig  Ford Escort 2:24.11
 8 Hodgson/McC'tock Ford Falcon 2:25.15
 9 Paterson/North   Volvo       2:26.37
10 Illman/Stangl    Porsche 911 2:28.08

F1:- Damon Hill escaped unhurt after crashing into a trackside wall during testing at Imola. Hill lost control of his Williams and spun off the circuit and although the car was badly damaged Hill was not injured. A Williams spokeswoman said: "Damon is all right. It was a big impact. They've got a fair bit of work to do to repair the car overnight." Hill's Williams teammate David Coulthard was also in trouble when his car burst into flames. It was not damaged badly and he was unhurt.

CORSICAN RALLY:- Belgian Bruno Thiry moved closer to a major upset as he extended his lead over team-mate Francois Delecour to 35 seconds. The Ford driver, who set off from Bastia with a six second lead, took three of the six stages as Delecour experience d gearbox problems. Thiry was also under threat from world champion Didier Auriol in third, who needs to win to have any chance of retaining his title. Fourth-placed Carlos Sainz, the world championship leader, was 1 min 21 secs back in his Subaru.

Positions after 14 of 22 stages:
(end of day 2)              hrs mins secs
 1 B Thiry     Bel Ford Escort 3:15.59
 2 F Delecour  Fr  Ford Escort 3:16.34
 3 D Auriol    Fr  Toyota      3:16.36
 4 C Sainz     Sp  Subaru      3:17.20
 5 P Liatti    It  Subaru      3:17.21
 6 A Aghini    It  Mitsubishi  3:17.32
 7 C McRae     GB  Subaru      3:17.44
 8 P Bern'dini Fr  Ford Escort 3:18.42
 9 J Kankkunen Fin Toyota      3:18.44
10 T Makinen   Fin Mitsubishi  3:19.21

Leaders at end of day 11 - Potosi to La Paz
 1 Mikkola/Palm     Ford Escort 3:51.57
 2 Dunk'ton/Mansson Datsun 240Z 3:58.51
 3 Martin-H/Kon'vld Ford Escort 4:05.13
 4 Balazs/Jojart    Porsche 911 4:12.38
 5 Rainsford/R'ford Ford M'tang 4:16.05
 6 Fall/Dixon       Volvo       4:23.07
 7 Hodgson/McC'tock Ford Falcon 4:24.19
 8 Leppard/Starkey  Peugeot 504 4:29.02
 9 Illman/Stangl    Porsche 911 4:29.13
10 Point'r/Pol'nig  Ford Escort 4:30.52

SUPERTOURING:- Derek Warwick could be ruled out of the race at Thruxton on Bank Holiday Monday by a virus. "My doctor said I may miss the race but I've never missed an event through illness and I'm determined to be at Thruxton," he said. "Being born in Ha mpshire you could say it's like my home circuit and I have very fond memories of the place," he added. His last appearance on the circuit in a Formula Two Toleman, finishing second after leading for a while.

Derek Warwick is happy with the car he hopes to use if he is well enough to race at Thruxton. "We've improved the car a lot in our last test at Oulton Park by using the Italian racing set-up." The former Formula One ace added: "My Alfa Romeo is very di fferent from a Grand Prix car. Part of my problem has been getting used to the fact that you don't lose all front end grip if you are right on the boot of the guy in front."

Derek Warwick says that Thruxton is one of the fastest circuits on the British Touring Car calendar. "From the Complex to the Chicane you must run almost flat out. In a single-seater that is not a problem but these cars don't have so much downforce and you have to hang on. You get a huge tow from the car in front and if you lift off the power you will go wide and get passed." However he warned: "If you go off on to the grass at the back of the circuit the car can get sideways and flip."

Derek Warwick says that competition is tougher than ever in this year's British Touring Car Championship. "Volvo have a new differential which went well in testing so I think Tim Harvey and Richard Rydell will dominate the race with John Cleland," he s aid. "Cleland has a very good set-up in his Cavalier. James Thompson have a shot at a podium finish in the other Vauxhall. My Alfa Romeo teammate Giampero Simoni and I should be in the thick of the action with everyone else."

CORSICAN RALLY:- Didier Auriol has won the Corsican Rally after Bruno Thiry was forced to retire with mechanical problems. Thiry was 40 seconds ahead with just two timed stages left when he had to withdraw with a broken front left wheel bearing. Thiry's r etirement put teammate Francois Delecour second but he was slowed down by a bent front right strut on the way to Ajaccio. Auriol's sixth victory equalled the record of compatriot Bernard Darniche between 1970 and 1981.

Provisional result after 22 stages
                            hrs mins secs
 1 D Auriol    Fr  Toyota      5:14.49
 2 F Delecour  Fr  Ford Escort 5:15.04
 3 A Aghini    It  Mitsubishi  5:15.46
 4 C Sainz     Sp  Subaru      5:16.07
 5 C McRae     GB  Subaru      5:16.32
 6 P Liatti    It  Subaru      5:17.16
 7 P Bern'dini Fr  Ford Escort 5:17.54
 8 T Makinen   Fin Mitsubishi  5:19.39
 9 P Bugalski  Fr  Renault     5:20.25
10 J Kankkunen Fin Toyota      5:24.50

LONDON-MEXICO RALLY:- Finn Hannu Mikkola overcame the tough conditions on the 13th day of the London-Mexico rally to maintain his lead over Ross Dunkerton. Mikkola set the fastest time in the stage from La Paz to Puno and increased his lead by 30 seconds on Dunkerton's Datsun. He now holds a lead of over seven minutes, but fears for his Escort. "There were a lot of road-works on the special stage with rocks and deep was tough on the car," he said.

Leaders at end of day 13 - La Paz to Puno
 1 Mikkola/Palm     Ford Escort 4:23.14
 2 Dunk'ton/Mansson Datsun 240Z 4:30.39
 3 Martin-H/Kon'vld Ford Escort 4:38.03
 4 Rainsford/R'ford Ford M'tang 4:50.44
 5 Balazs/Jojart    Porsche 911 4:51.33
 6 Fall/Dixon       Volvo       4:58.42
 7 Leppard/Starkey  Peugeot 504 4:59.24
 8 Hodgson/McC'tock Ford Falcon 5:02.47
 9 Illman/Stangl    Porsche 911 5:04.17
10 Point'r/Pol'nig  Ford Escort 5:04.17

SUPERTOURING:- Rising star James Thompson and Switzerland's Alain Menu shared the honours in two dramatic qualifying sessions at Thruxton. Menu clocked 1 min 18.26 secs to secure pole for the first of Monday's two races. Thompson, 21, was fourth fastest b ut bettered Menu's time in his Vauxhall Cavalier in the second session to take pole with 1:18.23. Tim Harvey's first session times were disallowed for a pit lane infringement and he was only 12th fastest in the second.

Leading qualifying times for round 5 at Thruxton on Monday:
                              mins secs
 1 A Menu     Renault Laguna   1:18.262
 2 J Cleland  Vauxhall Cav     1:18.334
 3 P Radisich Ford Mondeo      1:18.716
 4 J Thompson Vauxhall Cav     1:18.811
 5 R Rydell   Volvo 850        1:18.833
 6 K Burt     Ford Mondeo      1:19.076
 7 M Heal     Ford Mondeo      1:19.244
 8 P Watts    Peugeot 405      1:19.284
 9 G Simoni   Alfa Romeo       1:19.329
10 W Hoy      Renault Laguna   1:19.428
11 J Cecotto  BMW 318          1:19.516
12 D Brabham  BMW 318          1:19.767
13 T Sugden   Toyota Carina    1:19.964
14 D Warwick  Alfa Romeo       1:20.049
15 J Kaye     Honda Accord     1:20.366

Leading qualifying times for round 6 at Thruxton on Monday:
                              mins secs
 1 J Thompson Vauxhall Cav     1:18.23
 2 W Hoy      Renault Laguna   1:18.24
 3 A Menu     Renault Laguna   1:18.26
 4 R Rydell   Volvo 850        1:18.27
 5 J Cleland  Vauxhall Cav     1:18.29
 6 P Radisich Ford Mondeo      1:18.69
 7 K Burt     Ford Mondeo      1:18.70
 8 P Watts    Peugeot 405      1:18.93
 9 S Harrison Peugeot 405      1:19.08
10 M Neal     Ford Mondeo      1:19.15

GTs:- McLaren sportscars look set to dominate Monday's sixth round of the Karcher Global Endurance GT Cup at Donington Park. McLaren have taken the first five places on the starting grid for the demanding four hour race at the Leicestershire circuit. The West McLaren, driven by John Nielsen and Thomas Bscher, starts from pole position, having lapped the 2.5 mile circuit in a best time of 1 minute 31.60 seconds. Series leader Ray Bellm and Maurizio Sala qualified in fourth.

F3000 race result from Silverstone:
 1 R Rosset    Reynard 950 Cos  1:08.133
 2 V Sospiri   Reynard 950 Cos  1:08.211
 3 A McNish    Reynard 950 Cos  1:08.217
 4 M Goosens   Lola T95         1:08.244
 5 K Brack     Reynard 950 Zyt  1:08.410
 6 C Pescatori Reynard 950 Cos  1:09.039
 7 F De Simone Reynard 950 Zyt  1:09.211
 8 JP Belloc   Reynard 950 Cos  1:09.264
 9 C Tinseau   Reynard 950 Zyt  1:09.326
10 W Eyckmans  Reynard 950 Cos  1:09.333

DTM - Round Three result:
1 Kart Thiim          Mercedes
2 Sandy Grau          Mercedes
3 Alessandro Nannini  Alfa Romeo
Round Four cancelled due to multi-car pile-up at re-start

LONDON-MEXICO RALLY:- Hannu Mikkola maintained his lead over rival Ross Dunkerton as the 52 remaining cars crossed the backbone of the Peruvian Andes. It took eight hours to cover the 487kms to Arequipa, which lies 8,000 feet above sea level. The 15th day marked the halfway point of the rally as the crews enjoyed a high-speed descent from the mountains to the Lima road. Tony Fall remains in sixth place despite driving with a sprained left ankle, which occurred when he slipped in his bathroom at Puno.

Leaders at end of day 15 - Arequipa to Lima:
 1 Mikkola/Palm     Ford Escort 4:23.14
 2 Dunk'ton/Mansson Datsun 240Z 4:30.39
 3 Martin-H/Kon'vld Ford Escort 4:38.03
 4 Rainsford/R'ford Ford M'tang 4:50.44
 5 Balazs/Jojart    Porsche 911 4:51.33
 6 Fall/Dixon       Volvo       4:58.54
 7 Hodgson/McC'tock Ford Falcon 4:59.24
 8 Illman/Stangl    Porsche 911 5:02.47
 9 Leppard/Starkey  Peugeot 504 5:04.17
10 Point'r/Pol'nig  Ford Escort 5:04.17

SUPERTOURING:- James Thompson became the youngest ever winner in the Touring Car series with a second race triumph at Thruxton. The 21-year-old put a first race puncture behind him with a superb drive from pole position in his Vauxhall Cavalier. The race had to be re-started after Charlie Cox's crash blocked the track but Thompson was never headed in a flawless display. Alain Menu gave the Williams-backed Renault team a win in the opener and he leads the series overall.

Round 5 result at Thruxton (20 laps):
                             mins secs
 1 A Menu     Renault Laguna  26:39.08
 2 J Cleland  Vauxhall Cav    26:39.41
 3 P Watts    Peugeot 405     27:05.25
 4 T Sugden   Toyota Carina   27:08.56
 5 D Brabham  BMW 318         27:09.63
 6 G Simoni   Alfa Romeo      27:09.98
 7 J Bailey   Toyota Carina   27:11.80
 8 D Leslie   Honda Accord    27:16.67
 9 R Rydell   Volvo 850       27:25.61
10 S Harrison Peugeot 405     27:26.41
11 N Smith    Vauxhall Cav    27:29.97
12 D Warwick  Alfa Romeo      28:00.67

Round 6 result at Thruxton (17 laps):
                             mins secs
 1 J Thompson Vauxhall Cav    22:38.48
 2 A Menu     Renault Laguna  22:41.53
 3 K Burt     Ford Mondeo     22:45.38
 4 R Rydell   Volvo 850       22:45.57
 5 J Cleland  Vauxhall Cav    22:52.16
 6 P Radisich Ford Mondeo     22:53.38
 7 T Harvey   Volvo 850       22:55.33
 8 J Bailey   Toyota Carina   22:55.65
 9 S Harrison Peugeot 405     22:58.12
10 G Simoni   Alfa Romeo      22:59.62
11 J Cecotto  BMW 318         23:03.10
12 D Leslie   Honda Accord    23:08.53

Drivers' championship:
1 A Menu     Renault Laguna 76 pts
2 J Cleland  Vauxhall Cav   68
3 T Harvey   Volvo 850      67
4 R Rydell   Volvo 850      58
5 J Thompson Vauxhall Cav   50
6 P Radisich Ford Mondeo    42

Manufacturers' championship:
1 Vauxhall                 102 pts
2 Volvo                     95
3 Renault                   88
4 Ford                      64
5 BMW                       49
6 Toyota                    40

FORMULA VAUXHALL         mins secs
1 M O'Connell             15:00.06
2 D Manning               15:00.65
3 P Montoya               15:05.87

SLICK 50 FORMULA FORD    mins secs
1 M Haberfeld  Vn Diemen  16:07.95
2 J de Veirman Vn Diemen  16:13.66
3 N Simon      Vector     16:17.30

1 M Hynes                 13:36.77
2 D Malkin                13:40.08
3 L Walker                13:40.14

1 G Smith      Vn Diemen  15:24.35
2 D Turner     Vn Diemen  15:27.98
3 R Ingall     Vn Diemen  15:28.48

1 C Stancombe             15:44.62
2 R Hall                  14:46.62
3 B Farminer              15:47.63

1 D Shaw                  10:48.82
2 L Brookes               10:50.28
3 J Edwards Jr            10:55.47

GTs (DONINGTON):- McLaren dominated the sixth round of the Karcher Global Endurance GT Cup with their drivers claiming the first three places. Victory went to John Nielsen and Thomas Bscher, who completed the 365-mile race in their West Competition McLare n in 4hrs 1min 08.82secs. They were 1min 23.69secs ahead of Gulf McLaren's Lindsay Owen-Jones and Pierre-Henri Raphanel. British duo Justin Bell and Andy Wallace took third in their Mach One Racing McLaren.

Result of Monday's race:                  hrs mins secs
1 Nielsen/Bscher     Den/Ger McLaren          4:01.08
2 O-Jones/Raphanel   GB/Fr   McLaren          4:23.69
3 Wallace/Bell       GB/GB   McLaren      3 laps down

F.CLASSIC:- Former Lotus GP driver Martin Donnelly made a winning comeback in the first round of the new Formula Classic Championship at Donington. The 30-year-old Ulsterman had his Formula One career wrecked by an accident during the 1990 Spanish Grand P rix but has since become a successful team owner. Donnelly started from the back but quickly carved through the 15-car field to win by 12 seconds. He said afterwards: "It's been a long time since I've been on the winner's rostrum."

LONDON-MEXICO RALLY:- Hannu Mikkola and Ross Dunkerton continued their exciting battle for supremacy by winning two stages each on day 15's 'Lima loop'. Six stages were originally planned but poor crowd control in the Peruvian capital meant two having to be cancelled. Mikkola, the winner 25 years ago, finished the day still 8 mins 6 secs clear of his Australian rival. Britain's Richard Martin-Hurst remains third but lost 18 mins on the third stage of the day when his Escort became bogged down in sand.

Leaders at end of day 16 - Lima
 1 Mikkola/Palm     Ford Escort 5:07.22
 2 Dunk'ton/Mansson Datsun 240Z 5:15.28
 3 Martin-H/Kon'vld Ford Escort 5:43.50
 4 Rainsford/R'ford Ford M'tang 5:44.16
 5 Fall/Dixon       Volvo       5:50.53
 6 Hodgson/McC'tock Ford Falcon 5:52.14
 7 Point'r/Pol'nig  Ford Escort 5:55.15
 8 Leppard/Starkey  Peugeot 504 5:55.23
 9 Balazs/Jojart    Porsche 911 5:57.30
10 Illman/Stangl    Porsche 911 6:01.48

F1:- Michael Schumacher's race engineer has denied claims that the pressure of trying to keep up with the Williams cars is getting to him. It had been suggested that he crashed out of the San Marino GP because he was trying too hard. But Benetton engineer Pat Symonds responded: "Leading a race then throwing it at the wall is not the sort of thing Michael does. Maybe he did make a mistake - but if he did, I don't think it was necessarily the result of pressure."

Electronic sensors to measure false starts and excess speeds in the pit lane are to be used at all future Formula One Grands Prix. The FIA have said extensive tests had proved successful on automatic electronic systems at this season's races and would be used as standard from now on.

SUPERTOURING:- British Touring Car privateer Charlie Cox escaped with only minor injuries after a horrifying high-speed crash at Thruxton. The 34-year-old Australian went off in his Ford Mondeo at around 135mph, before barrel-rolling several times into a ditch. Cox, who was still conscious after the incident, said later: "It felt like somebody had jammed on the handbrake - then suddenly all hell broke loose."

LONDON-MEXICO RALLY:- The 50 remaining cars have taken another 1,000km bite out of their marathon journey to Acapulco. They spent day 17 travelling from Lima to Piura on the Pan-American Highway, which runs the entire length of the Peruvian coast. There w ere no special stages so Finnish leader Hannu Mikkola remains 8 min 6 secs clear of Australian Ross Dunkerton. Britain's John Chatam and Stephen Bicknell are out of the event due to engine problems with their Chatam Healey 3000.

Leaders at end of day 17 - Lima to Piura
 1 Mikkola/Palm     Ford Escort 5:07.22
 2 Dunk'ton/Mansson Datsun 240Z 5:15.28
 3 Martin-H/Kon'vld Ford Escort 5:43.50
 4 Rainsford/R'ford Ford M'tang 5:44.16
 5 Fall/Dixon       Volvo       5:50.53
 6 Hodgson/McC'tock Ford Falcon 5:52.14
 7 Point'r/Pol'nig  Ford Escort 5:55.15
 8 Leppard/Starkey  Peugeot 504 5:55.23
 9 Balazs/Jojart    Porsche 911 5:57.30
10 Illman/Stangl    Porsche 911 6:01.48

INDYCAR:- Dutchman Arie Luyendyk produced the fastest lap in history at the International Motor Speedway in practice for the Indy 500. The 1990 winner scorched round the 2.5-mile track at 234.107mph to beat Jim Crawford's unofficial speed record of 233.43 3. It will not go down in the record books, however, as only speeds timed in official qualifying for the race are recognised. "Our goal is to win pole and then next week we will work on race set-ups," said Luyendyk.


We are off to yet another revised circuit although this time the changes are relatively few, chiefly in the run-off areas. However one major alteration is at the Nissan corner, the site of a tyre chicane in '94. This has been removed and it is now a strai ght run from Campsa to La Caixa. Drivers will now arrive at La Caixa not only much faster but also with an opportunity to overtake which is a huge bonus on a circuit where it is already difficult to pass. It will be a very interesting spot.

Drivers face about 1,625 gear changes during the 65-lap race at Circuit de Catalunya. For the majority, the gear changes are by 'paddle' levers attached to the steering wheel. For the unfortunate, hands are still needed. As always, the main focus of th e event will be what is happening to the leading protagonists. Damon Hill is now six points ahead of Michael Schumacher who will be ever-determined to overhaul him. The Spaniards will forsake their bullfights to watch this spectacle.

Damon Hill's drive at Imola was outstanding and, with his maturity, experience and ability, he will be the man to beat this weekend. In a world where extrovert behaviour is the norm, Hill shows a calmness which can be misunderstood. He is just not as d emonstrative as some of his competitors. He gets on and does the job in such a composed way that he does not always look as fast and committed as do others. It is all down to a difference in his style which is reminiscent of the way Alain Prost used to dr ive.

Michael Schumacher will be out to re-assert his position as number one during this, round four, of the FIA World Formula One Championship. It is not unusual for the reigning world champion to be confronted with problems which never arose in the course of winning the title. Many of the team's problems stem from the change of regulations and engine but the real culprit was a mixed winter testing schedule. The team are emphatic that mods for Barcelona will see them at the head of the technology race. We'l l see.

Ferrari have been providing a great deal of pleasure this season and are on the verge of being able to beat Williams and Benetton on merit. The discontent expressed by Jean Alesi after Imola was an expression of his desire for a first GP win. McLaren, the brunt of pre-season jokes, have shown that when wounded they are at their most preditory. Reliability and 'the Nigel Mansell factor' will further their efforts. Also chasing a maiden victory is David Coulthard, returning to the circuit of his Formula One debut.

Much interest at Ligier with the first appearance of Martin Brundle. The logical mind of Brundle will be a great boost to the French team who have lost their way technically due to driver musical chairs. They have a superb Honda V10 engine which is mor e than capable of matching what Renault produces and Brundle may just turn things around. The rule changes have produced more exciting racing so far this season. Many teams will go home unhappy but I am sure the many watching the GP this weekend are in fo r a treat.

LONDON-MEXICO RALLY:- The 47 remaining cars headed into Ecuador on day 18, over the narrowest border crossing in the world, a one-car wide bridge. The landscape changed from desert coast land to lush green hinterland and a long climb to Cuenca. Second pla ced Ross Dunkerton pulled nine seconds off leader Hannu Mikkola over the 55km first stage. But the Finn, with co-driver Gunnar Palm, pulled back 15 seconds on the short second stage, to add six seconds to his overall lead of just over eight minutes.

Leaders at end of day 18 - Piura - Cuenca:
 1 Mikkola/Palm     Ford Escort 5:47.32
 2 Dunk'ton/Mansson Datsun 240Z 5:55.41
 3 Martin-H/Kon'vld Ford Escort 6:25.54
 4 Rainsford/R'ford Ford M'tang 6:27.00
 5 Fall/Dixon       Volvo       6:34.16
 6 Hodgson/McC'tock Ford Falcon 6:36.35
 7 Point'r/Pol'nig  Ford Escort 6:38.02
 8 Leppard/Starkey  Peugeot 504 6:39.25
 9 Balazs/Jojart    Porsche 911 6:40.35
10 Milkhu/Milkhu    Volvo       6:49.00

Top honours on day 19 were once again shared between leader Hannu Mikkola in the Ford Escort and Ross Dunkerton's Datsun 240Z. Dunkerton managed to pull back 16 seconds off Mikkola's overall lead over the two stages. The Hungarian Porsche of Janos Balazs and Andras Jojart took third and second fastest times but failed to improve on their ninth position. All 47 cars that started from Cuenca made it into Quioto without any serious problems.

Leaders at end of day 19 - Cuenca to Quito:
 1 Mikkola/Palm     Ford Escort 6:02.41
 2 Dunk'ton/Mansson Datsun 240Z 6:10.34
 3 Martin-H/Kon'vld Ford Escort 6:41.36
 4 Rainsford/R'ford Ford M'tang 6:42.56
 5 Fall/Dixon       Volvo       6:50.49
 6 Hodgson/McC'tock Ford Falcon 6:53.07
 7 Point'r/Pol'nig  Fors Escort 6:54.21
 8 Leppard/Starkey  Peugeot 504 6:55.45
 9 Balazs/Jojart    Porsche 911 6:56.00
10 Milkhu/Milkhu    Volvo       7:05.40


Jean Alesi and his Ferrari teammate Gerhard Berger dominated opening qualifying to book front row places on the provisional grid. Alesi was fastest on the slightly-revised Circuit de Catalunya early in the session and, with all his rivals making a late at tempt to eclipse him, he went even quicker. Alesi clocked 1 min 23.104 secs with Berger just 0.35s back ahead of Williams driver David Coulthard. Championship leader Damon Hill was fifth behind defending world champion Michael Schumacher.

Michael Schumacher was in trouble again as he attempted to overhaul the flying Ferraris in qualifying. The Benetton driver, who spun in qualifying at Imola and crashed out of contention during the race, made another error in first practice at the Circu it de Catalunya. He spun in the final minutes and was left in fourth place as Ferrari continued their re-emergence as contenders for the world title. Nigel Mansell continued to struggle with his McLaren Mercedes and finished the day a lowly 12th.

Championship leader Damon Hill was unhappy with his car in first qualifying and said they would be working on a completely new set-up. "Locking wheels, oversteer, all my laps were very messy," said Hill who finished in fifth place. Williams teammate Da vid Coulthard made a late bid for provisional pole and said: "I thought it was in my reach but I had a slight problem on my final lap." Problems too for Benetton's Michael Schumacher who reported that his car was quite a handful.

Friday's first qualifying session:mins secs
 1 J Alesi        Fr  Ferrari  1:23.104
 2 G Berger       Aut Ferrari  1:23.458
 3 D Coulthard    GB  Williams 1:23.496
 4 M Schumacher   Ger Benetton 1:23.535
 5 D Hill         GB  Williams 1:24.356
 6 J Herbert      GB  Benetton 1:24.427
 7 M Hakkinen     Fin McLaren  1:24.461
 8 E Irvine       GB  Jordan   1:24.891
 9 H Frentzen     Ger Sauber   1:25.655
10 O Panis        Fr  Ligier   1:25.902
11 U Katayama     Jpn Tyrrell  1:26.033
12 N Mansell      GB  McLaren  1:26.246
13 R Barrichello  Brz Jordan   1:26.413
14 M Salo         Fin Tyrrell  1:26.462
15 M Brundle      GB  Ligier   1:26.747
16 T Inoue        Jpn Footwork 1:26.846
17 G Morbidelli   It  Footwork 1:27.280
18 J Verstappen   Hol Simtek   1:27.666
19 P Martini      It  Minardi  1:28.008
20 K Wendlinger   Aut Sauber   1:28.305
21 D Schiatarella It  Simtek   1:28.312
22 L Badoer       It  Minardi  1:28.563
23 A Montermini   It  Pacific  1:29.942
24 B Gachot       Fr  Pacific  1:30.429
25 P Dinez        Brz Forti    1:30.578
26 R Moreno       Brz Forti    1:31.063

INDYCAR:- Scott Brayton set a new unofficial track record at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in practice for the forthcoming Indy 500. The American was clocked at 234.656 mph just minutes after teammate Arie Luyendyk had broken his own record with 234.332 . Eight drivers exceeded 230mph with Canadian Scott Goodyear third best (232.246) in his Reynard Honda. Brazilian Andre Ribeiro became the first man to top 230mph in two cars on the same day with 231.523 in his race car and 230.144 in the spare.

LONDON-MEXICO RALLY:- Hannu Mikkola remains at the head of the field after a dramatic 20th day which was temporarily halted at the Ecuador-Colombia border. Mikkola was the only competitor unaffected as thousands of union protesters blocked the bridge and refused to let the cars pass. "I was across before they knew I was part of the rally. As soon as I got across, they all flooded onto the bridge and the rest of the cars were stuck," he said. The rally was re-started after a government minister intervened.

Leaders at end of day 20 - Quito to Cali
(after 27 of 42 stages):       hr:min:sec
 1 Mikkola/Palm     Ford Escort 6:21.20
 2 Dunk'ton/Mansson Datsun 240Z 6:30.21
 3 Martin-H/Kon'vld Ford Escort 7:01.33
 4 Rainsford/R'ford Ford M'tang 7:03.33
 5 Fall/Dixon       Volvo       7:11.09
 6 Hodgson/McC'tock Ford Falcon 7:14.12
 7 Point'r/Pol'nig  Fors Escort 7:14.36
 8 Balazs/Jojart    Porsche 911 7:15.51
 9 Leppard/Starkey  Peugeot 504 7:16.20
10 Milkhu/Milkhu    Volvo       7:26.53

SUPERTOURING:- Five different winners in the first six races has left the series wide open as the British Touring Cars head for round five at Silverstone. Swiss star Alain Menu has a narrow lead in the title race following his maiden victory for the new W illiams-Renault team at Thruxton. Vauxhall's John Cleland is second in the standings as he prepares for his 100th BTCC race this weekend. The series' early pacesetters Volvo failed to impress last Monday and Tim Harvey and Rickard Rydell will be looking t o make amends.

Volvo driver Tim Harvey, a double race winner already this season, comments on Sunday's races. "Finding the right set-up for qualifying and the race are critically important. We suffered through lack of testing at Thruxton and it showed in the results. Silverstone should suit the Volvo so I'm optimistic. The standard of driving has been much better this year but, because there are only two good overtaking points - Becketts and Brooklands - so things may be a bit physical."

Volvo driver Tim Harvey, a double race winner already this season, comments on Sunday's action: "We only have six Dunlop tyres for the weekend. When you set the car up there must be no understeer or the front tyres will be ruined. On the qualifying lap you must have everything perfect and the headlights on so the boys know you are coming through! The Volvo goes well in the quick stuff but should also go well on this slower circuit."

Tim Harvey, a former winner of the British Touring Car Championship, reflected on the fast start to his 1995 campaign... "The series is so competitive you have to be quick and consistent at every race throughout the year. The big four teams - Volvo, Fo rd, Vauxhall and Renault - should have their drivers on the pace. For a winner this weekend, look for any of those drivers and keep an eye on the Hondas, they could spring a surprise."

Silverstone National Circuit
Friday's official TOCA test times:mins secs
 1 P Radisich NZ  Ford Mondeo  1:00.859
 2 R Rydell   Swe Volvo 850    1:00.886
 3 K Burt     GB  Ford Mondeo  1:01.038
 4 P Watts    GB  Peugeot 405  1:01.212
 5 J Cleland  GB  Vauxhall Cav 1:01.228
 6 J Thompson GB  Vauxhall Cav 1:01.265
 7 A Menu     Swi Renault Lagu 1:01.320
 8 W Hoy      GB  Renault Lagu 1:01.481
 9 S Harrison GB  Peugeot 405  1:01.489
10 T Harvey   GB  Volvo 850    1:01.575


Michael Schumacher sliced more than two seconds off his qualifying time to claim the eighth pole position of his Formula One career. Schumacher finally found the right set-up for his Benetton to clock a stunning 1 min 21.452 secs, edging Ferrari drivers J ean Alesi and Gerhard Berger down the leaderboard. Alesi, fastest on Friday, also made a big improvement to clock 1:22.052 and starts Sunday's 65-lap race on the front row alongside Schumacher. Championship leader Damon Hill was a disappointing fifth best .

Michael Schumacher admitted he had been surprised by the advantage he enjoyed during final qualifying. "I did not expect to be so far ahead. I was expecting a close fight," admitted the German driver. "We were able to improve the car dramatically... I have never driven a car as bad as mine yesterday." The Benetton star said he could have been quicker but ran wide on the last corner of his fastest lap. "I made an adjustment to help but it went too much," he explained.

Williams teammates Damon Hill and David Coulthard had been expecting much better from final qualifying. Coulthard was fourth fastest just ahead of Hill and the Scot said: "This morning I thought we might have some front row potential." Hill admitted: " It looks like we have been relegated to the bottom of the first division, at least as far as qualifying is concerned." Ferrari driver Gerhard Berger would not dismiss them. "When race day comes they are competitive" he said.

Nigel Mansell has given Damon Hill a boost as he struggles to hold on to his narrow Championship lead. "Damon is my tip for the title, then Michael, but it is going to be tight," predicted the former Formula One world champion. "When you are winning yo u build up confidence and that is made for Damon. I am a big fan of Damon and it would be great for someone from Britain to win the Championship." Mansell, 10th fastest, said: "The car is still difficult to drive and we need some radical changes."

Final qualifying times:       mins secs
 1 M Schumacher   Ger Benetton 1:21.452
 2 J Alesi        Fr  Ferrari  1:22.052
 3 G Berger       Aut Ferrari  1:22.071
 4 D Coulthard    GB  Williams 1:22.332
 5 D Hill         GB  Williams 1:22.349
 6 E Irvine       GB  Jordan   1:23.352
 7 J Herbert      GB  Benetton 1:23.536
 8 R Barrichello  Brz Jordan   1:23.705
 9 M Hakkinen     Fin McLaren  1:23.833
10 N Mansell      GB  McLaren  1:23.927
11 M Brundle      GB  Ligier   1:24.727
12 HH Frentzen    Ger Sauber   1:24.802
13 M Salo         Fin Tyrrell  1:24.971
14 G Morbidelli   It  Footwork 1:25.053
15 O Panis        Fr  Ligier   1:25.204
16 J Verstappen   Hol Simtek   1:25.827
17 U Katayama     Jpn Tyrrell  1:25.946
18 T Inoue        Jpn Footwork 1:26.059
19 P Martini      It  Minardi  1:26.619
20 K Wendlinger   Aut Sauber   1:27.007
21 L Badoer       It  Minardi  1:27.345
22 D Schiatarella It  Simtek   1:27.575
23 A Montermini   It  Pacific  1:28.094
24 B Gachot       Fr  Pacific  1:28.598
25 R Moreno       Brz Forti    1:28.963
26 P Diniz        Brz Forti    1:29.540

Provisional qualifiers for the Indianapolis 500:
 1 S Brayton  US  Lola Menard   231.604
 2 A Luyendyk Hol Lola Menard   231.031
 3 M Andretti US  Lola Ford     229.294
 4 M Gugelmin Brz Reynard Ford  227.923
 5 S Fox      US  Reynard Ford  226.588
 6 E Cheever  US  Lola Ford     226.314
 7 P Tracy    Can Lola Ford     225.795
 8 A Zampedri It  Lola Ford     225.753
 9 B Herta    US  Reynard Ford  225.551
10 D Sullivan US  Reynard Ford  225.496

LONDON-MEXICO RALLY:- Hannu Mikkola is still at the head of the field after crossing the border from Ecuador into Colombia on the 21st day of the rally. The town of Medellin rolled out the red carpet for the remaining 47 cars as crowds gathered in street scenes usually reserved for World Cup football matches. Mikkola used his eight-minute lead over Ross Dunkerton to pace his weary Ford Escort. Dunkerton kept second place in his Datsun ahead of Richard Martin-Hurst in a Ford Escort.

Leaders at end of day 21 - Cali to Medellin
(after 29 of 42 stages):       hr:min:sec
 1 Mikkola/Palm     Ford Escort 6:46.01
 2 Dunk'ton/Mansson Datsun 240Z 6:54.52
 3 Martin-H/Kon'vld Ford Escort 7:26.50
 4 Rainsford/R'ford Ford M'tang 7:29.43
 5 Fall/Dixon       Volvo       7:37.33
 6 Hodgson/McC'tock Ford Falcon 7:40.32
 7 Point'r/Pol'nig  Fors Escort 7:40.39
 8 Balazs/Jojart    Porsche 911 7:41.08
 9 Leppard/Starkey  Peugeot 504 7:42.11
10 Milkhu/Milkhu    Volvo       7:53.56

MANX NATIONAL RALLY:- Richard Moore clinched victory in the Steyr-Daimler-Puch Manx event in his ex-Colin McRae Subaru. The Wetherby driver arrived back at the TT Grandstand in Douglas half a minute in front of 1994 winner Pete Doughty in his Sierra Coswo rth. Defending Mintex champion Chris Mellors was third to take the lead in the current series. Retirements among the top runners were few although Manxman Gary Leece and Hereford's John Price both failed to make the finish.

Final leaderboard (after 14 stages):
                            hrs mins secs
 1 R Moore      Subaru Legacy  1:50:54
 2 P Doughty    Sierra Cos     1:51:26
 3 C Mellors    Escort Cos     1:51:40
 4 S Price      Metro 6R4      1:52:40
 5 M Higgins    Honda Civic    1:53:29
 6 S Hill       Mitsubishi Gal 1:53:51
 7 M Grierson   Subaru Legacy  1:54:15
 8 B Lyall      Escort Cos     1:55:28
 9 B Fowden     Escort Cos     1:55:58
10 D Gillanders Escort Cos     1:56:05

SUPERTOURING (Silverstone National Circuit):- Five different winners in the first six races has left the series wide open as the British Touring Cars head for round five at Silverstone. Swiss star Alain Menu has a narrow lead in the title race following h is maiden victory for the new Williams-Renault team at Thruxton. Vauxhall's John Cleland is second in the standings as he prepares for his 100th BTCC race this weekend. The series' early pacesetters Volvo failed to impress last Monday and Tim Harvey and R ickard Rydell will be looking to make amends.

Rickard Rydell dominated qualifying to claim pole spot for both British Touring Car races on Sunday. "The car is going really well and I am confident we can translate this performance into a couple of wins," said the Volvo ace. Ford's revival continued with Kelvin Burt claiming second place on the grid for round 7 and Paul Radisich second fastest for round 8. Honda produced the day's surprise as David Leslie qualified third in his Accord for the second race.

Qualifying times for round 7: mins secs
 1 R Rydell   Swe Volvo 850    1:00.954
 2 K Burt     GB  Ford Mondeo  1:01.134
 3 P Radisich NZ  Ford Mondeo  1:01.184
 4 A Menu     Swi Renault Lagu 1:01.253
 5 J Cleland  GB  Vauxhall Cav 1:01.459
 6 W Hoy      GB  Renault Lagu 1:01.532
 7 T Sugden   GB  Toyota Car   1:01.553
 8 J Thompson GB  Vauxhall Cav 1:01.559
 9 P Watts    GB  Peugeot 405  1:01.565
10 D Leslie   GB  Honda Accord 1:01.565

Qualifying times for round 8: mins secs
 1 R Rydell   Swe Volvo 850    1:00.786
 2 P Radisich NZ  Ford Mondeo  1:01.116
 3 D Leslie   GB  Honda Accord 1:01.290
 4 K Burt     GB  Ford Mondeo  1:01.303
 5 A Menu     Swi Renault Lagu 1:01.310
 6 T Harvey   GB  Volvo 850    1:01.425
 7 J Cleland  GB  Vauxhall Cav 1:01.426
 8 T Sugden   GB  Toyota Carin 1:01.443
 9 J Bailey   GB  Toyota Carin 1:01.454
10 P Watts    GB  Peugeot 405  1:01.477


Sunday morning warm-up times: mins secs
 1 M Schumacher   Ger Benetton 1:23.432
 2 J Alesi        Fr  Ferrari  1:24.065
 3 G Berger       Aut Ferrari  1:24.550
 4 M Hakkinen     Fin McLaren  1:24.618
 5 D Hill         GB  Williams 1:24.724
 6 D Coulthard    GB  Williams 1:24.734
 7 J Herbert      GB  Benetton 1:25.267
 8 E Irvine       GB  Jordan   1:25.290
 9 R Barrichello  Brz Jordan   1:25.411
10 N Mansell      GB  McLaren  1:25.850
11 HH Frentzen    Ger Sauber   1:26.082
12 O Panis        Fr  Ligier   1:26.388
13 M Brundle      GB  Ligier   1:26.793
14 G Morbidelli   It  Footwork 1:26.793
15 T Inoue        Jap Footwork 1:26.880
16 J Verstappen   Hol Simtek   1:27.084
17 A Montermini   It  Pacific  1:27.440
18 U Katayama     Jpn Tyrrell  1:27.503
19 PL Martini     It  Minardi  1:27.568
20 K Wendlinger   Aut Sauber   1:27.728
21 L Badoer       It  Minardi  1:27.850
22 M Salo         Fin Tyrrell  1:28.072
23 B Gachot       Bel Pacific  1:30.468
24 R Moreno       Brz Ford     1:31.274
25 P Diniz        Brz Ford     1:32.758
26 D Schiaterella It  Simtek  29:03.968

Defending world champion Michael Schumacher produced a commanding performance to clinch a crucial win in round 4 at Circuit de Catalunya. Schumacher led from start to finish in his Benetton Renault with his teammmate Johnny Herbert claiming a surprise sec ond place when Damon Hill had last lap problems. Hill had been looking well set for the runner-up place but suffered hydraulic pressure failure in his Williams and limped home in fourth. Schumacher now heads the World Championship table by one point.

Michael Schumacher made the most of his two-stop plans to earn himself a comfortable advantage with some quick laps before his pit-stop. Schumacher built up a 33-second lead as his rivals all came in several laps earlier and, after a slick stop, rejoin ed the race still clear of second-placed Jean Alesi. At one-third race distance, with all the top drivers having stopped for tyres and fuel, Damon Hill was back in third close behind Alesi. The Frenchman's fine drive ended with a blown engine on lap 27.

The Benetton team survived a heart-stopping moment before cheering their drivers to a 1-2 finish. Johnny Herbert left the pits after his second stop with the jack still attached to the back of his car. It fell off at the end of the pit-lane. Mechanics then checked it anxiously for damage with race leader Michael Schumacher due to stop at the end of the following lap. There was also drama for Pacific driver Bertrand Gachot who pulled up with flames around the cockpit after his fuel stop.

Williams' domination of the Spanish GP came to an abrupt end with Damon Hill and David Coulthard both suffering big disappointments. Hill, on course for second place, developed technical problems which caused him to spin and he struggled across the lin e in fourth place. Coulthard also hit trouble and retired while in third place. Race winner Michael Schumacher said Benetton's 1-2 was just reward for the team's hard work. "We are not finished yet in our programme but the car went so smoothly today."

Nigel Mansell pulled out of the race after finding his McLaren Mercedes impossible to handle. Mansell described the car as "inconsistent" having slid into the gravel trap when the car failed to turn into a corner. "I put it on full lock to turn left bu t the car went straight on. We are checking it now," he commented. Teammate Mika Hakkinen was among the front-runners but also suffered problems with his car and was forced to retire in the final stages of the race.

Michael Schumacher said victory in Spain was his answer to anyone who said he could not handle pressure. "There was no better way of showing I can cope with pressure than to have got pole position and won the race like this," said the German. Britain's Johnny Herbert was delighted with the first podium finish of his Formula One career. "I didn't know what happened to Damon Hill on the last lap...but I gave a big grin as I went past him! It is great for the team to have recorded a 1-2 result," he said.

Result after 65 laps:         hr mn scs
 1 M Schumacher  Ger Benetton 1:34:20.50
 2 J Herbert     GB  Benetton 51.9s back
 3 G Berger      Aut Ferrari  1:05.23
 4 D Hill        GB  Williams 2:01.74
 5 E Irvine      GB  Jordan   64 laps
 6 O Panis       Fr  Ligier   64
 7 R Barrichello Brz Jordan   64
 8 HH Frentzen   Ger Sauber   64
 9 M Brundle     GB  Ligier   64
10 M Salo        Fin Tyrrell  64
11 G Morbidelli  It  Footwork 63
12 J Verstappen  Hol Simtek   63
13 K Wendlinger  Aut Sauber   63
14 P Martini     It  Minardi  62
15 D Sch'tarella It  Pacific  61
Not classified:-
16 U Katayama    Jpn Tyrrell  56 laps
17 D Coulthard   GB  Williams 54
18 M Hakkinen    Fin McLaren  53
19 T Inoue       Jpn Footwork 43
20 B Gachot      Fr  Pacific  43
21 R Moreno      Brz Forti    39
22 J Alesi       Fr  Ferrari  25
23 L Badoer      It  Minardi  21
24 N Mansell     GB  McLaren  18
25 P Diniz       Brz Forti    17
26 A Montermini  It  Footwork  0

Drivers' championship:
1 M Schumacher Ger Benetton  24 pts
2 D Hill       GB  Williams  23
3 J Alesi      Fr  Ferrari   14
4 G Berger     Aut Ferrari   13
5 D Coulthard  GB  Williams   9
= J Herbert    GB  Benetton   9
7 M Hakkinen   Fin McLaren    5
8 H Frentzen   Ger Sauber     3
9 E Irvine     GB  Jordan     2

Constructors' championship:
1 Ferrari                  27 pts
2 Williams                 26
3 Benetton                 23
4 McLaren                   6
5 Sauber                    3

GTs:- Germans Stefan Oberndorfer and Detlef Hubner gave Porsche a first international GT sportscar win of the year, in the Montlhery 1,000km. Four Ferrari F40s started the four-hour race but all retired while only one of the six McLarens was entered and it crashed out on the ageing banked 3.4km French track.

F.RENAULT:- Lewis Motorsport driver Paula Cook became the highest-placed woman ever in the International Formula Renault Sport Championship when she finished second at Silverstone.

INDYCAR:- American Scott Brayton overcame wet conditions to claim provisional pole for the Indianapolis 500 with a four-lap ave.speed of 231.6mph. Only 11 drivers qualified after a five-hour delay for showers and qualifying will continue today for the sta rting grid on May 28. Arie Luyendyk, Brayton's Dutch-born teammate who was on pole in 1993, clocked the second fastest time in his Lola Menard averaging 231.0mph.

Provisional qualifiers for the Indianapolis 500:
 1 S Brayton  US  Lola Menard   231.604
 2 A Luyendyk Hol Lola Menard   231.031
 3 M Andretti US  Lola Ford     229.294
 4 M Gugelmin Brz Reynard Ford  227.923
 5 S Fox      US  Reynard Ford  226.588
 6 E Cheever  US  Lola Ford     226.314
 7 P Tracy    Can Lola Ford     225.795
 8 A Zampedri It  Lola Ford     225.753
 9 B Herta    US  Reynard Ford  225.551
10 D Sullivan US  Reynard Ford  225.496

LONDON-MEXICO RALLY:- Hannu Mikkola boarded the ferry to Panama in his Escort with an 8 min 38 secs lead over Australian Ross Dunkerton's Datsun. The competitors completed one special stage before heading to Cartagena, negotiating mud-slides, torrential r ain and high traffic jams on the way. The close battle for the bottom half of the top 10 saw several position changes. Drivers now get a good rest with the next session behind the wheel starting in Panama on Tuesday.

Leaders at end of day 22 - Medellin to Cartagena
(after 30 of 42 stages):       hr:min:sec
 1 Mikkola/Palm     Ford Escort 7:06.56
 2 Dunk'ton/Mansson Datsun 240Z 7:15.34
 3 Martin-H/Kon'vld Ford Escort 7:48.04
 4 Rainsford/R'ford Ford M'tang 7:51.38
 5 Fall/Dixon       Volvo       8:00.13
 6 Balazs/Jojart    Porsche 911 8:01.54
 7 Point'r/Pol'nig  Fors Escort 8:02.50
 8 Hodgson/McC'tock Ford Falcon 8:03.11
 9 Leppard/Starkey  Peugeot 504 8:04.22
10 Milkhu/Milkhu    Volvo       8:15.55

SUPERTOURING (Silverstone):- Sweden's Rickard Rydell claimed his second win of the season for Volvo when he edged out New Zealander Paul Radisich at the end of round 7. The Ford driver had dominated the early stages but, with his tyres wearing fast, he lo st out to Rydell with four laps remaining. Radisich again grabbed the lead in round 8 and held on determinedly to beat Rydell by 0.43 seconds. Rydell's teammate Tim Harvey dived past Kelvin Burt (Ford Mondeo) and Alain Menu (Renault) with five laps to go to claim third place.

Result from round 7:          mins secs
 1 R Rydell   Swe Volvo 850    25:58.88
 2 P Radisich NZ  Ford Mondeo  26:00.38
 3 J Cleland  GB  Vauxhall Cav 26:06.52
 4 J Thompson GB  Vauxhall Cav 26:07.21
 5 W Hoy      GB  Renault Lagu 26:10.60
 6 P Watts    GB  Peugeot 405  26:11.71
 7 T Harvey   GB  Volvo 850    26:15.51
 8 D Brabham  GB  BMW 318      26:15.78
 9 D Leslie   GB  Honda Accord 26:18.17
10 J Kaye     GB  Honda Accord 26:20.53

Result from round 8:          mins secs
 1 P Radisich NZ  Ford Mondeo  22:51.41
 2 R Rydell   Swe Volvo 850    22:51.84
 3 T Harvey   GB  Volvo 850    22:58.70
 4 A Menu     Swi Renault Lagu 23:00.16
 5 J Cleland  GB  Vauxhall Cav 23:02.12
 6 T Sugden   GB  Toyota Carin 23:02.83
 7 K Burt     GB  Ford Mondeo  23:03.46
 8 D Leslie   GB  Honda Accord 23:04.02
 9 G Simoni   It  Toyota Carin 23:04.44
10 P Watts    GB  Peugeot 405  23:04.93

Championship positions:
1 R Rydell    Volvo     100 points
2 J Cleland   Vauxhall   88
3 A Menu      Renault    86
4 P Radisich  Ford       84
5 T Harvey    Volvo      83

Manufacturers table:
1 Volvo       137
2 Vauxhall    124
3 Renault     110

Total Cup Privateers:
1 M Neal      Ford      132
2 N Smith     Vauxhall  126

BTCC Support race
1 M Hynes                    19:10.77
2 C Buchan                   19:16.93
3 J Wilson                   19.17.10

F1:- The future of Nigel Mansell with the McLaren team is again in doubt following his early exit from Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix. The 41-year-old said his specially designed McLaren-Mercedes was "virtually impossible to drive" due to steering problems. "I do not trust it and it does things I don't understand. I am not going out there in it to have an accident," he added. The next race is at Monaco on May 28 and Mark Blundell will step in if Mansell decides not to drive.

INDYCAR:- American Scott Brayton has taken pole position for the Indianapolis 500 with a four-lap average speed of 231.6mph in a Lola-Menard. Arie Luyendyk, Brayton's Dutch-born teammate who was on pole in 1993, clocked the second fastest time, with Scott Goodyear in third place. Defending champion Al Unser junior failed to make the grid along with former winner Emerson Fittipaldi. But they have another chance in next weekend's final qualifying to squeeze into the 33-car field.

Leading qualifiers for Indianapolis 500 on May 28:
 1 S Brayton  US  Lola Menard   231.604
 2 A Luyendyk Hol Lola Menard   231.031
 3 S Goodyear US  Reynard Honda 230.759
 4 M Andretti US  Lola Ford     229.294
 5 Villeneuve Can Reynard Ford  228.397
 6 M Guglemin Bra Reynard Ford  227.923
 7 R Gordon   US  Reynard Ford  227.531
 8 S Pruett   US  Lola Ford     227.403
 9 J Vasser   US  Reynard Ford  227.350
10 H Ma'shita Jap Reynard Ford  226.867
11 S Fox      US  Reynard Ford  226.588
12 A Ribeiro  Brz Reynard Honda 226.495

F1:- Michael Schumacher is asking $20m for his 1996 retainer, with Ferrari favourites to pay it, according to rumours at the Spanish Grand Prix. The German star was quickest in testing at the Catalunya circuit, lapping in 1 min 22.51 secs.

INDYCAR:- Reigning Indycar champions Penske are set to ditch this year's PC24 in favour of last year's chassis after failing to qualify on Pole Day for the Indianapolis 500. Al Unser Jnr and Emerson Fittipaldi complained of severe understeer.

SUPERTOURING:- Crowd favourite Gabriele Tarquini will return to the British Touring Car Championship on May 29 for a guest appearance at Oulton Park. Last year's champion will compete in rounds nine and ten for the Alfa Romeo Old Spice team. "I always hop ed my schedule would allow me to compete in Britain sometime in 1995," said Tarquini, who is now the test driver for Tyrrell in Formula One. He will join Derek Warwick and Giampiero Simoni in the Alfa team.

LONDON-MEXICO RALLY:- Hannu Mikkola mastered rain-soaked mountain roads and thick fog on day 25's only stage as the cars moved from Panama into Costa Rica. The flying Finn and co-driver Gunnar Palm were fastest by almost ten secs on the 20km stage before dropping down into San Jose. Ross Dunkerton lost time due to a puncture and now trails Mikkola by almost ten minutes overall. Jean-Marie Servant and Roland Therond had the biggest surprise of the day when they discovered a tarantula spider in their Peugeo t.

Leaders at end of day 25 - Panama to San Jose
(after 31 of 42 stages):       hr:min:sec
 1 Mikkola/Palm     Ford Escort 7:26.34
 2 Dunk'ton/Mansson Datsun 240Z 7:36.01
 3 Martin-H/Kon'vld Ford Escort 8:08.31
 4 Rainsford/R'ford Ford M'tang 8:12.10
 5 Fall/Dixon       Volvo       8:20.34
 6 Balazs/Jojart    Porsche 911 8:21.41
 7 Point'r/Pol'nig  Fors Escort 8:23.20
 8 Hodgson/McC'tock Ford Falcon 8:24.08
 9 Leppard/Starkey  Peugeot 504 8:25.42
10 Milkhu/Milkhu    Volvo       8:37.08

Hannu Mikkola retained his lead as the competitors crossed the border from Costa Rica into Nicaragua. The Finn and co-driver Gunnar Palm took the fastest times on both 14km stages on day 26, with their overall lead now almost 10 minutes. Ross Dunkerton is still in second place in his Datsun 240Z but is worried by gearbox problems. The seventh-placed pairing of Josef Pointinger and Willi Polessnig had the most traumatic day when their Ford Escort rolled onto its roof, though both men escaped unhurt.

Leaders at end of day 26 - San Jose to Managua
(after 33 of 42 stages):       hr:min:sec
 1 Mikkola/Palm     Ford Escort 7:44.03
 2 Dunk'ton/Mansson Datsun 240Z 7:53.48
 3 Martin-H/Kon'vld Ford Escort 8:26.50
 4 Rainsford/R'ford Ford M'tang 8:30.50
 5 Balazs/Jojart    Porsche 911 8:39.39
 6 Fall/Dixon       Volvo       8:39.47
 7 Hodgson/McC'tock Ford Falcon 8:43.19
 8 Leppard/Starkey  Peugeot 504 8:44.07
 9 Milkhu/Milkhu    Volvo       8:55.33
10 Harrach/Mikes    Volvo       9:01.44

F1:- Damon Hill set the fastest time during the final day of Formula One testing at the Barcelona circuit. The British Williams Renault driver clocked 1 min 21.0 secs. Johnny Herbert showed continued improvement in the Benetton Renault to set the second f astest time of 1:21.56 secs, two seconds ahead of Mika Hakkinen with 1:23.93. Michael Schumacher's time of 1:20.09 set on Thursday was the fastest of the week.

INDYCAR:- Brazilian former world champion Emerson Fittipaldi, twice a winner of the Indianapolis 500, is in danger of not qualifying for the big race on Sunday. His new car failed to provide the needed speed boost in qualifying. Rain has hampered the hope s of many drivers, with the Indianapolis circuit closed for the first three hours of qualifying on Thursday.

LONDON-MEXICO RALLY:- Hannu Mikkola safely negotiated his way through three countries as he retained his 10-minute lead after the 27th day. Against all odds, all 47 cars made it to the start on time as the route passed through Nicaragua, Honduras and El S alvador. Competitors had to cope with plenty of natural hazards such as goats and cows over the two short stages. Mikkola shared the honours with Hungarian Janos Balazs on the first stage and Ross Dunkerton was quickest on the second.

Leaders at end of day 27 - Managua to San Salvador
(after 35 of 42 stages):       hr:min:sec
 1 Mikkola/Palm     Ford Escort 7:55.19
 2 Dunk'ton/Mansson Datsun 240Z 8:05.26
 3 Martin-H/Kon'vld Ford Escort 8:38.28
 4 Rainsford/R'ford Ford M'tang 8:42.26
 5 Balazs/Jojart    Porsche 911 8:50.58
 6 Fall/Dixon       Volvo       8:51.47
 7 Hodgson/McC'tock Ford Falcon 8:55.23
 8 Leppard/Starkey  Peugeot 504 8:55.53
 9 Milkhu/Milkhu    Volvo       9:07.14
10 Harrach/Mikes    Volvo       9:14.06

Hannu Mikkola exercised caution to protect his 11 minute lead as the rally moved into Mexico during a 532-mile drive from San Salvador. The Finn was careful to avoid any mistakes en route to Tuxtla and was only ninth and fifth fastest behind Terry Daly on two special stages. Daly's performance in his Mustang moved him into the top ten at the expense of Ernst Harrach's Volvo. Australian Ross Dunkerton remains in second place but Mikkola looks set to clinch victory at Acapulco on Monday.

INDYCAR:- Defending champion Al Unser junior and Penske teammate Emerson Fittipaldi have one session left to clinch a place in the Indianapolis 500. The team borrowed two Lola chassis from the rival Rahal-Hogan outfit on Saturday but they were not quick e nough to put either on the grid. Fittipaldi's nephew Christian earned his place in the field with a time of 2 mins 39.028 secs. Adrian Fernandez (2:38.031) was fastest on the day.

ITC: From Mugello circuit, Italy:

Race one - 20 laps        mins:secs
1 B Schneider  Mercedes    37:39.67
2 N Larini     Alfa Romeo  37:45.10
3 J Magnussen  Mercedes    37:54.13

Race two - 20 laps
1 D Franchitti Mercedes    37:27.74
2 G Fisichella Alfa Romeo  37:28.74
3 B Schneider  Mercedes    37:29.42

LONDON-MEXICO RALLY:- Hannu Mikkola is poised for victory after resourceful Mexican police kept the event on track on the penultimate day. Political demonstrators caused a two hour hold-up but police then led the cars on an 18km detour along muddy tracks and shallow streams to get them back on course. Richard Martin-Hurst's Escort was lying third when hit by a broken half-shaft and had to be loaded onto the back of a truck. Ex-Grand Prix star Clay Regazzoni retired with a broken sump.

Leaders at end of day 29 - Tuxtla to Huatulco
(after 40 of 42 stages):       hr:min:sec
 1 Mikkola/Palm     Ford Escort 9:34.23
 2 Dunk'ton/Mansson Datsun 240Z 9:46.16
 3 Rainsford/R'ford Ford M'tang 9:22.10
 4 Balazs/Jojart    Porsche 911 9:28.34
 5 Fall/Dixon       Volvo       9:32.14
 6 Leppard/Starkey  Peugeot 504 9:35.45
 7 Hodgson/McC'tock Ford Falcon 9:35.55
 8 Milkhu/Milkhu    Volvo       9:47.05
 9 Daly/Brill       Ford M'tang 9:52.40
10 Harrach/Mikes    Volvo       9:55.56

F1:- Nigel Mansell seems likely to drive in next weekend's Monaco Grand Prix despite his unhappines about the handling of his McLaren Mercedes. Mansell and team boss Ron Dennis attended the launch of a charity driving in competition in London on Monday. T he former world champion's participation at Monaco appeared in doubt when both refused to comment about the matter. But a subsequent McLaren statement insisted they would "carry on as we are for the moment."

INDYCAR:- Defending champion Al Unser junior and past winner Emerson Fittipaldi have failed to qualify for next weekend's Indianapolis 500. It will be the first time the race has taken place without a member of Unser's family in 1962. Penske teammate Fitt ipaldi had reason to feel aggrieved after they decided to waive a 225.6mph lap in Saturday's session. They expected him to improve in final qualifying but he could not do so and missed the 33-car grid by one place.

Indy 500 starting grid (May 28):
R1 Brayton,Luydendyk,Goodyear
R2 Andretti, Villeneuve, Gugelmin
R3 Gordon, Pruett, Vasser
R4 Matsushita, Fox, Ribeiro
R5 R Guerrero, Cheever, Fabi
R6 Tracy, Zampedri, Herta
R7 Sullivan, de Ferran, Matsuda
R8 Rahal, Boesel, Lazier
R9 Salazar, Fernandez, Bachelart
R10 C Fittipladi, St James, C Guerrero
R11 Sharp, Johansson, Jones

LONDON-MEXICO RALLY:- Finland's Hannu Mikkola confirmed his retirement after completing a repeat of his win in the inaugural event 25 years ago. He and co-driver Gunnar Palm led almost all the way in the 30-day marathon and finished over 12 mins clear of Ross Dunkerton's Datsun. "This is definitely the last rally I will be doing and a great way to end my driving career," said Mikkola, a former world champion. Tony Fall was fifth for Britain, one place better than he achieved a quarter of a century ago.

Result at Acapulco after 42 stages:
 1 Mikkola/Palm     Ford Escort 8:54.35
 2 Dunk'ton/Mansson Datsun 240Z 9:06.54
 3 Rainsford/R'ford Ford Mus'g  9:42.10
 4 Balazs/Jojart    Porsche 911 9:47.37
 5 Fall/Dixon       Volvo       9:52.39
 6 Leppard/Starkey  Peugeot 504 9:55.39
 7 Hodgson/McC'tock Ford Falcon 9:56.15
 8 Milkhu/Milkhu    Volvo      10:07.14
 9 Daly/Brill       Ford Mus'g 10:12.07
10 Harrach/Mikes    Volvo      10:17.30
11 Sugden/vd Beek   Ford C'tna 10:24.15
12 Soldati/v Beuren Ford Mus'g 10:28.09

F1:- Nigel Mansell's Formula One career could be over after being replaced by Mark Blundell at McLaren. Team boss Ron Dennis confirmed they had ended their agreement for this season with the former champion. McLaren and Mansell were both disappointed with performances at Imola and Barcelona, with Mansell publicly criticising the car. Blundell, who stood in at Brazil and Argentina, now returns at this weekend's Monaco GP and will also be in the hot-seat at Montreal.

Nigel Mansell said he had parted amicably with McLaren - but admitted he did not know what his future plans were. Mansell, replaced by Mark Blundell, said: "I am obviously disappointed that the relationship has been concluded early. I had expected that the total package would have given me the possibility to be competitive with the other top teams. I have no immediate plans in Formula One."

McLaren were forced to admit that the poor performance of the MP4/10 was one of the reasons for Nigel Mansell's departure. Managing director Ron Dennis said: "It has not met the expectations of both parties so far this year. Nigel has not felt confiden t within the car. This has affected his ability to commit fully to the programme. While this brings to an end our current relationship I would certainly not preclude us working together in the future."

Las Vegas is in line to host next season's Formula One finale. Plans have been discussed with promotions boss Bernie Ecclestone and approval has been given by casinos on whose property the race would be run.

SUPERTOURING:- French tarmac rally expert Francois Chatriot will test for Toyota at Oulton Park's official British Touring Car Championship test day on Friday. Chatriot is aiming to help solve the car's high-speed handling problems.

F1:- Mark Blundell is determined to make the most of his two-race chance following Nigel Mansell's departure from the McLaren Mercedes team. He will partner Mike Hakkinen at Monaco on Sunday and in Canada in a fortnight and wants a permanent place in the team. "I'm looking to get some more points," said Blundell, who was sixth in Brazil when deputising for Mansell earlier in the season. "I'll race in Monaco then Canada, after which I'll sit down with McLaren to sort out the long-term."

Swiss team Sauber have signed Jean-Christophe Boullion as their new driver in time for the Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday. The Formula 3000 champion is replacing Karl Wendlinger, who returned to the track this season after a horrific crash in 1994. Wendli nger will stay under contract with the team and will still take part in testing. Sauber team principal Peter Sauber said it was not an easy decision but that Wendlinger "did not reach expectations" in this year's races.


The major story this weekend once again focuses on Nigel Mansell. The "suspension" of the partnership between him and McLaren follows his decision to step out of his car during the Spanish Grand Prix. His actions sent the Richter Scale off the dial at McL aren and led to a crisis meeting with their partners, Marlboro and Mercedes. Mansell conveyed the message that dramatic steps were needed instead of nibbling at problems. McLaren's point is that they need a committed and enthusiastic number one driver.

Mika Hakkinen will drive his heart and soul out for McLaren and Mark Blundell is back in 'number seven'. This pair will provide commitment and enthusiasm, though Hakkinen must control his exuberance, which he failed to do last year. A 78-lap race is ph ysically and mentally draining, but stops for fuel and tyres do offer a breather. Driving on this pure road circuit is so fufilling that victory here is all the sweeter. Sadly there will be 25 disappointed drivers on Sunday evening.

Benetton must be feeling they are riding along on the crest of a wave as they prepare for Monaco. The 1-2 achieved in Spain was not only timely but provided an enormous morale boost for the team who had been working flat out to regain their competitive platform. But as with any race so far this season predictions are becoming increasingly complex. Vast changes to technical regulations mean past data has little relevance in 1995. All of which in my view makes the unpredictability very enjoyable.

One team - McLaren - has dominated at Monaco since the mid 80s and Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna made this their private domain. On the other hand, Williams know that on occasions they should have won and expect victory this year despite handling proble ms in Spain. It could be a first Monaco win for Damon Hill or a first-ever victory for David Coulthard, though this is his F1 debut in the principality. There are pitfalls for first-timers in this GP and initially, prudence not enthusiasm will be the key.

One team which has been moving forward this year is Ferrari, and particularly in qualifying. The nature of the Monaco circuit will not mitigate their race performance as has been the case at other venues this year. The high-revving V12 engine is powerf ul enough to get both cars onto the front row, a collossal advantage at Monaco. The prospect of having the Prancing Horse at the head of a Grand Prix grid is long overdue in my view.

The unfortunate Karl Wendlinger will not be returning to the scene of last year's traumatic accident. He has not matched the speed of Sauber Ford teammate Heinz-Harald Frentzen, so Williams Renault test driver Jean-Christophe Boullion takes over the se at. Both teams will gain from this arrangement. Sauber get a young hot-shoe, highly rated by Williams, and both get the chance to compare him with the established Frentzen. Interestingly, Frank Williams is a bit of a Frentzen fan.

INDYCARS:- Bryan Herta has been cleared to drive in Sunday's Indianapolis 500 despite being concussed in a practice crash last week. He originally qualified for a place on the sixth row of the grid, but will now have to start from the back of the field.

25.05.95 - F1: THE MONACO GP
Jean Alesi took provisional pole after the rain-affected first practice session in Monaco. Alesi mastered the twisting streets of the principality to clock a time of 1 min, 23.754 seconds, just ahead of Michael Schumacher. Gerhard Berger was third while D amon Hill came fourth and Mark Blundell eighth. Most of the drivers lost their second chance of fast laps after a brief shower disrupted the session and left the track damp.

Mark Blundell had a dramatic start to his stint as Nigel Mansell's replacement when he lost the wing of his McLaren in practice. Blundell was driving the same car that Mansell said he did not trust and saw the wing disappear when he had a bump at the M irabeau corner. Blundell started brightly in the morning session, finishing fifth, but could not quite match those efforts in the second session. However he still came a creditable eighth in a time of 1:26.017.

British team Simtek could face closure within a week unless they receive a multi-million pound boost Team chief Nick Wirth revealed he did not want to continue as a struggling outfit with an inadequate budget. "It i s so frustrating," he said. "We need several millions and I need to have the confidence that it is there. If not we are not going to Canada and that will be it." If Simtek withdraw only 12 teams and 24 cars will be left to fill the traditional 26-car grid .

Thursday's official practice times: mins secs
 1 J Alesi        Fr  Ferrari  1:23.754
 2 M Schumacher   Ger Benetton 1:24.146
 3 G Berger       Aut Ferrari  1:24.509
 4 D Hill         GB  Williams 1:24.659
 5 M Hakkinen     Fin McLaren  1:24.831
 6 J Herbert      GB  Benetton 1:25.638
 7 H Frentzen     Ger Sauber   1:25.661
 8 M Blundell     GB  McLaren  1:26.017
 9 E Irvine       GB  Jordan   1:26.447
10 M Brundle      GB  Ligier   1:26.457
11 D Coulthard    GB  Williams 1:26.556
12 O Panis        Fr  Ligier   1:26.579
13 R Barrichello  Brz Jordan   1:26.787
14 G Morbidelli   It  Footwork 1:26.828
15 L Badoer       It  Minardi  1:27.615
16 PL Martini     It  Minardi  1:27.714
17 M Salo         Fin Tyrrell  1:28.123
18 U Katayama     Jpn Tyrrell  1:28.439
19 J Verstappen   Hol Simtek   1:29.391
20 D Schiaterella It  Simtek   1:29.439
21 J Boullion     Fr  Sauber   1:30.014
22 A Montermini   It  Pacific  1:30.149
23 R Moreno       Brz Ford     1:30.461
24 T Inoue        Jap Footwork 1:31.542
25 P Diniz        Brz Ford     1:34.963

26.05.95 - SUPERTOURING (Oulton Park)
Derek Warwick faces a difficult few days, back at the Cheshire circuit at which his brother Paul was killed in a Formula 3000 race. Warwick, preparing for Monday's two Auto Trader RAC British Touring Car Championship races, opened a new bridge bearing his brother's name. "It is a great feeling to know that Paul will be remembered but this will be a tough weekend for me as Oulton brings back memories." Warwick must also cope with extra racing pressures during the Bank Holiday weekend...

Former F1 ace Derek Warwick has struggled on his switch to touring cars with Old Spice Alfa Romeo. He and teammate Giampiero Simoni are joined at Oulton by reigning BTCC champion Gabriele Tarquini. Tarquini's appearance was intended to be a one-off but further races have not now been discounted. "We will have three Alfa's at Oulton," explained Warwick. "Two normal cars for Giampiero and myself and Tarquini in our spare with Italian racing specifications."

Gabriele Tarquini's inclusion in the Alfa Romeo team has added further pressure on Derek Warwick. "Tarquini has arrived with a full complement of mechanics and his own engineers. He has also brought his own engine - and you don't bring your own engine if it is slower than the existing unit. However Oulton is not such a power circuit so I am hoping to get into the top 10. I've had eight races without points so I want some from Monday."

Derek Warwick expects the Old Spice Alfa Romeo team to be more competitive than so far this season in rounds 9 and 10 at Oulton Park. Eight tough races have produced six different winners but Warwick predicts victory for one of the four big teams on Mo nday. "Volvo, Vauxhall, Renault and Ford could all win but, if I had to bet, I would put my money on series leader Rikard Rydell in the Volvo." Rydell is series leader with 100 points ahead of John Cleland (88).

Paul Radisich set the fastest time in preparation for rounds 9 and 10 on Monday but the session was cut short after an accident. James Thompson, who set the joint second fastest time, destroyed his Cavalier in a 120mph crash. The young Yorkshireman escaped without injury but the damage to the circuit's safety barrier was so bad the test session was abandoned. Competitors now enjoy a rest day before Sunday's official qualifying for the two 16 lap showdowns.

Friday's practice times:      mins:secs
 1 P Radisich NZ  Ford Mondeo  1:41.642
 2 J Cleland  GB  Cavalier     1:41.781
 = J Thompson GB  Cavalier     1:41.781
 4 R Rydell   Swe Volvo 850    1:41.982
 5 A Menu     Swi Renault Lagu 1:42.105
 6 T Sugden   GB  Toyota Carin 1:42.638
 7 G Simoni   It  Alfa Romeo   1:42.816
 8 D Leslie   GB  Honda Accord 1:42.839
 9 D Warwick  GB  Alfa Romeo   1:42.865
10 W Hoy      GB  Renault Lagu 1:42.917

27.05.95 - F1: THE MONACO GP
Damon Hill set a blistering pace to clinch pole position for Sunday's race in Monte Carlo. He clocked 1 min 21.952 secs in his Williams to eclipse Michael Schumacher's Benetton. The Briton's second pole of the season was achieved with a superb display on the Monte Carlo circuit. Jean Alesi was distraught after being forced to sit in the pits for contravening a regulation in his Ferrari and only managed a last minute lap in Gerhard Berger's car.

Damon Hill was delighted with claiming one of the most important poles of the season. "This is a very different circuit from any other. The team put on their thinking hats and knuckled down to the job," said Hill. "It is very special and fantastic for me. You don't get pole position very often at Monaco," he added. Michael Schumacher, who had been quickest at one stage, said: "The car is not right....I am hoping we can fix it again for the race."

Ron Dennis has said Nigel Mansell could return to Formula One with the McLaren team. "If certain circumstances develop which make it sensible for Nigel to rejoin the team, then it is certainly a possibility," he said. The former world champion parted c ompany with the team last Tuesday but Dennis added: "It was not accidental that the door was left open on both sides." But a return for the British GP at Silverstone is unlikely. "It is not on the agenda at the moment."

Final qualifying times:       mins secs
 1 D Hill         GB  Williams 1:21.952
 2 M Schumacher   Ger Benetton 1:22.742
 3 D Coulthard    GB  Williams 1:23.109
 4 G Berger       Aut Ferrari  1:23.220
 5 J Alesi        Fr  Ferrari  1:23.754
 6 M Hakkinen     Fin McLaren  1:23.857
 7 J Herbert      GB  Benetton 1:23.885
 8 M Brundle      GB  Ligier   1:24.447
 9 E Irvine       GB  Jordan   1:24.857
10 M Blundell     GB  McLaren  1:24.933
11 R Barrichello  Brz Jordan   1:25.081
12 O Panis        Fr  Ligier   1:25.125
13 G Morbidelli   It  Footwork 1:25.447
14 H Frentzen     Ger Sauber   1:25.661
15 U Katayama     Jpn Tyrrell  1:25.808
16 L Badoer       It  Minardi  1:25.969
17 M Salo         Fin Tyrrell  1:26.473
18 PL Martini     It  Minardi  1:26.913
19 J Boullion     Fr  Sauber   1:27.145
20 D Schiaterella It  Simtek   1:28.337
21 B Gachot       Fr  Pacific  1:29.039
22 P Diniz        Brz Ford     1:29.244
23 J Verstappen   Hol Simtek   1:29.391
24 R Moreno       Brz Ford     1:29.608
25 A Montermini   It  Pacific  1:30.149
26 T Inoue        Jap Footwork 1:31.542


Defending world F1 champion Michael Schumacher enjoyed a perfect race strategy yet again to claim a convincing victory in Monte Carlo. Schumacher drove superbly and, with just one stop for fuel in his Benetton, finished 34.817 seconds ahead of Williams dr iver Damon Hill. Gerhard Berger was on the rostrum for the fourth time in five races, taking third place once again. It was some consolation for Ferrari after Jean Alesi had crashed out in a collision with Martin Brundle while chasing hard for the lead.

Michael Schumacher claimed his 13th GP victory and his third of the season to extend his Championship lead to five points over Damon Hill. Schumacher had one pit stop to most drivers' two, a tactic also used in his Spanish GP win two weeks ago, to earn a second victory in Monaco. Hill's hopes of joining his father on the Monaco GP roll of honour were dashed but he faced his obvious disappointment bravely. "I am still in striking distance in the Championship and we still have things to do to the car," h e said.

Damon Hill looked untouchable over the early laps as he steadily pulled away in his Williams, chased by Benetton's Michael Schumacher. The top six, featuring two Williams two Benettons and both Ferraris, remained unchanged over the first 16 laps of the restarted race. David Coulthard was a distant third in the spare Williams when he found himself with only second gear and was forced to retire on lap 17. His exit left the ever-determined Jean Alesi to chase the leading duo in his Scuderia Ferrari.

Michael Schumacher made the most of his one-stop race strategy to claim a clear lead at the halfway stage in his Mild Seven Benetton Renault. Early leader Damon Hill was lying third behind Jean Alesi, with the Williams driver having stopped for fuel an d tyres in the early stages. Alesi briefly held the lead when Schumacher made his pit stop and showed his determination by setting a stunning fastest lap on lap 36. His brilliant drive was ended by a collision with Martin Brundle's McLaren a few laps late r.

Both Ferrari drivers were forced to use their spare cars after a multi-car collision at the first corner just after the start. Frenchman Jean Alesi and Austrian Gerhard Berger became entangled with the Williams of Scot David Coulthard. Four other cars became involved, some damaged by debris. Coulthard's car was sent hurtling into the air before spinning to a halt in the middle of the track. He also restarted in a spare car. No one was injured but the race was stopped immediately.

Result after 78 laps:
 1 M Schumacher Ger Benetton 1 hr 53 mins 11.258 secs
 2 D Hill       GB  Williams 34.81s back
 3 G Berger     Aut Ferrari  1:11.447
 4 J Herbert    GB  Benetton 77 laps
 5 M Blundell   GB  McLaren  77
 6 HH Frentzen  Ger Sauber   76
 7 P Martini    It  Minardi  76
 8 J Boullion   Fr  Sauber   76
 9 G Morbidelli It  Footwork 74
10 P Diniz      Brz Brazil   72

RETIREMENTS AND REASONS:- Jos Verstappen was seen pushing his Simtek Ford back to the pits before the race was restarted after suffering gearbox problems; Both Simteks were damaged by flying debris in the pile-up on the first corner and dropped out of the race; Mika Hakkinen (McLaren) out lap 8; Roberto Moreno (Forti) out lap 10; David Coulthard (Williams) retired with only second gear on lap 17, while in third place; Eddie Irvine (Jordan) out on lap 23 while lying sixth and in the points; Ukyo Katayama ( Tyrrell) spun off on lap 26; Taki Inoue (Footwork) came to a halt on lap 28; Jean Alesi (Ferrari) and Martin Brundle (McLaren) crashed out on lap 42, Alesi spinning to avoid spinning Brundle; Mika Salo (Tyrrell) retired; Olivier Panis (Ligier) hit wall on lap 67; Luca Badoer (Minardi) stopped on lap 68 with gearbox trouble while in sixth place

Drivers' championship:
 1 M Schumacher Ger Benetton 34 pts
 2 D Hill       GB  Williams 29
 3 G Berger     Aut Ferrari  17
 4 J Alesi      Fr  Ferrari  14
 5 J Herbert    GB  Benetton 12
 6 D Coulthard  GB  Williams  9
 7 M Hakkinen   Fin McLaren   5
 8 H Frentzen   Ger Sauber    4
 9 M Blundell   GB  McLaren   3
10 E Irvine     GB  Jordan    2

Constructors' championship:
1 Benetton  36 pts    5 Sauber  4
2 Williams  32        6 Jordan  2
3 Ferrari   31        7 Ligier  1
4 McLaren    8

SUPERTOURING:- Young star James Thompson gave Vauxhall a tremendous boost as he set the fastest time in Sunday's qualifying session at Oulton. Thompson badly damaged his Cavalier 16v in a 120mph crash on Friday and the team had to work non-stop to rebuild it. But Thompson was pipped by Rickard Rydell and Alain Menu in the second session which determines the grid position for round 10. Reigning champion Gabriele Tarquini who is making one-off return qualified in 19th and 21st position.

Qualifying times for Round 9: mins:secs
 1 J Thompson GB  Cavalier     1:42.186
 2 R Rydell   Swe Volvo 850    1:42.373
 3 K Burt     GB  Ford Mondeo  1:42.500
 4 J Cleland  GB  Cavalier     1:42.503
 5 A Menu     Swi Renault Lagu 1:42.533
 6 P Radisich NZ  Ford Mondeo  1:42.599
 7 D Leslie   GB  Honda Accord 1:42.819
 8 T Sugden   GB  Toyota Carin 1:43.049
 9 J Bailey   GB  Toyota Carin 1:43.052
10 S Harrison GB  Peugeot 405  1:43.284

Qualifying times for Round 10:mins:secs
 1 R Rydell   Swe Volvo 850    1:42.626
 2 A Menu     Swi Renault Lagu 1:42.721
 3 J Thompson GB  Cavalier     1:42.733
 4 J Cleland  GB  Cavalier     1:42.990
 5 K Burt     GB  Ford Mondeo  1:43.461
 6 J Bailey   GB  Toyota Carin 1:43.519
 7 P Radisich NZ  Ford Mondeo  1:43.543
 8 S Harrison GB  Peugeot 405  1:43.594
 9 G Simoni   It  Alfa Romeo   1:43.671
10 D Leslie   GB  Honda Accord 1:43.728

INDYCARS:- Jacques Villeneuve rode his luck and took his chances as he won the 79th Indy 500. Last year's runner-up relinquished the lead early on after being hit by a two-lap penalty. Scott Goodyear looked to be heading for victory as he took up the runn ing but he was black-flagged with less than 10 laps remaining. Villeneuve took the lead with five laps to go and held off Christian Fittipaldi to clinch it.

Indy-car veteran Stan Fox was in a critical condition after suffering head injuries in a crash at the start of the Indy 500. The 42-year-old underwent surgery to relieve pressure on his brain after a pile-up on the first lap. Fox lost control as his ca r slewed across the track and slammed into a wall, then was hit heavily by another car. Five other cars were damaged in the incident, the most serious at the Indy since 1988.

INDIANAPOLIS 500 RESULT (top 10)hrs min sec
 1 J Villeneuve Can Reynard Ford 3:15:17
 2 C Fittipaldi Brz Reynard Ford @2.4sec
 3 B Rahal      US  Lola-Merc    200laps
 4 E Salazar    Chl Lola-Ford    200laps
 5 R Gordon     US  Reynard Ford 200laps
 6 M Gugelmin   Brz Reynard Ford 200laps
 7 A Luyendyk   Hol Lola-Menard  200laps
 8 T Fabi       It  Reynard Ford 199laps
 9 D Sullivan   US  Reynard Ford 199laps
10 H Matsushita Jpn Reynard Ford 199laps                                                   

ACROPOLIS RALLY:- Italian Miki Biasion in a Lancia Delta led after the first leg of the Acropolis Rally in Greece. The rally is a round of the FIA 2-litre World Championship for manufacturers. Seat are 1-2 with Erwin Weber leading Antonio Rius.

SUPERTOURING (Oulton Park):- Former Formula One star Derek Warwick was rushed to hospital after a 130mph crash in the ninth round of the Championship. Warwick underwent a brain scan after being knocked briefly unconscious in the accident with David Leslie . He was taken to hospital in Chester but was released and told to rest for a week. Swede Rickard Rydell won round nine in the Volvo and was second to Renault's Alain Menu in round 10.

Result for round 9:          mins secs
 1 R Rydell   Swe Volvo 850   22:39.09
 2 J Cleland  GB  Cavalier    22:39.61
 3 A Menu     Swi Renault     22:41.20
 4 J Bailey   GB  Toyota      22:49.00
 5 G Simoni   GB  Alfa Romeo  22:51.84
 6 J Thompson GB  Cavalier    22:52.34
 7 S Harrison GB  Peugeot     22:53.43
 8 T Harvey   GB  Volvo 850   22:56.09
 9 J Cecotto  Ven BMW         22:56.60
10 D Brabham  Aus BMW         23:00.33

Result for round 10:         mins secs
 1 A Menu     Swi Renault     27:47.01
 2 R Rydell   Swe Volvo 850   27:48.84
 3 J Cleland  GB  Cavalier    27:49.65
 4 J Thompson GB  Cavalier    28:02.10
 5 P Radisich NZ  Mondeo      28:05.08
 6 K Burt     GB  Mondeo      28:07.63
 7 G Simoni   GB  Alfa Romeo  28:12.52
 8 D Brabham  Aus BMW         28:12.70
 9 J Bailey   GB  Toyota      28:13.47
10 J Kaye     GB  Honda       28:20.59

Drivers' championship:
1 R Rydell   Volvo 850      142 pts
2 A Menu     Renault Laguna 122
3 J Cleland  Vauxhall Cav   118
4 P Radisich Ford Mondeo     92
5 T Harvey   Volvo 850       86
6 J Thompson Vauxhall Cav    76

Manufacturers' championship:
1 Volvo                     179 pts
2 Vauxhall                  154
3 Renault                   146
4 Ford                      116
5 BMW                        67
6 Toyota                     62

F3 from Silverstone:        mins:secs
1 J Dufour    Dallara-Mugen  23.57.78
2 R Firman    Dallara-Mugen  23.58.81
3 J Spence    Dallara-Mugen  23.59.99

BTCC/TOCA Support race results from Oulton Park

ICS Historic Saloon Car Championship:
1 N Swift     Mini Cooper    23.17.88
2 G Churchill Mini Cooper    23.22.10
3 S Crompton  BMW 1600       24.16.23

Slick 50 FF1800 Championship:mins:secs
1 M Vergers   Swift SC94     20.53.49
2 K McGarrity Van Diemen     20.53.90
3 M Haberfeld Van Diemen     20.54.79

Ford Credit Fiesta Challenge:mins:secs
1 J Bintcliffe RS 1800       20.48.66
2 M Gorton     RS 1800       20.49.94
3 C Esbjug     RS 1800       20.53.29

International Renault Sport:mins:secs
1 D Vercoes   Swift SC95RS   20.03.80
2 G Smith     Van Diemen     20.05.88
3 R Ingall    Van Diemen     20.07.31

Formula Vauxhall Junior:    mins:secs
1 D Malkin    F Vauxhall Jr  17.36.86
2 B Collins   F Vauxhall Jr  17.42.09
3 J Wilson    F Vauxhall Jr  17.48.29

Formula Vauxhall:          mins:secs
1 M O'Connell F Vauxhall    21.30.53
2 J Montoya   F Vauxhall    21.34.19
3 P Dumbreck  F Vauxhall    21.35.91

Elf Renault Clio UK Cup:
1 L Brookes   Renault Clio  20:24.01
2 D Shaw      Renault Clio  20:24.61
3 D Cox       Renault Clio  20:36.58

INDYCAR:- IndyCar veteran Stan Fox was critical but stable in hospital after crashing in the Indy 500. He has undergone an operation to relieve pressure on the brain.