May 1997

F1:- Current world champion Damon Hill believes the streets of Monaco could help him produce his first finish for the Arrows team. "I think we will be better off at Monaco than other circuits," he said. "I just hope Bridgestone have been heeding my comments about Monaco being different, regards the surface. If we get a good tyre for the race, I think we will be in better shape. Really we should be building a separate car. So we have to adapt the car."

SCOTTISH RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP:- Brian Lyall continued his domination of the event with his fourth win a row. Lyall and co-driver John Bennie proved untouchable to win the Weldex Rally in Arrochar by over a minute. Sandy Dalgarno edged Jimmy Paterson by two seconds after the latter spun and damaged his car's suspension.

                             mins secs
1 B Lyall         Subaru       43.49
2 S Dalgarno      Escort       44.59
3 J Paterson      Subaru       45.01
4 N Dougan        Escort       45.08
5 D Jaffray       Escort       46.10

LE MANS:- Martin Brundle set the fastest time overall as Nissan's three-car team cruised through the pre-qualifying. Brundle's best time on the 13.6kms circuit was 3:43.152 sec, more than 1.5 secs clear of the works Porsche GT1. Not only did he dominate the supercar GT1 class, but Brundle also managed to beat class-above champions Joest Porsche, to claim top honours. It was the first time such a feat had been achieved in the history of Le Mans.

TOURING CARS (Thruxton): Alain Menu was unable to repeat his heroics of Sunday as Frank Biela and Gabriele Tarquini claimed victories at the rain soaked Hampshire circuit. However, Menu secured third in both rounds five and six, extending his lead in the overall championship race. In the fifth round, Biela came from fourth on the grid to displace Menu. With the safety car in use for two laps of the sixth round, cars took advantage by changing to grooved tyres in wet conditions as Tarquini held on to win.

Round 5 result:                mins secs
 1 F Biela      Audi A4        27:03.695
 2 G Tarquini   Honda Accord   27:07.230
 3 A Menu       Renault Laguna 27:09.621
 4 J Bintcliffe Audi A4        27:10.668
 5 R Rydell     Volvo S40      27 20.230
 6 J Thompson   Honda Accord   27 20.535
 7 D Leslie     Nissan Primera 27:27.555
 8 A Reid       Nissan Primera 27:30.148
 9 T Harvey     Peugeot 406    27:47.668
10 P Radisich   Ford Mondeo    27:52.312

Total Cup
 1 M Neal       Ford  28:13.676 (18 lps)
 2 R Gravett    Honda 27:19.328 (17 lps)
 3 C Gallie     BMW   27:19.773 (17 lps)
 4 J Hall       V'hll 28:26.805 (13 lps)

Round 6 result:                mins secs
 1 G Tarquini   Honda Accord   34:12.672
 2 T Harvey     Peugeot 406    34:13.359
 3 A Menu       Renault Laguna 34:17.121
 4 A Reid       Nissan Primera 34:18.984
 5 R Rydell     Volvo S40      34:24 918
 6 D Warwick    Vauxhall Vec   34:29.934
 7 J Plato      Renault Laguna 34:33.469
 8 J Bintcliffe Audi A4        34:33.594
 9 J Cleland    Vauxhall Vec   34:38.043
10 P Radisich   Ford Mondeo    34:38.801

Total Cup Winner
 1 M Neal       Ford

CORSICA RALLY:- Colin McRae lost ground during he first day to finish 22 seconds behind leader Gilles Panizzi in fourth place. The Scot claimed the day's opening stage over 25.5kms in the mountains from Verghia to Pietra Rossa. But Carlos Sainz took the next three stages over narrow and twisting roads before finishing the day in third. World champion Tommi Makinen failed to keep up with the pace in his Mitsubishi and came in sixth, just behind Piero Liatti.

Positions after stage 6
(end of first day)        hrs mins secs
 1 G Panizzi  Fr  Peugeot    1:25:57
 2 F Delecour Fr  Peugeot    1:26:02
 3 C Sainz    Sp  Ford       1:26:16
 4 C McRae    GB  Subaru     1:26:19
 5 P L atti   It  Subaru     1:26:29
 6 T Makinen  Fin Mitsubishi 1:26:35
 7 P Buglaski Fr  Renault    1:27:48
 8 A Schwarz  Ger Ford       1:28:45
 9 C Balesi   Fr  Renault    1:29:45
10 U Nittel   Ger Mitsubishi 1:30:01

F.RENAULT:- Marc Hynes took his Swan National Formula Renault Sport hat-trick with victory in round three of the Championship at Thruxton. Hynes came home in 12:50.852 with David Henderson second in 12:52.750 and Darren Malkin third in 12:55.891.

1 S Hendy       Escort Cos   1:12.16
2 T Davies      Metro 6R4    1:12.33
3 P Lloyd       Metro 6R4    1:13.36
4 C Griffiths   Subaru       1:13.47
5 J Price       Metro 6R4    1:14.43

F1:- Top designer John Barnard has given the struggling Arrows team a major boost by agreeing to become technical director. The 51-year-old had been linked with Tom Walkinshaw's team since leaving Ferrari earlier this season. Barnard replaces Frank Dernie, who has left the team. His arrival should be of great benefit to reigning world champion Damon Hill, who has failed to finish a Grand Prix since joining Arrows from Williams.

CORSICA RALLY:- Carlos Sainz and Francois Delecour were neck and neck at the head of the rally leaderboard after a cow put paid to Tommi M kinen's chances of victory. Sainz and Delecour arrived reached the end of the second day with a total time of 2 hrs 59 mins 1 sec. First day leader Gilles Panizzi is just nine secs in arrears, with Scotland's Colin McRae in fourth place. Makinen was forced to retire after his car hit the cow and was forced off the road on the day's opening stage.

Colin McRae, who maintained his fourth position while closing the gap on the leaders to a ere 19 seconds, had the misfortune of picking the wrong tyres. Despite no rain appearing an hour before the start of the first 49km stage, McRae's Subaru team opted for dry weather tyres - to their cost. Thunderous dark clouds had looked threatening and heavy rain soon came. "Pure and simple we were caught out and the time we lost in a downpour was just too much to claw back," said McRae.

Positions after stage 12
(At end of day two)      hrs mins secs
 1 C Sainz    Sp  Ford       2:59:01
 = F Delecour Fr  Peugeot    2:59:01
 3 G Panizzi  Fr  Peugeot    2:59:10
 4 C McRae    GB  Subaru     2:59:20
 5 P L atti   It  Subaru     3:00:34
 6 P Bugalski Fr  Renault    3:03:23
 7 U Nittel   Ger Mitsubishi 3:05:21
 8 S Jordan   Fr  Mitsubishi 3:05:25
 9 A Schwarz  Ger Ford       3:06:22
10 F Mariani  Fr  Subaru     3 08:21

Heinz-Harald Frentzen is hoping to build on his first victory in Imola in this Sunday's race in Monaco. The Williams driver is currently third in the Championship with four other drivers, but is relishing the chance to drive on his adopted home circuit. "It's the type of track where you drive in a trance," he said. "It's a bit like bobsleigh racing in a tunnel. There is only a small bit of track and you are a ways looking for the next corner."

Michael Schumacher said he was always wary of the circuit in Monaco. "It's a track where the smallest error can cost you dearly as I found out last year," said Schumacher who crashed on the first lap in 1996. "Everywhere the track is lined up by steel barriers or unforgiving walls. You don't have an inch to spare on most of the corners. You have to drive with a bit in reserve but in qualifying you cannot even afford to do that."

Eddie Irvine has been given a key role in Ferrari's bid to replace Williams as Formula One's dominant team. The Ulsterman's second and third place finishes in Argentina and San Marino earned parise from team boss Jean Todt. "Eddie and Michael (Schumacher) complement each other. Eddie gets on well with the team and ith Michael, which is important," said Todt. "Williams have worked better in qualifying than we have. But we have some idea of what we have to do."

Damon Hill is hoping the winding streets of Monte Carlo will provide him with his first finish this season. "I think we'll be better off at Monaco than other circuits," he said. "It's unique in that the track surface and demands from the car are different. Really we should be building a separate car so we have to adapt the car to go there." Hill's prospects with Arrows have been boosted by John Barnard's arrival as the team's new F1 technical director.

Races in Monaco are always tense affairs with the tight track making overtaking difficult. The narrow, bumpy streets that make up the track are also the main streets of of the city so there is no room to make any expansion to the circuit. In a bid to improve things, the track has been resurfaced from the chicane after the tunnel and along the harbour to the Rascasse hairpin. The changes have ncreased the track by around 3.3m in length.

CORSICA RALLY:- Colin McRae produced a sensational last stage to snatch a dramatic victory. The Scot started the final day in fourth place, 19 seconds behind leaders Carlos Sainz and Francois Delecour. He closed the gap to seven seconds with one stage to go and took risks in the 34.33km mountainous drive between Stiliccione and Marati. The 1995 world champion made up 15 seconds on Sainz in the stage and finished eight seconds ahead of the Spaniard. Gilles Panizzi was third. Colin McRae said he had been forced to adopt a positive attitude after he snatched victory in Corsica. "I would have preferred dry conditions because we didn't do much testing with the rain tyres," he said. "But it was okay. I didn't have much choice anyway and my only option was to attack." Runner-up Carlos Sainz said: "I didn't know the last stage well and Colin's tyres were better than mine for wet roads. I hope it was fun to watch."

Final positions after stage 18
                         hrs mins secs
 1 C McRae    GB  Subaru     4:31:08
 2 C Sainz    Sp  Ford       4:31:16
 3 G Panizzi  Fr  Peugeot    4:31:46
 4 F Delecour Fr  Peugeot    4:32:03
 5 P Liatti   It  Subaru     4:33:07
 6 P Bugalski Fr  Renault    4:37:48
 7 S Jordan   Fr  Renault    4:39:36
 8 U Nittel   Ger Mitsubishi 4:40:48
 9 A Schwarz  Ger Ford       4:41:43
10 F Mariani  Fr  Subaru     4:44:55

 1 T Makinen   Fin Mitsubishi  28 pts
 2 C McRae     GB  Subaru      25
 3 C Sainz     Sp  Ford        18
 = P Liatti    It  Subaru      18
 5 A Schwarz   Ger Ford        11
 6 K Eriksson  Swe Subaru      10
 7 G Panizzi   Fr  Peugeot      8
 8 R Burns     GB  Mitsubishi   6
 = F Loix      Bel Toyota       6
10 I Duncan    Ken Toyota       4

1 Subaru       54 pts
2 Mitsubishi   36
3 Ford         29

Johnny Herbert topped the times in opening free practice as in-form Heinz-Harald Frentzen crashed against the tight railings of the famous circuit. Herbert, in his Sauber, clocked a best time of 1:21.188 to ease one tenth of a second clear of Michael Schumacher. It was an encouraging start to the weekend for Herbert, but it was a day Williams may prefer to forget. In addition to Frentzen sliding into the barriers, they also saw Jacques Villeneuve finish third.

Britain's Johnny Herbert could hardly believe his eyes after setting the fastest lap time in opening practice. Herbert, who lives in Monaco, realised he was quickest when he saw his time on a giant video screen as he drove up the hill towards Casino Square. "It was a good moment for me and I hope I can have another like that on Saturday," the Sauber driver said. "We did a lot of work on the set-up of the car in testing at Barcelona last week and that is paying off now."

Thursday's free practice times:mins secs
 1 J Herbert      GB  Sauber   1:21.188
 2 M Schumacher   Ger Ferrari  1:21.330
 3 J Villeneuve   Can Williams 1:21.445
 4 G Fisichella   It  Jordan   1:21.463
 5 G Berger       Aut Benetton 1:21.573
 6 M Hakkinen     Fin McLaren  1:21.675
 7 H Frentzen     Ger Williams 1:21.885
 8 R Schumacher   Ger Jordan   1:21.939
 9 D Hill         GB  Arrows   1:21.962
10 J Alesi        Fr  Benetton 1:22.010
11 D Coulthard    GB  McLaren  1:22.020
12 E Irvine       GB  Ferrari  1:22.072
13 R Barrichello  Brz Stewart  1:22.370
14 N Larini       It  Sauber   1:22.383
15 P Diniz        Brz Arrows   1:22.622
16 J Verstappen   Hol Tyrrell  1:23.056
17 O Panis        Fr  Prost    1:23.096
18 M Salo         Fin Tyrrell  1:23.483
19 J Magnussen    Den Stewart  1:23.810
20 J Trulli       It  Minardi  1:25.178
21 S Nakano       Jpn Prost    1:25.530
22 U Katayama     Jpn Minardi  1:39.353

SPORTSCARS:- British fans will get their first look at the all-new Merecdes Silver Arrows this weekend as the worlds fastest sportscars contest round two of the GT series. But Steve Soper will start favourite for the 1997 Empire Trophy after a stunning victory at Hockenheim in the Team BMW McLaren. Reigning champion Ray Bellm is another leading contender, with new partner Andrew Gilbert-Scott. Many teams are treating the race as a shakedown trial for Le Mans.

MINTEX RALLY SERIES:- Five points separate the top six drivers as the Rally moves on to the third round stage, over 120 miles of closed Isle of Man roads on Saturday. Oxford based Steve Hill leads the race after the first two rounds, but he will be closely pursued by veteran multiple tarmac champion John Price. Scottish championship leader Brian Lyall's Subaru is in third place. Steve Petch heads the showroom class hopes, and Guy Anderson is the leader of the two wheel drive F2 category.

RALLYING:- Former world champion Juha Kankkunen will replace German Armin Schwarz at Ford for the rest of the season. Kankkunen will team up with Spaniard Carlos Sainz in the Argentinian rally on May 22-24. Ford said there had been difficulty with some commercial aspects of the agreement between Schwarz and the team, forcing them to part company. Ford are third in the manufacturers' standings behing Subaru and Mitsubishi.

Heinz-Harald Frentzen dramatically snatched pole for Sunday's showdown - the first of his career. The Williams driver, fresh from his triumph at Imola, powered through late in the session to knock Michael Schumacher off top spot. Schumacher had to settle for second on the grid while Jacques Villeneuve was third fastest, Damon Hill 13th and Eddie Irvine 15th. It is the first time Villeneuve has missed a front row place in nine races.

Heinz Harald-Frentzen was in confident mood after claiming his first-ever pole in Monte Carlo. "My first victory last time, now my first pole," he said. "Things continue to get better. But I know it will be tough beating Michael Schumacher." Schumacher said he was not surprised by Frentzen's recent run of success. "I did not believe I would be fighting only one Williams," he said. "It has taken Heinz-Harald a few races to get used to the car and it will be tough."

Saturday's qualifying times:  mins secs
 1 H Frentzen     Ger Williams 1:18.216
 2 M Schumacher   Ger Ferrari  1:18.235
 3 J Villeneuve   Can Williams 1:18.583
 4 G Fisichella   It  Jordan   1:18.665
 5 D Coulthard    GB  McLaren  1:18.779
 6 R Schumacher   Ger Jordan   1 18.943
 7 J Herbert      GB  Sauber   1:19.105
 8 M Hakkinen     Fin McLaren  1 19.119
 9 J Alesi        Fr  Benetton 1:19.263
10 R Barrichello  Brz Stewart  1:19.295
11 N Larini       It  Sauber   1:19.468
12 O Panis        Fr  Prost    1:19.626
13 D Hill         GB  Arrows   1:19.674
14 M Salo         Fin Tyrrell  1:19.694
15 E Irvine       GB  Ferrari  1:19.723
16 P Diniz        Brz Arrows   1:19.860
17 G Berger       Aut Benetton 1:20.199
18 J Trulli       It  Minardi  1:20.349
19 J Magnussen    Den Stewart  1:20.516
20 U Katayama     Jpn Minardi  1:20.606
21 S Nakano       Jpn Prost    1:20.961
22 J Verstappen   Hol Tyrrell  1:21.290

Damon Hill said he was determined to complete his first race of he season after Saturday's qualifying which was won by Heinz-Harald Frentzen. His father Graham won five times in Monaco and Damon said: "I am not happy about being 13th but it was a good team effort and I want to finish the race. If you can do that here there's a good chance of being in the points. The thing about Monaco is it is always fun. It doesn's matter what time you are doing, it is fun and exciting."

STEYR PUCH MANX RALLY:- Five-times British champion Jimmy McRae snatched a dramatic three-second win after a tense battle with Brian Lyall. McRae, driving a Metro 6R4, took the lead on the 11th of 14 tarmac stages, but lost it to fellow-Scot Lyall on the penultimate stage. The 53-year-old summoned one last effort to take five seconds out on the last 3.7 mile test and secure his first win in the Manx National Rally.

Result after 14 special stages:mins secs
 1 McRae/Arthur   MG Metro     1:50:15
 2 Lyall/Bennie   Subaru Imp   1:50:18
 3 Hill/Rabbett   Mitsubishi   1:51:05
 4 Price/Sturrock MG Metro     1:51:38
 5 McK'try/P'pott Porsche 911  1:52:53
 6 Harron/McCrea  Subaru Leg   1:53:49
 7 Grierson/Merry Subaru Imp   1:53:50
 8 Worswick/M'eux Ford Sierra  1:54:09
 9 Duckworth/B'ld Ford Sierra  1:54:19
10 Smith/Kitson   Lancia Delta 1:55:33


Result after 62 laps         hr min sec
 1 M Schumacher   Ger Ferrari  2:00.05
 2 R Barrichello  Brz Stewart @     53
 3 E Irvine       GB  Ferrari @   1.22
 4 O Panis        Fr  Prost   @   1.44
 5 M Salo         Fin Tyrrell @ one lap
 6 G Fisichella   It  Jordan  @ one lap
 7 J Magnussen    Den Stewart @ one lap
 8 J Verstappen   Hol Tyrrell @ two laps
 9 G Berger       Aut Ben'ton @ two laps
10 U Katayama     Jpn Minardi @ two laps

 1 M Schumacher  Ger  Ferrari   24 pts
 2 J Villeneuve  Can  Williams  20
 3 E Irvine      GB   Ferrari   14
 4 D Coulthard   GB   McLaren   10
 = G Berger      Aut  Benetton  10
 = HH Frentzen   Ger  Williams  10
 = M Hakkinen    Fin  McLaren   10
 8 O Panis       Fr   Prost      9
 9 R Barrichello Brz  Stewart    6
10 R Schumacher  Ger  Jordan     4
 = G Fisichella  It   Peugeot    4
12 J Herbert     GB   Sauber     3
 = J Alesi       Fr   Benetton   3
14 M Salo        Fin  Tyrrell    2
15 N Larini      It   Sauber     1

1 Ferrari               38 points
2 Williams              30
3 McLaren-Mercedes      20
4 Benetton Renault      13
5 Prost Honda            9
6 Jordan Peugeot         8
7 Stewart-Ford           6

Michael Schumacher overcame treacherous conditions which turned the race into a lottery to record a superb win, despite a heart-stopping spin near the end. Schumacher got off to a magnificent start to grab the lead which he was never in danger of relinquishing. However, he misjudged a corner and spun off during the latter stages but regained his composure to seal victory. The 28-year-old finished 53 seconds ahead of Rubens Barrichello with Eddie Irvine in third at the rain-hit resort.

Michael Schumacher admitted correct tyre choice had played a huge part in his comfortable victory - the 23rd GP win in the German's illustrious career. Ferrari mechanics ensured Schu started the race with wet weather tyres after rain began before the GP got underway. "It was very difficult but we made the right choice about set up and tyres," said Schumacher afterwards. "I must admit I was very surprised to see some of the other cars starting on slicks," he added.

Damon Hill crashed out after losing a wheel in a collision with Ferrari driver Eddie Irvine on the first lap. It continued the misery for the Arrows ace who has yet to complete a Grand Prix so far this season. "It was very sad. I was behind Irvine when a lot of cars hit trouble at the end of the tunnel. A Benetton went over the kerb and stopped in the middle of the track. Irvine was forced to stop, and I went into the back of him," said Hill.

Brazilian Rubens Barrichello finished second to ensure Jackie Stewart's new team grabbed their first world championship points. "I can't tell you how happy I am," said Scottish legend Stewart before being overcome by emotion. Son Paul added: "I can't describe the feeling. To finish second in our first attempt at Monaco is unbelievable." Meanwhile delighted driver Rubens Barrichello enthused: "I'm surprised to be second but very proud for the team."

Eddie Irvine battled through the field to finish an excellent third after starting from 15th spot on the grid. Irvine made steady progress through the field, aided by numerous crashes which saw no less than 11 drivers fail to finish the rain-shortened race. The 31-year-old shot up to sixth and was locked in a battle with Olivier Panis and Mika Salo for much of the GP. But Northern Irishman Irvine gained the upper hand and even enjoyed the luxury of a late pit stop.

Top 10 positions:                  mph
 1 A Luyendyk Hol G-Force Aurora 218.263
 2 T Stewart  US  G-Force Aurora 218.021
 3 V Sospiri  It  Dallara-Aurora 216.822
 4 B Buhl     US  G-Force Aurora 216.102
 5 S Goodyear Can G-Force Aurora 215.811
 6 J Ward     US  G-Force Aurora 215.517
 7 J Guthrie  US  Dallara-Aurora 215.207
 8 D Hamilton US  G-Force Aurora 214.484
 9 E Salazar  Chi Dallara-Aurora 214.320
10 B Lazier   US  Dallara-Aurora 214.286

RIO 400, Rio de Janeiro
Qualifying times:              seconds
 1 M Gugelmin  Brz Reynard-Merc 39.034
 2 R Moreno    Brz Swift-Ford   39.235
 3 B Rahal     US  Reynard-Ford 39.337
 4 B Herta     US  Reynard-Ford 39.337
 5 P Tracy     Can Penske-Merc  39.350
 6 M Andretti  US  Swift-Ford   39.355
 7 S Pruett    US  Reynard-Ford 39.387
 8 G Moore     Can Reynard-Merc 39.388
 9 A Unser     US  Penske-Merc  39.540
10 G de Ferran Brz Reynard-H'da 39.609

F3:- Johnny Kane dominated the fifth round of the Autosport British Formula Three Championship at Silverstone. The Ulsterman lapped three seconds faster than any other driver for much of the race in tricky conditions. Kane recorded his third win of the year as he finished 25 seconds clear of second-placed Martin O'Connell.

Standings (after round 5 of 16)
1 J Kane       GB      86 points
2 P Dumbreck   GB      45
3 M Webber     GB      36


Result, Rio de Janeiro
 1 P Tracy	CDN	Penske Mercedes		2:10:47.337
 2 G Moore	CDN	Reynard Mercedes	+1.605
 3 S Pruett	USA	Reynard Ford		+2.253
 4 A Zanardi	I	Reynard Honda		133 laps
 5 R Boesel	Brz	Reynard Ford		133 laps
 6 B Herta	USA	Reynard Ford		133 laps
 7 A Unser Jr	USA	Penske Mercedes		133 laps
 8 M Blundell	GB	Reynard Mercedes	133 laps
 9 J Vasser	USA	Reynard Honda		133 laps
10 B Rahal	USA	Reynard Ford		-1 lap

F1:- Jackie Stewart has paid tribute to Michael Schumacher and insists the German is worth every penny of his astonishing £50m salary. The German's current fee of £16m a year is far higher than any other driver and has agreed a two-year extension which will net another £50m. "He is the best racing driver in the world. He is paid the most, but deserves every penny," said Stewart. "I'm sure Ferrari had not regrets in agreeing to what he asked."

Monaco master Michael Schumacher believes his lead in the drivers' World title race could be short-lived. He expects his Ferrai to be outpaced by Williams duo Jacques Villeneuve and Heinz Harald Frentzen when Formula One moves to Spain on Sunday week. "Barcelona is one of those circuits we are not competitive on. We have never been able to discover why that is. I wish we could cancel Barcelona and go onto the next race in Canada instead," the German commented.

F1:- Damon Hill's hopes of ending his Formula One points drought with the Arrows team has suffered a setback. The world champion said that the new Yamaha engine lacked "promise" following a testing session at the Magny-Cours circuit in France. "The new engine we have been trying here hasn't shown too much promise so we're going to be using the same engine for the rest of the season," said Hill. The new engine was originally scheduled to be used in the San Marino Grand Prix.

The last grand prix of the season in Portugal, is apparently back on after an earlier announcement that it had been switched to Jerez in Spain. An FIA statement said the October 26 race could not take place at Estoril because of work being carried out at the circuit. But the Portuguese government replied that it would definitely go ahead. A Portuguese FIA official also confirmed that the race was on - but with a new date of November 9.

RAC RALLY:- Network Q has extended its sponsorship of the RAC Rally into the 21st century with a new agreement lasting until 2002 The used-car retailer has been supporting the race since 1993. "It's great news for British rallying," said RACMSA chief executive John Quenby. "It's a vote of confidence in the high standards of our most important event." The 1997 Network Q Rally takes place on November 22-25. The race HQ will be at Cheltenham Racecourse.

16.05.97 - TOURING CARS
Championship leader Alain Menu again grabbed the attention as he topped the timesheets after six hours of official testing for Sunday's races. The Swiss star, winner of four of the first six rounds of this year's event, took his Renault Laguna round in more than a second under the lap record. The Honda's of James Thompson and Gabriele Tarquini led the chasing pack, as 15 cars were separated by a second. Sunday sees two 38-lap races over the tight Brands Hatch Indy circuit.

Leading Friday testing times from Brands Hatch:
 1 A Menu      Swi Renault       44.556
 2 J Thompson  GB  Honda Accord  44.639
 3 G Tarquini  It  Honda Accord  44.646
 4 J Plato     GB  Renault       44.714
 5 A Reid      GB  Nissan        44.769
 6 R Rydell    Swe Volvo S40     44.877
 7 D Leslie    GB  Nissan        44.908
 8 P Radisich  NZ  Ford Mondeo   44.973
 9 P Watts     GB  Peugeot 406   45.045
10 J B'cliffe  GB  Audi A4       45.145

F1:- Current world champion Damon Hill has become the subject of intense speculation in the Formula One paddock, regarding his future with Arrows. Hill has been linked with McLaren, Sauber and Benetton in the past, but now Alain Prost has taken an interest in his former Williams teammate. Prost could be looking for a new driver to partner Olivier Panis next season. "I will be keeping in touch with Damon, but I think it is a little too soon to come to any firm decision," he said.

Jacques Villeneuve is confident he can regain the initiative in the world championship race in Spain - providing he manages to finish the race. He lost the lead in the drivers' table to Michael Schumacher after crashing out of the Monaco Grand Prix last week. "At least I've won every time I've finished," said the Canadian. "There are still 12 races left. What's really important is that we finish more of them, because not finishing three times out of five is too much."

TOURING CARS:- Renault and Honda look set to battle for supremacy in Sunday's double header after qualifying at Brands Hatch. Alain Menu put his Renault Laguna on pole for round seven by heading the lap times with 44.845 secs. But he was only third fastest in the second qualifying session with Gabriele Tarquini (44.909) putting his Honda Accord at the front of the grid. The two races will both be shown live on BBC Grandstand, with start times of 12.45 and 3.45pm.

Leading qualifying times for round
seven at Brands Hatch:            secs
 1 A Menu      Swi Renault       44.826
 2 J Plato     GB  Renault       44.845
 3 J Thompson  GB  Honda Accord  44.916
 4 G Tarquini  It  Honda Accord  44.994
 5 A Reid      GB  Nissan        45.007
 6 D Leslie    GB  Nissan        45.046
 7 W Hoy       GB  Ford Mondeo   45.300
 8 F Biela     Ger Audi A4       45.310
 9 P Watts     GB  Peugeot 406   45.315
10 R Rydell    Swe Volvo S40     45.340

Leading qualifying times for round
eight at Brands Hatch:            secs
 1 G Tarquini  It  Honda Accord  44.909
 2 J Thompson  GB  Honda Accord  44.939
 3 A Menu      Swi Renault       44.959
 4 A Reid      GB  Nissan        45.112
 5 J Plato     GB  Renault       44.240
 6 R Rydell    Swe Volvo S40     45.256
 7 D Leslie    GB  Nissan        45.309
 8 P Radisich  NZ  Ford Mondeo   45.393
 9 J B'cliffe  GB  Audi A4       45.416
10 K Burt      GB  Volvo S40     45.428

TOURING CARS- Alain Menu in a Renault won the seventh round of the Championships at Brands Hatch with James Thompson driving a Honda Accord taking second spot. Menu's Renault team-mate Jason Plato came third less than a second behind. In round eight, Thompson gained revenge when he took the chequered flag ahead of Menu, who could only finish fourth. The Briton outgunned his Honda team-mate Gabriele Tarquini to win easily with David Leslie in a Nissan denying Menu to finish in third place.

Result of round seven:      mins:secs
 1 A Menu      Swi Renault  29:07.076
 2 J Thompson  GB  Honda    29:11.856
 3 J Plato     GB  Renault  29:12.270
 4 D Leslie    GB  Nissan   29:12.567
 5 A Reid      GB  Nissan   29:12.780
 6 G Tarquini  It  Honda    29:13.011
 7 R Rydell    Swe Volvo    29:22.917
 8 K Burt      GB  Volvo    29:23.385
 9 F Biela     Ger Audi     29:23.878
10 D Warwick   GB  Vauxhall 29:24.903

Result of round eight:      mins secs
 1 J Thompson  GB  Honda    29:03.363
 2 G Tarquini  It  Honda    29:08.624
 3 D Leslie    GB  Nissan   29:12.104
 4 A Menu      Swi Renault  29:16.499
 5 J Plato     GB  Renault  29:16.900
 6 F Biela     Ger Audi     29:19.737
 7 P Radisich  NZ  Ford     29:22.393
 8 K Burt      GB  Volvo    29:23.292
 9 J Cleland   GB  Vauxhall 29:23.733
10 T Harvey    GB  Peugeot  29:27.311

Drivers' standings after round eight:
1 A Menu         Renault Laguna  107 pts
2 G Tarquini     Honda Accord     63
3 R Rydell       Volvo S40        52
4 J Plato        Renault Laguna   46
5 D Leslie       Nissan Primera   40
6 J Thompson     Honda Accord     39

Manufacturers' standings:
1 Renault       105 pts
2 Honda          80
3 Volvo          75
4 Nissan         60
5 Audi           56
6 Peugeot        43
7 Vauxhall       38

F3:- Nicolas Minassian won the British Formula Three Championship at Croft in Yorkshire when he beat series leader Jonny Kane into second place. Scotland's Peter Dumbreck followed home in third place having started from sixth on the grid to earn himself the Driver of the Day award.

Points standings after six rounds:
1 J Kane       Stewart Racing  101 pts
2 P Dumbreck   Stewart Racing   78
3 N Minassian  Renault          51
4 M Webber     Docking Racing   47
5 M Haberfeld  Donnelly Racing  34
6 E Bernoldi   Renault          28

TOURING CARS:- Reigning British Touring Car champions Audi have had their weight handicap reduced by 30kgs with immediate effect. The Audis have struggled this season, with only one win from the first eight races, as their four wheel drive cars have carried a 95kgs weight ballast. Under the new legislation, the figure will drop to 65kgs and current champion Frank Biela said: "This will not make us winners again but we can challenge." Oulton Park stages rounds nine and ten of the championship on Monday.

RALLY ARGENTINA:- Colin McRae reaches the half-way point of his World Championship campaign with the prospect of taking over at the top of the drivers' points table. The Scot lies just two points behind Tommi Makinen following his thrilling victory in France. "Although Argentina has never been kind to me, it's a great, high-speed event," said McRae. "There's no reason why the car should be less competitive, so I am feeling pretty confident about our chances."

Rally schedule
THURSDAY 366kms - 8 stages
FRIDAY 463.9kms - 10 stages
SATURDAY 332.21kms - 5 stages
Overall distance 998.16kms

21.05.97 - F1
Gianni Morbidelli will replace Nicola Larini at the wheel of a Sauber in the forthcoming world Formula One races. Ferrari has released Morbidelli, its current test driver - and Larini returns to Ferrari as test driver. Larini had complained that Sauber officials favoured the other team driver, Britain's Johnny Herbert. Morbidelli will make his debut in a Sauber-Petronas in the Spanish Grand Prix at Barcelona Sunday.

Damon Hill will be hoping for a drastic improvement in fortunes after an awful start to 1997, which has seen the World Champion fail to finish a single race. Hill's Arrows car has been beset by technical problems which ended the 36-year-old's chances in Australia, Brazil and Argentina. And he was forced out at San Marino after an early collision. Hill started from pole at the 1996 Spanish Grand Prix but will undoutedly begin further down the grid this time.

Michael Schumacher leapfrogged ahead of Jacques Villeneuve in the drivers' standings after his magnificent victory at a rain drenched Monaco. Schumacher led from the start to record his 23rd Grand Prix win as Ferrari sealed their first triumph in the principality since 1981. The German is chasing a hat-trick of Spanish successes after victories at the Catalunya circuit in 1995 and 1996. Schumacher qualified third fastest last year and set the fastest lap of 1:45.517.

Last year's race was hampered by wet weather and although Damon Hill qualified on pole, it was arch rival Michael Schumacher who triumphed. Hill's then Williams teammate Jacques Villeneuve grabbed the early advantage to lead after the first lap. The drama began at the end of lap 10 when Villeneuve relinquished the lead to Schumacher and Hill spun off. The German began to build up a comprehensive lead over his nearest rivals and eventually cruised home.

Barcelona is one of the most advanced circuits on the F1 calender with a host of long straights and fast corners with numerous overtaking opportunities. The track hosted its first race in 1991 and is renowned for the bumpy surface which can severely test even the best driver's stamina. But the chicane after the Campsa corner has gone, presenting a superb chance for outbraking into La Caixa hairpin. The final two bends are fast and a tiny error can result in an early exit.

TOURING CARS:- Yorkshire's James Thompson is hopeful of further success in the Spring Bank Holiday double header at Oulton Park. Thompson won round eight at Brands Hatch last weekend and is hopeful of outpacing Renault duo Alain Menu and Jason Plato again. "We've proven that the Accord can go well anywhere and Oulton is always a favourite because it's such a good drivers's circuit," said Thompson. "The team's strong and we're closing the Renaults down all the time.

RALLY ARGENTINA:- Reigning world champion Tommi Makinen ended the first day at the head of a three-way fight for the lead with Colin McRae and Carlos Sainz chasing hard. Makinen moved to the front of the event on the third stage but then saw his advantage slowly chipped away through the remaining four stages of the day. McRae, who set the fastest times on stages six, seven and eight, was just eight seconds behind at the end. The Scot said: "I didn't want to push too hard this morning."

Positions after 7 stages:   hrs mins secs
 1 T Makinen   Fin Mitsubishi  1:37.55
 2 C McRae     GB  Subaru      1:39.04
 3 C Sainz     Sp  Ford        1:38.08
 4 R Burns     GB  Mitsubishi  1:38.26
 5 J Kankkunen Fin Ford        1:38.50
 6 K Eriksson  Swe Subaru      1:39.05
 7 M Gronholm  Fin Toyota      1:40.28
 8 D Auriol    Fr  Toyota      1:43.49
 9 G Trelles   Uru Mitsubishi  1:45.40
10 R Sufan     Arg Toyota      1:46.15

Damon Hill's season of woe continued in Spain as under-pressure Jean Alesi finally took Benetton back to the top of the standings. Hill could only manage 20th place out of 22 for the Arrows team at the end of the opening practice sessions. The world champion was just over four seconds slower than Alesi. Hill, still searching for his first race finish after five starts, had to endure another seósion at the back of the pack.

Damon Hill and Tom Walkinshaw were forced to put on a brave face after a disappointing day for Arrows yet again. Hill said: "It doesn't look very good from the outside but we have been doing mostly race work with full tanks. We are not finding our qualifying performance right now. We have done some very useful work for the race." Team owner Tom Walkinshaw said: "I can't pretend to be happy with today's results but Damon's work is important."

Friday's free practice times: mins secs
 1 J Alesi        Fr  Benetton 1:19.566
 2 J Villeneuve   Can Williams 1:19.766
 3 R Schumacher   Ger Jordan   1:20.178
 4 G Fisichella   It  Jordan   1:20.537
 5 G Berger       Aut Benetton 1:20.933
 6 D Coulthard    GB  McLaren  1:21.312
 7 M Schumacher   Ger Ferrari  1:21.319
 8 J Herbert      GB  Sauber   1:21.379
 9 M Hakkinen     Fin McLaren  1:21.421
10 E Irvine       GB  Ferrari  1:21.423
11 O Panis        Fr  Prost    1:21.636
12 H-H Frentzen   Ger Williams 1:21.887
13 J Magnussen    Den Stewart  1:22.839
14 M Salo         Fin Tyrrell  1:22.849
15 U Katayama     Jpn Minardi  1:22.892
16 S Nakano       Jpn Prost    1:23.191
17 J Verstappen   Hol Tyrrell  1:23.209
18 R Barrichello  Brz Stewart  1:23.246
19 G Morbidelli   It  Sauber   1:23.451
20 D Hill         GB  Arrows   1:23.592
21 P Diniz        Brz Arrows   1:25.592
22 J Trulli       It  Minardi  1:25.064

TOURING CARS:- Championship leader Alain Menu smashed the Oulton Park qualifying lap record in the first day of testing for the Bank Holiday Monday double header. The Swiss driver sliced nearly a second off Frank Biela's time with a lap of 58.910 secs in the Renault Laguna. Honda duo Gabriele Tarquini and James Thompson were his closest rivals, with teammate Jason Plato fourth fastest. Further testing will take place on Saturday, with official qualifying taking place on Sunday.

Friday testing times:          secs
 1 A Menu       Swi Renault   58.910
 2 G Tarquini   It  Honda     59.192
 3 J Thompson   GB  Honda     59.225
 4 J Plato      GB  Renault   59.294
 5 R Rydell     Swe Volvo     59.298
 6 A Reid       GB  Nissan    59.530
 7 K Burt       GB  Volvo     59.557
 8 W Hoy        GB  Ford      59.680
 9 J Bintcliffe GB  Audi      59.785
10 T Harvey     GB  Peugeot   59.832

RALLY ARGENTINA:- Reigning world champion Tommi Makinen is poised for his third win of the season after extending his lead over Colin McRae to 61 seconds. The Mitsubishi driver had just eight secs in hand at the start of day two and McRae cut his advantage to five on the 12th stage. But the Scot's challenge was hampered by differential problems and a power steering failure. Richard Burns had to retire with broken rear suspension on stage 16.

Positions after 18 stages:
(end of day two)           hrs mins secs
 1 T Makinen   Fin Mitsubishi  3:44.02
 2 C McRae     GB  Subaru      3:45.03
 3 C Sainz     Sp  Ford        3:45.59
 4 K Eriksson  Swe Subaru      3:47.22
 5 M Gronholm  Fin Toyota      3:52.47
 6 D Auriol    Fr  Toyota      3:58.03
 7 G Trelles   Uru Mitsubishi  4:04.53
 8 R Sufan     Arg Toyota      4:05.58
 9 H Rovanpera Fin Seat        4:08.31
10 G Raies     Arg Renault     4:10.05

Jacques Villeneuve snatched pole from Williams teammate Heinz-Harald Frentzen right at the end of qualifying. Frentzen dominated the latter stages to clock 1:16.791 but Villeneuve posted 1:16.525 in the dying seconds to grab his fifth pole position of the season. Michael Schumacher's hopes of victory at Barcelona were hit when the German blew his Ferrari's engine and was forced to use the back-up car. Damon Hill's misery continued when he could only qualify in 15th spot.

Jacques Villeneuve expressed relief at getting the better of Williams teammate Heinz-Harald Frentzen after securing the eighth pole of his career. "Heinz-Harald made it a real battle. We couldn't get it right until the end of the session," said Villeneuve. "But I am feeling very good and very consident for the race. It was important to get pole here," he added. Scot David Coulthard was third fastest and said: "We are in good shape to get on the podium."

Saturday's qualifying:        mins secs
 1 J Villeneuve   Can Williams 1:16.525
 2 H-H Frentzen   Ger Williams 1:16.791
 3 D Coulthard    GB  McLaren  1:17.521
 4 J Alesi        Fr  Benetton 1:17.717
 5 M Hakkinen     Fin McLaren  1:17.737
 6 G Berger       Aut Benetton 1:18.041
 7 M Schumacher   Ger Ferrari  1:18.313
 8 G Fisichella   It  Jordan   1:18.385
 9 R Schumacher   Ger Jordan   1:18.423
10 J Herbert      GB  Sauber   1:18.494
11 E Irvine       GB  Ferrari  1:18.873
12 O Panis        Fr  Prost    1:19.157
13 G Morbidelli   It  Sauber   1:19.323
14 M Salo         Fin Tyrrell  1:20.079
15 D Hill         GB  Arrows   1:20.098
16 S Nakano       Jpn Prost    1:20.103
17 R Barrichello  Brz Stewart  1:20.255
18 J Trulli       It  Minardi  1:20.452
19 J Verstappen   Hol Tyrrell  1:20.582
20 U Katayama     Jpn Minardi  1:20.672
21 P Diniz        Brz Arrows   1:21.029
22 J Magnussen    Den Stewart  1:21.060

Leading grid positions for Sunday's
race:                         mins/secs
 1 A Luyendyk  Hol G Force     2:44.939
 2 T Stewart   US  G Force     2:45.122
 3 V Sospiri   It  Dallara     2:46.035
 4 R Buhl      US  G Force     2:46.588
 5 S Goodyear  Can G Force     2:46.813
 6 J Guthrie   US  Dallara     2:47.281
 7 J Ward      US  G Force     2:47.819
 8 D Hamilton  US  G Force     2:47.845
 9 E Salazar   Chi Dallara     2:47.973
10 B Lazier    US  Dallara     2:48.000
11 E Cheever   US  G Force     2:48.167
12 R Gordon    US  G Force     2:48.847

INDYCAR - MOTOROLA 300 (Gateway Park)
Result after 236 laps:
 1 P Tracy       Can Penske Merc   (average speed 113.884mph)
 2 P Carpentier  Can Reyn'd Merc
 3 A Zanardi     It  Reyn'd Honda
 4 G de Ferran   Brz Reyn'd Honda
 5 J Vasser      US  Reyn'd Honda
 6 M Gugelmin    Brz Reyn'd Merc
 7 P Johnstone   US  Reyn'd Honda
 8 A Fernandez   Mex Lola Honda
 9 R Hearn       US  Lola Ford
10 A Ribeiro     Brz Lola Honda

Series standings:
1 Tracy 85 pts
2 Vasser 67
3 Pruett 61
Canadian Paul Tracy increased his lead in the CART Series standings to 18 points with his third successive win. He passed Alex Zanardi and Patrick Carpentier in the final five laps, with the latter low on fuel and unable to hold Tracy off. But Carpentier hung on to second place with Gil de Ferran pipping Zanardi for third after a final lap charge. Tracy is the first driver to win three in a row since Al Unser junior achieved the feat in 1994.

RALLY ARGENTINA:- Reigning world champion Tommi Makinen kept Colin McRae at bay on the final day to register his third victory of the season. The Mitsubishi maintained his 61 second overnight lead to the finish to go six points clear in the championship race. "Realistically we had little if any hope of catching Tommi and it would been been silly to throw away second position trying," said McRae. The day's second stage was cancelled for safety reasons due to huge crowds.

Final positions after 23 stages:
                            hrs mins secs
 1 T Makinen   Fin Mitsubishi  4:25.38
 2 C McRae     GB  Subaru      4:26.39
 3 K Eriksson  Swe Subaru      4:30.36
 4 M Gronholm  Fin Toyota      4:35.16
 5 D Auriol    Fr  Toyota      4:40.13
 6 G Trelles   Uru Mitsubishi  4:49.38
 7 R Sufan     Arg Toyota      4:49.51
 8 H Rovanpera Fin Seat        4:55.21
 9 O Gomez     Sp  Seat        4:58.44
10 P Sibera    Cz  Skoda       4:59.45

1 T Makinen   Fin           38 pts
2 C McRae     GB            32
3 C Sainz     Sp            18
= P Liatti    It            18
5 K Eriksson  Swe           14
6 A Schwarz   Swe           11
8 R Burns     GB             6 pts

1 Subaru                    64 pts
2 Mitsubishi                46
3 Ford                      29

F1:- The British Grand Prix faces the threat of extinction if a Europe-wide ban on tobacco advertising is implemented, according to The Sunday Times. Reports suggest Formula One chiefs are ready to axe the British, Spanish, Belgian and French GPs. The number of European races each year would be cut down from 12 to four. Those events would then relocate in other venues around the world, initially thought to be Asia, the Far East and possibly America.

Result after 64 laps          hr min sec
 1 J Villeneuve   Can Williams  1:30.35
 2 O Panis        Fr  Prost      @ 0.05
 3 J Alesi        Fr  Benetton   @ 0.12
 4 M Schumacher   Ger Ferrari    @ 0.17
 5 J Herbert      GB  Sauber     @ 0.27
 6 D Coulthard    GB  McLaren    @ 0.29
 7 M Hakkinen     Fin McLaren    @ 0.48
 8 H-H Frentzen   Ger Williams   @ 1.04
 9 G Fisichella   It  Jordan     @ 1.04
10 G Berger       Aut Benetton   @ 1.05
11 J Verstappen   Hol Tyrrell   one lap
12 E Irvine       GB  Ferrari   one lap
13 J Magnussen    Den Stewart   one lap
14 G Morbidelli   It  Sauber    two laps
15 J Trulli       It  Minardi   two laps

1 Ferrari               41 points
2 Williams              40
3 McLaren-Mercedes      21
4 Benetton Renault      17
5 Prost Honda           15
6 Jordan                 8
7 Stewart                6
= Sauber                 6

1 J Villeneuve  Can  Williams  30 pts
2 M Schumacher  Ger  Ferrari   27
3 O Panis       Fr   Prost     15
3 E Irvine      GB   Ferrari   14
5 D Coulthard   GB   McLaren   10
6 HH Frentzen   Ger  Williams  10
= G Berger      Aut  Benetton  10
= M Hakkinen    Fin  McLaren   10

Jacques Villeneuve cruised to victory after a commanding display which saw the Canadian surge ahead of his rivals. However, Villeneuve, who started on pole, had dropped to third after the first bend before blasting to the front. The Williams driver adopted a two stop strategy which paid off on a day when tyre wear was excessive. Michael Schumacher looked set to challenge for maximum points early on but had to settle for fourth behind Olivier Panis and Jean Alesi.

Jacques Villeneuve admitted he drove like a "maniac" after re-asserting his determination to succeed Damon Hill as Formula One world champion. "After the stupidity of Monaco it was good to get a result," said Villeneuve, whose victory put him three points clear in the drivers' standings. "We did the right thing by going for two stops, but it means you have to drive like a maniac. We have thrown away some races but the car was the best it's been all season."

Damon Hill's misery at Arrows continued when his Spanish Grand Prix ended prematurely on lap 18. Hill, who had battled his way superbly through the field into fifth spot afterstarting from 15th on the grid, was forced out after his engine blew. "Things were looking good. I was knocking on the door of the points and we had decided on a two stop strategy," said Hill in the pits afterwards. "My goal was to finish and boost team morale but the engine blew up," he said.

Damon Hill's Arrows team are to hold a series of crisis meetings to try and solve the reliability problems wrecking the world champion's season. Hill has yet to finish a race for the Oxfordshire outfit after seeing his Spanish Grand Prix challenge end when his Yamaha engine blew up. "I am desperately disappointed for Damon and the team. We must have crisis meetings with some of our suppliers to improve the performance," said Tom Walkinshaw.

Johnny Herbert won a last lap battle of Britain with David Coulthard to seal fifth spot at the Catalunya circuit. "It's a great day. I managed to get into a good position. My first set of tyres were terrible. We had to adopt a three stop strategy and I was worried we might have to make it four," said Herbert. "My last set ot tyres was the best and I could see David Coulthard was having trouble with his set of tyres and I just got passed him," Herbert added.

Ulsterman Eddie Irvine uncurred the wrath of Olivier Panis and Jean Alesi for holding the duo up. Irvine was penalised by the race marshals with a 10 second pit-lane penalty for blocking. "It's incredible. I was trying to overtake him for six or seven laps and the blue flag was out. Perhaps he has a problem with his eyes, but you just cannot speak to this man," said Panis. Alesi was forced to wave to marshals to get them to penalise Irvine.

INDIANAPOLIS 500:- The race was postponed for the first time in 11 years as heavy rain fell on the track just 10 minutes before the already rescheduled start. Before the cloudburst officials had put back the race an hour. Now it is set to take place 24 hours later on Monday. Chief steward Keith Ward said: "There's absolutely no way we can get this track dry and get a race started that would allow for 500 miles." The last time it was postponed was in 1986, when it went ahead a week later.

TOURING CARS:- Championship leader Alain Menu took pole for both of Monday's rounds at Oulton Park after a superb driving display in qualifying. The Swiss ace bettered Frank Biela's qualifying record at the Cheshire track by almost a second and was the only driver to go below 59 seconds. Menu said: "Biela is bound to be a threat in the first race and Rickard Rydell will be quick in the second." Menu's Renault team-mate Jason Plato is second on the grid for round nine.

Qualifying times - round nine: secs
 1 A Menu       Swi Renault   58.849
 2 J Plato      GB  Renault   59.278
 3 F Biela      Ger Audi      59.322
 4 G Tarquini   It  Honda     59.346
 5 J Thompson   GB  Honda     59.412
 6 K Burt       GB  Volvo     59.532
 7 P Radisich   NZ  Ford      59.600
 8 W Hoy        GB  Ford      59.758
 9 J Bintcliffe GB  Audi      59.835
10 D Leslie     GB  Nissan    59.914

Qualifying times - round 10:   secs
 1 A Menu       Swi Renault   58.909
 2 R Rydell     Swe Volvo     59.221
 3 J Plato      Ger Renault   59.251
 4 G Tarquini   It  Honda     59.300
 5 J Thompson   GB  Honda     59.326
 6 J Bintcliffe GB  Volvo     59.499
 7 K Burt       GB  Volvo     59.571
 8 F Biela      Ger Audi      59.620
 9 A Reid       GB  Nissan    59.638
10 T Harvey     GB  Peugeot   59.737

GTs:- Britain's Steve Soper and partner JJ Lehto grabbed victory in Helsinki after transmission failure wrecked the hopes of Roberto Ravaglia. BMW McLaren looked set for a 1-2 finish until Ravaglia dropped out, allowing Soper to sweep through to win by a three lap margin. Ralf Kelleners and Stephane Ortelli finished second in a Porsche. Pre-race favourites Mercedes had a bad day with Alexander Wurz crashing and Alessandro Nannini forced to retire.

Result of round three after 113 laps:  hr min sec
1 Lehto/Soper       Fin/GB  McLaren     3:31.711
2 Kelleners/Ortelli Ger/Fr  Porsche     110 laps
3 Nielsen/Bscher    Den/Ger McLaren     110 laps
4 G-Scott/Raphanel  GB/Fr   McLaren     109 laps
5 Martini/Boldrini  It/It   Porsche     108 laps

F1:- Speculation over Jacques Villeneuve's future with Williams countinues, after his commanding victory in Spain. Paddock sources indicated he had not yet signed to remain with Williams for 1998, despite indications earlier this year that he was staying. Asked about his plans for next season, the Canadian said. "Everything is OK." A win in his home Grand Prix next month would certainly improve Villeneuve's bargaining position when his pay talks with the team begin in August.

IRL:- The 81st Indianapolis 500 was again postponed by rain after 15 laps and a crash on the warm-up lap on Monday. The race, postponed for the first time in 11 years on Sunday by rain, was stopped because of some more light showers and was not restarted. It is only the third time in Indy 500 history that the race has been washed out on two days. The other times were 1973 and 1986. Organisers now hope to stage the race on Tuesday afternoon.

TOURING CARS:- A clean sweep of two pole positions and two dominant race victories at Oulton Park saw Alain Menu tighten his grip on the championship. Jason Plato was also celebrating after finishing second and fourth in rounds nine and ten, to go up to third in the overall standings. However, Menu was in a class of his own and has now won seven of the ten races in the series. The next round of races takes place at Donington Park in three weeks time.

Round nine result:            mins secs
 1 A Menu       Swi Renault   33:18.677
 2 J Plato      GB  Renault   33:21.332
 3 F Biela      Ger Audi      33:24.663
 4 J Bintcliffe GB  Audi      33:30.113
 5 J Cleland    GB  Vauxhall  33:37.118
 6 R Rydell     GB  Volvo     33:37.418
 7 A Reid       GB  Nissan    33:37.740
 8 P Radisich   NZ  Ford      33:38.833
 9 K Burt       GB  Volvo     33:39.592
10 D Leslie     GB  Nissan    33:39.980

Round Ten result:             mins secs
 1 A Menu       Swi Renault   27:25.407
 2 J Thompson   GB  Honda     27:31.571
 3 R Rydell     GB  Volvo     27:33.587
 4 J Plato      GB  Renault   27:39.779
 5 J Bintcliffe GB  Audi      27:46.809
 6 D Leslie     GB  Nissan    27:52.900
 7 P Radisich   NZ  Ford      27:55.676
 8 T Harvey     GB  Peugeot   28:11.349
 9 L Brookes    GB  Peugeot   1 lap
10 C Gallie     GB  BMW       1 lap

Drivers' standings after round 10:
1 A Menu         Renault Laguna 139 pts
2 R Rydell       Volvo S40       67
3 J Plato        Renault Laguna  66
4 G Tarquini     Honda Accord    63
5 J Thompson     Honda Accord    51
6 F Biela        Audi A4         46
7 D Leslie       Nissan Primera  46

Manufacturers' standings:
1 Renault       135 pts
2 Honda          96
3 Volvo          93
4 Audi           76
5 Nissan         72
6 Vauxhall       52
7 Peugeot        49
8 Ford           47

F.RENAULT:- Etienne van der Linde halved Marc Hynes points lead with victory in round five of the series at Oulton Park. Hynes had ten seconds added to his time for jumping the start and fell to ninth

TOP SIX FINISHERS             mins:secs
1 E vd Linde   SA Van Diemen  15:46.798
2 L Walker     GB Martini     15:49.416
3 D Henderson  GB Mygale      15:53.475
4 D Malkin     GB Tatuus      15:53.799
5 H Orsi       Br Van Diemen  15:54.084
6 G Vinella    It Van Diemen  15:54.955

27.05.97 - IRL
Arie Luyendyk earned his second Indianapolis 500 title when he won the much-delayed race on Tuesday. Scott Goodyear was second and rookie Jeff Ward but there was a controversial finish to proceedings. There were three caution flags in the last 12 laps and when it was restarted the lights along the track remained at yellow, ending Goodyear's chances. Rain called the race off on Sunday and Monday, the third time in Indy history a race had been delayed by two days.

30.05.97 - F1
Ralf Schumacher and Jordan team-mate Giancarlo Fisichella set the pace behind Jacques Villeneuve in testing for the RAC British Grand Prix. All the top Formula One teams competed at Silverstone over three days and Villeneuve topped the unofficial times with an average speed of 140mph. And the younger Schumacher produced a lap time two seconds faster than brother Michael's Ferrari. Villeneuve said: "The circuit is a big improvement over last year's track."

Testing                        mins secs
 1 J Villeneuve   Can Williams  1:22.39
 2 R Schumacher   Ger Jordan    1:22.70
 3 G Fisichella   It  Jordan    1:22.90
 4 M Hakkinen     Fin McLaren   1:23.11
 5 A Wurz         Aut Benetton  1:23.16
 6 O Panis        Fr  Prost     1:23.25
 7 J Herbert      GB  Sauber    1:23.35
 8 H-H Frentzen   Ger Williams  1:23.36
 9 D Coulthard    GB  McLaren   1:23.43
10 G Morbidelli   It  Sauber    1:23.55
11 M Schumacher   Ger Ferrari   1:24.34
12 J Magnussen    Den Stewart   1:24.46

Gerhard Berger has had surgery for an inflamed sinus but hopes to be fit for the Canadian Grand Prix on June 15. The Benetton driver had to scrap test sessions at Barcelona and Silverstone.

Current world champion Damon Hill has hit out at reports that he is unhappy with the Arrows set-up. At an open day held by the Oxfordshire-based team and attended by 10,000 fans, he said: "Reports give the impression I'm despondent, dejected and cross. "That's absolute rubbish. I have still lot a lot of faith in the Arrows team. Speculation about my future has been unsettling for the team. I want a few good races, then we can sort out my future at the end of the season."

31.05.97 - INDYCAR
Patrick Carpentier gave himself a chance of upstaging Paul Tracy on Sunday by setting the fastest time in unofficial practice on Friday. Carpentier, in his seventh race of the series, set a fastest time of 20.397 seconds, just ahead of Brazilian driver Mauricio Gugelmin. Tracy was third fastest with Scott Pruett and Greg Moore just behind. "In the last three races Paul and I have been close but I know we'll have a struggle," said Carpentier.

Friday's practice times:        secs
 1 P Carpentier Can Reynard    20.397
 2 M Gugelmin   Brz Reynard    20.405
 3 P Tracy      Can Penske     20.572
 4 S Pruett     US  Reynard    20.634
 5 G Moore      Can Reynard    20.646
 6 R Boesel     Brz Reynard    20.692
 7 P Johnstone  US  Reynard    20.838
 8 G de Ferran  Brz Reynard    20.878
 9 M Andretti   US  Swift      20.949
10 B Rahal      US  Reynard    20.992