May 2001 Motorsport Information


F1: TESTING TIMES (Valencia)

Tuesday's test times:        min secs
1 A Wurz        Aut McLaren  1:16.154
2 M Hakkinen    Fin McLaren  1:17.281
3 M Webber      Aus Benetton 1:18.039
4 J P Monotya   Col Williams 1:18.051
5 E Irvine      GB  Jaguar   1:18.267
6 L Burti       Brz Prost    1:18.350
7 P de la Rosa  Sp  Jaguar   1:18.439
8 M Gene        Sp  Williams 1:18.542

CART CHAMPIONSHIP:- CART faces an uncertain future at Texas Motor Speedway after its inaugural race was called off because drivers became dizzy during practice. Track and CART officials met on Monday to discuss the status of the three-year contract signed last July for CART events to take place at the venue. It is not clear if the race will be re- run or whether CART will ever use the track in the future. It was the first safety-related CART postponement on the day of a race.

RALLY ARGENTINA:- After four European stages to open the 2001 Championship, the drivers face a big change as they go to South America. Ford Martini duo Carlos Sainz and Luis Moya did well in Spain and Portugal to get into second place and are sure to have plenty of support in Argentina. After rain turned the Portuguese gravel into a mudbath they will be hoping for drier conditions over these 14 stages. The route starts at Villa Carlos Paz and goes through open plains and mountains before finishing in Cordoba.

Subaru driver Richard Burns will be looking for a change of fortune after technical problems hampered his first few races this season. He admits that past form is proving irrelevant this year, and that makes the competition even more wide open. "Races are so close now, you must get everything right. We've had problems which have meant we've not been able to challenge so far," he said. "I can't count on precedent this year but I hope we get something from it."

Ford's Colin McRae knows it is vital to get off to a strong start as his poor display so far this the season has cost him a good road position at the start. "Because we've not scored any points we will start down the order," he said. "The roads are soft and quickly become rutted, with rocks kicked up by earlier cars which makes it harder, but it's something we've got to put up with. The last two stages are through narrow stone walls. People have to go fast and every year someone is caught out."

Carlos Sainz says he is looking for a fresh start after the Portuguese mudbath and says Argentina may give a hint as to how the season will pan out. "Portgual was supposed to be a gravel rally but conditions were so bad no-one could draw any conclusions," he said. "Only now will we see who is any good on this surface. The next six rounds are on loose surfaces so this will be a good pointer," added the Spaniard. "It's so long since a real gravel race, I'm sure all the cars have improved."

1 T Makinen      Fin  Mitsubishi 24pts
2 C Sainz        Sp   Ford       17
3 H Rovanpera    Fin  Peugeot    10
= D Auriol       Fr   Peugeot    10
5 F Delecour     Fr   Ford        8
6 G Panizzi      Fr   Peugeot     6
= T Radstrom     Swe  Mitsubishi  6

1 Mitsubishi     39pts
2 Ford           21
3 Peugeot        20
4 Hyundai         8
5 Subaru          7
6 Skoda           6

SPORTSCARS:- The Audi team has decided to compete in next month's Le Mans race after investigators found a burst tyre caused the death of driver Michele Alboreto. The 44-year-old Italian died after his car crashed last Wednesday during testing for the 24-hour classic. Audi said they were satisfied that the crash was caused by a burst tyre rather than a technical fault with the car. "I am absolutely sure that Michele would have agreed with this," said Audi chief Wolfgang Ullrich.


1  G Tarquini   It   Honda    21:06.389
2  N Larini     It   A Romeo  21:08.523
3  R Colciago   It   Audi     21:17.133
4  F Giovanardi It   A Romeo  21:24.784
5  M Pigoli     It   Audi     21:33.874
Selected other:
   M Neal       GB   Nissan    2:41.366
After one lap - not classified

RALLYING:- The SEAT Cars Lurgan Park Rally has been given the go-ahead to proceed on Saturday 7th July.

BTCC (Thruxton):- Jason Plato and James Thompson go into rounds 3 & 4 of the championship at Thruxton on Monday joint top of the drivers' standings. Thompson won the feature race at Brands Hatch in the Egg Sport Vauxhall Astra Coupe. Vauxhall's Plato was second in the sprint and feature races. "Lots of hard work has resulted in a very competitive car," said Vauxhall Motorsport manager Mike Nicholson. Plato said: "I'll start the weekend with a good basic set-up."

Vauxhall driver Yvan Muller took two pole positions at Brands Hatch and will be eager for success at Thruxton after two wins there last year. He stands third in the early standings, six points behind leading duo Jason Plato and James Thompson. "The Astra Coupe should be very competitive at Thruxton," he said. "We will have to be conservative with the tyres as it is a very hard-wearing track, but that is something every driver experiences there."

Touring car fans will be unable to see last year's Independents champion Matt Neal at Thruxton after he was released from his contract with Peugeot. A breakdown in negotiations with a sponsor meant that the team could only race two of its three drivers. Steve Soper and Dan Eaves were signed to the team before Neal, meaning they were retained. Neal said: "I am very disappointed but I do understand the reality of the situation and wish the team well."

A new format has been announced for the Thruxton meeting, with Touring Cars and Production cars racing in the same rather than separate sprint races. Touring cars will race 16 laps and production cars 15 laps. Series director Richard West said: "The purpose for the change is to provide the most spectacular racing for the viewing public and live spectator. The new format offers the opportunity for thrilling action which I'm sure the fans will relish."

The championship's youngest driver Tom Boardman continues his education at Thruxton on Monday. The 17-year-old made his debut at Brands Hatch and is looking forward to the challenge of his next races. "You have to be nothing but brave at Thruxton," he said. "It's so quick and in some places you feel you are holding the car on the limit of its grip. I like it, it's nice and fast. It's what being a racing driver is all about and it doesn't worry me at all."

02.05.2001 - F1

The Williams team has dismissed doubts about their interpretation of Formula One's technical regulations. Britain's weekly Motorsport News said the team might have to modify the car before the next race in Austria. It said the diffuser had been found to have dimensions that were legal but 'against the spirit' of the rules. "We've been running within regulations up to and including Barcelona and we will continue to do so from Austria," said technical director Patrick Head.

Sauber driver Kimi Raikkonen walked away without injury after a crash in testing on a wet day at Silverstone. The Finn was forced to avoid the car of Ricardo Zonta as he slowed down, and in doing so one of his wheels went onto the grass and he skidded into a wall. "Zonta said he wasn't sure which side of the track I'd be on and he hesitated as he saw me in his rear mirrors. The main thing is that I'm ok," he said. He logged the third best time of the day before Sauber's testing was halted.

F1: TESTING TIMES (Valencia):

Wednesday test times:         min secs
 1 M Hakkinen    Fin McLaren  1:13.498
 2 D Coulthard   GB  McLaren  1:13.852
 3 R Schumacher  Ger Williams 1:14.555
 4 J P Montoya   Col Williams 1:14.611
 5 E Irvine      GB  Jaguar   1:15.435
 6 M Webber      Aus Benetton 1:15.906
 7 P de la Rosa  Sp  Jaguar   1:16.136
 = L Burti       Brz Prost    1:16.136
 9 J Alesi       Fr  Prost    1:17.187
10 J Button      GB  Benetton 1:18.054

F1: TESTING TIMES (Silverstone):
Wednesday test times:        min secs
1 O Panis       Fr  BAR      1:23.591
2 J Verstappen  Ned Arrows   1:24.635
3 K Raikkonen   Fin Sauber   1:24.744
4 R Zonta       Brz Jordan   1:25.350
5 J Trulli      It  Jordan   1:25.516
6 P Lemarie     Fr  BAR      1:26.428
7 E Bernoldi    Brz Arrows   1:27.192


F1: TESTING TIMES (Valencia)

Friday test times:           min secs
1 R Schumacher  Ger Williams 1:08.918
2 E Irvine      GB  Jaguar   1:09.057
3 J P Montoya   Col Williams 1:09.272
4 J Button      GB  Benetton 1:09.661
5 P de la Rosa  Sp  Jaguar   1:10.412
6 J Alesi       Fr  Prost    1:13.032

F1: TESTING TIMES (Silverstone):

Thursday test times:         min secs
1 O Panis       Fr  BAR      1:23.780
2 J Trulli      It  Jordan   1:23.928
3 J Verstappen  Ned Arrows   1:24.205
4 P Lemarie     Fr  BAR      1:24.369
5 N Heidfield   Ger Sauber   1:24.679
6 R Zonta       Brz Jordan   1:24.947
7 E Bernoldi    Brz Arrows   1:25.222

RALLY ARGENTINA:- Colin McRae produced an impressive display in the fog to take an early lead in the Rally of Argentina. The 32-year-old Ford driver won six of the eight special stages in the opening day with a dazzling performance. He said: "It was difficult in the fog but the roads had dried up a lot. I am really happy with the way things have gone so far." Richard Burns is 41 seconds behind with Spaniard Carlos Sainz in third. Tommi Makinen is in fourth place.

Positions after 8 stages:   hr min secs
 1 C McRae     GB  Ford       1:48.18.0
 2 R Burns     GB  Subaru     @    41.4
 3 C Sainz     Sp  Ford       @    57.3
 4 T Makinen   Fin Mitsubishi @  1.00.9
 5 D Auriol    Fr  Peugeot    @  1.35.0
 6 M Gronholm  Fin Peugeot    @  1.45.3
 7 P Solberg   Nor Subaru     @  1.50.0
 8 F Loix      Bel Mitsubishi @  3.11.1
 9 F Delecour  Fr  Ford       @  3.34.3
10 B Thiry     Bel Skoda      @  4.18.9

POWERTOUR:- The PowerTour championship rolls into Oulton Park on Bank Holiday Monday as F3 and GT racers compete in the fourth round of the British motorsport series. Derek Hayes, who currently leads the British F3 Championship by 16 points said: "I'm looking forward to it as I haven't raced an F3 car at Oulton." David Warnock of the Lister team heads the GT event, just three points ahead of Rob Wilson in the Chrysler. Warnock said: "Oulton Park is a big brave circuit."

SPORTSCARS:- Johnny Herbert will get his first opportunity on Sunday to drive the Audi sportscar which he hopes will earn him a second Le Mans 24 Hours win. He will drive the Audi R8 in an official testing session.


F1:- Formula One team Jaguar have dismissed Tomas Scheckter as their test driver. A Jaguar spokesman said the 20-year-old's contract was terminated following a recent court appearance. Scheckter, son of former world champion Jody, was fined by a court in Northampton after pleading guilty to kerb crawling. Jaguar now have no official driver as Pedro de la Rosa moved up to the race team. De la Rosa and Eddie Irvine are likely to take over development work.

RALLY ARGENTINA:- Colin McRae holds a comfortable 37.1 second lead over Richard Burns at the end of the second leg. McRae, who held an advantage of 41.4 seconds overnight, extended his lead as he won two of the first four stages but Burns clawed some time back later on. The Ford driver said: "Everything is going to plan. It's been hard work but the hard work isn't over." Spaniard Carlos Sainz remains in third while championship leader Tommi Makinen is in fifth.

Racing in Argentina was marred by a serious injury to Skoda's engineering director Dr Jens Pohlmann. Pohlmann was struck when a speeding firetruck overturned after answering a call to deal with a blaze involving several spectator cars. The firetruck rolled on to the Skodas of Armin Schwarz and Bruno Thiry who were waiting near a service area. Pohlmann was airlifted to hospital and is in a stable condition after suffering broken ribs and pelvis.

Positions after 15 stages:  hr min secs
 1 C McRae     GB  Ford       2:58.36.3
 2 R Burns     GB  Subaru     @    37.1
 3 C Sainz     Sp  Ford       @  1.26.2
 4 P Solberg   Nor Subaru     @  2.41.9
 5 T Makinen   Fin Mitsubishi @  2.58.3
 6 M Gronholm  Fin Peugeot    @  3.54.8
 7 F Delecour  Fr  Ford       @  4.14.4
 8 F Loix      Bel Mitsubishi @  4.27.6
 9 D Auriol    Fr  Peugeot    @  6.07.1
10 T Arai      Jpn Subaru     @  7.31.0

RIM OF THE WORLD RALLY:- Banbury's Richard Tuthill and his co-driver John Bennie from Glasgow ended the first leg in second place, despite an electrical setback. ECU problems meant that they had to start the event without anti-lag, the engine management system that is used on the competitive stages. The Subaru works team lead driver Mark Lovell leads the rally. It is the first time that a world rally car has been seen competing in the United States.

Positions after leg one:     mins secs
 1 M Lovell    Subaru          44.03
 2 R Tuthill   Mitsubishi      47.19
 3 F Dor       Subaru          47.38
 4 R Millen    Mitsubishi      48.17
 5 S Burke     Mitsubishi      48.19
 6 K Schreible Subaru          48.54
 7 P Chioniere Hyundai         49.07
 8 P Eklund    Subaru          49.36
 9 P Lahm      Mitsubishi      49.55
10 R Lagemann  Subaru          50.26

CART (Nazareth):- The series moves on to Nazareth Speedway following the postponement of last Sunday's Firestone Firehawk 600. The 1998 Dayton Indy Lights champion Cristiano da Matta leads the standings with 37 points, while Scot Dario Franchitti is in seventh place. Ahead of Sunday's Lehigh Valley Grand Prix, Franchitti said: "Nazareth is a unique oval that can be fun to drive. But on race day, with 28 or so other cars out there, it is like rush hour on the LA freeway at 180mph."

NASCAR BUSCH SERIES:- Veteran Jimmy Spencer claimed his first victory in the series for three years in the Hardee's 250 at Richmond International Raceway. The 44-year-old Winston Cup regular, who started in third place, pulled away from Tony Raines over the final 20 laps out of 250 to win by 1.430 seconds. It was Spencer's ninth Busch circuit win - his last in Las Vegas in 1998 - and he said: "It was a really good car. It had a ton of horsepower. This is a pretty good team and we're happy."

FORD FIESTA’S (Oulton Park):- Colin Turkington maintained his grip on the champinoship by setting the fastest time in official testing for Monday's fourth-round race. Turkington was sixth tenths ahead of nearest championship challenger Nick Padley with Terence Clark third.

Testing times (Sat):         mins secs
1 C Turkington                2:06.713
2 N Padley                    2:06.319
3 T Clark                     2:06.403
4 M Pinny                     2:06.514
5 G Catt                      2:06.739
6 P Long                      2:06.782

F.FORD (Oulton Park):- Two Swedes, Robert Dahlgren and Robin Rudholm, head the official test times ahead of Monday's fourth round. Series leader Richard Goransson was less than half a second behind, with one second covering the top 16 competitors on the 2.8 mile circuit.

Testing times (Sat):          min secs
1 R Dahlgren                  1:42.073
2 R Rudholm                   1:42.220
3 A Carroll                   1:42.241
4 A van der Merwe             1:42.247
5 G Catt                      1:42.371
6 P Long                      1:42.380

F.PALMER AUDI (Brands Hatch):-

Leading testing times:
1  G Ussi             1:27.22
2  R Meaden           1:27.26
3  R Lofting          1:27.27
4  S Young            1:27.85
5  G Cresswell        1:28.29
6  S Warburton        1:28.44


BTCC (Thruxton):- James Thompson again stole the show from the Vauxhall factory team when he grabbed two front-row positions for Monday's races. He will be in pole position for the feature event and will start in second place on the grid for the sprint race ` just behind works rival Jason Plato. His car, like Plato's, must carry 24kg of ballast as a penalty for his recent good results at Brands Hatch. Thompson revealed: "My car is running very well."

Sprint race qualifying (Sun):mins secs
 1 J Plato       GB  Vauxhall 1:17.508
 2 J Thompson    GB  Vauxhall 1:17.553
 3 Y Muller      Fr  Vauxhall 1:17.611
 4 P Bennett     GB  Vauxhall 1:17.650
 5 D Eaves       GB  Peugeot  1:18.827
 6 S Soper       GB  Peugeot  1:18.920
 7 T Ferrier     GB  Alfa Rom 1:20.566
 8 D Pinkney     GB  Alfa Rom 1:21.316
 9 K Luby        GB  Lexus    1:21.494

Feature race qualifying (Sun):mins secs
 1 J Thompson    GB  Vauxhall 1:17.419
 2 Y Muller      Fr  Vauxhall 1:17.523
 3 J Plato       GB  Vauxhall 1:17.611
 4 P Bennett     GB  Vauxhall 1:17.762
 5 S Soper       GB  Peugeot  1:18.730
 6 D Eaves       GB  Peugeot  1:19.030
 7 T Ferrier     GB  Alfa Rom 1:20.470
 8 D Pinkney     GB  Alfa Rom 1:20.928
 9 K Luby        GB  Lexus    1:21.357

Production round 3 qualifying (Sun):
                             mins secs
 1 S Harrison    GB  Peugeot  1:21.275
 2 R Moen        Nor Peugeot  1:22.002
 3 J Kaye        GB  Honda    1:22.374
 4 P O'Neill     GB  Peugeot  1:22.660
 5 G Pyper       GB  Alfa Rom 1:22.776
 6 P Cate        GB  Honda    1:23.112
 7 M Jackson     GB  Ford     1:23.185
 8 G Howell      GB  Ford     1:23.342
 9 R Collard     GB  Renault  1:23.396
10 N Beaumont    GB  Honda    1:23.900

RALLY ARGENTINA:- Colin McRae won the fifth round of the world championship and headed a British one-two, with Richard Burns finishing in second place. Scot McRae's victory over Burns was his first 2001 triumph. Carlos Sainz was third and Tommi Makinen was fourth and still retains the championship lead. McRae had not won a point this year before this event and although Burns won the 18th and 19th stages he could not make an impression on his rival.

Colin McRae hopes that his win in Argentina will launch a challenge for the World Rally title. "I have never been so relieved in my life. It's been a marvellous rally for me and the team and the car ran perfectly throughout," he said. "The next two rallies are very important and I hope this is the start of a title challenge. The car is quick enough. A win is what we wanted and a win is what we got - a few more would be nice."

Skoda's engineering director Dr Jens Pohlmann is still in intensive care after being struck by an out-of-control emergency vehicle on Saturday. He suffered a broken pelvis, five broken ribs, a broken shoulder bone and internal injuries and his condition is described as serious but stable. Driver Bruno Thiry and co-driver Stephane Prevot had lucky escapes. They were sitting in their Octavia WRC when it was struck by the truck but were saved by the safety cage.

Final positions:            hr min secs
 1 C McRae     GB  Ford       4:18.25.3
 2 R Burns     GB  Subaru        @ 27.8
 3 C Sainz     Sp  Ford        @ 1.46.4
 4 T Makinen   Fin Mitsubishi  @ 3.12.6
 5 P Solberg   Nor Subaru      @ 3.47.0
 6 F Loix      Bel Mitsubishi  @ 5.40.1
 7 F Delecour  Fr  Ford        @ 6.10.9
 8 T Arai      Jpn Subaru     @ 10.55.7
 9 A McRae     GB  Hyundai    @ 13.58.9
10 G Pozzi     Arg Mitsubishi @ 20.15.6

1 T Makinen      Fin  Mitsubishi 27pts
2 C Sainz        Sp   Ford       22
3 C McRae        GB   Ford       10
= H Rovanpera    Fin  Peugeot    10
= D Auriol       Fr   Peugeot    10
6 R Burns        GB   Subaru      9
= F Delecour     Fr   Ford        9

1 Mitsubishi     44pts
2 Ford           36
3 Peugeot        20
4 Subaru         16
5 Hyundai         8
6 Skoda           6

RIM OF THE WORLD RALLY:- Banbury's Richard Tuthill and his co-driver John Bennie from Glasgow were forced to retire leg on the final day. The pair could not continue after a front ball joint broke and allowed the left front wheel to jam itself back in the wheel-arch on stage 12. Tuthill said afterwards: "I'm bitterly disappointed, but the retirement was down to component failure." The Subaru works team lead driver Mark Lovell won the rally comfortably with almost a 12-minute winning margin.

Leading final positions:    hrs mn secs
 1 M Lovell    Subaru        2:44.26
 2 R Millen    Mitsubishi    2:32.30
 3 S Burke     Mitsubishi    2:34.40
 4 P Choiniere Hyundai       2:39.02
 5 K Schreible Subaru        2:39.35
 6 R Lagemann  Subaru        2:40.09
 7 F Dor       Subaru        2:41.15
 8 R Kosmides  Subaru        2:41.16
 9 T Paterson  Mitsubishi    2:42.05
10 M Nelson    Mitsubishi    2:42.07
Retired: R Tuthill, Mitsubishi

CART (Nazareth):- Rookie Bruno Junqueira of Brazil captured his first CART pole in the Lehigh Valley Grand Prix. The reigning Formula 3000 champion won his first Champ Car pole in just his third race. Sweden's Kenny Brack qualified second with Michel Jourdain in third. Oriol Servia and Helio Castroneves completed the top five slots. Series points leader Cristiano da Matta could only qualify in ninth place with his Toyota.

Saturday qualifying times:
 1 B Junqueira  Brz Toyota   172.873mph
 2 K Brack      Swe Ford     172.540
 3 M Jourdain   Mex Ford     170.707
 4 O Servia     Sp  Ford     170.314
 5 H Castron's  Brz Honda    170.220
 6 A Fernandez  Mex Honda    169.779
 7 B Herta      US  Ford     169.737
 8 P Tracy      Can Honda    169.029
 9 C da Matta   Brz Toyota   168.912
10 T Kanaan     Brz Honda    168.703
12 D Franchitti GB  Honda    168.586

BRITISH F3 (Oulton Park):- Takuma Sato clinched pole position for the seventh round of the championship, with less than a second covering the top 13 drivers in qualifying. The Japanese competitor finished one hundreth of a second ahead of Briton Anthony Davidson. Series leader Derek Hayes was third fastest and was just ahead of Andre Lotterer and Matt Davies. In the scholarship class, Robbie Kerr set the quickest time and Kazuki Hoshino was second fastest.

Leading race 1 qualifying times (Sun):
                  mins secs
1 T Sato           1:29.681
2 A Davidson       1:29.697
3 D Hayes          1:29.751
4 A Lotterer       1:30.085
Scholarship race 1 qualifying (Sun):
1 R Kerr           1:31.860
2 K Hoshino        1:31.895
3 M Keohane        1:32.134
4 M Mayall         1:32.290

Britain's Anthony Davidson claimed pole position for the second race. He edged out Matt Davies by a tenth of a second to record his first British Formula Three top grid spot. Derek Hayes was third fastest in the qualifying session and Takuma Sato, who will be on pole for the first race, was fourth quickest. In the scholarship class, Robbie Kerr was fastest in one minute, 31.835 seconds and was followed by Michael Keohane and Ernani Judice.

Leading race 2 qualifying times (Sun):
                  mins secs
1 A Davidson       1:29.580
2 M Davies         1:29.692
3 D Hayes          1:29.736
4 T Sato           1:29.899
Scholarship race 2 qualifying (Sun):
1 R Kerr           1:31.835
2 M Keohane        1:31.925
3 E Judice         1:32.059
4 K Hoshino        1:32.212

BRITISH GT'S (Oulton Park):- Tim Harvey and Rob Wilson maintained their pole position in the second qualifying session for the fourth round of the championship. The pair finished ahead of Bobby Verdon-Roe and Michael Caine with a time of one minute, 35.310. Kelvin Burt and Marino Franchitti remained on pole in the GTO category. Ben Devlin and Curtis Hayles are second in the Chrysler while TVR drivers Martin Short and Rob Barff finished the day in third.

GT second qualifying session results:
1 Harvey/Wilson    Chrysler  1:35.310
2 Verdon-Roe/Caine TVR Cerb  1:36.464
3 Jordan/Warnock   Lister    1:36.950
4 Rowland/Ward     TVR Cerb  1:39.368
GTO second qualifying session results:
1 Burt/Franchitti  Porsche   1:38.346
2 Devlin/Hayles    Chrysler  1:40.275
3 Short/Barff      TVR Cerb  1:40.503
4 Jones/Jones      Porsche   1:40.680

FORD FIESTA’S (Oulton Park):- Colin Turkington claimed his fourth consectuive pole position after the closest qualifying session this year. Leading independent Matt Pinny was second and Colin Stancombe claimed his best start of 2001 with the top six covered by just 0.4 seconds.

Qualifying times (Sun):      mins secs
1 C Turkington                2:05.574
2 M Pinny                     2:05.639
3 C Stancombe                 2:05.663
4 T Clark                     2:05.783
5 A Blencowe                  2:05.820
6 N Padley                    2:06.978

F.FORD (Oulton Park):- Robin Rudholm claimed his second Formula Ford Zetec pole of the season to maintain Sweden's 100 per cent record in topping qualifying this year. Rudholm edged out American Patrick Long while compatriot Richard Goransson, who is bidding for a fourth win, was third.

Qualifying times (Sun):       min secs
1 R Rudholm                   1:41.171
2 P Long                      1:41.246
3 R Goransson Swe             1:41.263
4 A Carroll                   1:41.343
5 R Dahlgren                  1:41.405
6 G Catt                      1:41.435

F.PALMER AUDI (Brands Hatch):-

Round One qualifying times (Sun):
                     min secs
1 R Lofting          1:25.916
2 R Meaden           1:26.426
3 G Ussi             1:27.724
4 S Young            1:27.944
5 G Cresswell        1:28.144
6 B Lewis            1:28.741

Round Two qualifying times (Sun):
1 G Ussi             1:26.131
2 R Meaden           1:26.478
3 B Lewis            1:26.491
4 S Young            1:26.544
5 S Warburton        1:26.782
6 D Anley            1.27.217

CLIO CUP (Thruxton):- Paul Rivett was re-instated to pole position after initially having his times disallowed for speeding in the pit lane. That means Duncan Vercoe reverted back to second with Jason Templeman third. Winter champion Marc Nordon was 18th.

Qualifying times (Sun):
1 P Rivett        Rivett      1:24.052
2 D Vercoe        Mardi Gras  1:24.105
3 J Templeman     TCR         1:24.280
4 M Byford        Z Speed     1:24.518
5 V Martin        Martin      1:24.529
6 S Clarke        BRT         1:24.653

F.RENAULT (Thruxton):- Richard Antinucci set the fastest ever Formula Renault lap around Thruxton to take pole position. The top 12 are covered by just a second with Danny Watts joining Antinucci on the front row of the grid.

Qualifying times (Sun):      mins secs
1 R Antinucci US  Manor       1:10.755
2 D Watts     GB  Falcon      1:11.041
3 C Breeze    GB  Motaworld   1:11.122
4 L Walker    GB  Manor       1:11.204
5 M Fairuz    Mal Saxon       1:11.369
6 C Hall      GB  Saxon       1:11.395

PORSCHE CUP (Oulton Park):- A late charge from Adrian Slater was enough to give him pole for the fourth round at Oulton Park. Slater edged Robert Babikan off the top spot while Kevin Harrison and Ian Croft headed the other two classes.

Qualifying times (Sun):
1 A Slater        GT3 Cup     1:46.091
2 R Babikan       GT3 Cup     1:46.108
3 N Rice          GT3 Cup     1:46.249
4 B Demeroutis    GT3 Cup     1:46.488
Class two:
1 K Harrison      Carrera     1:50.625
Class three:
1 I Croft         968CS       1:57.058


Round two results (Sun):
1 C Cooper         GB
2 R Garofall       GB
3 P Gladman        GB
4 G Taylor         GB
5 S Worley         GB
6 A Kerslake       GB

LE MANS:- Ex-Formula One driver Johnny Herbert was second quickest in the warm-up trials for the Le Mans 24-hour race. Defending champions Audi clocked the fastest two times at the eight-hour test in France. Herbert, the 1991 Le Mans winner, was having his maiden drive for the manufacturer and Tom Kristensen clocked the fastest time. "I am very happy," said Herbert. "The car is easy to drive and is consistent, which will be a big bonus."

British Porsche driver Johnny Mowlem has signed for the Ray Mallock Limited team's bid at this year's Le Mans race in the new Saleen GTS super car. Mowlem links up with compatriot Ian McKellar Jnr - a fellow competitor in the American Le Mans Series.

DTM:- Laurent Aiello claimed his first victory for Abt-Audi in the second round of the DTM at the Nurburgring.


F1:- Toyota have appointed experienced Austrian Gustav Brunner, 50, as their chief designer as they gear up to launch their F1 team Brunner started his F1 career with Arrows in 1978 and has also worked with Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Minardi, where he was technical director since 1998.

BTCC (Thruxton):- James Plato overcame a poor start to claim his first win of the season in the sprint race. Plato finished 2.305 seconds ahead of his Vauxhall team-mate Yvan Muller with James Thompson in third. Muller took the early lead but Plato, who had been struggling on the dirtier side of the track, took just two laps to take the lead. He moved on to victory to erase the memory of his two runner-up finishes at Brands Hatch three weeks ago.

Sprint race result (Mon):    mins secs
 1 J Plato       GB  Vauxh'l 20:53.331
 2 Y Muller      Fr  Vauxh'l    @2.305
 3 J Thompson    GB  Vauxh'l    @2.742
 4 P Bennett     GB  Vauxh'l    @7.957
 5 S Harrison    GB  Peugeot   @19.871
 6 N Beaumont    GB  Honda     @25.828
 7 J Kaye        GB  Honda     @26.068
 8 D Allan       GB  Honda     @41.916
 9 J Edwards     GB  Honda     @45.834
10 M Jackson     GB  Ford      @54.750

BRITISH F3 (Oulton Park):- Takuma Sato used an excellent start to pull away to victory in the seventh round, while Robbie Kerr took his first win in the Scholarship class.

Championship class  mins secs
1 T Sato          1:18.690
2 G Bruni           +2.389
3 A Davidson        +2.804
4 M Davies          +3.876
Scholarship class
1 R Kerr            +30.90
2 K Hoshino         +37.80
3 R Doornbos        +40.60
4 K Hoshino         +48.40

Takuma Sato followed up his start to finish win in race seven with another win in race eight. He powered past pole driver Anthony Davidson and Matt Davies on the first lap and was never in danger of letting go of his lead.

Race eight result     mins secs
1 T Sato             25:34.365
2 M Davies             + 3.401secs
3 A Davidson           + 3.743
4 D Hayes              + 4.406
5 J Spence             + 5.620

BRITISH GT’S (Oulton Park):- Tim Harvey and Rob Wilson claimed a second win in the Privilege Insurance British GT Championship and took the Oulton Park Gold Cup on Monday. The pair began on pole but after a pit stop they were held up and Michael Caine in the TVR sneaked ahead. When Wilson handed over to Harvey he joined the race in third place but he soon got up with the leaders. The safety car was called out towards the end and Harvey slipped past the TVR to edge home two seconds clear.

GT result:                   mins secs
1 Harvey/Wilson    Chrysler  56:24.907
2 Jordan/Warnock   Lister    56:27.360
3 Verdon-Roe/Caine TVR Cerb  56:28.342
4 Rowland/Ward     TVR Cerb  @ 32 laps
GTO result:
1 Burt/Franchitti  Porsche   57:05.936
2 Stanton/Hyde     TVR       @ 32 laps
3 Turner/Horner    Porsche   @ 32 laps
4 Sumpter/Balfe    Porsche   @ 32 laps

FORD FIESTA'S (Oulton Park):- Matt Pinney won his first race of the season to break the stranglehold of triple winner Colin Turkington. Turkington led from the start from pole position for most of the race but was passed by Pinney on the first corner of the last lap.

Result (Mon):                mins secs
1 M Pinny                    21:13.497
2 C Turkington               21:18.457
3 A Blencowe                 21:33.365
4 J Griffin                  21:35.780
5 P Crotty                   21:36.799
6 R Claydon                  21:42.575

F.FORD (Oulton Park):- Patrick Long held off the determined challenge of Robert Dahlgren in a thrilling race to claim his first win of the season. Long took the lead when Robin Rudholm spun off at the start of the second lap and then saw off Adam Carroll.

Result (Mon):                mins secs
1 P Long       US            26:06.843
2 R Dahlgren   Swe           26:07.031
3 A Carroll    NI            26:09.840
4 R Goransson  Swe           26:10.166
5 G Turkington NI            26:10.440
6 R Bell       Eng           26:10.768

PORSCHE CUP (Oulton Park):- Peter Chambers swept through the field to win the fourth round of the Michelin Porsche Cup. Chambers avoided incidents that took out several front runners and fended off Nigel Rice to win.

Result (Mon):
1 P Chambers      GT3 Cup    21:39.469
2 N Rice          GT3 Cup      + 1.520
3 R Babikan       GT3 Cup      +22.850
4 C Rapp          GT3 Cup      +42.250
Class two:
1 K Harrison      Carrera
Class three:
1 I Croft         968CS

F.PALMER AUDI (Brands Hatch):- Gideon Cresswell and Richard Meaden took the honours in the opening two races of the season. Meaden took an early lead in the first race but Cresswell moved ahead when Cresswell's car touched with Gino Ussi, dropping them down the leaderboard. Meaden claimed the second on the very last corner after Ussi had led from the green light. Cresswell finished fifth despite having pulled off a superb manoeuvre to pass Stephen Young.

Round One result (Mon):min secs
1 G Cresswell       14:48.860
2 S Warburton       14:48.976
3 G Ussi            14:53.215
4 S Young           14:53.843
5 R Meaden          14:55.668
6 R Lofting         15:06.907

Round Two result (Mon):
1 R Meaden          14:46.123
2 B Lewis           14:47.129
3 G Ussi            14:50.234
4 S Warburton       14:54.480
5 G Cresswell       14.58.063
6 S Young           14:58.343

CLIO CUP (Thruxton):- Duncan Vercoe led from start to finish to take victory and move into the championship lead by two points from third placed Tim Mullen. Jason Templeman finished second after surviving a collision with Paul Rivett, who ended in sixth place.

Result (Mon):
1 D Vercoe        Mardi Gras 19:55.781
2 J Templeman     TCR        19:58.057
3 T Mullen        Firstair   19:58.476
4 V Martin        Martin     20:06.270
5 M Byford        Z Speed    20:11.758
6 P Rivett        Rivett     20:12.693

F.RENAULT (Thruxton):- Richard Antinucci went into the lead in the championship after winning the Thruxton race from Carl Breeze, who held off Danny Watts for second.

Result (Mon):                mins secs
1 R Antinucci US  Manor      21:38.900
2 C Breeze    GB  Motaworld  21:42.521
3 D Watts     GB  Falcon     21:48.951
4 C Brown     GB  Saxon      21:49.976
5 L Walker    GB  Manor      21:50.388
6 M Fairuz    Mal Saxon      21:56.263


Round three results (Mon):  mins secs
1 J Gladman        GB       30:35.771
2 C Cooper         GB          +0.509
3 R Garofall       GB          +1.604
4 P Gladman        GB          +1.776
5 G Taylor         GB          +1.887
6 S Worley         GB          +1.889

LE MANS:- Johnny Herbert praised the Audi car he will use in next month's Le Mans 24-hour race after he and his team came second in the official testing session. Herbert, along with Germany's Ralf Kelleners and Didier Theys of Belgium, finished behind American series leaders Tom Kristensen and Rinaldo Capello. "I'm very happy," he said. "The car is very easy to drive and is consistent which will be a huge bonus. To be so competitive after such limited mileage is very satisfying."

Saleen posted the fastest pre-testing time at Le Mans with a circuit of three minutes 54.472 seconds. Saleen RML, appearing at Le Mans for the first time since 1990, was second quickest with Viper third.

DTM:- Service 24h AMG Mercedes driver Pedro Lamy has told the Rosberg management that he intends to leave and look for new opportunities.

RALLYING:- Colin McRae said his world title challenge was back on track after his win in Sunday's Rally of Argentina. It gave the Scot his first points of the season and he said: "I hope this is the start of a title challenge. "The next two rallies are very important and we must score well again. The car is quick enough as we've proved and a few more wins would be nice." Meanwhile, Skoda Auto's engineering director is still in hospital after being hurt in an accident in the rally.


The Minardi team have threatened to sue the new Toyota team after they claimed they had signed Minardi technical director Gustav Brunner. "We're surprised and saddened a company like Toyota would try to employ someone who is contracted to us until January 2003," said team head Paul Stoddart. "European Minardi will be pursuing all options in law against both Mr Brunner and Toyota. For him to act in this way is totally incomprehensible to us," he added.

Michael Schumacher has claimed that Mika Hakkinen is the greatest threat to his title defence ` even though the Finn only has four points. Championship leader Schumacher said: "There is still a long way to go in the championship and with 12 races remaining anything is possible. Mika can get back into the game and, as I have always said, I still regard him as my main rival. We still have to see what happens in the next two or three races."

Michael Schumacher has hit back at suggestions that Ferrari have been hit by reliability problems. The German and team-mate Rubens Barrichello have had difficulties in the last two races. But Schumacher said: "Seen from outside it could give the impression that we have reliability problems but I can tell you that is not the case. What happened in Barcelona was different to the problem we had in Imola and has already been sorted out."

David Coulthard will be out to go one better after finishing runner-up in Austria for the last three years. He will also be keen to make a point after stalling on the grid in Spain. McLaren chief Ron Dennis initially accused the Scot of "brain fade" but exonerated him when it was known that the electronic system was at fault. Michael Schumacher, who is eight points ahead, went out on the first corner last year, missed the 1999 race through injury and has been on the podium once.

Mika Hakkinen has refused to rule out a title challenge ` even though he trails leader Michael Schumacher by 32 points after his heartbreak in Spain. The Finn looked on course for a win in the last round but a clutch problem on the final lap allowed Schumacher to steal in and win the race. Hakkinen insisted: "The game is not over yet ` not before the final mathematical chance has gone. Until then I will be fighting, although the situation does look sad."

German Ralf Schumacher will be treating Sunday's race as his home event after recently moving to Salzburg. The Williams star confirmed: "At the A-1 Ring I am going to have my firs home race of the season. The track is very demanding on drivers. Nevertheless, racing here has always been quite exciting. Unluckily I have not had that much luck there and I hope this time it is all going to change. I will do my best to get a good result."

Juan Pablo Montoya is op imistic he can achieve a good result in Austria. The Colombian stated: "I am going to Austria in confident mood, especially after my second place in Spain. "It is frustrating not to finish races so I just wanted to make it to the chequered flag - and a second on top of that was the icing on the cake. I have good memories of the A-1 Ring. I have raced there twice in Formula 3000 - winning in '97 and coming second in '98."

Jacques Villeneuve will be eager to build on his third place in last month's Spanish Grand Prix. The ex-champion has not had the best of times since leaving Williams for British American Racing so his first podium spot since 1998 was a boost. Villeneuve's race engineer Jock Clear said: "It has been a long time coming. We have had two very hard years but we have been going in the right direction and the podium has been threatening for quite a while."

Jenson Button and Giancarlo Fisichella have picked up one point between them but Benetton technical director Mike Gascoyne knows they must be patient. He admitted: "In some respects Austria will be as difficult as the last few races because we have no major improvements to the chassis or engine. We just have to be patient for the improvements that are in development. We have been testing in Valencia, conducting tyre tests, so we hope to have a step forward there."

Eddie Irvine missed the Austrian Grand Prix last year but hopes the 2001 race will kick-start his season. The Jaguar driver had to be flown back to London for medical tests after suffering abdominal pains last season. Ahead of Sunday's race, he said: "It is difficult to say what sort of result we can expect. But I do know that the four days of testing I did last week in Valencia were very positive. We managed to generate good mileage."

Pedro de la Rosa is hopeful that future improvements to his car will enable him to put his nightmare start for Jaguar behind him. After a poor qualifying display for the last race in Spain, he lasted only a few laps after colliding with the Jordan of Heinz-Harald Frentzen. De la Rosa commented: "We are expecting aero improvements to the car in the next couple of races. That should, I hope, allow us to qualify further up the pecking order."

Jaguar chief Niki Lauda on the race.

A: You are chief operating officer (performance division). Does your home race make it any more special for you?
Q: No it does not mean more. It is another race in the calendar but expectations will naturally be high, particularly amongst local media. I announced my retirement here back in the 1985 season. So I suppose because of that you could say that it does have some emotional significance for me. What still makes me laugh is the 1985 Austrian Grand Prix. I lost third gear on the final lap and thought about retiring but was too lazy to walk back to the paddock and crawled back using fourth and fifth gears. Nelson Piquet, who finished second behind me said: "I knew you were only playing with me and and if I had tried overtaking you would have sped away." I told him he was an idiot. I won the championship by half a point that year.

Q: You have moved to London to base yourself full-time at the Premier Automotive Group. What exactly does your role involve there?
A: The PAG looks after Ford's luxury brands (Volvo, Lincoln, Aston Martin and Land Rover). The motor sport arm of this group is the premier performance division and that is where my responsibility lies. Jaguar is the only brand that is currently active in motor sport.

Q: You are not exactly a fan of traction control or any other form of electronic aid. Why?
A: In my day everything was in the hands of the driver - gear changes, the art of clutch control at starts, managing engine revs during gear changes. People say that F1 is blessed with the best drivers in the world. I want to witness the best drivers and this means taking away the elements that make their job easier.

Q: Jaguar have no points this season. What will make the team a success?
A: The team's immediate challenge is getting the aerodynamics right. Bobby Rahal and the team are working relentlessly on a new aero package and that should put us in contention for points soon, I hope. We are discussing various concepts for next year's car. And my ambition is to win races in year three. Nobody is complacent.

Sunday's race is scheduled to last for 71 laps (190.892 miles). The Austrian Grand Prix was reinstated in the championship in 1997 and was on condition that the circuit underwent a major revamp. BMW Motorsport director Gerhard Berger announced his retirement as a driver at his home race in Austria during the 1997 campaign. Jacques Villeneuve holds the lap record with a time of one minute, 11.814 seconds set in 1997 for Williams.

RALLY OF WIRRAL:- Ford drivers Martin Rowe and Patrick Magaud are the pre-event favourites for the first round of the Formula Rally Championship on Saturday. Rowe, the 1998 British rally champion, said: "I am really excited about my new Ford Puma and the new series. "I am sure we can challenge to win individual rallies and the championship title in 2001." Magaud will be co-driven by his wife Guylene, who helped him to second place in the 1997 French Rally Championship.

NEWS:- Jackie Stewart has been re-elected as President and Martin Brundle, Chairman, was re-elected to the Board of the British Racing Drivers Club.

POWERTOUR:- British Motorsport Promoters (BMP) have pledged a three-year commitment to the British F3 and GT Championships. The Powertour concept is to be dropped at the end of the season in favour of re-branding British F3 and GT products in their own distinctive titles.


Round two results:           mins secs
 1 M Fullalove  GB  Carlube   1:20.195
 2 M Lemmer     GB  Lotus     1:20.001
 3 M Cole       GB  Autobytel 1:20.263
 4 S Marsh      GB  Anadin    1:20.314
 5 H Breese     Aus Nortel    1:20.759
 6 J Tee        GB  Theramed  1:21.220
 7 R Croydon    GB  Norfolk   1:20.580
 8 C Harris     GB  Autocar   1:20.641
 9 C Boon       GB  IFS       1:21.717
10 I Ashley     GB  Lotus     1:21.721


Moscow has been confirmed as a future Grand Prix venue, possibly from the 2003 campaign. Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone has said that the Russian capital will hold a race in the near future - once a suitable venue is built. A deal was drawn up last year between Tom Walkinshaw's Oxfordshire-based TWR outfit and Moscow city council to build a circuit at Nagatino Island. A current venue will have to make way for Moscow.

The news that Moscow is to be added to the Formula One calendar in the future means that a current venue will be removed from the calendar. And it is likely that it will be a European circuit that will make way. "We have eight venues seeking rights at the moment but I believe Russia is where the next event should be," said Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone. Moscow will be the first new venue since Indianapolis returned to the calendar in 2000.

David Coulthard, who has been a runner-up in Austria for the past three years, clocked the fastest time in the second practice session. His McLaren team-mate Mika Hakkinen, who shook off flu to set the pace in the first session, was second quickest. Rubens Barrichello was third fastest and championship leader Michael Schumacher was fifth. Eddie Irvine was 12th for Jaguar and Jenson Button again found himself struggling and was down in 22nd spot.

Friday's second practice times:mins secs
 1 D Coulthard   GB  McLaren  1:11.245
 2 M Hakkinen    Fin McLaren  1:11.272
 3 R Barrichello Brz Ferrari  1:11.401
 4 R Schumacher  Ger Williams 1:11.555
 5 M Schumacher  Ger Ferrari  1:11.647
 6 N Heidfeld    Ger Sauber   1:11.776
 7 H-H Frentzen  Ger Jordan   1:11.977
 8 K Raikkonen   Fin Sauber   1:12.189
 9 O Panis       Fr  BAR      1:12.259
10 J Villeneuve  Can BAR      1:12.290
11 J-P Montoya   Col Williams 1:12.299
12 E Irvine      GB  Jaguar   1:12.346
13 J Trulli      It  Jordan   1:12.555
14 J Verstappen  Ned Arrows   1:12.705
15 P de la Rosa  Sp  Jaguar   1:12.847
16 E Bernoldi    Brz Arrows   1:12.853
17 L Burti       Brz Prost    1:13.169
18 J Alesi       Fr  Prost    1:14.288
19 T Marques     Brz Minardi  1:14.314
20 F Alonso      Sp  Minardi  1:14.523
21 G Fisichella  It  Benetton 1:14.833
22 J Button      GB  Benetton 1:15.570

Jaguar driver Eddie Irvine has hit back at the critics who have questioned his commitment to the team. Irvine, who has not scored any 2001 points, has been accused of loving his lifestyle more than racing. He said: "I have a nice life and if that means I am a playboy then I am guilty of all charges and happy to be. Some people probably do not like the way we are going to get to the top. Let's put it this way - it will not be me that is leaving next year."

RALLY OF WIRRAL:- Ford drivers Martin Rowe and Patrick Magaud are the pre-event favourites for the first round of the Formula Rally Championship on Saturday. Rowe, the 1998 British rally champion, said: "I am really excited about my new Ford Puma and the new series. "I am sure we can challenge to win individual rallies and the championship title in 2001." Magaud will be co-driven by his wife Guylene, who helped him to second place in the 1997 French Rally Championship.

The 2001 Ferodo Ford Puma 1400 and Autosport Ford KA Championships starts on the roads of New Brighton on Saturday, with racing over 10 stages. The Pumas are led this year by last year's top two KA championship drivers, Shaun Woffinden and David Henderson. Although they are likely to be fierce rivals, last year's leading Junior Guy Wilks has also made the step up. Dafydd Larcome is favourite for the KA Championship. He finished second in 1999 but missed last year's season.

The Peugeot Super 106 Cup event also kicks off this weekend with last year's winner Martin Samson defending his title against 30 other crews. Last year's runner-up Mike Faulkner is the only Scottish representative in the field, with Michael Brew from the Isle of Man also expected to challenge. The youngest competitor is Barbadian 17-year-old Barry Myers. The younger drivers will also compete for awards for most spirited drive and best improved seeding award.

F3000 (A1-Ring):- Championship leader Justin Wilson saw his hopes of a second successive pole position ended by the Austrian weather. He had to settle for fourth spot after rain during the second session made it impossible for him to improve his time. French driver Sebastien Bourdais took pole position, while British driver Darren Manning was 11th. Dino Morelli from Portrush marked his first qualifying session of the season with 21st place. He has been given a chance by Team Astromega.

Qualifying times (Sat):      mins secs
 1 S Bourdais    Fr  DAMS     1:23.240
 2 P Friesacher  Aut Red Bull 1:23.297
 3 B Leinders    Bel KTR      1:23.361
 4 J Wilson      GB  C-Cola   1:23.445
 5 T Enge        Cz  C-Cola   1:23.566
 6 M Webber      Aus S Nova   1:23.578
 7 A Pizzonia    Brz P'bas    1:23.729
 8 F Gollin      It  Coloni   1:23.741
 9 A Garcia      Sp  Honda    1:24.147
10 G Pantano     It  A'mega   1:24.165
11 D Manning     GB  Arden    1:24.191
21 D Morelli     GB  A'mega   1:24.899

RALLY GB:- The provisional route for this year's Network Q Rally of Great Britain has been announced by the organisers. Starting on the evening of Thursday 22 November, the rally covers a total distance of 992 miles. In the second of a three-year agreement with Cardiff City Council, the rally will be based in the Welsh capital. The most significant change this year is the introduction of just one service area in Swansea, providing significant benefits to all participants.

PIRELLI RALLY:- The rescheduled Pirelli International Rally has been cancelled due to a new outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in an area adjacent to the route. The event, normally based in Carlisle, was moved to the Kielder Forest area and was due to take place in June. Martin Pallot of Pirelli Tyres said: "This will be a set-back to everyone in rallying. We had hoped to be able to kick-start this year's championship. We have exciting plans for 2002 and we now look forward to next year."

BTCC (Donington Park):- Yvan Muller set the pace in official testing, posting a time of one minute 42.477 seconds. He was just ahead of team-mate and championship leader Jason Plato. James Thompson was third fastest.

Testing times (Fri):         mins secs
1 Y Muller      Fr Vauxhall   1:42.477
2 J Plato       GB Vauxhall   1:42.562
3 J Thompson    GB Vauxhall   1:43.219
4 P Bennett     GB Vauxhall   1:43.635
5 S Soper       GB Peugeot    1:43.918
6 D Eaves       GB Peugeot    1:44.189


Championship leader Michael Schumacher won his fifth pole in six races to be at the front of the grid on Sunday. The Ferrari driver finished 0.1 seconds ahead of Colombian Juan Pablo Montoya with Ralf Schumacher in third. David Coulthard could only manage seventh with McLaren team-mate Mika Hakkinen also down the order in eighth. Eddie Irvine will be in 13th spot - his worst starting position all season - while Jenson Button will start second from the back in 21st place on the grid.

Michael Schumacher was confident after giving himself the best chance of claiming his first-ever win in Austria after taking pole for Sunday's race. "It is vital to get to the first corner first," he said. "If I can do that then I can force the others to do the race I want them to." Juan Pablo Montoya was just behind the German to win his first front row spot. "I have been looking to improve my qualifying display and though it's not perfect, it's getting better," he said.

David Coulthard's record of scoring at least a point in every Grand Prix this season looks under threat as he starts seventh on the grid. "I think from seventh on this track, with all those cars in front, it is going to be very difficult to overtake," he said. "But cars do drop out, so it is not impossible to win. If we can come out of the race with a point or two, then that is probably the best we can hope for."

Saturday's qualifying times: mins secs
 1 M Schumacher  Ger Ferrari  1:09.562
 2 J-P Montoya   Col Williams 1:09.686
 3 R Schumacher  Ger Williams 1:09.769
 4 R Barrichello Brz Ferrari  1:09.786
 5 J Trulli      It  Jordan   1:10.202
 6 N Heidfeld    Ger Sauber   1:10.211
 7 D Coulthard   GB  McLaren  1:10.331
 8 M Hakkinen    Fin McLaren  1:10.342
 9 K Raikkonen   Fin Sauber   1:10.396
10 O Panis       Fr  BAR      1:10.435
11 H Frentzen    Ger Jordan   1:10.923
12 J Villeneuve  Can BAR      1:11.058
13 E Irvine      GB  Jaguar   1:11.632
14 P de la Rosa  Sp  Jaguar   1:11.752
15 E Bernoldi    Brz Arrows   1:11.823
16 J Verstappen  Ned Arrows   1:12.187
17 L Burti       Brz Prost    1:12.206
18 F Alonso      Sp  Minardi  1:12.640
19 G Fisichella  It  Benetton 1:12.644
20 J Alesi       Fr  Prost    1:12.910
21 J Button      GB  Benetton 1:13.459
22 T Marques     Brz Minardi  1:13:585

FORMULA RALLY:- Martin Rowe roared to victory in the Rally of Wirral, the opening event of this season's Championship. Rowe set the fastest time on seven of the day's 10 stages to win by a margin of 15 seconds from Justin Dale with Frenchman Patrick Magaud third. Magaud's chances had suffered a blow on stage one when a car smashed a chicane and left most of it in his path. The Formula Rally series is open to cars with a maximum engine size of 1.6-litres.

Final results after 10 stages (Sat):
                             mins secs
 1 Rowe/Wood      Ford Puma    39:22.3
 2 Dale/Bargery   Peugeot 106  39:37.2
 3 Magaud/Brim    Ford Puma    40:00.0
 4 Sansom/Wells   Peugeot 106  40:09.2
 5 Mauger/Poxon   Ford Puma    40:10.5
 6 And'son/Mole   Proton S'ria 40:52.5
 7 W'bury/D'field Cirtoen Saxo 41:02.9
 8 Collins/Ph'ips Proton S'ria 41:09.0
 9 McK'lan/McQu'd Citroen Saxo 42:16.5
10 Galligan/Jones Peugeot 106  42:18.6

F3000 (A1-Ring):- Britain's Justin Wilson extended his championship lead with a second victory of the season after a battle with Belgium's Bas Leinders. The 22-year-old took advantage of a collision on the first corner that left eight cars on the gravel to move from fourth to second. The Sheffield driver overtook Leinders on lap five and finished on top after the lead was exchanged twice more. Leinders finished in second place with Czech driver Tomas Enge third.

Result (Sat):                 mins secs
 1 J Wilson      GB  C-Cola   51:57.144
 2 B Leinders    Bel KTR      + 0.455
 3 T Enge        Cz  C-Cola   + 0.949
 4 A Pizzonia    Brz P'bas    + 2.067
 5 J Melo        Bra Durango  +11.748
 6 A Piccini     It  Minardi  +14.415
 7 D Morelli     GB  A'mega   +32.854
 8 R Sperafico   Bra Coloni   +34.800
 9 D Saelens     Bel Minardi  +35.620
10 N Filiberti   Arg Prost J  +36.276


Saturday's qualifying times:mins secs
 1 G Tarquini It  Honda      1:54.384
 2 F G'anadri It  Alfa       1:54.537
 3 F Walfisch Fr  Honda      1:55.146
 4 M Neal     GB  Nissan     1:55.404
 5 R Colciago It  Audi       1:55.852
 6 S Sardelli It  Nissan     1:56.773
 7 A L'llotti It  Alfa Romeo 1:57.012
 8 E T'acelo  It  Alfa Romeo 1:57.279
 9 G de L'nzi It  BMW        1:57.305
10 E Cayrolle Fr  BMW        1:57.340

Saturday's qualifying times:mins secs
 1 P Kox      Ned BMW        2:04.971
 2 N Simon    Ger BMW        2:05.132
 3 D Huisman  Ned BMW        2:05.786
 4 G M'delli  It  BMW        2:06.092
 5 T Rustad   Nor Nissan     2:06.400
 6 T Ferrier  GB  BMW        2:06.519
 7 F Bouvy    Bel BMW        2:06.849
 8 PG And'son Swe BMW        2:06.892
 9 P Ruberti  It  BMW        2:06.963
10 L Villamil Sp  Alfa Romeo 2:07.140

BTCC:- Matt Neal expressed his shock at being axed from the Peugot British Touring Car team. Peugot were forced to drop one of their three drivers after a sponsorship deal fell through, forcing Neal to join the European Championship. "I don't like to blow my trumpet or be conceited but I can't believe it really," he said. "For some reason they wanted the other two guys ahead of me. I'm pretty stunned at the whole affair."


Saturday's qualifying times:
Race one:                  mins secs
1 F Montagny Fr  Epsilon   1:21.409
2 A Burgueno Sp  Repsol    1:21.988
3 T Scheck'r SA  Vergain   1:22.030
4 A Belichhi It  Doors     1:22.154
5 V Ordonez  Sp  Vergani   1:22.360

Race two:                  mins secs
1 T Scheck'r SA  Vergani   1:22.033
2 M Giao     Por Scuderia  1:22.066
3 F Montagny Fr  Epsilon   1:22.203
4 V Ordonez  Sp  Repsol    1:22.359
5 A Burgueno Sp  Repsol    1:22.437

AUTOBYTEL LOTUS:- Takahiro Hara took pole for round three of the Autobytel Lotus Championship on the Spa Francorchamps Circuit.


David Coulthard clinched a victory to stay on course for a title triumph. He is only four points behind series leader Michael Schumacher, who finished second after Rubens Barrichello let him through on the line. The Brazilian finished third and Sauber rookie Kimi Raikkonen hit back at his pre-season critics by finishing fourth. Mika Hakkinen's dream of reclaiming the crown looks to be over after he was left behind at the start, Eddie Irvine was seventh and Jenson Button retired.

David Coulthard did not take part in the post-race champagne celebrations as a mark of respect to Paul Morgan, who died in a plane crash on Saturday. Morgan, 52, was a managing director of Ilmor Racing, who build and supply engines to the McLaren team. Race-winner Coulthard confirmed: "We have lost a very important member of the team in Paul Morgan." Team chief Ron Dennis added: "McLaren are a close-knit team and he will be badly missed."

Mika Hakkinen's appalling luck continued when he was left stranded at the start and was forced to retire after trying to rejoin the race. The Finn was denied a victory in the last round in Spain when a clutch problem hit him on the final lap. Heinz-Harald Frentzen, Jarno Trulli and Nick Heidfeld also failed to pull away. Frentzen retired at once, Heidfeld eventually withdrew and Trulli was later disqualified for leaving the pit lane while the light was red.

Michael Schumacher has not had the best of times in Austria in previous years and had a poor start from pole. Both Juan Pablo Montoya and Ralf Schumacher overtook the Ferrari driver, who was left in third. Ralf was forced to retire on lap 10 and his brother moved up to second place before dropping to sixth on lap 16. He and Montoya briefly went off the track when their cars touched, allowing Rubens Barrichello to take the lead, but Schumacher was third by lap 28.

Michael Schumacher claimed that a problem with his Ferrari was the reason for his poor start. The German, who eventually finished second, confirmed: "The car did not start the way it should so I made a manual start." The problems coincide with the return of traction control and Schumacher said: "All these systems are new, as we saw with David Coulthard in Barcelona. We will get a few more surprises until the system becomes more reliable."

Second-placed Michael Schumacher was left fuming at Juan Pablo Montoya after a manoeuvre on the 16th lap. Both drivers ended up off the track when Montoya tried to block Schumacher as he tried to pass him. And Schumacher said: "I was a little bit upset because there was no way he could make that corner. All he was trying to do was to take me off the circuit as well. I will have a word with him about it. Sooner or later I would have passed him."

BAR are planning an appeal after race stewards rejected their protest against Kimi Raikkonen's fourth place finish. BAR reportedly complained that the Finn had overtaken Luciano Burti under a yellow flag warning by the stewards. They have seven days to lodge their appeal with the FIA so the result below the top three is not yet official. BAR's two drivers could benefit if the appeal is successful as Olivier Panis finished fifth and Jacques Villeneuve was eighth.

Former world champion Mika Hakkinen has admitted that he does not know why his car failed to get away at the start. He tried to rejoin the race but eventually had to call it a day and the misfortune looks to have ended his chances of regaining the title. He said: "I do not know why I stalled on the grid. The team will investigate it tonight." When asked if he could still take the crown, he added: "Well it does not look very good does it?"

Rubens Barrichello admitted that he was unhappy after the race but claimed that it was not because he was forced to follow team orders. The Brazilian finished third after letting Michael Schumacher pass him in the final few yards of the race. Barrichello said: "I was winning the grand prix but David Coulthard could get past me. That is why I am unhappy." His Ferrari team now lead McLaren by 18 points in the battle for the constructors' crown.

Juan Pablo Montoya was forced to retire on the 42nd lap ` just as he looked in line for some more points. "I made a good start and during the race the car was behaving better and better," said the Williams star. He collided with Michael Schumacher on lap 16 but added: "What happened was a racing accident. He braked quite late and I braked quite late as well. At the end we lost hydraulic pressure. I got an alarm two corners before and I knew that was going to be it."

Ralf Schumacher's race ended because of a brake problem ` after a superb qualifying display and excellent start had set him up for a great grand prix. The German started in third place on the grid and moved up to second spot as the race began. That was as good as it got and the Williams driver stated: "I had a great start to the race, which proved our launch control really worked. I had a brake pressure problem and at the end I had nearly no pressure left."

Eddie Irvine is looking forward to the next race in Monaco after finishing just outside the points in seventh spot for Jaguar. He commented: "I made a mega start but it was a very close call in that I missed Jacques Villeneuve by inches - we may even have touched slightly. The car was off the line in a flash and it felt very good all afternoon, albeit not fast enough to grab points. The tyres struggled at the beginning but came good. Roll on Monaco."

Jenson Button was left frustrated once again as he was forced to retire on the 61st lap. Button revealed: "With so many cars having dropped out I was sure we were on course to notch up a decent result at the end of a difficult weekend. My goal was to finish and it is always very frustrating to retire so close to the finish. As far as the longer term is concerned, at least we picked up some useful data."

Dutchman Jos Verstappen gave Arrows their first point of the season with a sixth-placed finish. After his 80th grand prix, he enthused: "The point is very important for the team and for me as well. They all did a fantastic job. The strategy worked well for us as we could overtake at the beginning of the race and I think it was there that we earned the point. The car is developing so let us hope this is the first of many points."

Prost driver Olivier Panis was delighted with his fifth place. "I am very happy for the team and myself," he said. "The two points are very important to us as we look to close the gap in the championship. Jacques Villeneuve had a podium in the last race and I collected points today so I am happy with the progress that we are making. Next week we will be in Valencia testing and will be looking to make some improvements."

Result after 71 laps:        hr min sec
 1 D Coulthard   GB  McLaren 1:27.45.92
 2 M Schumacher  Ger Ferrari 1:27.48.11
 3 R Barrichello Brz Ferrari 1:27.48.45
 4 K Raikkonen   Fin Sauber  1:28.27.52
 5 O Panis       Fr  BAR     1:28.39.70
 6 J Verstappen  Ned Arrows     one lap
 7 E Irvine      GB  Jaguar     one lap
 8 J Villeneuve  Can BAR        one lap
 9 N Heidfeld    Ger Sauber    two laps
10 J Alesi       Fr  Prost     two laps
11 L Burti       Brz Prost     two laps
* Result below top three subject to appeal by BAR

NOT CLASSIFIED:           Laps completed
   J Button      GB  Benetton    60
   P de la Rosa  Sp  Jaguar      48
   JP Montoya    Col Williams    41
   F Alonso      Sp  Minardi     38
   T Marques     Brz Minardi     25
   E Bernoldi    Brz Arrows      17
   R Schumacher  Ger Williams    10
   G Fisichella  It  Benetton     3
   M Hakkinen    Fin Sauber       1
   H-H Frentzen  Ger Jordan       0
   J Trulli      It  Jordan

 1 M Schumacher  Ger  Ferrari   42 pts
 2 D Coulthard   GB   McLaren   38
 3 R Barrichello Brz  Ferrari   18
 4 R Schumacher  Ger  Williams  12
 5 N Heidfeld    Ger  Sauber     8
 6 J Trulli      It   Jordan     7
 7 H-H Frentzen  Ger  Jordan     6
 = J-P Montoya   Col  Williams   6
 9 O Panis       Fr   BAR        5
10 M Hakkinen    Fin  McLaren    4
 = J Villeneuve  Can  BAR        4
 = K Raikkonen   Fin  Sauber     4
13 G Fisichella  It   Benetton   1
 = J Verstappen  Ned  Arrows     1

1 Ferrari       60 pts
2 McLaren       42
3 Williams      18
4 Jordan        13
5 Sauber        12
6 BAR            9
7 Benetton       1
= Arrows         1

INDY 500:- Scott Sharp claimed pole position for the Indy 500, which is scheduled to be held on May 27. It was Scott's third pole position after 41 starts and six seasons in the Indy Racing League. "It is my greatest accomplishment so far in racing. As a race driver I think qualifying for the Indy 500 is the hardest single day you have," he said. Greg Ray was second quickest in the qualifying session and Robby Gordon was third fastest.

Saturday's qualifying times for race on May 27:
                          ave speed (mph)
 1 S Sharp      US  Dallara   226.037
 2 G Ray        US  Dallara   225.194
 3 R Gordon     US  Dallara   224.994
 4 M Dismore    US  Dallara   224.964
 5 G de Ferran  Brz Dallara   224.406
 6 A Luyendyk   Ned G-Force   224.257
 7 T Stewart    US  G-Force   224.248
 8 J Ward       US  G-Force   224.222
 9 R Buhl       US  G-Force   224.213
10 B Lazier     US  Dallara   224.190

EUROPEAN TOURING CARS (Silverstone):- Britain's Matt Neal brushed off the shock of being dropped by Peugot's Brtish series team by finishing third in the European Championship race. Neal gave Peugot a reminder of his driving skills by finishing on the podium behind Italians Gabriele Tarquini and Fabrizio Giovanardi. The Midlander followed up with fourth place in the second race with the same two drivers first and second. But this time Italian Nicola Larini snatched third spot ahead of Neal.

Super Touring Race 1 result: mins secs
 1 G Tarquini It  Honda      19:23.198
 2 F G'anardi It  Alfa Romeo 19:26.170
 3 M Neal     GB  Nissan     19:27.490
 4 F Walfisch Fr  Honda      19:33.954
 5 N Larini   It  Alfa Romeo 19:38.673
 6 S Sardelli It  Nissan     19:48.377
 7 G de L'nzi It  BMW        19:50.678
 8 E T'acelo  It  Alfa Romeo 19:56.330
 9 M Lampinen Fin Audi       20:01.631
10 M Pigoli   It  Audi       20:03.775

Super Touring Race 2 result: mins secs
 1 G Tarquini It  Honda      19:41.057
 2 F G'anardi It  Alfa Romeo 19:42.981
 3 N Larini   It  Alfa Romeo 19:46.738
 4 M Neal     GB  Nissan     19:47.573
 5 F Walfisch Fr  Honda      19:53.060
 6 S Sardelli It  Nissan     19:59.501
 7 E Cayrolle Fr  BMW        20:02.349
 8 G de L'nzi It  BMW        20:02.595
 9 A Lanc'tti It  Alfa Romeo 20:03.226
10 E T'acelo  It  Alfa Romeo 20:11.859

1 N Larini   280 pts
2 F G'anardi 240
3 M Pigoli   198

Super Production result:     mins secs
 1 P Kox      Ned BMW        29:49.259
 2 N Simon    Ger BMW        29:52.182
 3 D Huisman  Ned BMW        29:52.426
 4 G Mor'elli It  BMW        30:09.106
 5 T Rustad   Nor Nissan     30:10.027
 6 F Bouvy    Bel BMW        30:10.132
 7 J Hanson   GB  BMW        30:18.422
 8 S Gabel'ni It  BMW        30:26.699
 9 M Kelly    GB  Nissan     30:29.283
10 F Cavicchi It  Alfa Romeo 30:32.492

1 D Huisman   62 pts
2 P Kox       60
3 N Simon     37


Sunday's GT result:           hr mn sec
 1 Bouchut/Belloc   Chrysler  3:00:37.7
 2 B'molen/B'olen   Chrysler  3:01:01.4
 3 Kumpen/Goss'ln   Chrysler  3:01:01.9
 4 Vosse/D'ebourg   Chrysler  3:01.33.0
 5 Naspetti/S'ella  Ferrari   3:01:20.5
 6 Clerico/Def'rny  Chrysler  3:01.37.6
 7 Terrien/P'catori Ferrari   3:01.40.6
 8 Capp'lari/M'zzi  Chrysler  3:01.40.8
 9 Moccia/Babini    Porsche   3:02.04.9
10 Lafon/Jarier     Chrysler  3:00:38.2

1 C Bouchut    Fr 32 pts
2 JP Belloc    Fr 32
3 J Campbell-W GB 23

F.FORD:- Steven Kane won his second race of the season at Knockhill on Sunday. Fellow Ulsterman Stephen Colbert had taken the lead from the start, but Kane managed to overtake on lap four. Points leader Tom Gaymor came home in third.

Final times:                mins secs
1 S Kane        Mygale       18:12.56
2 S Colbert     Mygale       18:13.79
3 T Gaymor      Mygale       18:22.96
4 A Preston     Van Diemen   18:23.62
5 M Conway      Van Diemen   18:24.44
6 J Foster      Ray          18:25.01

F.NISSAN:- Tomas Scheckter claimed second place in each of the two Open Telefonica races at Spain's Albacete circuit.

AUTOBYTEL LOTUS:- Japan's Takahiro Hara turned his pole position into a comprehensive victory at Belgium's Spa Francorchamps circuit. Hara headed the rolling start superbly and led the pack into Eau Rouge before stretching his lead. He finished 14 seconds ahead of second- placed Jon Tee and cuts the gap in the overall championship standings on leader Mark Fullalove to six points. Rob Croydon finished third while James Winslow, who started well from seventh on the grid, was fourth.

Sunday's result:
Best lap                     mins secs
 1 T Hara     Jpn Inchcape    2:43.915
 2 J Tee      GB  Theramed    2:44.006
 3 R Croydon  GB  Team N'flk  2:44.761
 4 J Winslow  GB  Polstore    2:44.128
 5 M Full'ove GB  Carlube     2:46.370
 6 N Smith    GB  Toshiba     2:45.875
 7 H Breese   Aus Nortel Net  2:45.515
 8 C Boon     GB  IFS         2:46.427
 9 M Cole     GB  Autobytel   2:45.265
10 N Fuechter                 3:06.457


F1:- Rubens Barrichello ignored Ferrari orders to let Michael Schumacher pass until the last corner of the Austrian Grand Prix, said a Brazilian newspaper. Rio de Janeiro-based daily O Globo published what it claimed was a transcript of the conversation between team officials and the Brazilian. Ferrari director Jean Todt was first heard to order Barrichello to move over on the 69th lap of the 71-lap race. Barrichello eventually moved over to allow his team-mate to finish second.

David Coulthard is unlikely to get any help from McLaren teammate Mika Hakkinen in his bid for title glory. The Scot moved to within four points of Michael Schumacher and the gap could have been less had the German not been allowed through by Rubens Barrichello. But Coulthard will not receive similar help from Hakkinen, who said: "It is getting tougher and tougher for me. But until I have not got the possibility of the championship, then I am not giving anything up."

F.RENAULT:- Rising French star James Andanson will contest the Formula Renault UK Championship with Fortec Motorsport. Andanson is a previous class winner in French F3 and his arrival increases the Fortec squad to three cars.


F1:- Jordan have denied reports that they have been in talks with David Coulthard with a view to signing him for 2002. The team said of the story: "Jordan would like to state categorically that this is untrue and is based upon rumours without substance. Jordan Grand Prix is very happy with its current driver line-up and is not looking to make any changes." Coulthard's McLaren contract is up at the end of the season and he is sure to be in high demand.

TESTING (Valencia):-
Tuesday's times:             min secs
1 M Hakkinen    Fin McLaren  1:13.306
2 N Heidfeld    Ger Sauber   1:14.852
3 M Gene        Sp  Williams 1:14.887
4 H-H Frentzen  Ger Jordan   1:15.037
5 R Zonta       Brz Jordan   1:15.598
6 A Wurz        Aut McLaren  1:15.808
7 J Herbert     GB  Arrows   1:16.247
8 E Bernoldi    Brz Arrows   1:16.571
9 L Burti       Brz Prost    1:16.605

BTCC (Oulton Park):- The championship resumes with rounds five and six this weekend, and Vauxhall duo Jason Plato and Yvan Muller will be at the forefront of the action. Plato won the sprint race in the last round at Thruxton to take the lead in the championship, while second-placed Muller won the feature race. Both drivers will be carrying ballast as a result of their Thruxton success. Egg Sport Vauxhall Astra Coupe drivers James Thompson and Phil Bennett, third and fourth, aim to take advantage.

Championship leader Jason Plato will hope that his set-up enables him to gain further success this weekend. "Set-up will be crucial, it's something I've noticed particularly this season," he said. "I'll be aiming to have established as good a set-up as possible during free practice to give me the best chance." Second-placed Yvan Muller said carrying ballast would hit his chances but "the main aim is to gain as many points as possible from podium positions."

Teenager Tom Boardman will be seeking his first podium finish after being forced to retire while in third spot during round three at Thruxton. The incident affected his gears, and he had to settle for fifth in round four. But he said: "Thruxton has given me more confidence. I'm happier racing with these guys now I know I can mix it with the front-runners. I think it will be a good weekend and hopefully I can get onto the podium this time."

Tim Harvey, champion in 1992, makes his first touring car appearance since going to sportscars at the end of 1998. Currently leading the British GT Championship, Harvey will add driving to his management of the Alfa 147 JS Motorsport squad this weekend. "The team's new to BTCC and the car's a completely new concept so I won't be winning just yet," he said. "But if anyone thinks I've gone soft in my years away, they'll get a shock. I intend to give everything I've got."

James Levy makes his touring car debut this weekend in the second of the Team CAM Mitsubishi Carismas. Levy won last year's FIAT Championship and joins team-mate Toni Ruokonen, who won last year's National Saloon Cup. "For a few years now it's been an ambition of mine to drive in the BTCC," Levy said. "This weekend is destined to be a real challenge, as not only will it mark my first BTCC race but it will be my debut in the Carisma as well."

STOCK CARS:- A new stock-car racing series is being planned in America to compete with NASCAR and attract more fans. The founders of the Team Racing Auto Circuit want to attract a national TV package and plan to race on at least some of the Winston Cup tracks.


F1:- Ferrari driver Rubens Barrichello has held peace talks with team bosses after the controversial Austrian Grand Prix. Barrichello was unhappy after being forced to allow Michael Schumacher to overtake him on the last bend. The Brazilian said on the Ferrari website: "After the race we talked and we had different opinions. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion. That does not mean I don't get on well with Jean Todt and technical director Ross Brawn."

McLaren boss Ron Dennis says teams should play by the rules and observe the winter testing ban. Williams have threatened to exploit a loophole in the rules by testing a Formula One engine in the back of a sportscar during November and December. But Dennis, who has also been against the ban, believes that it should not now be changed. He said: "I for one was supportive of a change in 2002 but we all agreed and we should stick by it."

TESTING (Valencia):-

Wednesday's times:            min secs
 1 D Coulthard   GB  McLaren  1:13.519
 2 H-H Frentzen  Ger Jordan   1:14.365
 3 R Schumacher  Ger Williams 1:14.827
 4 M Gene        Sp  Williams 1:15.028
 5 R Zonta       Brz Jordan   1:15.034
 6 E Bernoldi    Brz Arrows   1:15.091
 7 E Irvine      GB  Jaguar   1:15.102
 8 P de la Rosa  Sp  Jaguar   1:15.364
 9 N Heidfeld    Ger Sauber   1:15.518
10 L Burti       It  Prost    1:15.565
11 D Turner      GB  McLaren  1:15.639
12 J Villeneuve  Can BAR      1:15.792
13 J Herbert      B  Arrows   1:15.794
14 O Panis       Fr  BAR      1:15.958

NATIONAL RALLYSPRINT (Silverstone):- Former British rally champion Martin Rowe is a late entry for the opening round of the championship on Sunday. He will drive a Ford Racing-entered Puma 4x4, which is primarily an asphalt car but which will be seen competing for the first time on gravel. Fifty-year-old rally legend Markku Alen will also be taking part, along with reigning champion Steve Hill. Lap record holder Roger Duckworth, meanwhile, will give a debut to a new turbo-charged Subaru Impreza WRC.

CART (Motegi):- The series moves to Japan on Saturday for the first of four races not based in the US during the 2001 campaign. Britain's Dario Franchitti is hoping to go one better after finishing second in Motegi last season. The Scot said: "I am probably looking forward to racing at Motegi more this year than before. I had a great race last year and very nearly won so that is a real positive." Christiano da Matta and Paul Tracy top the standings on 40 points.


F1:- Formula One's European manufacturers have made a big step forwards with their plans for an alternative F1 tour. BMW, Fiat, Ford, Mercedes and Renault, who are all members of the European Association of Car Manufacturers, have issued a joint statement. They plan the "creation of a company aiming to build a new championship" similar to the current tour, said a press release from the group. Their target date for operation is "January 1 2008 at the latest."

Michael Schumacher has insisted that he wants Rubens Barrichello to stay with Ferrari next year. There were rumours about his future with the team after he was visibly upset over having to give up second place to Schumacher in Austria. But Barrichello had clear-the-air talks with Ferrari chiefs and Schumacher admitted: "There was some clarification of the situation necessary. He is a good team-mate and very fast. I want him as my team-mate next year."

British American Racing managing director Craig Pollock believes Brazil should be the venue to make way for the proposed Russian Grand Prix. It is hoped that Moscow will join the schedule in 2003 but another country will have to lose a race. Pollock said: "I do not want any of them to go. If you did it by track and facilities, then somewhere with the smallest garage facilities and most difficult working conditions is Brazil."

An appeal by British American Racing over Kimi Raikkonen's fourth place at the Austrian Grand Prix will be heard on June 1, the FIA has confirmed. An initial appeal by BAR, about whether Sauber driver Raikkonen had overtaken illegally under a yellow warning flag, was rejected by race stewards.

F1 TESTING (Valencia)

Friday's times:               min secs
 1 J Villeneuve  Can BAR      1:13.122
 2 J Trulli      It  Jordan   1:13.143
 3 K Raikkonen   Fin Sauber   1:13.178
 4 JP Montoya    Col Williams 1:13.454
 5 R Zonta       Brz Jordan   1:14.116
 6 O Panis       Fr  BAR      1:14.124
 7 P de la Rosa  Sp  Jordan   1:14.552
 8 E Bernoldi    It  Arrows   1:14.677
 9 J Verstappen  Ned Arrows   1:14.791
10 J Alesi       Fr  Prost    1:14.839
11 M Gene        Sp  Williams 1:14.883
12 A Lotterer    Ger Jaguar   1:15.632

BTCC (Oulton Park):- The championship resumes with rounds five and six this weekend, and Vauxhall duo Jason Plato and Yvan Muller will be at the forefront of the action. Plato won the sprint race in the last round at Thruxton to take the lead in the championship, while second-placed Muller won the feature race. Both drivers will be carrying ballast as a result of their Thruxton success. Egg Sport Vauxhall Astra Coupe drivers James Thompson and Phil Bennett, third and fourth, aim to take advantage.

CART (Motegi):- Britain's Dario Franchitti was pipped to pole position for Saturday's Firestone Firehawk 500 by Brazilian star Helio Castroneves. Castroneves clocked a time of 25.849 seconds and Scot Franchitti will start in second place on the grid after a time of 25.991 seconds. Honda-powered cars, which have never won at Motegi, took the top four places in qualifying. Series leaders Cristiano da Matta and Paul Tracy were 12th and 16th.

Firestone Firehawk 500
Friday's combined practice times:
 1 H Castroneves Brz Honda     25.849
 2 D Franchitti  GB  Honda     25.991
 3 G de Ferran   Brz Honda     25.993
 4 T Kanaan      Brz Honda     26.022
 5 B Junqueira   Brz Toyota    26.035
 6 K Brack       Swe Ford      26.044
 7 M Jourdain Jr Mex Ford      26.057
 8 A Zanardi     It  Honda     26.088
 9 A Fernandez   Mex Honda     26.097
10 P Carpentier  Can Ford      26.147

F.RENAULT (Oulton Park):- Championship leader Richard Antinucci broke the lap record to head testing for Sunday's race. Antinucci was followed by Mohamed Fairuz and Carl Breeze with newcomer James Andanson finishing in fifth.

Leading testing times (Thu):  min secs
1 R Antinucci US  Manor       1:20.777
2 M Fairuz    Mal Saxon       1:21.523
3 C Breeze    GB  Motaworld   1:21.575
4 L Walker    GB  Manor       1:21.738
5 J Andanson  Fr  Fortec      1:21.843
6 C Buncombe  GB  Aztec       1:21.865

CLIO CUP (Oulton Park):- Martin Byford put in a late quick lap to lead Clio Cup testing for Sunday's crucial double-header meeting. Tim Mullen and local driver Daniel Buxton were next up, but points leader Duncan Vercoe suffered car problems.

Leading testing times (Thu):
                          min secs
1 M Byford    Z Speed     1:35.243
2 T Mullen    Firstair    1:35.355
3 D Buxton    TSM         1:35.430
4 J Templeman TCR         1:35.471
5 D Gibson    Elite       1:35.781
6 A Lyall     Tracsport   1:36.355

EUROPEAN LE MANS SERIES (Jarama):- Britain's Guy Smith has set his sights on ending the factory Audi's domination of the series in the second round of the series in Spain this weekend. Smith, who races a customer Audi R8 for Johansson Racing, has failed to split the works cars either in Europe or the Sebring 12-Hour Race in Florida. "Although it will be difficult to beat the works Audis, it's not impossible and is clearly our aim," he said. Works Audi driver Tom Kristensen leads the series with Smith in sixth place.

FIA GT CHAMPIONSHIP (Zolder):- Lister Storm Racing topped the practice times for Sunday's fifth-round race. The teams number one car, driven by Britain's Jamie Campbell-Walter and Tom Coronel of the Netherlands, was just under a tenth-of-a-second fastest. Thirty-five cars are expected to line up on the grid of the 3.977km Belgian circuit, though the second Ferrari of JMB is out after two engine failures. Belgian team PSI Motorsport is taking part in the series for the first time this year.

Friday's combined practice times:
                              min secs
 1 Lister Storm  GB  Lister   1:31.432
 2 Carsport Hol  Ned Chrysler 1:31.516
 3 Rafanelli     It  Ferrari  1:31.990
 4 Rafanelli     It  Ferrari  1:32.183
 5 Paul Belmondo Fr  Chrysler 1:32.264
 6 Art           Fr  Chrysler 1:32.271
 7 Larbre Com-Ch Fr  Chrysler 1:32.351
 8 Paul Belmondo Fr  Chrysler 1:32.730
 9 Racing Box    It  Chrysler 1:32.838
10 Lister Storm  GB  Lister   1:32.929

RALLYING:- The Dukeries Rally will definitely be taking place on June 23 and will be the first gravel event run in the UK since the foot-and-mouth crisis started. The event is a round of the BTRDA series based in Mansfield and uses classic forest stages in the Sherwood Forest Complex.


BTCC (Oulton Park):- Yvan Muller pipped championship leader Jason Plato to be in pole position for rounds five and six. Muller was less than a tenth of a second faster than Plato while Kurt Luby put in an impressive performance in his Lexus to finish in fifth. In the production category, Simon Harrison secured pole after a closely fought qualifying session. Harrison lies second in the overall standings behind James Kaye, who qualified fourth-fastest.

Provisional round 5 qualifying times:
                            mins secs
1 Y Muller    Fr   Vauxhall  1:27.644
2 J Plato     GB   Vauxhall  1:27.748
3 J Thompson  GB   Vauxhall  1:27.798
4 P Bennett   GB   Vauxhall  1:28.079
5 K Luby      GB   Lexus     1:29.860

Provisional round 6 qualifying times:
                            mins secs
1 Y Muller    Fr   Vauxhall  1:27.415
2 J Plato     GB   Vauxhall  1:27.608
3 J Thompson  GB   Vauxhall  1:27.821
4 P Bennett   GB   Vauxhall  1:27.984
5 D Eaves     GB   Peugeot   1:29.555

CART (Motegi):- Kenny Brack held off Helio Castroneves and Tony Kanaan for victory while Britain's Dario Franchitti was forced out with mechanical problems. Brack fought to keep his Ford Lola in the top spot after a late restart at the 2.487km Twin Ring oval speedway. Rookie Bruno Junqueira had spun on the first lap and was struck by Cristiano da Matta, putting both drivers out. Franchitti, celebrating his 28th birthday, was running with the leaders before his engine blew.

Firestone Firehawk 500
Saturday's result:          hr mins secs
 1 K Brack       Swe Ford   1:44.48.888
 2 H Castroneves Brz Honda  1:44.52.538
 3 T Kanaan      Brz Honda  @ one lap
 4 C Fittipaldi  Brz Toyota @ one lap
 5 J Vasser      US  Toyota @ one lap
 6 M Papis       It  Ford   @ one lap
 7 A Zanardi     It  Honda  @ two laps
 8 S Nakano      Jpn Honda  @ two laps
 9 S Dixon       NZ  Toyota @ three laps
10 R Moreno      Brz Toyota @ three laps
17 D Franchitti  GB  Honda    126 laps

Driver standings
 1 K Brack      Swe Ford        49 pts
 2 H Cast'eves  Brz Honda       47
 3 C da Matta   Brz Toyota      40
 4 P Tracy      Can Honda       40
 5 J Vasser     US  Toyota      40
 6 G de Ferran  Brz Honda       30
 7 T Kanaan     Brz Honda       26
 8 S Dixon      NZ  Toyota      24
 9 C Fittipaldi Brz Toyota      22
10 M Andretti   US  Honda       20

Manufacturer standings:
1 Honda                    70 pts
2 Toyota                   70
3 Ford-Cosworth            52

F.RENAULT:- Carl Breeze and Mark McLoughlin set the fastest Formula Renault laps ever seen at Oulton Park to make it a Motaworld one-two on the grid for Sunday's race. Richard Antinucci was third with promising Finn Heikki Kovalainen next.

Leading qualifying times (Sat):min secs
1 C Breeze    GB  Motaworld   1:19.670
2 M McL'lin   GB  Motaworld   1:19.775
3 R Antinucci US  Manor       1:20.022
4 H Koval'nen Fin Fortec      1:20.312
5 M Fairuz    Mal Saxon       1:20.327
6 L Walker    GB  Manor       1:20.336

CLIO CUP (Oulton Park):- Local driver Daniel Buxton thrilled the crowds watching qualifying for Sunday's first race by coming home fastest. He edged out early pacesetter Tim Mullen and recorded the quickest ever Clio Cup lap time to take the pole.

Leading qualifying times (Sat):
                          min secs
1 D Buxton    TSM         1:33.889
2 T Mullen    Firstair    1:33.909
3 M Byford    Z Speed     1:34.003
4 J Templeman TCR         1:34.145
5 D Gibson    Elite       1:34.247
6 J Rouse     Rouse       1:34.361

ELMS (Jarama):- Britain's Guy Smith has set the third fastest time in the unofficial time trials for the second round of the Le Mans series in Spain. The 26-year-old from Hull, driving his customer Audi R8 for Johansson Racing, clocked a time of 1 min 24.984 secs. The fastest time was set by factory Audi driver Tom Kristensen, just over a second ahead of team-mate Frank Biela. "Although it will be difficult to beat the works Audis, it's not impossible and is clearly our aim," Smith said.

Friday's time trial times:   min secs
1 Kristensen/Capello Audi    1:22.893
2 Biela/Pirro        Audi    1:23.984
3 Johansson/Smith    Audi    1:24.916
4 Magnussen/Brabham  Panoz   1:26.078
5 Graf/Lagorce       Panoz   1:27.805
6 De Radigues/Poele  Reynard 1:28.518
7 Hawkins/Goddard    Lola    1:33.346
8 Pobst/Collard      Porsche 1:33.631


Saturday's second qualifying times:
                              min secs
 1 C-Walter/Coronel  Lister   1:31.981
 2 Kumpen/Defoumy    Chrysler 1:32.137
 3 Bouchut/Belloc    Chrysler 1:32.280
 4 Hezemans/B'molen  Chrysler 1:32.804
 5 Vosse/Deri'bourg  Chrysler 1:32.961
 6 Bileninger/Duez   Ferrari  1:33.080
 7 Naspetti/S'rella  Ferrari  1:33.196
 8 Belmondo/Gosselin Chrysler 1:33.342
 9 Dierick/Doncker   Chrysler 1:34.167
10 Daems/Illes       Chrysler 1:34.322

Saturday's Group B qualifying results:
(after two sessions)
 1 Springer/Bailey   Lister
 2 Lafon/Jarier      Chrysler
 3 Bouchot/Belloc    Chrysler
 4 Belmondo/Gosselin Chrysler
 5 Bileninger/Duez   Ferrari
 6 Daems/Illes       Chrysler
 7 C'llari/Matteuzzi Chrysler
 8 Dierick/Doncker   Chrysler
 9 Perrier/Neugarten Porsche
10 Ried/Ried         Porsche

Saturday's qualifying times:  min secs
 1 E Naspetti   It   Ferrari  1:30.994
 2 M Henzemans  Ned  Chrysler 1:31.105
 3 T Coronel    Ned  Lister   1:31.117
 4 V Vosse      Bel  Chrysler 1:32.270
 5 D Defourny   Bel  Chrysler 1:32.479
 6 S Bleekmolen Ned  Chrysler 1:33.420
 7 C Pescatori  Fr   Ferrari  1:35.037
 8 L Riccitelli It   Porsche  1:35.314
 9 S Dumez      Fr   Porsche  1:35.745
10 T Sugden     GB   Porsche  1:35.850


Saturday's qualifying times:  min secs
 1 P Kox        Ned  BMW      1:43.571
 2 N Simon      Ger  BMW      1:43.802
 3 D Huisman    Ned  BMW      1:44.096
 4 F Bouvy      Bel  BMW      1:44.312
 5 PG Andersson Swe  BMW      1:44.909
 6 S Gabellini  It   BMW      1:44.988
 7 G Morbidelli It   BMW      1:45.007
 8 T Rustad     Nor  Nissan   1:45.194
 9 T Masini     It   A Romeo  1:45.432
10 P Ruberti    It   BMW      1:45.695

Saturday's qualifying times:  min secs
 1 G Tarquini   It   Honda    1:35.337
 2 N Larini     It   A Romeo  1:35.419
 3 F Giovanardi It   A Romeo  1:35.532
 4 R Colciago   It   Audi     1:35.640
 5 M Neal       GB   Nissan   1:36.766
 6 G de Lorenzi It   BMW      1:36.895
 7 F Walfisch   Fr   Honda    1:37.302
 8 A L'lotti    It   A Romeo  1:37.447
 9 M Pigoli     It   Audi     1:37.528
10 E Cayrolle   Fr   BMW      1:37.679

CATERHAM EUROCUP (Belgium, Round three):-

Saturday's result:          mins secs
1 S Pullan     GB  S'light  24.39.258
2 N Taylor     GB  S'light    @ 0.457
3 C Richards   GB  S'light    @ 1.233
4 J Westermann Ger Super 7    @ 6.239
5 N Jacobs     GB  S'light   @ 37.500
6 F Salhein    Fr  S'light   @ 41.870

IRL:- Rain washed out practice at the Indianapolis 500 for the first time in four years. There is no just one more day of practice before Sunday's "Bump Day."


BTCC (Oulton Park):- Yvan Muller took full advantge of his two pole positions to claim victory in rounds five and six of the championship and take Jason Plato's overall lead. Muller and Plato were disputing the lead for most of the opening feature race before Plato skidded off with steering problems on lap 26. The Frenchman also won round six with James Thompson in second, so they both pass Plato in the overall standings. Roger Moen finished first in the sprint but a time penalty put him in third.

Round Five result           mins secs
1 Y Muller    Fr   Vauxhall 23:47.933
2 J Thompson  GB   Vauxhall  @  2.325
3 J Plato     GB   Vauxhall  @  3.351
4 P Bennett   GB   Vauxhall  @  9.221
5 S Soper     GB   Peugeot   @ 22.185

Round Six result            mins secs
1 Y Muller    Fr   Vauxhall 45:01.849
2 J Thompson  GB   Vauxhall  @  2.152
3 T Harvey    GB   A Romeo   @ 55.432
4 G Pyper     GB   A Romeo   @ one lap

Production Sprint result    mins secs
1 S Harrison  GB   Peugeot  23:27.514
2 J Kaye      GB   Barwell  23:27.918
3 R Moen     Nor   Peugeot  23:31.805

Moen finished first but relegated to third after a 10 second penalty. Gavin Pyper, who came in second, was similarly penalised.

1 Y Muller     Fr  Vauxhall    82 pts
2 J Thompson   Swi Vauxhall    70
3 J Plato      GB  Vauxhall    68
4 P Bennett    GB  Vauxhall    46
5 D Eaves      GB  Peugeot     21
6 S Soper      GB  Peugeot     19
7 K Luby       GB  Lexus       17

1 J Kaye       GB  Honda       44 pts
2 S Harrison   GB  Peugeot     37
3 M Jackson    GB  Ford        33
4 R Moen       Nor Peugeot     26
5 P Cate       GB  Honda       19
6 J Edwards Jr GB  Honda       16
7 N Beaumont   GB  Honda       16
8 G Howell     GB  Ford        16

1 Vauxhall              138 pts
2 Peugeot                51

1 Team Egg Sport         43 pts
2 Vauxhall Motorsport    39
3 Peugeot Sport UK       14

1 Barwell Motorsport     46
2 GR Motorsport          26
3 HTML                   12
4 TCR/Interactive NS     10
5 Tech-Speed Motorsport   8
6 GA Janspeed             8

NATIONAL RALLYSPRINT (Silverstone):- Rallying legend Markku Alen won the opening round of the championship with a powerful display of driving, setting a new lap record on his way to victory. Having equalled the record in the quarter finals he beat Ford Puma driver Martin Rowe in the semis by 0.04 secs. He then outpaced former lap record holder Roger Duckworth in the final. "I drove flat out the whole way round until I saw the flag and didn't have time to count laps," said the Finn. The second round is at the end of June.

F.RENAULT (Oulton Park):- Carl Breeze moved into the lead in the Championship with a dominant victory. That displaced Richard Antinucci, who was second, but later demoted to third after it was deemed that he overtook Mark McLoughlin behind the safety car.

Leading times:               min secs
1 C Breeze    GB  Motaworld 29:31.342
2 M McL'lin   GB  Motaworld 29:38.386
3 R Antinucci US  Manor     29:38.389
4 J Andanson  Fr  Fortec    29:38.687
5 L Walker    GB  Manor     29:44.261
6 L Mussi     Brz Motaworld 29:51.322

CLIO CUP (Oulton Park):- Daniel Buxton converted pole position into victory in the first of the day's two races - one of the Cup's best. Tim Mullen took the lead in the championship after taking second place after former leader Duncan Vercoe was forced to retire with car problems.

First race leading times (Sun):
                         mins secs
1 D Buxton    TSM        19:06.337
2 T Mullen    Firstair   19:09.009
3 M Byford    Z Speed    19:09.318
4 P Rivett    Rivett     19:09.556
5 M Nordon    Bintcliffe 19:21.993
6 A Lyall     Tracsport  19:22.279

Daniel Buxton made it a double-victory by leading all the way in the second race of the day. Another second-place for Tim Mullen helped extend his lead in the standings while Martin Byford nicked third when Paul Rivett ran wide.

Second race leading times (Sun):
                         mins secs
1 D Buxton    TSM        18:59.836
2 T Mullen    Firstair   19:03.773
3 M Byford    Z Speed    19:05.224
4 P Rivett    Rivett     19:06.134
5 A Lyall     Tracsport  19:17.154
6 J Templeman TCR        19:21.968

ELMS (Jarama):- Britain's Guy Smith had to settle for fourth place in the second round after heartbreak with an hour remaining. Smith and Gulf Audi co-driver Stefan Johansson were heading for a maiden win but the Swede spun into sand at the end of a straight after a brake problem. Johansson managed to get the car back to the pits and Smith re-entered the race 15 minutes later in fifth position having lost nine laps. Rinaldo Capello and Tom Kristensen took advantage to take victory.

Sunday's race result:         min secs
 1 D Huisman    Ned  BMW     31:27.643
 2 P Kox        Ned  BMW     31:28.957
 3 N Simon      Ger  BMW     31:30.499
 4 PG Andersson Swe  BMW     32:05.506
 5 T Masini     It   A Romeo 32:09.612
 6 M Palttla    Fin  Honda   32:10.252
 7 J Hanson     GB   BMW     32:11.818
 8 F Cavicchi   It   A Romeo 32:19.214
 9 L Villamil   Sp   A Romeo 32:22.742
10 E Bonaldi    It   A Romeo 32:59.869
Sunday's first race result:  mins secs
 1 G Tarquini   It   Honda   21:00.387
 2 R Colciago   It   Audi    21:03 379
 3 F Walfisch   Fr   Honda   21:12.685
 4 F Giovanardi It   A Romeo 21:16.027
 5 G de Lorenzi It   BMW     21:23.939
 6 A L'lotti    It   A Romeo 21:36.922
 7 G Roda       It   Opel    21:44.217
 8 R Bernadoni  It   Alfa    21:48.919
 9 P Zadra      It   BMW     21:50.742
10 S Sardelli   It   Nissan  21:44.430

Sunday's second race result: mins secs
 1 F Giovanardi It   A Romeo 21:21.286
 2 M Neal       GB   Nissan  21:25.788
 3 N Larini     It   A Romeo 21:26.785
 4 S Sardelli   It   Nissan  21:28.301
 5 F Walfisch   Fr   Honda   21:29.642
 6 G de Lorenzi It   BMW     21:30.152
 7 A L'lotti    It   A Romeo 21:42.777
 8 G Roda       It   Opel    21:50.663
 9 P Zadra      It   BMW     21:57.230
10 E Cayrolle   Fr   BMW     21:59.291


Sunday's amended finishing positions:
                              hr min
 1 Bouchut/Belloc    Chrysler 3:00.15
 2 Hezemans/B'molen  Chrysler 3:00.32
 3 Bileninger/Duez   Ferrari  3:00.35
 4 Belmondo/Gosselin Chrysler 3:00.57
 5 Lafon/Jarier      Chrysler 3:01.06
 6 Cappellari/M'uzzi Chrysler 3:01.09
 7 Moccia/Babini     Porsche  3:00.16
 8 Kaufmann/Ortelli  Porsche  3:00.28
 9 Ric'telli/B'drini Porsche  3:00.32
10 Perrier/Neugarten Porsche  3:00.24

DTM:- Marcel Fassler claimed his first win of the 2001 DTM series with victory in the third-round race at Oschersleben. Peter Dumbreck was fourth while Bernd Schneider maintained his championship lead with second place.


F1:- BAR have appealed to the FIA over the penalty imposed on Kimi Raikkonen for overtaking under a yellow flag during the Austrian Grand Prix. "The rule is important for safety so it is vital to know what they are allowed to do. Our appeal is to get it cleared up," said team principal Craig Pollock.

INDY 500

Saturday's qualifying times for race on May 27:
                        ave speed mph
 1 S Sharp      US  Dallara   226.037
 2 G Ray        US  Dallara   225.194
 3 R Gordon     US  Dallara   224.994
 4 M Dismore    US  Dallara   224.964
 5 G de Ferran  Brz Dallara   224.406
 6 A Luyendyk   Ned G-Force   224.257
 7 T Stewart    US  G-Force   224.248
 8 J Ward       US  G-Force   224.222
 9 R Buhl       US  G-Force   224.213
10 B Lazier     US  Dallara   224.190

RALLYING:- This year's Somerset Stages Rally has been cancelled again because of extensive lumber work in the area. The event had already been postponed earlier this year because of the Foot-and-Mouth epidemic.

CART:- Britain's first banked super oval, the Rockingham Motor Speedway, makes its debut with the Coys Historic Festival from May 26 to 28. Formula One legend Nigel Mansell takes the wheel of a 200mph Champ Car for Saturday's opening ceremony.

22.05.2001 - F1: THE MONACO GP

World champion Michael Schumacher and Brazilian team-mate Rubens Barrichello have agreed new contracts with Ferrari. The team website said Schumacher has extended his deal until 2004, while his team-mate is confirmed for next season. "The discussions took place in the same positive atmosphere which has typified our relationship and we soon reached an agreement," Schumacher said. "I have said before how well I get on here at Ferrari and that for me the Scuderia is like a second family."

Former Minardi owner Gabriele Rumi has died at the age of 61 after a brave fight with cancer. Australian businessman Paul Stoddart bought Rumi's majority share in the team earlier this year.

Championship leader Michael Schumacher will be aiming to equal the late Graham Hill's record of five wins in the Principality on Sunday. Schumacher has twice triumphed for Ferrari in Monte Carlo and also picked up two wins there for Benetton. The late, great Ayrton Senna holds the record for the number of victories in Monaco, with six wins. Senna secured his first victory in 1987 and then took the race five years in a row between 1989 and 1993.

Michael Schumacher believes that most teams will have ironed out the starting problems that hit the Austrian Grand Prix earlier this month. Four cars suffered stalling problems on the grid after the introduction of the electronic launch control systems. But Schumacher confirmed: "I do not think it is going to be any more dangerous than in the past. After the A-1 Ring the drivers are all going to be switched on and more careful with the start procedure."

David Coulthard is eager to repeat his Monte Carlo victory of a year ago as he bids to move ahead of championship leader Michael Schumacher. The Scot won the last round in Austria and is four points behind Schumacher. "Last year was very special to me as, along with the majority of drivers, Monaco is one of the tracks where I had always wanted to win," said Coulthard. "In Austria we once again demonstrated the speed of the car and the excellent strategy capabilities of the team."

Mika Hakkinen goes into Sunday's race on the back of a good team test session that he hopes will change his fortunes. The McLaren star has notched only four points this season following problems with his car. But he said: "I always enjoy racing at Monaco. It is a very individual and exciting circuit, steeped in history. The team had a positive test session in Valencia this past week. The MP4-16 was quick and reliable and I am looking forward to Monte Carlo."

Williams' Ralf Schumacher has voiced concerns over safety ahead of the seventh round of the championship. "Monaco is a big challenge, especially as it is very easy to make a mistake there and have an accident," he said. "My only worry there is the circuit does not match up to the current high safety standards in Formula One. The main question mark is how the tyres will work but I know test driver Marc Gene has been doing a lot of work with Michelin."

Juan Pablo Montoya is hoping that his inside knowledge of Monaco will reap dividends in Sunday's race. "I am pretty familiar with the Monaco circuit as I spend quite a lot of time in the Principality so drive on these streets regularly," he commented. "The last time I raced there was in 1998 in Formula 3000 and I had quite an exciting race, finishing sixth. In Valencia we have been testing a few new components for Monte Carlo and it should be an interesting race."

Jordan are hoping that their recent four-day test session will help propel them into third place in the Constructors' Championship. Jarno Trulli started from the front row of the grid last year after qualifying in second place but he failed to finish the race. In testing, Trulli worked on suspension geometry and the development of aerodynamic parts. The Italian will be out to boost his points tally from seven points.

Eddie Irvine is relishing the challenge presented by the Monaco Grand Prix. The Jaguar driver stated: "It is a great challenge, racing a car from this era on a circuit from a past one. I have always enjoyed the race, not least because staying on the harbour gives me the shortest walk to work of the year. I am pleased with our progress on the new aero package. However, its real benefits will not shine through on such a slow circuit."

Pedro de la Rosa has dismissed rumours that claim there is unrest at Jaguar and he is focusing on Monaco. "Contrary to what gets written by the press, team spirit is quite good and we are all working towards our goal of being more competitive," he insisted. "Last week's test session certainly helped in raising team morale but it was never as bad in the first place as some media would lead you to believe. "The team spirit at Jaguar is as good as I have experienced anywhere else."

Jos Verstappen is one of a number of drivers who has made Monaco his home and he will be looking to increase his and Arrows' points total of one. The Dutchman conceded: "Monte Carlo is a difficult circuit and I am not sure how we will get on there but it should be a spectacular race as always. The hardest part is overtaking, especially for me with what I normally do at the start. We will just have to wait and see how we do."

Jenson Button describes lap of circuit:- The lap starts with the entry into Sainte Devote corner. That is where I brake from 270km/h in top gear to bring the speed down to less than 90km/h in second gear. This corner is one of the few that has some run-off area so therefore I can push a little harder into it. Exiting the corner there is a long climb up the hill. By the end of it I reach 260km/h in top gear before entering the long, left-hand corner. I take that corner at around 125km/h in third gear. This leads into the tricky Casino corner where I continue to hold third gear, turning right and going over the crest of the hill at around 120km/h. At this point the car goes very light and it is very easy to loose control. On exiting the corner I go downhill towards the Mirabeau hairpin where I reach around 250km/h in fourth gear before braking for the hairpin itself. Braking here is very difficult as the road has a lot of camber and it is very easy to lock a wheel. I take the corner in second gear at just under 70km/h and then hold second gear, reaching 150km/h before braking hard again for the Loews hairpin. It is the lowest part of the circuit. At this point I drop right down to around 45km/h. It is a tight, left-hand corner and I remain in second gear down the hill. I take the first right-hand corner at 70km/h and then the second corner into the tunnel at 75km/h. In through the tunnel it can be quite difficult to control the car, particularly on a heavy fuel load, as there are some bumps and fast corners. Coming out into the daylight again I touch the maximum speed of just under 290km/h before braking hard. I enter the chicane in second gear at around 60km/h. I then tackle the short straight where I reach 230km/h. I enter the Tabac corner, which for Monaco is judged as a fast corner, in fourth gear at 140km/h. Immediately after this there is a fast chicane which forms part of the swimming pool complex where again I use fourth gear. I take the chicane at around 170km/h and the second part of the complex is much slower and taken in second gear. The next corner is La Rascasse - the second slowest on the circuit - which has a very difficult entry. I have to brake hard while negotiating the left-hand turn which proceeds it, also getting my speed down to 50km/h and selecting first gear. The exit of the corner is just as difficult as the entry. A very short straight then leads into the final corner, which I take in second gear at around 70km/h.

Sunday's race is scheduled to run for 78 laps (163,368 miles). The Monte Carlo circuit is 2.094 miles in length and is the shortest on the Formula One calendar. Space is so limited in Monaco that most teams have to prepare their cars in a multi-storey car park and push them through the streets to the pit-lane. McLaren have won the race 11 times. David Coulthard triumphed last year and Mika Hakkinen set the race lap record of one minute, 21.571 seconds.


F1:- Michael Schumacher has said that he could carry on racing after the end of his new Ferrari contract in 2004. It was thought by some observers that Schumacher's new deal would take him to the end of his career, but the German has confirmed that is not the case. "This is my life - I need racing," he said. "That's why I'm saying I'm not sure I will be finished after 2004." Schumacher hinted that he might stay on if sporting director Jean Todt and technical director Ross Brawn remain.

MILLBROOK NATIONAL STAGES RALLY:- West Essex Car Club have received a capacity entry for their event which takes place on Bank Holiday Monday. It is one of the few rallies which has the permission of the Motor Sports Association and MAFF to run during the foot-and-mouth epidemic. It is also a qualifying round for three different championships. Joint championship leaders Jon Mercer and Bob Cowe will be up against Tony Jannetta, John Indri and Kevin King as well as Pete Doughty.

F3000:- The Coca-Cola Nordic Racing team are preparing for Saturday's race leading both the drivers' and constructors' championships after three wins so far. The team finished fourth at Monaco last year but is aiming for better. Championship leader Justin Wilson said: "We have started the year so strongly that anything less than a points finish would be out of the question. As always, qualifying is the single most important event of the weekend, and this is compounded at Monaco."

BRITISH GT'S (Croft):- Tim Harvey and Rob Wilson will pursue two goals when round five takes place this weekend. As well as aiming for the championship outright lead, they also hope to take the money they have raised for 'Looked After Children' through £1,000. The pair are raising £5 per lap for the charity and have raised £790 so far. "Our main aim is to continue winning and strengthen our position," Wilson said, "but if by doing so we can enrich a few kids' lives then all the better."

24.05.2001 - F1: THE MONACO GP

Mika Hakkinen had the edge over championship leader Michael Schumacher in the second practice session for Sunday's race. The Finn was nearly 0.5 seconds ahead of the German, who is aiming to win his fifth Monaco Grand Prix. David Coulthard was sixth quickest, Eddie Irvine was 12th and Jenson Button was 17th. Ralf Schumacher was sent home to bed by doctors after complaining of a headache following a practice shunt.

McLaren driver Mika Hakkinen showed that he may be ready to kickstart his season after he topped the times in the second practice session. The Finn, who has a home in Monaco, has notched only four points this season but said: "It is great to be fastest in front of my adopted home crowd. This gives me confidence for the rest of the weekend. You really have to work hard to find the limits here and there is no doubt that the real key is qualifying well."

David Coulthard's title hopes took a battering along with his car after he hit a guard-rail and finished only sixth after the first practice session. "I got a bit too close, incurred some suspension damage and lost time whilst the team was repairing the car," admitted the 30-year-old Scot. "It's disappointing as it was looking like it would have been a quick lap. Now we have just got to concentrate on Saturday because qualifying and grid position is so vital around here."

The FIA have said that new aerodynamic devices used by Jordan and Arrows in practice are potentially dangerous and will not be allowed in the race. "Having examined the new aerodynamic device on car number 12 I feel this constitutes a dangerous construction," said FIA technical delegate Jo Bauer. The car examined was Jarno Trulli's Jordan and a similar statement was sent to Arrows over Jos Verstappen's car. The cars will be excluded if the devices are used again.

Thursday's practice times:    mins secs
 1 M Hakkinen    Fin McLaren  1:19.853
 2 M Schumacher  Ger Ferrari  1:20.316
 3 R Schumacher  Ger Williams 1:20.938
 4 R Barrichello Brz Ferrari  1:20.959
 5 J Trulli      It  Jordan   1:21.048
 6 D Coulthard   GB  McLaren  1:21.091
 7 H-H Frentzen  Ger Jordan   1:21.505
 8 J Alesi       Fr  Prost    1:21.935
 9 J Villeneuve  Can BAR      1:22.010
10 J-P Montoya   Col Williams 1:22.035
11 G Fisichella  It  Benetton 1:22.214
12 E Irvine      GB  Jaguar   1:22.302
13 K Raikkonen   Fin Sauber   1:22.800
14 N Heidfeld    Ger Sauber   1:22.807
15 J Verstappen  Hol Arrows   1:23.409
16 O Panis       Fr  BAR      1:23.662
17 J Button      GB  Benetton 1:24.026
18 E Bernoldi    Brz Arrows   1:24.105
19 L Burti       Brz Jaguar   1:24.857
20 T Marques     Brz Minardi  1:25.920
21 F Alonso      Sp  Minardi  1:26.393
22 P de la Rosa  Sp  Jaguar   1:27.316

Jordan driver Jarno Trulli has been elected to join Michael Schumacher and David Coulthard as a director of the Grand Prix Drivers' Association. He replaces McLaren test driver Alexander Wurz, who lost his place with Benetton at the end of last year.

25.05.2001 - F1

Mika Hakkinen is praying the start of Sunday's Monaco Grand Prix does not end-up in a multiple pile-up. The Finn was one of four drivers who stalled on the grid in Austria two weeks ago after their computerised launch control systems malfunctioned. FIA are so concerned about a possible repeat on Monte Carlo's tight streets they have told teams not to use it unless they are confident it will work. "Naturally I am worried about it," admitted Hakkinen.

Allan McNish has been forced to turn down a last-minute invitation to drive for Audi in the Le Mans 24-Hour Race. The 31-year-old Scot, winner of the famous endurance event in 1998, was runner-up for the German manufacturer last year. But McNish, who makes his Formula One debut with Toyota next year, rejected the offer because of his testing commitments with Toyota. "Toyota has to be my main and only priority now," said McNish.

Ferrari have signed a three-year sponsorship deal with Vodafone. McLaren and Hugo Boss, the fashion and lifestyle group, have announced a five- year extension to their partnership.

26.05.2001 - F1: THE MONACO GP

David Coulthard has taken pole position for Sunday's race ahead of championship leader Michael Schumacher. The Scottish driver, who won the race last year, left it until the last minutes of qualifying to pip his German rival with the fastest lap. Fellow McLaren driver Mika Hakkinen is third on the grid along with Ferrari's Rubens Barrichello. Eddie Irvine qualified in sixth place for Jaguar while Jenson Button was back in 17th in his Benetton.

David Coulthard was happy to have secured pole for Sunday's race on a circuit where grid position is crucial. "I'm delighted - despite all positions being important, at Monaco it's essential because it's so difficult to overtake," said the Scot. "I have got myself a bit of an advantage with pole but there are still 78 racing laps ahead of us. It was great to win here last year and I am quietly confident that I can do so again," he added.

Michael Schumacher admitted that David Coulthard deserved to take the pole position for Sunday's race. "I am happy to be on the front row but I'd rather be on pole but David did a better job," said the German. Coulthard's team-mate Mika Hakkinen was happy with a spot on the second row after a poor start to the season but felt he could have done even better. "I am a bit disappointed because I didn't get pole and I think we could have had a McLaren front row," he said.

Eddie Irvine's sixth place on the grid equalled his best qualifying display for Jaguar and the British driver was delighted with his performance. "The car ran perfectly, the team did a good job and I got four clear laps." Meanwhile there was more disapointment for Jenson Button, who finished 17th fastest in the qualifying session. "We didn't det to where we wanted to go on set-up," said Button but he added: "I know we can work on what we have to be more competitive."

The proposed Formula One breakaway series could be launched before 2008 if it was decided to be the best thing to do, said Mercedes-Benz's chairman. Juergen Hubbert confirmed that the new company to run the breakaway series would be formed in the next few days. "We are willing to found a company that is capable of preparing a race series that could succeed the current Formula One, at the latest in 2008," he said. FIA's Max Mosley said he believed that the breakaway threats were serious.

Qualifying result:           mins secs
 1 D Coulthard   GB  McLaren  1:17.430
 2 M Schumacher  Ger Ferrari  1:17.631
 3 M Hakkinen    Fin McLaren  1:17.749
 4 R Barrichello Brz Ferrari  1:17.856
 5 R Schumacher  Ger Williams 1:18.029
 6 E Irvine      GB  Jaguar   1:18.432
 7 J-P Montoya   Col Williams 1:18.751
 8 J Trulli      It  Jordan   1:18.921
 9 J Villeneuve  Can BAR      1:19.086
10 G Fisichella  It  Benetton 1:19.220
11 J Alesi       Fr  Prost    1:19.245
12 O Panis       Fr  BAR      1:19.294
13 H-H Frentzen  Ger Jordan   1:19.316
14 De La Rosa    Sp  Jaguar   1:20.033
15 K Raikkonen   Fin Sauber   1:20.081
16 N Heidfeld    Ger Sauber   1:20.261
17 J Button      GB  Benetton 1:20.342
18 F Alonso      Sp  Minardi  1:20.788
19 J Verstappen  Ned Arrows   1:20.823
20 E Bernoldi    It  Arrows   1:21.336
21 L Burti       Brz Prost    1:21.771
22 T Marques     Brz Minardi  1:22.201


Michael Schumacher triumphed in Monaco to equal Graham Hill's mark of five victories at the circuit. It leaves the championship leader only one Monte Carlo win behind the all-time record of six set by Ayrton Senna. Rubens Barrichello was second and Eddie Irvine earned Jaguar their first 2001 points with a superb third place. David Coulthard was fifth but he stalled on the parade lap and had to start in 22nd spot and Jenson Button gave Benetton a boost in seventh.

Ferrari star Michael Schumacher stated that he loved the Monte Carlo circuit after his fifth Monaco win extended his championship lead to 12 points. But he admitted: "It is very easy to make mistakes here. It is a hard circuit and though it was an easy drive it was difficult. I do not know why it is so special but I do love this circuit. Even with traction control it was still challenging because you go faster so it is harder physically."

David Coulthard had the worst possible start when he stalled as the parade lap got underway and had to begin the race from the back of the field. Coulthard, who was hit by a similar problem on the grid in Spain, had been on pole and was also fastest in the morning warm-up. But his setback allowed Michael Schumacher to take the top grid position and the German got away well. Juan Pablo Montoya went out on lap three after hitting the barriers.

Mika Hakkinen's miserable season continued as he was forced to retire on lap 16 with a mechanical problem. The Finn was lying in second place when he had to slow down on the 13th lap, allowing Rubens Barrichello to move ahead of him. Former world champion Hakkinen visited the pits and returned to the circuit in 17th spot. He had to admit defeat on his second stop and his title hopes realistically look to be over.

Brazilian Rubens Barrichello admitted that he did not have an easy race, despite helping Ferrari to a one-two by clinching second place. He finished less than a second behind Michael Schumacher after the German slowed down near the finish. But he confirmed: "I had quite a lot of trouble since lap 10. Something happened to the pedal. It was really, really bad and vibrating a lot. I was having quite a lot of problems in the car."

Eddie Irvine was delighted to claim a place on the podium again. After giving Jaguar their first points of the season with a third-place finish, he enthused: "It is fantastic to get on the podium, especially here. To have two Ferraris and a Jaguar on the podium in Monte Carlo is what Formula One is all about. I just hope we can maintain this form into Canada." Irvine's highest finish in Monte Carlo was the second place he achieved while with Ferrari.

Mika Hakkinen revealed that he had to pull out of the race because of a handling problem with his car. He stated: "I did not go into a barrier or anything like that. The car was pulling heavily on the right and it was too risky to continue. It is a truly unusual problem." Hakkinen had tried to salvage his race by visiting the pits on lap 14. But he managed just one more lap before calling it a day.

Scot David Coulthard was understandably frustrated after his chances of victory effectively ended when his McLaren stalled on the formation lap. Coulthard produced a superb drive from 22nd spot to clinch fifth place. But he said: "It was a technical problem which the team will explain. Basically the engine was switched off. I can only do my best and I believe I have done that this weekend. The rest is down to the racing gods. For now, Michael Schumacher gets the luck."

McLaren chief Ron Dennis would not reveal what problem caused David Coulthard's car to stall on the formation lap. "It was an eventful and frustrating day but that is motor racing," he said. "At this stage it is inappropriate to comment on the problems we experienced apart from that the responsibility does not rest with the drivers. Once the race settled down the team worked hard to contribute to David's points-scoring drive."

Jenson Button was relieved to have a good finish for Benetton, although he was a little disappointed to miss out on the points in seventh place. "Things felt quite good today," he said. "In the first stint the car had a bit of understeer. After the pit stop it felt better. It was good to finish a race in the top 10, even if it is a little frustrating to be just outside the points. But it was nice to be racing for something for a change."

Ralf Schumacher's race ended after 57 laps when he was running in third position in his Williams, leaving him unable to add to his 12 2001 points. His FW23 suffered an electrical problem and the German conceded: "That I am disappointed is obvious. All of a sudden a warning light came on. Shortly after that the power steering went and as I came into the pits I could not shift any more. Then when I came to a halt the engine cut out."

Colombian Juan Pablo Montoya admitted that his exit from the race on lap three was totally down to himself. He commented: "I made a mistake and paid for it. The car was good and I have nothing to complain about. The Michelin tyres worked well. My accident happened when I shifted down, lifted off, had understeer and crashed into the barrier." Williams technical director Patrick Head added: "We have a lot of work to do as we want race finishes."

Arrows were pleased that both their cars finished - on a day when some of the bigger teams fell by the wayside. Jos Verstappen was eighth and Enrique Bernoldi was a place further back. Verstappen said: "I am really annoyed that we stalled in the pit stop. I was having a great time as I passed about five cars fair and square during the early part of the race. The car was feeling very good. It is a real shame as we should have been on for some points."

McLaren boss Ron Dennis has denied warning race rookie Enrique Bernoldi that he had the power to end his career as the Grand Prix ended in controversy. Bernoldi claimed Dennis and Mercedes engine boss Norbert Haug had acted in an 'aggressive' way towards him in a pit-lane confrontation. The 22-year-old said the McLaren duo were unhappy with him after he held up David Coulthard for 35 laps. "That's rubbish. I said nothing of that sort," said Dennis of the claim.

Result after 78 laps:        hr min sec
 1 M Schumacher  Ger Ferrari  1:47.22.5
 2 R Barrichello Brz Ferrari  1:47.22.9
 3 E Irvine      GB  Jaguar   1:47.53.2
 4 J Villeneuve  Can BAR      1:47.55.0
 5 D Coulthard   GB  McLaren    one lap
 6 J Alesi       Fr  Prost      one lap
 7 J Button      GB  Benetton   one lap
 8 J Verstappen  Ned Arrows     one lap
 9 E Bernoldi    Brz Arrows    two laps
10 K Raikkonen   Fin Sauber   five laps

NOT CLASSIFIED:             Laps completed
    R Schumacher  Ger Williams    57
    T Marques     Brz Minardi     56
    F Alonso      Sp  Minardi     54
    H-H Frentzen  Ger Jordan      49
    G Fisichella  It  Benetton    43
    J Trulli      It  Jordan      30
    L Burti       Brz Prost       24
    P de la Rosa  Sp  Jaguar      18
    M Hakkinen    Fin McLaren     15
    O Panis       Fr  BAR         13
    JP Montoya    Col Williams     2
    N Heidfeld    Ger              0
Fastest lap: D Coulthard, 1:19.424

 1 M Schumacher  Ger  Ferrari   52 pts
 2 D Coulthard   GB   McLaren   40
 3 R Barrichello Brz  Ferrari   24
 4 R Schumacher  Ger  Williams  12
 5 N Heidfeld    Ger  Sauber     8
 6 J Trulli      It   Jordan     7
 = J Villeneuve  Can  BAR        7
 8 H-H Frentzen  Ger  Jordan     6
 = J-P Montoya   Col  Williams   6
10 O Panis       Fr   BAR        5
11 M Hakkinen    Fin  McLaren    4
 = K Raikkonen   Fin  Sauber     4
 = E Irvine      GB   Jaguar     4
14 G Fisichella  It   Benetton   1
 = J Verstappen  Ned  Arrows     1
 = J Alesi       Fr   Prost      1

1 Ferrari       76 pts
2 McLaren       44
3 Williams      18
4 Jordan        13
5 BAR           12
= Sauber        12
7 Jaguar         4
8 Benetton       1
= Arrows         1
= Prost          1

INDY 500:- Brazilian Helio Castroneves won his first Indy 500 in a Dallara/Oldsmobile after a rain-interrupted race. Castroneves finished ahead of his Penske Racing team-mate and countryman Gil de Ferran with American Michael Andretti taking third spot. Owner Roger Penske increased his record number of Indy 500 victories to 11. Chip Ganassi's team claimed the next three places through Jimmy Vasser, Brazilian rookie Bruno Junqueira and Tony Stewart.

F.FORD (Croft):- Sweden's Robert Dahlgren be in pole position for Monday's fifth round. The 35-car field had to be split into two groups because of circuit capacity and American Patrick Long was quickest in the second group.

Qualifying times:            mins secs
1 R Dahlgren   Swe            1:23.332
2 P Long       US             1:23.578
3 J Heylen     Bel            1:23.388
4 A vd Merwe   SA             1:23.708
5 R Goronsson  Swe            1:23.416
6 G Catt       GB             1:23.722

FORD FIESTA’S (Croft):- Nick Padley clinched his first ever pole position in qualifying for round five of the championship. The 29-year-old managed to break Colin Turkington's run of four consecutive poles by just 0.02 seconds.

Provisional qualifying:      mins secs
1 N Padley                    1:43.722
2 C Turkington                1:43.742
3 E Murray                    1:43.895
4 C Stancombe                 1:44.336
5 A Blencowe                  1:44.339
6 T Clark                     1:44.394

BRITISH F3 (Croft):- Irishman Derek Hayes will be on pole for Monday's ninth round. Hayes pipped championship leader Takuma Sato by less than a tenth of a second with the top 16 cars separated by less than a second.

Qualifying times:            mins secs
1 D Hayes                     1:14.610
2 T Sato                      1:14.704
3 A Davidson                  1:14.712
4 A Priaulx                   1:14.787
Scholarship class: 
1 R Kerr                      1:16.139
2 M Gilmore                   1:16.476
3 M Keohane                   1:16.620
4 A Blair                     1:16.679

PORSCHE CUP (Croft):- Nigel Rice took pole position for the fifth round as he ended the session half a second faster than Mike Salmon and Craig Rapp on his home circuit. In the classes, Chris Heeley and Ian Croft were the fastest for Monday.

Leading times:               mins secs
1 N Rice                      1:27 345
2 M Salmon                    1:27.892
3 C Rapp                      1:27.952
4 B Armstrong                 1:27.990
Class leaders: 
  C Heely                     1:31.039
  I Croft                     1:35.477

BRITISH GT'S (Croft):- The Chrysler Viper of Tim Harvey and Rob Wilson snatched pole position for the fifth round after a thrilling second qualifying session. The pair posted their best time of the day with just three minutes remaining.

Leading qualifying times (GT) mins secs
1 Harvey/Wilson               1:19.231
2 Jordan/Warnock              1:19.259
3 Verdon-Roe/Caine            1:20.022
4 Quaife/Hopkins              1:23.962

GTO category:
1 Stanton/Hyde                1:21.914
2 Burt/Franchitti             1:22.098
3 Devlin/Hayles               1:22.297
4 Turner/Horner               1:22.848


F1:- David Coulthard shrugged off the disappointment of his performance in the Monaco Grand Prix and has vowed to make amends in the next race in Canada. The McLaren driver stalled on the parade lap and eventually came home fifth behind rival Michael Schumacher. "There is still a long way to go in the championship and we will just have to hit back when we get to Montreal for the next race. I will be looking for a win there," added the 30-year-old Scottish driver.

MILLBROOK STAGES RALLY:- John Indri has won the second round of the National Rally Championship by 44 seconds from 1887 winner Steve Hendy. Mark Straker claimed third place after he edged out Jon Mercer by virtue of a faster time on the opening stage after they finished on the same times. David Kynaston moved up to clinch fifth while Steve Scott claimed sixth. Mercer comes away from Millbrook as the outright leader of the championship while Bob Cowe's Mitsubishi Lancer maintains its lead in the FIA League.

Result after 8 stages:         mins:secs
 1 J Indri     Metro 6R4         51:36
 2 S Hendy     Escort Cosworth   52:20
 3 M Straker   Darrian T9        52:33
 4 J Mercer    Metro 6R4         52:33
 5 D Kynaston  Audi A3 Quattro   52:40
 6 S Scott     Escort WRC        52:43
 7 T Wilson    Escort WRC        53:19
 8 P S'merdine Escort Cosworth   53:22
 9 M Worley    Escort Cosworth   53:55
10 R Brammer   Subaru            54:16

FORD FIESTA’S (Croft):- Nick Padley snatched victory at the final corner of a thrilling race after a fierce battle with Colin Turkington. Fiesta veteran Colin Stancombe finished third from Eoin Murray, Alan Blencowe and Matt Pinny.

Result:                      mins secs
1 N Padley                   20:59.421
2 C Turkington               20:59.979
3 C Stancombe                21:01.133
4 E Murray                   21:07.456
5 A Blencowe                 21:08.185
6 M Pinny                    21:15.457

BRITISH F3 (Croft):- Briton Anthony Davidson and Japan's Takuma Sato claimed wins in Monday's two races. Davidson won an exciting first race, taking advantage of a clash between Sato and Derek Hayes which led to them being excluded from the race. An appeal was lodged against the result, but Sato put it out of his mind to dominate the second race. Davidson stalled on the grid, with Jamie Spence making a good getaway to claim second ahead of Hayes.

First race:                  mins secs
1 A Davidson                 24:39.475
2 A Priaulx                  24:43.346
3 J Courtney                 24:45.716
4 N Kiesa                    24:46.907
5 J Jones                    24:48.884
6 A Lotterer                 24:49.529

Second race:
1 T Sato                     15:13.885
2 J Spence                   15:18.102
3 D Hayes                    15:19.007
4 N Kiesa                    15:21.546
5 G Bruni                    15:22.210
6 B Jouanny                  15:22.316

PORSCHE CUP (Croft):- Nigel Rice used his pole position to full advantage, leading from the start and never being headed as he swept to his first win of the season. Mike Salmon raced hard to fend off the challenge of Pete Chambers.

Leading times:               mins secs
1 N Rice                     20:48 662
2 M Salmon                   20:51.502
3 P Chambers                 20:52.038
4 B Armstrong                20:58.927
Class winners:
  C Heely (944 Turbo)        21:51.141
  I Croft (968CS)              13 laps

BRITISH GT'S (Croft):- Mike Jordan and David Warnock swept to a thrilling win in the fifth round. Despite starting from the pit lane, they powered their Lister Storm into the lead and held off the challenge of Bobby Verdon-Roe and Michael Caine.

Monday's results: (GT)     hr mins secs
1 Jordan/Warnock            1:00.14.42
2 Verdon-Roe/Caine          1:00.15.88
3 Harvey/Wilson             1:00.44.97

GTO category:
1 Burt/Franchitti           1:00.58.01
2 Turner/Horner             1:01.13.78
3 Balfe/Sumpter             1:01.16.03

LE MANS:- Defending champions Audi have completed their driver line-up for the Le Mans 24 Hour race next month. Christian Pescatori, 29, will share the cockpit of the Audi R8 with fellow Italian Rinaldo Capello and Laurent Aiello, of France. Pescatori takes over from compatriot Michele Alboreto who died in an accident while testing last month. Last year's winners Frank Biela, Tom Kristensen and Emanuele Pirro drive the other Audi R8 car.


F1:- Spaniard Marc Gene lapped the Magny-Cours circuit recorded the fastest time during testing on Thursday. The Williams test driver, standing in for an ill Ralf Schumacher, was almost one second quicker than the previous best lap time. His time of one minute, 14.383 seconds beat the mark set by German Schumacher on Tuesday when he himself drove inside Mika Hakkinen's circuit record. Michael Schumacher and David Coulthard finished second and third.

Thursday's times:            mins secs
 1 M Gene            Williams 1:14.401
 2 M Schumacher      Ferrari  1:14.497
 3 D Coulthard       McLaren  1:14.588
 4 O Panis           BAR      1:14.728
 5 J Trulli          Jordan   1:14.887
 6 R Zonta           Jordan   1:15.088
 7 R Barrichello     Ferrari  1:15.168
 8 J Verstappen      Arrows   1:15.379
 9 P de la Rosa      Jaguar   1:15.753
10 E Bernoldi        Arrows   1:15.872

BTCC (Silverstone):- On Saturday Silverstone will play host to the first of two night races that are scheduled for the British Touring Car Championship this season. The sprint race will consist of 15 laps and is set to begin at around 7.35pm, while the 30-lap feature race is likely to start at around 10.10pm. Qualifying for rounds seven and eight of the championship will be held on Saturday afternoon. Snetterton is due to hold the other night race in August.

Vauxhall driver Yvan Muller looks to be the man to beat after securing wins in both Oulton Park races last time out. His triumphs mean that he leads Egg Sport Vauxhall driver James Thompson by 12 points. Meanwhile, Jason Plato and Phil Bennett will be aiming for a change of fortune after they were hit by car problems at Oulton Park. Plato has slipped to third place in the standings, while Bennett completes a Vauxhall top-four in fourth spot.

Championship leader Yvan Muller is optimistic he can do well in the first night race of the season. "I am quite confident about the night race, although the weight I will be carrying will obviously be a factor," he said. Fellow Vauxhall driver Jason Plato also feels he can pose a threat. He commented: "I had a bit of bad luck at Oulton Park but Silverstone is one of my stronger circuits so the objective will be to get two wins."

Peugeot's bid to achieve a victory in 2001 has been hampered by technical problems and they will be hoping to kickstart their season on Saturday. Steve Soper and Dan Eaves have shown glimpses of good form but have been hindered in their efforts to outdo the Vauxhall drivers. Meanwhile, ABG Motorsport will be hoping that Kurt Luby continues his good progress in the Lexus. He was fifth in the feature race in the last round at Oulton Park.

JS Motorsport are banking on former BTCC champion Tim Harvey to make sure that the in-form Vauxhalls do not have it all their own way on Saturday. Team principal John Shields stated: "We are really looking forward to Silverstone as the cars are running very well at the moment. The Alfas have a lot more horsepower than the Vauxhalls. With continued support we could develop the engine and also finalise the suspension set-up."

Team CAM Mitsubishi will field one Carisma on Saturday. The team began the season as a two-car team but have now decided to focus their resources on reigning national saloon champion Toni Ruokonen. "The budgets are unconfirmed for the running of the second car," said team boss Trevor Levy. "So we see that concentrating our efforts on Toni will provide us with the best opportunity of making an impression in our debut season."

Teenage driver Tom Boardman is looking forward to his first night race. The Lancashire-based 17-year-old, who finished fourth in the BTC production class in round six, has made a name for himself because of his good starts. "I have not done anything like this before but fortunately we have got a practice in the dark the night before so I should get used to it," he said. "I am confident I can get off the line well but at the moment I am starting too far back to make an impression."

CYPRUS RALLY:- Cyprus plays host to round six of the World Championship, with Tommi Makinen bidding to extend his lead at the top of the driver standings. The event, which runs from Friday to Sunday, is set to be the slowest round of this series, even though organisers have removed some of the slow stages. It will also be the shortest rally because drivers will face only 341.40km of competition. The opening leg, covering nearly 138km, includes three stages of over 30km.

Mitsubishi believe that they will be one of the best prepared teams. Championship leader Tommi Makinen said: "I have to say that I am really optimistic at the moment because our test was very good. The car turns in well, which is important on such twisty roads and I am sure the Michelin tyres will be good." Team manager George Donaldson said: "Organisers say the roads will be faster and better but we do not think there will be much increase in speed."

Ford Focus driver Colin McRae will be bidding to press home his title credentials in Cyprus after winning the last round in Argentina. The Scot, who is third in the standings, stated: "Cyprus and the following round in Greece are important events for us. A win and a podium would be great but it is easier to say than do. The competition nowadays is tough and more drivers than ever have a realistic chance of winning."

Colin McRae has admitted that the Cyprus Rally is not a round of the series he relishes. "It is not one of my favourite rallies because the stages are twisty and slow and it is hard to find a rhythm," confirmed McRae. "That makes it difficult and it is also very hot in the car. There is little airflow and heat build-up in the cockpit is worse than in Greece or Kenya. Getting away quickly from tight corners is crucial."

Carlos Sainz led from the start of the Cyprus Rally last year to achieve one of the most dominant wins of his career and would love a repeat result. He is second in the series after scoring in every round so far and has almost recovered fully from the back problem that hindered him in Argentina. "It is getting better every day and I hope that by the time the rally starts it will be 100 per cent," he said. "With the suspension working well, the Focus should be formidable in Cyprus."

Subaru star Richard Burns is confident of making an impression in Cyprus. He revealed on the Subaru website: "I am looking forward to Cyprus because I believe we have an excellent chance of getting a good result there. We tested the car a couple of weeks ago and it felt good. It has sharper handling and is very responsive. It is difficult to isolate any one thing that is greatly improved. I just have a good feeling about it. I have got a lot of faith in the Impreza."

Skoda are hoping for a change of fortune after the bizarre accident that led to the elimination of both Octavia WRCs from the Argentina Rally. An-out-of-control emergency vehicle smashed into both cars and Dr Jens Pohlmann, who is in charge of Skoda's chassis development, was injured. He is now out of intensive care and has returned to Germany to recuperate. As regards the rally, team boss Pavel Janeba said: "The Octavia has proved it can combat extreme conditions."

Hyundai will be having their first taste of the Cyprus event and will also be entering three crews for the first time this season. Alistair McRae, who was ninth in the last round in Argentina, commented: "It is clear that we are getting much closer to the front runners. Even though we were only ninth the times we were setting would have placed us higher if we had not had problems. But this is our first event in Cyprus and the temperatures are very high."

CART (Milwaukee):- Michael Andretti is targeting a points finish in Sunday's Miller Lite 225 after securing third place in last weekend's Indy 500. He was one of a number of CART drivers who tried their luck in Indianapolis and, indeed, Helio Castroneves actually won the event. Andretti has had five wins at Milwaukee and said: "I am not sure why I do so well there but am not complaining." Britain's Dario Franchitti will be out to move up from 11th in the standings.

F3000 TESTING (Hockenheim):-

Thursday's times:            mins secs
 1 T Enge          Nordic     1:59.56
 2 J Wilson        Nordic     1:59.60
 3 D Manning       Arden      1:59.67
 4 R Sperafico     Petrobas   1:59.91
 5 A Pizzonia      Petrobas   1:59.92
 6 M Webber        Super Nova 2:00.05
 7 A Piccini       Minardi    2:00.19
 8 G Pantano       Astromega  2:00.44
 9 M Haberfeld     Super Nova 2:00.45
10 J Melo Jr       Durango    2:00.48

F.RENAULT (Silverstone):- Mark McLoughlin and Carl Breeze became the first Formula Renault drivers to lap Silverstone in under 1 minute and 20 seconds in testing for Saturday. Breeze's title rival Richard Antinucci was third.

Testing times (Thu):        mins secs
1 M McLoughlin     Motaworld 1:19.802
2 C Breeze         Motaworld 1:19.807
3 R Antinucci      Manor     1:20.085
4 H Kovalainen     Fortec    1:20.118
5 M Fairuz         Saxon     1:20.191
6 J Piguet         DFR       1:20.638

CLIO CUP (Silverstone):- Clio Cup points leader Tim Mullen headed testing for Saturday night's race with the fastest Clio lap ever seen at Silverstone. Jason Templeman and Duncan Vercoe were second and third.

Testing times (Thu):        mins secs
1 T Mullen         Firstair  1:34.301
2 J Templeman      TCR       1:34.379
3 D Vercoe         MardiGras 1:34.434
4 D Buxton         TSM       1:34.572
5 D Gibson         Elite     1:34.730
6 P Rivett         Rivett    1:34.812