2003 ASCAR Championship

Round 1: Rockingham, 11th May

184Ben COLLINSChevrolet Monte Carlo34.7883
269Roland REHFELDFord Taurus34.97030.182152.25
396Michael VERGERSAscar35.15330.365151.46
425Ian McKELLAR JnrChevy Monte Carlo35.18540.397151.32
544Anthony SWANChevrolet Monte Carlo35.19930.411151.26
624John MICKELAscar Chevrolet Monte Carlo35.49130.703150.02
726Oli PLAYLEAscar35.59530.807149.58
85Rob SPEAKChevrolet Monte Carlo35.76630.978148.86
978Colin WHITEChevrolet Monte Carlo36.13031.342147.36
104Alejandro LINCEPontiac Grand Prix36.20931.421147.04
1177Phil WEAVERChevrolet Monte Carlo36.24831.460146.88
1239Andy SMITHPontiac Grand Prix36.33431.546146.54
1375John STEWARDFord Taurus36.35331.565146.46
146Stevie HODGSONPontiac Grand Prix36.56431.776145.61
1512Mark PROCTORPontiac Grand Prix36.79732.009144.69
1668Earl GODDARDAscar37.01662.228143.84
172Shaun RICHARDSONChevrolet Monte Carlo37.27332.485142.84
1817Tony KINGChevrolet Monte Carlo40.27745.489132.19
197Andrew KIRKALDYPontiac Grand Prix0.00
2042Niklas LOVENChevrolet Monte Carlo0.00
2140Kevin CLARKEPontiac Grand Prix


Race 1
196Michael VERGERSAscar19:38.29019
26Stevie HODGSONPontiac Grand Prix19:38.535190.24585.8335.389
326Oli PLAYLEAscar19:38.724190.43485.8235.438
484Ben COLLINSChevrolet Monte Carlo19:39.506191.21685.7635.537
54Alejandro LINCEPontiac Grand Prix19:40.487192.19785.6935.513
678Colin WHITEChevrolet Monte Carlo19:41.124192.83485.6536.379
769Roland REHFELDFord Taurus19:43.197194.90785.5035.376
85Rob SPEAKChevrolet Monte Carlo19:44.255195.96585.4236.628
968Earl GODDARDAscar19:45.431197.14185.3337.041
1077Phil WEAVERChevrolet Monte Carlo19:46.235197.94585.2837.144
1117Tony KINGChevrolet Monte Carlo19:46.975198.68585.2237.856
R12Mark PROCTORPontiac Grand Prix12:12.25413accident94.5235.621
R39Andy SMITHPontiac Grand Prix12:13.83513D.N.F.94.3236.144
R7Andrew KIRKALDYPontiac Grand Prix11:40.27612D.N.F.91.2337.101
R44Anthony SWANChevrolet Monte Carlo3:42.2104accident95.8439.105
R75John STEWARDFord Taurus1:59.1893D.N.F.134.0137.752
R48Steve GRISSOMAscar2:00.6793accident132.3637.931
R2Shaun RICHARDSONChevrolet Monte Carlo
R24John MICKELAscar Chevrolet Monte Carlo
R25Ian McKELLAR JnrChevy Monte Carlo
R40Kevin CLARKEPontiac Grand Prix

Race was scheduled for 60 laps, but was stopped to extract Mickel from his car. It was then restarted for 19 laps.

Race 2
169Roland REHFELDFord Taurus57:07.93260
284Ben COLLINSChevrolet Monte Carlo57:09.240601.30893.1534.928
396Michael VERGERSAscar57:09.790601.85893.1435.166
426Oli PLAYLEAscar57:21.4726013.54092.8235.414
578Colin WHITEChevrolet Monte Carlo57:31.4306023.49892.5636.164
677Phil WEAVERChevrolet Monte Carlo57:36.0446028.11292.4336.206
768Earl GODDARDAscar57:12.736591 LAP91.5136.334
85Rob SPEAKChevrolet Monte Carlo57:24.860591 LAP91.1935.873
917Tony KINGChevrolet Monte Carlo57:09.152582 LAPS90.0538.610
1075John STEWARDFord Taurus57:29.417582 LAPS89.5239.779
R44Anthony SWANChevrolet Monte Carlo57:24.05843N.C.F.66.4741.424
R7Andrew KIRKALDYPontiac Grand Prix57:31.17138N.C.F.58.6236.597
R25Ian McKELLAR JnrChevrolet Monte Carlo51:05.63937water belt64.2638.140
R39Andy SMITHPontiac Grand Prix36:00.30026D.N.F.64.0840.597
R6Stevie HODGSONPontiac Grand Prix22:11.07322D.N.F.88.0035.963
R4Alejandro LINCEPontiac Grand Prix22:11.95222D.N.F.87.9435.764
R2Shaun RICHARDSONChevrolet Monte Carlo15:02.48315D.N.F.88.4940.258
R42Niklas LOVENChevrolet Monte Carlo

Round 2: Rockingham, 8th June


 1 69 Roland REHFELD             2 44 Anthony SWAN
 3  6 Stevie HODGSON             4 84 Ben COLLINS
 5 96 Derek HAYES                6  5 Rob SPEAK
 7 26 Oli PLAYLE                 8 24 John MICKEL
 9  7 Andrew KIRKALDY           10  4 Alejandro LINCE
11 42 Niklas LOVEN              12 77 Phil WEAVER
13 68 Max PAPIS                 14 40 Kevin CLARKE
15 12 Mark PROCTOR              16 78 Colin WHITE
17 75 John STEWARD              18 17 Tony KING
19 79 Chris COOKE               20  2 Shaun RICHARDSON
21 25 Ian McKELLAR Jnr

Race Result
15Rob SPEAKChevrolet Monte Carlo

26Stevie HODGSONPontiac Grand Prix

384Ben COLLINSChevrolet Monte Carlo31:37.19940
425Ian McKELLAR JnrChevrolet Monte Carlo31:42.657405.458111.9336.108
54Alejandro LINCEPontiac Grand Prix31:42.841405.642111.9235.947
640Kevin CLARKEPontiac Grand Prix31:43.568406.369111.8836.169
724John MICKELChevrolet Monte Carlo31:46.153408.954111.7335.891
812Mark PROCTORPontiac Grand Prix31:46.581409.382111.7036.039
969Roland REHFELDFord Taurus31:47.6524010.453111.6435.713
1078Colin WHITEChevrolet Monte Carlo31:49.4034012.204111.5436.517
1144Anthony SWANChevrolet Monte Carlo31:51.5684014.369111.4136.057
127Andrew KIRKALDYPontiac Grand Prix31:49.317391 LAP108.7536.349
1377Phil WEAVERChevrolet Monte Carlo31:51.522391 LAP108.6336.456
1468Max PAPISFord Taurus31:52.698391 LAP108.5637.422
1579Chris COOKEChevrolet Monte Carlo31:52.872382 LAPS105.7736.367
1675John STEWARDFord Taurus31:58.451373 LAPS102.6838.113
1796Derek HAYESFord Taurus31:50.182346 LAPS94.7735.503
1842Niklas LOVENChevrolet Monte Carlo32:00.971346 LAPS94.2338.304
1926Oli PLAYLEChevrolet Monte Carlo16:00.5382119 LAPS116.4035.851
202Shaun RICHARDSONChevrolet Monte Carlo31:38.9912020 LAPS56.0738.890
2117Tony KINGChevrolet Monte Carlo12:26.7451624 LAPS114.0839.002
N.B. - Speak and Hodgson were excluded after the race for running without differentual cooling pumps, but were later reinstated.

Round 3: Lausitzring, 5th-6th July

 1 Anthony Swan 	49.237s
 2 Andrew Kirkaldy 	49.309
 3 Michael Vergers 	49.478
 4 Ben Collins 		49.482
 5 Alejandro Lince 	49.634
 6 Rob Speak 		49.922
 7 Colin White 		50.009
 8 Mark Proctor 	50.070
 9 John Mickel 		50.576
10 Stevie Hodgson 	50.654
11 Phil Weaver 		50.800
12 Niklas Loven 	50.996
13 Shaun Richardson 	51.120
14 Kevin Clarke 	57.281
15 Ian McKellar Jr 	No time
16 Oliver Playle 	No time
17 Roland Rehfeld 	No time
18 Chris Cooke 		No time
19 John Steward 	No time

Race Result
 1 Ian McKellar Jr 	43m07.580, 40 Laps
 2 Ben Collins 		   +0.228
 3 Michael Vergers 	    1.885
 4 Rob Speak 		    2.169
 5 John Mickel 		    2.193
 6 Colin White 		    6.127
 7 Mark Proctor 	    6.641
 8 Anthony Swan 	    7.177
 9 Stevie Hodgson 	   14.105
10 Shaun Richardson 	   21.770
11 Niklas Loven 	   22.064
12 Phil Weaver 		   34.730
13 Alejandro Lince 	   2 Laps
14 Chris Cooke 		  15 Laps
15 Andrew Kirkaldy 	  15 Laps
16 Oliver Playle 	  16 Laps
17 Roland Rehfeld 	  18 Laps
18 John Steward 	  20 Laps
19 Kevin Clarke 	  25 Laps

Round 4: Rockingham, 27th July

184Ben COLLINSChevrolet Monte Carlo34.6185
244Anthony SWANChevrolet Monte Carlo34.81180.193152.95
396Michael VERGERSASCAR35.149120.531151.48
424John MICKELAscar Chevrolet Monte Carlo35.259210.641151.00
569Roland REHFELDFord Taurus35.309100.691150.79
64Alejandro LINCEPontiac Grand Prix35.420150.802150.32
725Ian MCKELLAR JNRChevy Monte Carlo35.496140.878150.00
868Derek HAYESPontiac Grand Prix35.546130.928149.78
95Rob SPEAKChevrolet Monte Carlo35.595150.977149.58
1012Mark PROCTORPontiac Grand Prix35.653151.035149.33
1177Phil WEAVERChevrolet Monte Carlo35.750201.132148.93
126Stevie HODGSONPontiac Grand Prix35.807141.189148.69
1378Colin WHITEChevrolet Monte Carlo35.817191.199148.65
1479Chris COOKEASCAR35.824131.206148.62
152Shaun RICHARDSONChevrolet Monte Carlo35.960231.342148.06
1642Niklas LOVENChevrolet Monte Carlo36.000251.382147.90
1717Tony KINGChevrolet Monte Carlo36.274291.656146.78
1840Kevin CLARKEPontiac Grand Prix36.413231.795146.22
1975John STEWARDFord Taurus36.576161.958145.57

Race 1
125Ian McKELLAR JNRChevrolet Monte Carlo51:35.75560
296Michael VERGERSFord Taurus51:59.6256023.870102.4035.617
384Ben COLLINSChevrolet Monte Carlo52:00.2316024.476102.3835.197
468Derek HAYESPontiac Grand Prix52:00.7256024.970102.3635.372
578Colin WHITEChevrolet Monte Carlo52:01.3896025.634102.3435.796
612Mark PROCTORPontiac Grand Prix52:02.5726026.817102.3035.858
769Roland REHFELDPontiac Grand Prix52:05.7746030.019102.2035.894
842Niklas LOVENChevrolet Monte Carlo52:07.1986031.443102.1536.272
940Kevin CLARKEPontiac Grand Prix52:07.9746032.219102.1336.189
1077Phil WEAVERChevrolet Monte Carlo52:18.3606042.605101.7935.944
1144Anthony SWANChevrolet Monte Carlo51:46.945591 LAP101.1035.642
1224John MICKELAscar Chevrolet Monte Carlo50:09.643582 LAPS102.6035.371
134Alejandro LINCEPontiac Grand Prix52:06.417573 LAPS97.0735.614
145Rob SPEAKChevrolet Monte Carlo48:25.7604713 LAPS86.1235.811
1526Oli PLAYLEChevrolet Monte Carlo26:26.5832832 LAPS93.9636.203
162Shaun RICHARDSONChevrolet Monte Carlo47:50.1532634 LAPS48.2336.489
176Stevie HODGSONPontiac Grand Prix21:59.5652535 LAPS100.8736.024
1875John STEWARDFord Taurus22:00.6022535 LAPS100.7935.870
1917Tony KINGChevrolet Monte Carlo10:04.9641644 LAPS140.8136.894

Race 2
184Ben COLLINSChevrolet Monte Carlo46:31.56460
212Mark PROCTORPontiac Grand Prix46:31.635600.071114.4335.990
396Michael VERGERSFord Taurus46:50.2076018.643113.6835.841
468Derek HAYESPontiac Grand Prix47:29.1916057.627112.1235.522
577Phil WEAVERChevrolet Monte Carlo46:36.590591 LAP112.3336.650
640Kevin CLARKEPontiac Grand Prix46:42.011591 LAP112.1136.885
778Colin WHITEChevrolet Monte Carlo46:56.705591 LAP111.5236.201
826Oli PLAYLEChevrolet Monte Carlo47:11.263591 LAP110.9537.288
92Shaun RICHARDSONChevrolet Monte Carlo46:35.248582 LAPS110.4736.086
1069Roland REHFELDPontiac Grand Prix32:29.0323723 LAPS101.0735.929
1142Niklas LOVENChevrolet Monte Carlo47:08.2323624 LAPS67.7738.509
1225Ian McKELLAR JNRChevrolet Monte Carlo46:39.1973327 LAPS62.7735.663
137Stevie HODGSONPontiac Grand Prix29:56.1473228 LAPS94.8538.852
1479Chris COOKEChevrolet Monte Carlo27:57.3763030 LAPS95.2236.080
1544Anthony SWANChevrolet Monte Carlo5:44.364555 LAPS77.3046.024
164Alejandro LINCEPontiac Grand Prix

Round 5: Rockingham, 24th August

168Derek HAYESPontiac Grand Prix35.08912
284Ben COLLINSChevrolet Monte Carlo35.20390.114151.24
396Michael VERGERSPontiac Grand Prix35.22860.139151.14
444Anthony SWANChevrolet Monte Carlo35.365160.276150.55
57Andrew KIRKALDYPontiac Grand Prix35.412120.323150.35
669Roland REHFELDPontiac Grand Prix35.442160.353150.22
75Rob SPEAKChevrolet Monte Carlo35.574130.485149.67
812Mark PROCTORPontiac Grand Prix35.581100.492149.64
925Ian McKELLAR JnrChevrolet Monte Carlo35.593180.504149.59
1078Colin WHITEChevrolet Monte Carlo35.876200.787148.41
1166Kieran DYNESChevrolet Monte Carlo35.953170.864148.09
1275John STEWARDFord Taurus36.060220.971147.65
1377Phil WEAVERChevrolet Monte Carlo36.162221.073147.23
142Shaun RICHARDSONChevrolet Monte Carlo36.260161.171146.83
1526Oliver PLAYLEChevrolet Monte Carlo36.299151.210146.68
164Alejandro LINCEPontiac Grand Prix36.402121.313146.26
1740Kevin CLARKEPontiac Grand Prix36.670131.581145.19
1817Tony KINGChevrolet Monte Carlo37.081111.992143.58
1942Chris COOKEChevrolet Monte Carlo38.476113.387138.38
2024John MICKELChevrolet Monte Carlo40.66855.579130.92

Race 1
196Michael VERGERSPontiac Grand Prix57:57.43460
269Roland REHFELDPontiac Grand Prix57:58.266600.83291.8435.257
378Colin WHITEChevrolet Monte Carlo57:58.714601.28091.8335.560
47Andrew KIRKALDYPontiac Grand Prix57:59.026601.59291.8235.244
584Ben COLLINSChevrolet Monte Carlo57:59.387601.95391.8135.139
612Mark PROCTORPontiac Grand Prix57:59.492602.05891.8135.492
742Chris COOKEChevrolet Monte Carlo57:59.935602.50191.8035.933
875John STEWARDFord Taurus58:01.349603.91591.7635.717
92Shaun RICHARDSONChevrolet Monte Carlo58:01.749604.31591.7535.653
1044Anthony SWANChevrolet Monte Carlo58:02.143604.70991.7435.568
1140Kevin CLARKEPontiac Grand Prix58:04.778607.34491.6736.190
1217Tony KINGChevrolet Monte Carlo58:09.6956012.26191.5436.156
1366Kieran DYNESChevrolet Monte Carlo58:02.696573 LAPS87.1435.809
144Alejandro LINCEPontiac Grand Prix45:26.0035010 LAPS97.6535.641
1525Ian McKELLAR JnrChevrolet Monte Carlo42:21.4974812 LAPS100.5535.209
1668Derek HAYESPontiac Grand Prix42:22.2684812 LAPS100.5234.936
1724John MICKELChevrolet Monte Carlo36:37.7994020 LAPS96.9036.291
185Rob SPEAKChevrolet Monte Carlo20:59.9932436 LAPS101.4135.519
1977Phil WEAVERChevrolet Monte Carlo21:03.1872436 LAPS101.1636.021
2079Andrew SMITHChevrolet Monte Carlo58:10.3072436 LAPS36.6137.012
2126Oliver PLAYLEChevrolet Monte Carlo8:00.0311050 LAPS110.9136.772

Race 2

Ps  # Driver                    Car                       Time   Laps Gap         MPH   Best
 1 84 Ben Collins               Chevrolet Monte Carlo   46:37.506 60            114.19 35.354
 2 12 Mark Proctor              Pontiac Grand Prix      46:41.925 60     4.419  114.01 35.522
 3 69 Roland Rehfeld            Pontiac Grand Prix      46:42.332 60     4.826  113.99 35.560
 4  2 Shaun Richardson          Chevrolet Monte Carlo   46:42.537 60     5.031  113.99 35.651
 5 44 Anthony Swan              Chevrolet Monte Carlo   46:53.878 60    16.372  113.53 35.889
 6 78 Colin White               Chevrolet Monte Carlo   47:00.494 60    22.988  113.26 35.620
 7 79 Andrew Smith              Chevrolet Monte Carlo   47:02.413 60    24.907  113.18 35.266
 8 75 John Steward              Ford Taurus             46:47.525 59     1 lap  111.89 35.843
 9 17 Tony King                 Chevrolet Monte Carlo   45:47.186 58     2 laps 112.41 36.192
10 66 Kieran Dynes              Chevrolet Monte Carlo   47:02.028 58     2 laps 109.43 36.086
11 40 Kevin Clarke              Pontiac Grand Prix      46:40.470 57     3 laps 108.37 35.929
12 42 Chris Cooke               Chevrolet Monte Carlo   46:49.358 57     3 laps 108.02 35.882
13 96 Michael Vergers           Pontiac Grand Prix      46:59.322 56     4 laps 105.75 35.382
14  7 Andrew Kirkaldy           Pontiac Grand Prix      34:30.614 41    19 laps 105.42 35.584
15  4 Alejandro Lince           Pontiac Grand Prix      24:56.550 32    28 laps 113.84 36.052
16 24 John Mickel               Chevrolet Monte Carlo    8:46.882 11    49 laps 111.16 37.503
17 77 Phil Weaver               Chevrolet Monte Carlo    7:06.675  7    53 laps  87.35 48.699
18 26 Oliver Playle             Chevrolet Monte Carlo    2:49.266  2    58 laps  62.91 1:41.022

Round 6: Rockingham, 31st August

169Roland REHFELDPontiac Grand Prix34.8466
284Ben COLLINSChevrolet Monte Carlo34.90870.062152.52
344Anthony SWANChevrolet Monte Carlo34.985100.139152.19
478Colin WHITEChevrolet Monte Carlo35.208120.362151.22
512Mark PROCTORPontiac Grand Prix35.252140.406151.03
67Andrew KIRKALDYPontiac Grand Prix35.256160.410151.02
75Rob SPEAKChevrolet Monte Carlo35.256130.410151.02
896Michael VERGERSPontiac Grand Prix35.32470.478150.73
979Andrew SMITHChevrolet Monte Carlo35.542140.696149.80
102Shaun RICHARDSONChevrolet Monte Carlo35.56760.721149.70
1125Ian McKELLAR JnrChevrolet Monte Carlo35.619160.773149.48
1275John STEWARDFord Taurus35.646190.800149.36
1324John MICKELChevrolet Monte Carlo35.739160.893148.98
1468Derek HAYESPontiac Grand Prix35.79150.945148.76
1542Niklas LOVENChevrolet Monte Carlo35.871201.025148.43
1677Phil WEAVERChevrolet Monte Carlo35.943301.097148.13
1740Kevin CLARKEPontiac Grand Prix36.123211.277147.39
1826Oliver PLAYLEChevrolet Monte Carlo36.20351.357147.07
1966Kieran DYNESChevrolet Monte Carlo36.566251.720145.61
204Alejandro LINCEPontiac Grand Prix36.693101.847145.10

Race Result
184Ben COLLINSChevrolet Monte Carlo42:56.45660
269Roland REHFELDPontiac Grand Prix42:57.924601.468123.9235.074
325Ian McKELLAR JnrChevrolet Monte Carlo43:01.695605.239123.7435.384
478Colin WHITEChevrolet Monte Carlo43:02.311605.855123.7135.208
596Michael VERGERSPontiac Grand Prix43:02.889606.433123.6835.460
62Shaun RICHARDSONChevrolet Monte Carlo43:03.136606.680123.6735.503
744Anthony SWANChevrolet Monte Carlo43:03.326606.870123.6635.169
824John MICKELChevrolet Monte Carlo43:05.426608.970123.5635.675
912Mark PROCTORPontiac Grand Prix43:06.180609.724123.5235.333
1079Andrew SMITHChevrolet Monte Carlo43:06.746591 LAP121.4435.614
115Rob SPEAKChevrolet Monte Carlo43:07.172591 LAP121.4235.201
124Alejandro LINCEPontiac Grand Prix43:13.361591 LAP121.1335.284
1326Oliver PLAYLEChevrolet Monte Carlo43:13.686591 LAP121.1135.970
1440Kevin CLARKEPontiac Grand Prix43:02.335582 LAPS119.5836.118
1575John STEWARDFord Taurus43:33.159564 LAPS114.1036.246
1677Phil WEAVERChevrolet Monte Carlo43:32.877546 LAPS110.0336.287
177Andrew KIRKALDYPontiac Grand Prix38:57.901537 LAPS120.7035.689
1842Niklas LOVENChevrolet Monte Carlo20:40.7192733 LAPS115.8636.186
1968Derek HAYESPontiac Grand Prix12:17.0311248 LAPS86.6837.892
2066Kieran DYNESChevrolet Monte Carlo

Round 7: Lausitzring, 14th September

 1 Ben Collins 		Territorial Army Deuce Racing RML Chevrolet 	48.975s
 2 Roland Rehfeld 	Team HTML Pontiac 				49.348s
 3 Colin White 		CWS Racing Chevrolet 				49.373s
 4 Andrew Kirkaldy 	Acorn Racing with Xcel Motorsport Pontiac 	49.424s
 5 Andy Smith 		CWS Chevrolet 					49.662s
 6 Mark Proctor 	Fast-Tec Pontiac 				49.680s
 7 Anthony Swan 	LEGO Racers Deuce Racing RML Pontiac 		49.857s
 8 Michael Vergers 	Chicago Pneumatic Racing Pontiac 		50.138s
 9 John Mickel 		Torquespeed/dsi AnyDoc Chevrolet 		50.227s 
10 Shaun Richardson 	Kidd-Richardson Racing Chevrolet 		50.273s
11 Oliver Playle 	Reebok/Torquespeed Chevrolet 			50.530s
12 John Steward 	Stewart Racing Ford 				50.382s
13 Phil Weaver 		Team Catchpole Chevrolet 			50.715s
14 Kevin Clarke 	Intersport Racing Pontiac 			50.871s
15 Alejandro Lince 	Deuce Racing RML Chevrolet 			No time
16 Ian McKellar Jr 	dsi AnyDoc/Torquespeed Chevrolet 		DNS

Race 1
 1 Ben Collins 		TA Deuce Racing RML Chevrolet 		50m47.194s
 2 Colin White 		CWS Racing Chevrolet 			   +1.3s
 3 Ian McKellar Jr 	dsi AnyDoc/Torquespeed Chevrolet 	   +2.0s
 4 Anthony Swan 	LEGO Racers Deuce Racing RML Pontiac 	   +2.5s
 5 John Mickel 		Torquespeed/dsi AnyDoc Chevrolet 	   +5.2s 
 6 Mark Proctor 	Fast-Tec Pontiac 			   +7.0s
 7 Oliver Playle 	Reebok/Torquespeed Chevrolet 		  +10.8s
 8 Kevin Clarke 	Intersport Racing Pontiac 		  +11.8s
 9 Roland Rehfeld 	Team HTML Pontiac 			  +14.3s
10 Andrew Kirkaldy 	Acorn Racing with Xcel Motorsport Pontiac +30.7s
11 Michael Vergers 	Chicago Pneumatic Racing Pontiac 	  +1 lap
12 Andy Smith 		CWS Racing Chevrolet 			  +5 laps
13 John Steward 	Stewart Racing Ford 			 +14 laps
14 Phil Weaver 		Team Catchpole Chevrolet 		 +37 laps
15 Shaun Richardson 	Kidd-Richardson Racing Chevrolet 	 +49 laps
Fastest Lap: Ben Collins, 49.026s (148.550 mph) on lap 12

Race 2 
 1 Colin White 		CWS Racing Chevrolet 			46m23.974s
 2 Ian McKellar Jr 	dsi AnyDoc/Torquespeed Chevrolet 	   +1.7s
 3 Anthony Swan 	LEGO Racers Deuce Racing RML Pontiac 	   +1.8s
 4 John Mickel 		Torquespeed/dsi AnyDoc Chevrolet 	   +3.9s 
 5 Mark Proctor 	Fast-Tec Pontiac 			   +6.7s
 6 Michael Vergers 	Chicago Pneumatic Racing Pontiac 	   +9.0s
 7 Kevin Clarke 	Intersport Racing Pontiac 		   +9.0s
 8 Andrew Kirkaldy 	Acorn Racing with Xcel Motorsport Pontiac +12.8s
 9 John Steward 	Stewart Racing Ford 			  +13.0s
10 Roland Rehfeld 	Team HTML Pontiac 			  +44.3s
11 Ben Collins 		TA Deuce Racing RML Chevrolet 	 	  +44.6s
12 Andy Smith 		CWS Racing Chevrolet 			  +4 laps
13 Oliver Playle 	Reebok/Torquespeed Chevrolet 		 +18 laps
14 Phil Weaver 		Team Catchpole Chevrolet 		 +23 laps
15 Shaun Richardson 	Kidd-Richardson Racing Chevrolet 	 +47 laps
Fastest Lap: Ben Collins, 49.232s (147.928 mph) on lap 28

Round 8: Rockingham, 28th September

 1 Ben Collins 		Territorial Army Deuce Racing RML Chevrolet	34.488s
 2 Roland Rehfeld 	Team HTML Pontiac 				34.942s
 3 Derek Hayes 		McDonald’s Team HTML Pontiac 			35.010s 
 4 Ian McKellar Jr 	Torquespeed/dsiAnyDoc Chevrolet 		35.056s
 5 Michael Vergers 	Chicago Pneumatic Racing Pontiac 		35.066s
 6 Anthony Swan 	LEGO Racers Deuce Racing RML Pontiac 		35.136s
 7 John Mickel 		Torquespeed/dsi AnyDoc Chevrolet 		35.141s 
 8 Andrew Kirkaldy 	Acorn Racing with Xcel Motorsport Pontiac 	35.351s
 9 Colin White 		CWS Racing Chevrolet 				35.389s
10 Mark Proctor 	Fast-Tec Pontiac 				35.416s
11 John Steward 	Stewart Racing Ford 				35.439s
12 Andy Smith 		CWS Racing Chevrolet 				35.480s
13 Rob Speak 		Team Learn Direct Chevrolet 			35.579s
14 Oliver Playle 	Reebok/Torquespeed Chevrolet 			35.585s
15 Stevie Hodgson 	Acorn Racing with Hodgson Motorsport Pontiac 	35.836s
16 Niklas Loven 	Havoline Racing Chevrolet 			36.306s
17 Peter Falding 	BriSCA Deuce Racing RML Chevrolet 		36.508s
18 Kieran Dynes 	Scott Racing Services/Eskalony Vodka Chevrolet 	36.753s 
19 Phil Weaver 		Team Catchpole Chevrolet 			37.929s
20 Tony King 		Kent Pharmaceuticals/Shark Racing Chevrolet 	38.640s
21 Shaun Richardson 	Kidd-Richardson Racing Chevrolet 		39.619s
22 Phiroze Bilimoria 	Intersport Racing/Cobra Beer Pontiac 		39.757s
Race 1
184Ben COLLINSChevrolet Monte Carlo43:40.42860
225Ian MCKELLAR JNRChevrolet Monte Carlo43:41.290600.862121.8735.321
369Roland REHFELDPontiac Grand Prix43:42.131601.703121.8335.130
496Michael VERGERSPontiac Grand Prix43:42.550602.122121.8135.405
578Colin WHITEChevrolet Monte Carlo43:43.967603.539121.7435.631
65Rob SPEAKChevrolet Monte Carlo43:43.968603.540121.7435.640
77Andrew KIRKALDYPontiac Grand Prix43:44.806604.378121.7135.682
844Anthony SWANChevrolet Monte Carlo43:45.045604.617121.6935.472
912Mark PROCTORPontiac Grand Prix43:45.323604.895121.6835.465
1066Kieran DYNESChevrolet Monte Carlo43:47.720591 LAP119.5436.234
1133Peter FALDINGPontiac Grand Prix43:47.887591 LAP119.5436.170
1275John STEWARDFord Taurus43:48.095591 LAP119.5335.954
1342Niklas LOVENChevrolet Monte Carlo43:48.692591 LAP119.5036.315
1468Derek HAYESPontiac Grand Prix43:48.783582 LAPS117.4735.251
1517Tony KINGChevrolet Monte Carlo43:55.197564 LAPS113.1437.080
166Stevie HODGSONPontiac Grand Prix43:55.809519 LAPS103.0235.892
1777Phil WEAVERChevrolet Monte Carlo44:01.630519 LAPS102.7937.316
182Shaun RICHARDSONChevrolet Monte Carlo42:42.8823129 LAPS64.4037.604
1979Andy SMITHChevrolet Monte Carlo17:05.2512832 LAPS145.4135.715
2039Phiroze BILIMORIAPontiac Grand Prix18:33.0932040 LAPS95.6637.999
2124John MICKELChevrolet Monte Carlo10:54.1821644 LAPS130.2235.368
2240Kevin CLARKEPontiac Grand Prix8:34.9391347 LAPS134.4136.405
2326Oli PLAYLEChevrolet Monte Carlo43:53.7921050 LAPS20.2136.145

Race 2
184Ben COLLINSChevrolet Monte Carlo44:24.07150
225Ian MCKELLAR JNRChevrolet Monte Carlo44:29.943505.87299.7135.248
35Rob SPEAKChevrolet Monte Carlo44:30.270506.19999.6935.077
478Colin WHITEChevrolet Monte Carlo44:32.341508.27099.6235.341
596Michael VERGERSPontiac Grand Prix44:32.616508.54599.6135.352
669Roland REHFELDPontiac Grand Prix44:33.318509.24799.5835.349
744Anthony SWANChevrolet Monte Carlo44:33.691509.62099.5735.383
868Derek HAYESPontiac Grand Prix44:33.799509.72899.5635.043
966Kieran DYNESChevrolet Monte Carlo44:45.9275021.85699.1136.257
1077Phil WEAVERChevrolet Monte Carlo44:46.1555022.08499.1036.361
1133Peter FALDINGPontiac Grand Prix44:46.289491 LAP97.1236.209
122Shaun RICHARDSONChevrolet Monte Carlo44:25.455482 LAPS95.8837.642
1375John STEWARDFord Taurus44:27.648473 LAPS93.8036.861
1417Tony KINGChevrolet Monte Carlo44:37.959473 LAPS93.4438.499
1539Phiroze BILIMORIAPontiac Grand Prix44:34.617464 LAPS91.5737.750
1624John MICKELChevrolet Monte Carlo45:00.6272327 LAPS45.3436.759
176Stevie HODGSONPontiac Grand Prix44:41.3151931 LAPS37.7238.388
1879Andy SMITHChevrolet Monte Carlo17:03.2041535 LAPS78.0539.796
1912Mark PROCTORPontiac Grand Prix1:56.408248 LAPS91.4742.138
207Andrew KIRKALDYPontiac Grand Prix43.137149 LAPS123.4343.137
2142Niklas LOVENChevrolet Monte Carlo43.821149 LAPS121.5043.821
2226Oli PLAYLEChevrolet Monte Carlo

Championship Standings

 1 Ben Collins		2299 pts
 2 Colin White		2044
 3 Michael Vergers	1963
 4 Roland Rehfeld	1962
 5 Ian McKellar		1821
 6 Anthony Swan		1804