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Ascari A410

Ascari-Judd A410, first built in 2000.

Design Team
Project leaderJohn McNeil
ManufacturerMcNeil Engineering
TypeCarbonfibre/aramid composite/aluminium honeycomb monocoque
ModelJudd GV4 V10 (stressed member)
Type72-degree V10, DOHC, 4VPC
Capacity3998 cc
Max Power590+ BHP @ 10250 rpm with 2 x 33.4 mm air restrictors (per ACO /SRWC rules)
Max Torque355 lb-ft @ 8500 rpm
Redline11000 rpm
ManagementEFi Euro 12
Cooling SystemTwin water pumps (one per bank), water outlets on front of cylinder heads
Oil SystemPressure pump and oil inlet on LHS, scavenge pump and oil outlet on RHS
DimensionsLength: 622.5 mm
Height: 417.0 mm (excluding trumpets)
Width: 555.0 mm
Weight135 Kg (dry weight, includes flywheel and wiring harness but excludes clutch and exhausts)
Gearbox6-speed Ascari sequential-shift
Suspension (Front and rear)Double wishbones
Brakes (Front and rear)AP Racing carbon discs/carbon pads, AP Racing calipers
Wheels (Front and rear)Dymag
Tyres (Front and rear)Pirelli Zero
SteeringRack & Pinion
Wheelbase2813 mm
Car Length4635 mm
Car Width1990 mm
Fuel CellA.T.L
Data AquisitionPi Research Sigma data acquisition with steering wheel display

2001 LMP version

Switched to Goodyear tyres, and featured a modified roll hoop to comply with LMP regulations.

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