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Eagle T1G Weslake

Bruce McLaren, AAR-002, Le Mans 1967.

ConstructorDesigned, built and assembled by All American Racers, Santa Ana, California.
Number of Cars Built4 (chassis AAR-101 was T1F model, AAR102-104 were T1G models)
Chief DesignerLen Terry
EngineAubrey Woods
Exhaust SystemPete Wilkins
Chassis TypeMonocoque constructed of sheet 2024 and 5052 aluminium alloys, steel bulkheads. (in AAR-004 the aluminium skin was replaced with sheets of magnesium alloy)
ModelGurney Weslake V12
PreparationWeslake Engineering in Rye, England
Type60-degree V12, gear-driven DOHC, 4VPC
Capacity2997 cc
Bore x Stroke72.80 x 60.00 mm
Max Power364 bhp @ 9750 rpm (at Monza 66)
413 bhp @ 10200 rpm (at Spa 67)
416 bhp @ 10250 rpm (at Monza 67)
Compression Ratio12.0:1
Fuel SystemLucas mechanical fuel injection
IgnitionLucas electromagnetic
Weight365 lbs 165 kg (less exhausts)
Gearbox5-speed Hewland DG 300
Suspension, Front and rearUnequal length double wishbones, coil-springs, tube-dampers, anti-roll bar. (AAR-004 had titanium wishbones, the others had mild-steel wishbones)
Brakes, Front and rear12.25 Solid Girling discs, single caliper
Wheels66 / 6768
Front8.5 x 1510.0 x 15
Rear9.5 x 1514.0 x 15
Tyres, Front and rearGoodyear
SteeringGordon Schroeder Rack-and-pinion.
Dimensions66 / 6768
Front track61.058.0
Rear track61.056.0
Overall length162.0164.0
Overall width73.070.0
Overall height35.535.5
Fuel cell65 USG58 USG
Dry Weight1280 lbs1192 lbs (AAR-004)

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