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Moskvich G3

National F. Junior car that raced in this class in 1961-62, and in national F1 in 1963-65. Driving the G3, Yuri Chvirov won the 1961 & 1962 Soviet F. Junior championships, and Evgeny Veretov was 2nd in the 1963 Soviet F1 championship. In 1962, the G3 was modified (the differing data are in brackets).

Year: 1961
Number of cars built: 1 (there were also two kits made up, 
but they were never assembled)
Engine: Moskvich 407
Engine type: L4
Camshafts: 1
Valves/cyl: 2
Bore: 76 mm
Stroke: 75 mm
Compression index: n/a (9.5)
Capacity: 1358 cc
Power: 70 hp at 4800 rpm (76 hp at 5500 rpm)
Fuel system: 4 Lenkarz K28 carburettors (4 Lenkarz K99 
Chassis type: tubular frame
Designers: Igor A. Gladilin, Lev M. Shugurov
Engine position: front
Length: 3544 mm
Width: 1424 mm
Height: 1035 mm
Wheelbase: 2150 mm
Track: 1262 mm
Weight: 654 kg (640 kg)
Drive: rear
Number of gears: 4
Front brake type: drum
Rear brake type: drum
Front tyres: 5.60-15" (5.60-13")
Rear tyres: 5.60-15" (5.60-13")
Maximum speed: 170 km/h (177 km/h)

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