The Canadian-American Challenge Cup was a series of international road races in the US and Canada, first introduced in 1966.


Mont Tremblant      J.Surtees         Lola          155.56kph/96.68mph
Bridgehampton       D.Gurney          Lola          169.88kph/105.58mph
Mosport             M.Donohue         Lola          163.91kph/101.87mph
Laguna Seca         P.Hill            Chaparral     158.33kph/98.40mph
Riverside           J.Surtees         Lola          171.94kph/106.86mph
Las Vegas           J.Surtees         Lola          175.78kph/109.25mph

Final Championship Standings
1. J.Surtees        27 pts
2. M.Donohue        21 pts
3. B.McLaren        20 pts


Elkhart Lake        D.Hulme           McLaren       168.10kph/104.55mph
Bridgehampton       D.Hulme           McLaren       175.52kph/109.13mph
Mosport             D.Hulme           McLaren       170.47kph/105.93mph
Laguna Seca         B.McLaren         McLaren       163.20kph/101.61mph
Riverside           B.McLaren         McLaren       184.12kph/114.41mph
Las Vegas           J.Surtees         Lola          180.90kph/112.41mph

Final Championship Standings
1. B.McLaren        30 pts
2. D.Hulme          27 pts
3. J.Surtees        16 pts


Elkhart Lake        D.Hulme           McLaren       152.15kph/94.54mph
Bridgehampton       M.Donohue         McLaren       179.15kph/111.32mph
Edmonton            D.Hulme           McLaren       166.00kph/102.90mph
Laguna Seca         J.Cannon          McLaren       131.76kph/85.60mph
Riverside           B.McLaren         McLaren       184.03kph/114.46mph
Las Vegas           D.Hulme           McLaren       182.01kph/113.10mph

Final Championship Standings
1. D.Hulme          35 pts
2. B.McLaren        24 pts
3. M.Donohue        23 pts


Mosport             B.McLaren         McLaren       170.39kph/105.90mph
Mont Tremblant      D.Hulme           McLaren       156.96kph/97.55mph
Watkins Glen        B.McLaren         McLaren       202.72kph/125.99mph
Edmonton            D.Hulme           McLaren       167.90kph/104.35mph
Lexington           D.Hulme           McLaren       151.58kph/94.21mph
Elkhart Lake        B.McLaren         McLaren       172.94kph/107.48mph
Bridgehampton       D.Hulme           McLaren       182.98kph/113.72mph
Michigan            B.McLaren         McLaren       173.93kph/108.10mph
Laguna Seca         B.McLaren         McLaren       170.28kph/105.83mph
Riverside           D.Hulme           McLaren       194.37kph/120.80mph
Texas               B.McLaren         McLaren       176.75kph/109.85mph

Final Championship Standings
1. B.McLaren       165 pts
2. D.Hulme         160 pts
3. C.Parsons        85 pts


Mosport Park        D.Gurney          McLaren       177.33kph/110.21mph
Mont Tremblant      D.Gurney          McLaren       157.60kph/97.95mph
Watkins Glen        D.Hulme           McLaren       190.76kph/118.56mph
Edmonton            D.Hulme           McLaren       171.20kph/106.40mph
Lexington           D.Hulme           McLaren       153.11kph/95.15mph
Elkhart Lake        P.Gethin          McLaren       168.98kph/105.02mph
Hall County         A.G.Dean          Porsche       166.45kph/103.45mph
Donnybrooke         D.Hulme           McLaren       189.17kph/117.57mph
Laguna Seca         D.Hulme           McLaren       170.67kph/106.07mph
Riverside           D.Hulme           McLaren       193.53kph/120.28mph

Final Championship Standings
1. D.Hulme         132 pts
2. L.Motschenbacher 65 pts
3. P.Gethin         56 pts


Mosport             D.Hulme           McLaren       175.95kph/109.33mph
Mont Tremblant      J.Stewart         Lola          162.46kph/100.95mph
Hall County         P.Revson          McLaren       178.91kph/111.17mph
Watkins Glen        P.Revson          McLaren       206.93kph/128.58mph
Lexington           J.Stewart         Lola          154.14kph/95.78mph
Elkhart Lake        P.Revson          McLaren       175.43kph/109.01mph
Donnybrooke         P.Revson          McLaren       191.72kph/119.14mph
Edmonton            D.Hulme           McLaren       152.76kph/94.92mph
Laguna Seca         P.Revson          McLaren       175.75kph/109.21mph
Riverside           D.Hulme           McLaren       199.12kph/123.73mph

Final Championship Standings
1. P.Revson        142 pts
2. D.Hulme         132 pts
3. J.Stewart        76 pts


Mosport             D.Hulme           McLaren       178.08kph/110.66mph
Hall County         G.Follmer         Porsche       183.40kph/113.96mph
Watkins Glen        D.Hulme           McLaren       184.17kph/114.44mph
Lexington           G.Follmer         Porsche       149.47kph/92.88mph
Elkhart Lake        G.Follmer         Porsche       177.71kph/110.43mph
Donnybrooke         F.Cevert          McLaren       190.01kph/118.07mph
Edmonton            M.Donohue         Porsche       176.82kph/109.88mph
Laguna Seca         G.Follmer         Porsche       175.08kph/108.79mph
Riverside           G.Follmer         Porsche       197.28kph/122.59mph

Final Championship Standings
1. G.Follmer       130 pts
2. D.Hulme          65 pts
3. M.Minter         65 pts


Mosport             C.Kemp            Porsche       174.85kph/108.65mph
Hall County         G.Follmer         Porsche       188.37kph/117.05mph
Watkins Glen        M.Donohue         Porsche       189.51kph/117.76mph
Mid-Ohio            M.Donohue         Porsche       163.20kph/101.41mph
Elkhart Lake        M.Donohue         Porsche       183.50kph/114.03mph
Edmonton            M.Donohue         Porsche       178.42kph/110.87mph
Laguna Seca         M.Donohue         Porsche       164.47kph/102.20mph
Riverside           M.Donohue         Porsche       193.58kph/120.31mph

Final Championship Standings
1. M.Donohue       139 pts
2. G.Follmer        62 pts
3. H.Heywood        47 pts


Mosport             J.Oliver          Shadow        180.19kph/111.99mph
Hall County         J.Oliver          Shadow        178.44kph/110.88mph
Watkins Glen        J.Oliver          Shadow        187.84kph/116.72mph
Mid-Ohio            J.Oliver          Shadow        164.29kph/102.09mph
Elkhart Lake        S.Patrick         McLaren       176.62kph/109.75mph

Final Championship Standings
1. J.Oliver         82 pts
2. G.Follmer        45 pts
3. S.Patrick        44 pts


No Championship


No Championship


Mont Tremblant      T.Klausler        Schkee        136.35kph/84.74mph
Laguna Seca         D.Breidenbach     Lola          174.74kph/108.60mph
Watkins Glen        P.Tambay          Lola          178.42kph/110.89mph
Road America        P.Gethin          Lola          169.36kph/105.26mph
Mid-Ohio            P.Tambay          Lola          158.42kph/98.46mph
Mosport             P.Tambay          Lola          179.92kph/111.82mph
Trois Rivieres      P.Tambay          Lola          138.79kph/86.26mph
Sears Point         P.Tambay          Lola          151.37kph/94.08mph
Riverside           P.Tambay          Lola          188.27kph/117.01mph

Final Championship Standings
1. P.Tambay        159 pts
2. P.Gethin        108 pts
3. E.Forbes-Robinson 71pts


Hall County         A.Jones           Lola          185.23kph/115.12mph
Charlotte           E.Forbes-Robinson Spyder        180.45kph/112.15mph
Mid-Ohio            A.Jones           Lola          159.81kph/99.32mph
Mont Tremblant      G.Follmer         Prophet       141.08kph/87.68mph
Watkins Glen        W.Brown           Lola          179.21kph/111.38mph
Road America        A.Jones           Lola          179.70kph/111.69mph
Mosport             A.Jones           Lola          185.64kph/115.38mph
Trois Riviers       E.Forbes-Robinson Spyder        132.35kph/82.26mph
Laguna Seca         A.Holbert         Lola          181.17kph/112.56mph
Riverside           A.Jones           Lola          186.59kph/115.97mph

Final Championship Standings
1. A.Jones         2712 pts
2. W.Brown         2548 pts
3. A.Holbert       1674 pts


Hall County         K.Rosberg         Spyder        188.23kph/116.97mph
Charlotte           J.Ickx            Lola          168.39kph/104.64mph
Mosport             J.Ickx            Lola          182.94kph/113.67mph
Mid-Ohio            A.Jones           Lola          161.16kph/100.14mph
Watkins Glen        K.Rosberg         Spyder        184.40kph/114.58mph
Road America        J.Ickx            Lola          181.78kph/112.96mph
Brainerd            J.Ickx            Lola          188.43kph/117.09mph
Trois Rivieres      E.Forbes-Robinson Spyder        137.31kph/85.32mph
Laguna Seca         B.Rahal           Prophet       182.19kph/113.21mph
Riverside           J.Ickx            Lola          192.77kph/119.79mph

Final Championship Standings
1. J.Ickx           51 pts
2. E.Forbes-Robinson 45pts
3. G.Lees           32 pts


Sears Point         P.Tambay          Lola          162.68kph/101.09mph
Mid-Ohio            P.Tambay          Lola          160.86kph/99.96mph
Mosport             P.Tambay          Lola          185.30kph/115.15mph
Watkins Glen        P.Tambay          Lola          174.11kph/108.19mph
Road America        A.Holbert         CAC           174.61kph/108.50mph
Brainerd            P.Tambay          Lola          188.61kph/117.20mph
Trois Rivieres      P.Tambay          Lola
Hall County         G.Brabham         Lola
Laguna Seca         A.Unser           Frissbee      174.96kph/108.72mph
Riverside           A.Holbert         CAC           191.41kph/118.94mph

Final Championship Standings
1. P.Tambay         61 pts
2. A.Holbert        40 pts
3. G.Brabham        26 pts


Mosport             T.Fabi            March         185.92kph/115.53mph
Mid-Ohio            T.Fabi            March         161.59kph/100.41mph
Watkins Glen        A.Holbert         CRC           180.29kph/112.05mph
Road America        G.Brabham         Lola          185.34kph/115.17mph
Edmonton            G.Brabham         VDS           170.87kph/106.18mph
Trois Rivieres      A.Holbert         CRC           132.67kph/82.44mph
Mosport             T.Fabi            March         188.74kph/117.28mph
Riverside           A.Holbert         CRC           192.02kph/119.32mph
Laguna Seca         T.Fabi            March         186.51kph/115.90mph
Las Vegas           D.Sullivan        Frissbee      151.20kph/93.96mph

Final Championsip Standings
1. G.Brabham      487 pts
2. T.Fabi         456 pts
3. A.Holbert      420 pts


Hall County         A.Unser           Frissbee      160.47kph/99.72mph
Mosport             A.Unser           Frissbee      177.59kph/110.35mph
Mid-Ohio            A.Holbert         VDS           164.52kph/102.23mph
Elkhart Lake        A.Holbert         VDS           184.78kph/114.82mph
Trois Rivieres      A.Holbert         VDS           140.57kph/87.35mph
Mosport             A.Unser           Frissbee      187.71kph/116.64mph
Las Vegas           D.Sullivan        March         146.82kph/91.23mph
Riverside           A.Holbert         VDS           193.88kph/120.48mph
Laguna Seca         A.Unser           Frissbee      183.71kph/114.15mph

Final Championship Standings
1. A.Unser         540 pts
2. A.Holbert       500 pts
3. D.Sullivan      390 pts


Mosport             J.Villeneuve      Frissbee      179.89kph/111.78mph
Lime Rock Park      J.Crawford        Ensign        172.92kph/107.45mph
Road America        J.Fitzpatrick     Porsche       174.74kph/108.50mph
Trois Rivieres      J.Villeneuve      Frissbee      140.37kph/87.23mph
Mosport             J.Crawford        Ensign        187.18kph/116.31mph
Sears Point         J.Villeneuve      Frissbee      163.77kph/101.77mph

Final Championship Standing
1. J.Villeneuve     96 pts
2. J.Crawford       93 pts
3. B.Roos           63 pts


Mosport             M.Roe             VDS           154.05kph/95.74mph
Dallas              M.Roe             VDS           109.39kph/67.98mph
Brainerd            M.Roe             VDS           190.20kph/118.21mph
Lime Rock Park      M.Roe             VDS           173.43kph/107.79mph
Hall County         J.Crawford        March         175.94kph/109.35mph
Trois Rivieres      J.Crawford        March         138.10kph/85.83mph
Mosport             M.Roe             VDS           183.02kph/113.75mph
Sears Point         M.Roe             VDS           160.16kph/99.54mph
Riverside           M.Roe             VDS           192.58kph/119.69mph
Green Valley        J.Crawford        March         150.78kph/93.71mph

Final Championship Standings
1. M.Roe           162 pts
2. J.Crawford      156 pts
3. H.Kroll         119 pts

Most Championship Wins
2. B.McLaren   (1967, 1969)
2. D.Hulme     (1968, 1970)
2. P.Tambay    (1977, 1980)

Most Race Wins by Drivers
22 D.Hulme
12 P.Tambay
10 A.Holbert
 9 B.McLaren
 9 M.Donohue
 7 G.Follmer
 7 M.Roe

Most Race Wins by Car
42 McLaren
38 Lola
15 Porsche
15 Frissbee
12 VDS

Most Wins in One Season for a driver
7 M.Roe (1984)

F1 World Champions who have won races
D.Hulme (22)
A.Jones (6)
J.Surtees (4)
K.Rosberg (2)
J.Stewart (2)
P.Hill (1)

Most Consecutive Wins
6 M.Donohue (1973)

Most Wins in one season for a car
11 McLaren (1969)

Most Consecutive Wins for a car
23 McLaren (1968-70)