Swiss Formula Three Championship - 1979-1994

As motor racing is banned in Switzerland, the Swiss F3 championship is a collection of hill climbs and races held in Italy, France and Germany.

Year    Driver                  Nat     Car
1979	Beat Blatter		CH	Lola-Toyota
1980	Jakob Bordoli		CH	Ralt RT1-Toyota
1981	Marcel Wettstein	CH	Ralt RTl-Toyota
1982	Jo Zeller		CH	Ralt RT3-Toyota
1985	Jakob Bordoli		CH	Ralt RT3-Toyota
1986	Gregor Foitek		CH	Dallara 386-Volkswagen
1989	Jacques Isler		CH	Dallara 388-Alfa Romeo
1990	Jo Zeller		CH	Ralt RT34-Alfa Romeo
1991	Jo Zeller		CH	Ralt RT34-Alfa Rumeo
1992	Jo Zeller		CH	Ralt RT35-Alfa Romeo
1993	Rudi Schurter		CH	Dallara 390-Opel
1994	Rudi Schurter		CH	Dallara 394-Opel