1895 Grand Prix and Paris Races

25 FebParis-Bordeaux-Paris Trail
18 MayTurin-Asti-Turin Run
2 NovTimes Herald Expo Run
28 NovTimes Herald Contest

Paris-Bordeaux-Paris Trail
25 February 1895 - Paris-Bordeaux-Paris: 1178 km

 1 Emile Levassor             Panhard               48h48m00s, 24.54kph
 2 Louis Rigoulot             Peugeot               54h35m00
 3 A. Koechlin                Peugeot               59h48m00
 4 Doriot                     Peugeot               59h49m00
 5 Thum                       Benz                  64h30m00
 6 Mayade                     Panhard               72h14m00
 7 Boulanger                  Panhard               78h07m00
 8 E. Roger                   Roger                 82h48m00
 9 Amédée Bollée              Bollée                90h03m00

Did Not Finish                                       Reached
   André Michelin             Peugeot                Orleans (B)/Tyre Trouble
   Léon Serpollet             Serpollet              Poitiers (B)/Broken Cranck Shaft
   Fréderic                   Winke & Delmer         Angouleme
			      Hildebrand Wolfsmuller Angouleme    
   Prévost                    Panhard                Angouleme/Broken Wheel-Disqualified
   Comte de Chasseloup Laubat De Dion                Vouvray/Broken Shaft
   Charles Jeanteaud          Jeanteaud              Orleans/Axle Trouble
			      Millet                 Orleans
			      Serpollet              Versailles
   P. Gautier                 Gautier

1) Named in retrospect the I Grand Prix de l'A.C.F.
2) First two drivers ineligible for prizes as cars were two seaters and only 
   four seaters were eligible.
3) Route: Paris-Versailles-Orleans-Vouvray-Tours-Poitiers-Ruffec-Angouleme-
   Bordeaux and back (B).
4) 46 entries, 22 starters.

18 May 1895 - Turin-Asti-Turin: 93 km

 1 Simone Federmann           Daimler 4 seater       6h00m, 15.500 kph
 2?3? Gianbattista Ceirano    Motorcycle

Did Not Finish
   Sclaverani                 Sclaverani 6 seater (steam)       ret after Asti
   Cleto Brena                Benz                              ret after Asti

N.B. - 5 starters, 3 classified

Times-Herald Expo Run
2 November 1895 - Chicago-Waukegan-Chicago: 151 km

 1 Oscar Mueller              Mueller Benz             15.8 kph
 2 J. Frank Duryea            Duryea Motor Wagon     

1) Although there were about 100 entries, only two cars started.
2) The 2nd classified driver, J. Frank Duryea, did not finish the race.

Times-Herald Contest
28 November 1895 - Chicago: 87 km

 1 J. Frank Duryea            Duryea Motor Wagon     8h23m, 10.4 kph
 2 Oscar Mueller              Mueller Benz           8h53m

Did Not Finish
			      Morris and Salom Lundell
			      Sturgess Lundell

1) 31 entries, 6 starters.
2) Both finishers afterwards disqualified.
3) Owing to snowy conditions race distance reduced to 54 mile (87 km).