Da Costa, Antonio Felix (P)

b 31/08/1991

2009 - Formula Renault NEC (Motopark Academy): Champion, 361 pts. F.Renault Eurocup (Motopark Academy): 3rd, 128 pts.
2010 - F3 Euroseries (Motopark Academy Dallara-Volkswagen F308): 7th, 40 pts
2012 - GP3 (Carlin): 3rd, 132 pts. F.Renault 3.5 (Arden Caterham): 4th, 166 pts. Macau F3 GP (Carlin Dallara-VW F312): 1st.
2013 - F.Renault 3.5 (Arden Caterham): 3rd, 172 pts.
2016 - Macau F3 GP (Carlin Dallara-VW F312): 1st.

Dacco, Guido (I)

b 10/9/1942 (Limiate) - d 29/7/2006

1983 - European F2 (March-BMW 832): 12th, 4 pts (6th Vallelunga, 4th Misano)
1984 - European F2 (March-BMW 832): 13th, 2 pts (5th Misano)
1985 - F3000 (March-Cosworth 85B): 13th, 6 pts (5th Spa, Dijon, 6th Enna, Zandvoort)

Dahle, John H (USA)

b 1946 - d 31/07/2004 (Racine, Minnesota)

A club racer for several years, Dahle was competing at Deer Creek Speedway in a dwarf car when he lost control when avoiding another car. He slide sideways and impacted on the drivers side in the turn 1 concrete wall. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Dahlgren, Anders (S)


1984 - Swedish Touring Car Champion

Dahlgren, Robert (S)

b 01/12/1979

Swedish FF1600 Champion

2000 - British F.Ford (Works Van Diemen): 4th, 117 pts, 3 wins
2001 - British F.Ford (Murray Racing/Aztec International): Champion, 257 pts, 2 wins
2002 - British F3 (Duma Racing Dallara-Ford/Mugen Honda F302): 17th, 13 pts (only 4 races). British F3 Scholarship Class (Sweeney Racing Dallara-Mugen Honda F399): 5th, 168 pts, 4 class wins - qualified on pole overall for one race.
2003 - British F3 (Fortec Motorsport Dallara-Renault F302): 9th, 102 pts
2004 - Swedish Touring Cars (Volvo S60): 2nd, 175 pts
2007 - Swedish Touring Cars (Volvo S60): 2nd, 51 pts
2014 - Scandinavian Touring Cars (Volvo S60): 2nd, 318 pts

Dahlqvist, Hakan (S)


1973 - Swedish F3 Champion. European F2: 26th, 3 pts (5th Kinnekulle)

Daimler, Gottlieb (D)

b - d 06/03/1900


Dal Bo, Patrick (F)


1969 - European F2 (Pygmee-Ford MDB12): 19th, 1 pt (8th Enna)
1972 - European F2 (Pygmee-Ford MDB17): 15th, 6 pts (4th Thruxton)

Dale, Jeremy

b 23/11/1962


Dale, Justin (GB)


2000 - British Rally Championship (Peugeot 106 Super GTI): 5th, 28 pts

Dallara, Gianpaolo (I)

b 16/11/1936

Graduated from Milan Polytechnic in 1959 with a degree in aeronautical engineering, immediately joining Ferarri. During the '60s, Dallara also worked for Maserati and Lamborghini, helping to design the Lamborghini Miura. At the end of the '60s, Dallara moved to De Tomaso, working in F1 and F2. When Ford purchased the company, Dallara moved to Williams to work on the ISO Marlboro F1 project. Soon after, he formed his own company.
The first Dallara was the X1-9 sportscar, but Dallara was soon involved in developing racing versions of Lancia cars, such as the Stratos and Beta Monte Carlo Coupes. The first F3 car was built iin 1980, and the company spread out into Group C Sportscars, F1 (building cars for Scuderia Italia), Sports Prototypes and Indy cars.

Dallenbach, Wally (USA)

b 12/12/1936

1973 - Indycars (Eagle-Offenhauser 73): 3 wins (Milwaukee, California 500 Qualifying Race 1, California 500)
1975 - Indycars (Eagle-Offenhauser 75): 1 win (California 500 Qualifying Race 2)
1977 - Indycars (Wildcat-Offenhauser DGS): 1 win (Trenton)

Dallenbach Jr, Wally (USA)

b 23/5/1963 (New Brunswick, New Jersey)

Son of Wally Dallenbach

1985 - TransAm: Champion
1986 - TransAm: Champion
1988 - IMSA GTO Series: 2nd
1989 - IMSA GTO Series: 2nd
1991 - NASCAR (Junie Donlavey): 11 races, 1 top 5 finish
1992 - NASCAR: 1 top 5 finish
1993 - NASCAR: 1 top 5 finish
1994 - NASCAR: 1 top 5 finish
1995 - NASCAR: 2 races, 1 top 5 finish
1996 - NASCAR: 1 top 5 finish
1997 - NASCAR
1998 - NASCAR
1999 - NASCAR: 1 top 5 finish
2000 - NASCAR: 34th, 2344 pts

Dallest, Richard (F)

b 15/2/1951

1979 - European F3: 1 win (Kinnekulle)
1980 - European F2 (AGS-BMW JH17): 6th, 23 pts (1st Pau, 1st Zandvoort, 5th Enna, 4th Hockenheim)
1981 - European F2 (AGS-BMW JH18): 16th, 4 pts (5th Misano, Mantorp Park)
1982 - European F2 (March-BMW 822): 17th, 1 pt (6th Thruxton)
1986 - F3000 (AGS-Cosworth JH20B): 17th, 3 pts (4th Pau)

Daly, Conor (USA)

b 17/12/1991

Son of Derek Daly

1995-2006 - US Karting
2007 - Skip Barber Regional Series: 3 wins. Stars of Karting Eastern Champion.
2008 - Skip Barber National Champion. Canadian F.Ford: 3rd. Walter Hayes Trophy winner.
2009 - Star Mazda Series (Anderson Racing): 3rd, 416 pts
2010 - Star Mazda Series: Champion, 539 pts
2012 - GP3 (Lotus GP): 6th, 106 pts
2013 - GP3 (ART): 3rd, 126 pts

Dalziel, Ryan (GB)

b 12/0/1982

2000 - UK F.Renault (Team DFR): 2nd, 260 pts, 1 win
2001 - British F3 (RC Motorsport Dallara-Opel F300/Duma Racing Dallara-Mugen Honda F301): 13th, 54 pts
2002 - Toyota Atlantic (Hylton Racing): 8th, 89 pts
2003 - Toyota Atlantic (Sierra Sierra Enterprises): 2nd, 175 pts
2004 - Toyota Atlantic (Sierra Sierra Enterprises): 2nd, 309 pts
2007 - Champ Car (Pacific Coast Motorsports): 14th, 116 pts

Dam, Carlo van (NL)

b 27/02/1986

2004 - Dutch F.Renault: 5th. German F.Renault.
2005 - F.Renault Eurocup: 4th. Dutch F.Renault: 7th.
2006 - F.Renault Eurocup: 3rd. French F.Renault: 4 races
2007 - German F3 Cup (Van Amersfoort Racing Dallara-Opel F306): Champion, 159 pts, 9 wins. F3 Euroseries: 2 races. Macau F3: 15th.
2008 - Japanese F3 (Tom's Dallara-Toyota F308): Champion, 322 pts

Dana, Paul (USA)

b 15/04/1975 (St.Louis) - d 26/03/2006 (Miami)

1996 - Graduated with a degree in journalism from the Northwestern University of Illinois.
1998 - Barber Dodge Pro Series: 6 wins.
2000 - US F.Ford 2000 (Forsythe Racing)
2001 - US F.Ford 2000 (Forsythe Racing)
2003 - Infiniti Pro Series: 9th
2004 - Infiniti Pro Series (Hemelgarn 91 Johnson): 2nd, 379 pts, 1 win (Milwaukee).
2005 - IRL (Hemelgarn Racing). Crashed in practice for the Indy 500, fracturing two vertebrae.
2006 - IRL (Rahal-Letterman Panoz-Honda): Crashed into spinning Ed Carpenter on the second lap of the final practice session at Homestead. He died later from his injuries, and is survived by his wife Tonya.

Daniels, Paul

b 01/08/1958


Danielsson, Alx (S)

b 01/04/1981

2000 - Swedish F.Ford (Ray): Champion, 178 pts
2003 - British F.Ford (Ray Racing Ray 2003): 4th, 365 pts

Danielsson, Thomas (S)

b 4/12/1964 (Kungsbacha)

1985 - Swedish F3 Champion
1989 - F3000 (Reynard-Cosworth 89D): 7th, 14 pts (1st Silverstone, 3rd Pau, 6th Spa)

Daoudi, Stephane

b 11/09/1971


Daponte, Jorge (RA)

b - d 09/03/1963


Dare, Airton (BRZ)

b 9/2/1978 (São Paulo)

2000 - IRL: Rookie of the year. 2nd Pikes Peak.
2001 - IRL (TeamXtreme Racing G-Force Oldsmobile): 10th, 239 pts
2002 - IRL (AJ Foyt Racing Dallara Chevrolet): 9th, 304 pts, 1 win (Kansas Speedway)

Darniche, Bernard

b 28/03/1942


Daruvala, Jehan (IND)

b 12/07/1995 (Dadar)

2016 - Toyota Racing Series: 2nd, 792 pts
2017 - F3 European Championship (Carlin Dallara-Volkswagen F315): 6th, 191 pts

Dauer, Jochen (D)

b 10/1/1952 (Nürnberg)

1980 - European F2 (Chevron-BMW B48): 15th, 2 pts (5th Nürburgring)

Davenport, John (GB)

b 21/11/1939


David, William (F)


2000 - French Touring Cars (Peugeot 406): Champion, 142 pts.
2001 - French Touring Cars (Peugeot 406 Coupe): 3rd, 205 pts
2002 - French Supertourisme (Gémo Motorsport Peugeot 406): 3rd, 126 pts

Davies, Jamie (GB)

b 16/02/1974

1993 - British F.Vauxhall
1994 - British F.Vauxhall: 4 wins. Won McLaren Autosport BRDC Award.
1995 - British F3 (Fortec Motorsport)
1996 - British F3 (TWR): 8th, 2 wins
1997 - F3000 (DAMS): 1 win
1998 - Le Mans 24 Hrs: 8th
2000 - F3000 (Fortec Motorsport): J11th, 6 pts (2nd Monaco)
2001 - Sportscars (Panoz)
2002 - British GTs (Veloqx)
2003 - Le Mans 24 Hrs (Veloqx Ferrari): won GTS class.
2004 - Le Mans Endurance Series (Audi Sport UK Veloqx Audi R8): Champion, 34 pts, with J.Herbert.

Davies, Jimmy (USA)

b 18/8/1929 (Glendale, California) - d 11/6/1966 (Chicago)

1949 - Indycars (Ewing-Offenhauser): 1 win (Del Mar)
1950 - Indycars (Ewing-Offenhauser): 1 win (Phoenix)
1954 - Indycars (Ewing-Offenhauser): 1 win (Springfield)

Davies, Matt (GB)

b 27/12/1976

2000 - British F3 (Promatecme UK Dallara-Renault F300): 10th, 47 pts
2001 - British F3 (Team Avanti Dallara-Opel F301): 8th, 135 pts, 2 wins (R2 Silverstone, R1 Snetterton)

Davis, Brian (USA)

b 1968 - d 19/07/2004 (Chowchilla Speedway)

Was killed during a Figure 8 race at around 11 pm from massive head injuries suffered during a collision at Chowchilla Speedway, despite his harness working. He started racing in 2000, and in figure 8 competitions in 2002, becoming Rookie of the Year in the Watsonville and Chowchilla Figure 8 competitions, and 2nd in the points in the Chowchilla competition in 2002.

Davis, Floyd (USA)

b (Illinois) - d 31/5/1977

1941 - Indycars (Wetteroth-Offenhauser): 1 win (Indy 500) with M.Rose

Davis, Sammy (GB)

b 9/1/1887 (London) - d 9/1/1981

Father of Colin Davis

1927 - Won Le Mans 24 Hrs (Bentley Sport) with J.Benjafield

Davison, Alex

b 03/11/1979


Davison, James (AUS)


2009 - IndyLights: 2nd, 447 pts

Davison, Lex (AUS)

b - d 14/2/1965 (Sandown Park)

1954 - Won Australian GP
1957 - Australian Gold Star Champion
1958 - Won Australian GP
1961 - Won Australian GP
1965 - Killed in practice for the Australian GP at Sandown Park

Davison, Will (AUS)

b 30/08/1982

2000 - Australian FF1600 (Van Diemen RF94), 6th, 106 pts
2002 - British F.Renault (Motaworld Racing): 4th, 222 pts
2003 - British F3 (Menu Motorsport Dallara-Renault F302/Alan Docking Racing Dallara-Mugen Honda F302): 8th, 103 pts
2009 - Australian V8 Supercars (Toll Holden Racing Team Holden Commodore VE): 2nd, 3044 pts

Dawson, Joe (USA)

b 1889 (Indianapolis) - d 18/6/1946

1910 - Indycars (Marmon): 1 win (Indianapolis Race 5)
1912 - Indycars (National): 1 win (Indy 500) with D.Herr

Day, Alon (ISR)

b 04/11/1991 (Ashdod)

2011 - German F3 Cup (HS Engineering Dallara-Volkswagen F307): 4th, 62 pts

Dayraut, Jean-Philippe (F)


2000 - French Touring Cars (Opel Silhouette): 2nd, 104 pts.
2001 - French Touring Cars (BMW M3 Coupe): Champion, 262 pts
2002 - French Supertourisme (SMG Ford Mondeo): 6th, 97 pts

De Marco, Nicola (I)

b 28/08/1990

2006 - Italian F.Azzura: 3rd
2007 - Italian F3: 6th
2008 - Spanish F3: 4th

Dean, Richard (GB)

b 7/10/1965

Son of Tony Dean

1990 - F3000 (Reynard-Mugen 90D): 19th, 2 pts (5th Donington Park)

Dean, Tony (GB)

b 23/7/1932 - d 17/1/2008

Father of Richard Dean

1965 - British F3 Champion
1970 - Can-Am: Won at Road Atlanta (Porsche 908/2)
1973 - European F5000: 2nd

Debias, Christian

b 12/10/1946


Dechavane, Christophe

b 23/01/1958


Dee, Dennis (USA)

b 1975 - d 14/06/2003 (Oxford Plains Speedway)

From Poland, Maine, Dee died after he lost control of his stock car on a turn at Oxford Plains Speedway and hit the pit wall.

Deel, Jim (USA)

b 1948 - d 15/09/2001 (Fremont, Ohio)

Died from injuries sustained at Fremont Speedway when he hit the turn-two wall on the 5th lap of the first heat of the meeting. 

Defour, Rene

b 10/12/1951


Defourny, Didier

b 18/06/1966


Defourny, Max (B)

b 09/10/1998

2016 - F.Renault Eurocup (R-ace GP): 3rd, 178 pts

Degremont, Claude

b 10/11/1960


Delahaye, Laurent (F)


2002 - French F3 (Signature Elf Dallara-Renault F302): 10th, 32 pts

Delecour, Francois (F)

b 30/08/1962

Made his WRC debut in 1984. Drove for the works Peugeot team in 1999, co-driven by Daniel Grataloup. 
2000 - World Rally Championship (Peugeot 206): 6th, 24 pts, with D.Grataloup.
2001 - World Rally Championship (Ford Focus WRC01): 9th, 15 pts

Delius, Ernst von (D)

b - d 26/07/1937


Deletraz, Louis (CH)

b 22/04/1997

Son of Jean-Louis Deletraz

2014 - F.Renault NEC (Josef Kaufmann Racing): 2nd, 242 pts, 1 win
2015 - F.Renault NEC (Josef Kaufmann Racing): Champion, 378 pts. F.Renault Eurocup (Josef Kaufmann Racing): 2nd, 193 pts.
2016 - Formula V8 3.5 (Fortec Motorsports): 2nd, 230 pts

Dellus, Geoffrey (F)

b 6/5/1979 (Toulouse)

Master in International Management

1997 - Winner of the Elf/ ACO Steering-Wheel 
1998 - French Cup Renault Elf Campus: 4th (3 podiums, 1 pole position, 3 fastest laps in race) 
1999 - Formula France Championship: 3rd (1 win, 3 podiums, 1 pole position, 2 fastest laps in race) 
2000 - French F.Ford (Elan Anthony Gheza Mygale SJ00): 3rd, 115 pts (1 win in Pau, 5 podiums, 1 pole position, 4 fastest laps in race). Best Rookie.
2001 - Formula Nissan (Team Epsilon Sport): 15th

Dempsey, Peter (EIRE)


2009 - Star Mazda Series (Juncos Racing): 2nd, 461 pts

Demuth, Harald de (D)

b 02/07/1950

Works Audi driver in the 1980s, twice winning the German Rally Championship, and competing in the British Rally Championship in 1983 to 1985. He retired to run the ADAC rally school in Germany.

Demuth, Nino (LUX)


1976 - Won Spa 24 Hrs (BMW 3.0 CSL) with J-M.Detrin & Chavan

Dennis, Jake (GB)

b 16/6/1995 (Nuneaton)

2015 - Euro F3 (Prema Powerteam Dallara-Mercedes F315): 3rd, 377 pts

Dennis, Ron (GB)

b 1/6/1947

Started as a mechanic with Cooper, then switched to Brabham. A lapse caused team boss Jack Brabham to run out of fuel on the last lap of the 1970 British GP. Set up Rondel F2 team with Neil Trundle, but unsuccessfully tried to get into F1 in 1974.

1981 - Bought McLaren team as part of Project 4 with John Barnard. John Watson won the British GP for them. 

Densham, Tim (GB)

b 31/3/1955 (Warwick)

Chief Designer

Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lanchester Polytechnic.

1976-80 - Graduate Apprenticeship then chassis designer (road car suspensions) Rolls Royce Motors.
1980 - Joined Team Lotus design team.
1981 - Became a race engineer for Team Lotus.
1988 - Became Assistant Chief Engineer in charge of R&D at Team Lotus.
1989 - Joined Motor Racing Developments (Brabham,) first as a race engineer and then as Chief Engineer.
1993 - Joined Tyrrell as Race Engineer and Designer.
1998 - Became Project Leader for aborted Honda Racing  Development Formula 1 car.
1999 - Joined Benetton in September as Chief Designer.

Derani, Luis "Pipo"

b 12/10/1993 (São Paulo)

2012 - British F3 (Fortec Motorsport Dallara-Mercedes Benz F312): 8th, 146 pts
2013 - Euro F3 (Fortec Motorsport Dallara-Mercedes Benz F312): 8th, 143 pts

Derhaag, Jim

b 17/12/1950


Derichebourg, Boris (F)


2000 - FIA GT Championship (Paul Belmondo Racing Chrysler Viper GTS-R): 4th, 37 pts
2002 - FIA Sportscars (Courage Competition Courage-Judd C60): J6th, 38 pts.

Derlot, Renaud (F)


2000 - French F.Renault: Champion, 100 pts
2001 - French F3 (Dallara-Renault F399): 4th, 118 pts
2002 - French F3 (Arta Signature Dallara-Renault F302): 2nd, 182 pts. Korea F3 Super Prix: 23rd.

Dernie, Frank (GB)

b 03/04/1950


DeSantis, Mike (USA)

b - d 13/04/2002 (Wall Township, New Jersey)

Club racer who was fatally injured on the 8th lap of the Legends feature race, the final scheduled race of the evening. This was the first fatality in the 53 year history of the track. The accident occurred at 10:12 PM and the race was not completed.

Desvignes, Jean (F)


1934 - Won Spa 24 Hrs (Bugatti) with N.Mahe

Detrin, Jean-Marie (B)


1976 - Won Spa 24 Hrs (BMW 3.0 CSL) with N.Demuth & Chavan

Deutsch, Charles

b - d 07/12/1980


Deutsch, Willi (D)


1976 - European F2 (March-BMW 762): 12th, 4 pts (4th Hockenheim)

Deutz, Helmut (D)


1952 - German F3: Champion

Devaney, Bernard

b 31/05/1953


Devaney, Michael (IRL)

b 29/11/1984

2005 - German Recaro F3 (HS Technik Motorsport Dallara Opel F304): 2nd, 101 pts
2008 - British F3 (Ultimate Motorsport Mygale-Mercedes Benz M08): 8th, 91 pts

Deyne, Michel de (B)


1984 - Belgian Touring Car Champion

Dias, Gabriel (BRZ)


2010 - British F3 (Hitech Racing Dallara-VW F310): 6th, 135 pts

Diaz, Luis (MEX)

b 1/12/1977 (Barcelona, Spain)

1989 - Karts
1996 - Mexican F.Reynard (Team Mexico): 3rd, Rookie of the Year.
1997 - Mexican F3 (Team Mexico): Rookie of the Year
1998 - Mexican F3 (Team Mexico): Champion.
1999 - Indylights (Team Mexico Quaker Herdez): drove only at Laguna Seca, finishing 10th. Indylights Panamericana (Team Mexico): Rookie of the Year.
2000 - Indylights (Team Mexico): 13th, 31 pts
2001 - Indylights: 7th, 88 pts
2002 - Toyota Atlantic: 4th, 124 pts. Indycars (Fernandez Racing Lola-Honda B2/00): 19th in one-off race at Mexico City.
2003 - Toyota Atlantic (Dorricott Racing): 8th, 88 pts
2004 - Grand-Am (Chip Ganassi Riley-Lexus Mk XI): J9th, 277 pts
2009 - ALMS (Fernadez Racing Acura ARX-01b): LMP2 Champion, 217 pts, with A.Fernandez.

Dickens, Stanley (S)

b 7/5/1952 (Farila)

1988 - Japanese Sports Car Champion with H.Okada
1989 - Japanese Sports Car Champion with K.Takahashi. Won Le Mans 24 Hrs (Sauber-Mercedes C9/88) with J.Mass & M.Reuter

Dickson, Sam (USA)

b - d 30/05/1911 (Indianapolis)

Killed in the 1911 Indy 500. Was riding mechanic to Arthur Greiner in an Amplex when it spun in the second  corner and flipped, throwing Dickson against the fence, killing him instantly.

Diefenbacher, Frank (D)

b 19/03/1982

1995 - German Junior Kart Championship: 3rd
1996 - German Junior Kart Championship: 1st.
1998 - German F.Ford: 2nd. British F.Ford Winter Series: 4th.
1999 - Started in British F.Ford, but ran out of cash. Switched to F. Koenig.
2000 - German F3: 10th.
2001 - German F3 (BSR Dallara-Opel F300): 3rd, 172 pts. Was disqualified for passing under yellow flags in the final race - this dropped him to third in the standings from first.
2002 - German F3 (BSR Dallara-Opel F302): 4th, 39 pts

Dieudonné, Pierre (B)

b 24/3/1947 (Brussels)

1974 - Won Spa 24 Hrs (BMW 3.0 CSL) with J.Xhenceval & A.Peltier
1975 - Won Spa 24 Hrs (BMW 3.0 CSL) with J.Xhenceval & H.de Fierlandt
1976 - European Touring Car Champion, with J.Xhenceval. Won Tourist Trophy (BMW 3.0 CSL) with J.Xhenceval & H.de Fierlandt
1981 - Belgian Touring Car Champion. Won Spa 24 Hrs (Mazda RX-7) with T.Walkinshaw

Dillman, Gerard

b 18/08/1954


Dillman, Tom (F)

b 16/4/1989 (Mulhouse)

1998 - Started karting
1999 - Alsace kart champion
2000 - French kart champion
2002 - 4th in French regional championship
2004 - Belgian F.Renault 1600 (Tom Team): 5th, 1 win
2005 - F.Renault Eurocup (Prema Powerteam/Cram Competition)
2006 - French F.Renault (SG Formula): 10th, 2 wins. F.Renault Eurocup (SG Formula): 8th.
2007 - F3 Euroseries (ASM Dallara-Mercedes Benz F307): 9th, 23 pts
2010 - German F3 Cup (HS Technik Motorsport Dallara-VW F307): Champion, 120 pts
2012 - GP2 (Rapax): 15th, 29 pts
2013 - GP2 (Russian Time): 10th, 92 pts
2016 - Formula V8 3.5 (AVF): Champion, 237 pts

Dingley, Bert (USA)

b - d 7/4/1966

1909 - Indycars (Chalmers-Detroit): 2 wins (Portland Race 3, Santa Monica Race 2)
1911 - Indycars (Pope-Hartford): 1 win (Oakland Race 3)

Dini, Spartico (I)

b 1943 (Greve, nr Florence)

1969 - European Touring Car 1600cc Class Champion

"Dino" (I)


1977 - Sportscars (Porsche 935): 1 win (Vallelunga) with L.Moreschi

Dinsmore, Duke (USA)

b 10/4/1913 (Williamstown) - d 12/10/1985 (Daytona Beach)

1950 - Indycars (Kurtis-Offenhauser KK200): 1 win (Sacremento)

Dirani, Danilo (BRZ)

b 1983

1992 - Given first kart by Ayrton Senna. Won 14 kart titles between 1992 and 2000.
1999 - Won Granja Viana 500 mile kart race.
2000 - Brazilian F.Ford: 2nd, 1 win - won Petrobras Scholarship to partially fund year.
2002 - SudAm F3 (Dallara-Mugen Honda F301): 2nd, 189 pts
2003 - SudAm F3 (Cesário F3 Dallara-Mugen Honda F301): Champion, 317 pts
2004 - British F3 (Carlin Motorsport Dallara-Mugen Honda F302): 5th, 146 pts, 2 wins (R1&2 Croft).
2005 - British F3 (P1 Motorsport Lola-Mugen Honda B05/30): 6th, 150 pts, 2 wins (R1&2 Donington Park National).

Disbrow, Lou (USA)


1911 - Indycars (Pope-Hartford): 2 wins (Jacksonville, Philadelphia Race 3)
1913 - Indycars (Simplex): 2 wins (Galveston Races 1 & 3)

Dismore, Mark (USA)

b 12/8/1956 (Greenfield, Indiana)

1990 - North American (Western Division) Toyota Atlantic Champion
1993 - Won Daytona 24 Hrs
2000 - IROC, 12th. 15 pts. IRL (Dallara-Oldsmobile): J5th, 202 pts.
2001 - IRL (Kelley Racing Dallara-Oldsmobile): 14th, 205 pts
2002 - IRL (Dallara-Chevrolet): 29th, 73 pts

Divila, Ricardo R (BRZ)

b 30/05/1945 (São Paulo)

University - Went to Faculdade de Engenahria Industrial PUC (São Paulo), studying Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Design. In parallel, studied for two years Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnic University of São Paulo, and one year of Aircraft Engineer at the Instituto Technologico da Aeronautica.

1963 - 1964 - Worked at Resmat, in São Paulo as a technical directors assistant.
1966 - 1982 - Worked for Fittipaldi Empreendimentos as technical director, designing Fittipaldi V and SuperV  ,Twin engined VW Fittipaldi , Alfa Prototype CanAm, Fittipaldi Porsche, Chevrolet Opala for group B cars. Between 1969 and 1973 also worked as team manager, technical director and race engineer for Team Fittipaldi Bardahl. Between 1974 and 1982 he became technical director of Fittipaldi Automotive UK, setting up the F1 team and factory, designer the cars and becoming race engineer for Emerson Fittipaldi.
1983 - 1988 - Set up own consultancy company, RRD Racing Research & Development in Henley, UK. Did consultancy work for March, Ralt, Ford, Fiat, VW and GM racing in south American f2 , south American touring cars group b ,sports cars in Europe including design of ADA01 group C2 car and Indy car consultant to Patrick Racing, Hemelgarn and Provimi Veal, European F2 with BS Fabrication ,Intersports and  March Engineering
1985 - Became technical director of PMC, working in F3000 and British F3.
1986 - Worked for Eddie Jordan Racing as race coordinator and race engineer in F3000.
1987 - 1988 - Technical director for First Racing, helping to set up team with Lamberto Leoni , Gabrielle Tarquini and Aldo Bertuzzi as drivers and in 1988 with Pier Luigi Martini and Marco Apicella. Redesigned their March  88B in cooperation with March including redoing wind tunnel work and chassis stiffening and geometry redesign  Preliminary design work for First F1.
1988 - 1991 - Invited at end of '88 to be in charge of research and development and also to head design team for Ligier 33. Ended up being in charge of test team, design office and race engineering, chassis building and wind tunnel. Ligier 33 which had been designed and built in a record 3 months as interim car went on to race for 2 years as B C& D models
1991 - Set up R.Divila Cabinet de Consultation Technique in Jouet sur L'Aubois in France. This was a consultancy company working on aerodynamic research, race car design, suspension geometry development, data analysis, team structuring and setup, logistics and finance.
1991 - Technical director and team coordinator of Fondmetal F1, race engineering Olivier Grouillard.
1991 - 1992 - Worked for Minardi, race engineering G.Morbidelli, C.Fittipaldi and A.Zanardi. Worked on R&D, and was responsible for test team, co authored design brief with Aldo Costa.
1993 - 1996 - Technical director of Apomatox. Race engineer for E.Collard, F.Lagorce, J-P.Belloc & J-C.Bouillon.
1995 - 1996 - Consultant for aerodynamical research programme of Nissan Motorsport Europe, working on suspension geometry development and data analysis. Involved in re-structuring team.
1994 - onwards -  Consultant for aerodynamical research programme at Courage, working on suspension geometry development, data analysis, setup and race engineer.
1996 - La Filiere Elf Le Mans Team: Technical director and race engineer.
1996 - 1997 - BMS Scuderia Italia: race engineer for Anthony Reid in GTCC.
1996 - 1997 - DAMS: race engineer for Laurent Redon in European F3000.
1996 - 2000 - NISMO: Race consultant engineer for Erik Comas in Japanese GTs, working on championship strategy and race tactics, consultant for aerodynamics, geometry, and car layout .
1997 - 1998 - Team Rosberg: race engineer coordinator and supervisor in German Supertouring.
1997 - 2000 - Technical director and chief engineer for Nissan Motorsport Europe.
2000 - 2001 - Technical director of Gauloises F3000.
2000 -> NISMO: technical consultant. In 2001 became senior motorsports engineer and senior race engineer.
2000 -> Nissan Motorsport Europe: technical consultant.
2000 -> Pescarolo Sport: technical consultant and race engineer for Le Mans team. 

Summary of cars designed and developed: 


FITTIPALDI FD02- Designed 
FITTIPALDI FD05- Co-designed in charge of production  race engineer
FITTIPALDI FD06- Co-designed/ in charge of production / race engineer
FITTIPALDI FD07- Co-designed / race engineer
FITTIPALDI FD08- Co-designed/ in charge of production/  race engineer
FITTIPALDI FD08A/B/C/D- Co-designed/ in charge of production/  race engineer
FITTIPALDI FD09-   Designed
LIGIER 33 -    Designed
LIGIER 33A/B/C/D   Designed
MINARDI M191   Developed
MINARDI M192   Design brief
FIRST F1    Did design brief and layout

LOLA T86  Redesigned front and rear suspension for Lola Motorsports
MARCH 87B  Own conversion  geometry and aero
MARCH 88B  Own conversion  geometry and aero
REYNARD 93D  Own conversion  geometry and aero
REYNARD 94D  Own conversion  geometry and aero
REYNARD 95D  Own conversion  geometry and aero
WILLIAMS FW8D Own conversion to F3000 spec

BRABHAM BT38D   TEAM BARDAHL Version own suspension and aero
LOTUS 69D TEAM BARDAHL  Developed Version own suspension and aero 
MARCH 712d    Developed 1st wide nose and 1st airbox in F2 own aero
MARCH 832   Own suspension and aero
RALT RH6 F2  84-  Consultant at RALT for aero/ geom. / chassi / 1st composite Ralt

HEVE F2   Own conversion  geometry and aero runner up 84 SUDAM

REYNARD 853    Own conversion geometry and aero

COURAGE C36    Developed
COURAGE C41    Developed

COURAGE C51-NISSAN   Developed
NISSAN R391    Developed 


SNOBS      Designed

GT-R (Japan)
NISSAN SKYLINE R33 GT-R   1998     Responsible for aero ,geometry,consultant for layout 
NISSAN SKYLINE R34 GT-R   1999     Responsible for geometry, consultant for layout and aero
NISSAN SKYLINE R34 GT-R   2000     Consultant for geometry, layout and aero 
NISSAN SKYLINE R34 GT-R   2001     Consultant for geometry, layout and aero

ADA COSWORTH 01   Designed
LOLA DECADENET T280  Developed own aero

RALT INDY                       Designed   Never built


NISSAN PATHFINDER    PARIS-DAKAR  2000-2001 Designed Suspension
NISSAN PICKUP-Twin Cab    PARIS-DAKAR 2002 Concept, Designed Suspension & chassis
NISSAN  MICRA   Rally car    Designed suspension
NISSAN  ALMERA Rally car    Designed suspension, roll cage & aero
NISSAN TERRANO 2 Paris-Dakar   Designed suspension, layout


NISSAN PRIMERA 144    00      2000/01 STCC  Champion    DESIGNED 

Divo, Albert (F)

b 1895 (Paris) - d ?/11/1966 (Paris)

1923 - Won Spanish GP (Sunbeam)
1925 - Won French GP (Delage 2LCV) with R.Benoist, San Sebastian GP (Delage 2lCV) with A.Morel
1928 - Won Targa Florio (Bugatti T35B)
1929 - Won Targa Florio (Bugatti T35C)

Dixon, Fred (GB)

b 1892 - d 1956

1935 - Won Tourist Trophy (Riley 1.5)
1936 - Won Tourist Trophy (Riley 1.5) with C.Dodson

Dixon, Scott (NZ)

b 22/7/1980 (Auckland)

up to 1992 - Karting, winning 30 races.
1994 -  New Zealand Formula Ford Class II championship: 2nd. Won New Zealand Formula Vee championship after being granted a special license to compete at the age of 13. 
1995 - New Zealand Formula Ford Class II: Champion, 13 wins/14 races. 
1996 - New Zealand Formula Ford Class I: Champion.
1997 - Formula Holden: 3rd, Rookie of the Year.
1998 - F.Holden: Champion (5 wins, 5x2nd, 7 poles).
1999 - Indylights (Johansson Motorsports): 5th, 88 pts, 1 win (Chicago). 2nd in the Rookie of the Year.
2000 - Indylights (PacWest): Champion, 155 pts.
2001 - Indycar (PacWest Reynard-Toyota 01I): 8th, 98 pts, 1 win (Nazareth)
2002 - Indycar (Ganassi/PWR Lola-Toyota B2/00): 13th, 97 pts
2003 - IRL (Chip Ganassi Racing): Champion
2004 - IRL (Chip Ganassi Racing G Force-Toyota): 10th, 355 pts. IROC: 10th, 26 pts
2005 - IRL (Chip Ganassi Racing Panoz-Toyota): 13th, 321 pts
2006 - IRL (Chip Ganassi Racing Dallara-Honda): 4th, 460 pts, 2 wins (Watkins Glen, Nashville)
2007 - IRL (Chip Ganassi Racing Dallara-Honda): 2nd, 624 pts, 4 wins (Watkins Glen, Nashville, Mid-Ohio, Sears Point)
2008 - IndyCar Series (Chip Ganassi Racing Dallara-Honda): Champion, 646 pts, 6 wins (Homestead, Indy 500, Texas MS, Nashville, Edmonton, Kentucky)
2009 - IndyCar Series (Chip Ganassi Racing Dallara-Honda): 2nd, 605 pts, 5 wins (Kansas Speedway, Milwaukee, Richmond, Mid-Ohio, Motegi)
2010 - IndyCar Series (Chip Ganassi Racing Dallara-Honda): 3rd, 547 pts
2011 - IndyCar Series (Chip Ganassi Racing Dallara-Honda): 3rd, 518 pts
2012 - IndyCar Series (Chip Ganassi Racing Dallara-Honda): 3rd, 435 pts
2013 - IndyCar Series (Chip Ganassi Racing Dallara-Honda): Champion, 577 pts, 4 wins
2014 - IndyCar Series (Chip Ganassi Racing Dallara-Honda): 3rd, 604 pts
2015 - IndyCar Series (Chip Ganassi Racing Dallara-Chevrolet): Champion, 556 pts
2016 - IndyCar Series (Chip Ganassi Racing Dallara-Chevrolet): 6th, 477 pts
2017 - IndyCar Series (Chip Ganassi Racing Dallara-Honda): 3rd, 621 pts

Djordjadze, Prince Dimitri (RUS)


1931 - Won Spa 24 Hrs (Mercedes-Benz) with G.Zehender

Dobson, Dominic

b 14/09/1957


Dobson, William (GB)

b 1922 - d 13/10/2008 (Edinburgh)

Dobson raced a BMW 328 after WW2 in Scotland, but was persuaded by David Murray to sell it and buy a Jaguar XK120 so that he could join the new Ecurie Ecosse team. In 1952 he won an F2 race at Castle Combe in an Ecurie Ecosse Ferrari, but was forced to retire from racing at the end of the season to work in the family contracting business.

Docking, Alan (GB)

b 15/11/1946


Dodson, Charles (GB)


1934 - Won Tourist Trophy (MG Magnette NE)
1936 - Won Tourist Trophy (Riley 1.5) with F.Dixon

Dolan, Bernard (EIRE)

b 07/11/1965

1989 - British F.Ford (Fulmar Reynard): Champion
1990 - Opel Lotus Euroseries
1991 - British F3 (Racefax Reynard-Mazda)

Beat Gil de Ferran to the British F.Ford Championship in '89, but after an unsuccessful year in British F3, and a failed attempt to go to Japan, he got involved with his parents company after his father had a heart attack. He got back into motorsport in 2000, running a car in the Irish Crossle 9S Sportscar series.

Dolan, Simon (GB)

b 20/05/1969 (Chelmsford)

2016 - ELMS (G-Drive Racing Gibson-Nissan 015S): Champion, 103 pts, with G.van der Garde, H.Tincknell.

Domínguez, Mario (MEX)

b 1/12/1975 (Mexico City)

1987 - Started Karting.
1989 - Mexican Karting Champion. Represented Mexico in World Karting Championships.
1990 - Mexican Karting Champion. Represented Mexico in World Karting Championships.
1991 - Mexican Karting Champion. Represented Mexico in World Karting Championships.
1992 - US F.Russell Mazda Championship: Champion, 9 wins. Indylights: 1 race at Laguna Seca, ret/mechanical.
1993 - Mexican F3: 4 races.
1994 - Mexican F3: 2 wins (Monterrey, Mexico City)
1995 - Mexican F3: 3rd, 2 wins (Pachuca, Guadalajara). Mexican Sportscars: 4th, 1 win (Guadalajara).
1996 - Mexican F3000: 3rd, 1 win (Zacatecas). Mexican F3: 2 wins.
1997 - Mexican F3000: 3rd, 2 wins (Mexico City, Guadalajara)
1998 - Indylights (Team Go): 2 races, 7th Laguna Seca, 14th Vancouver. Mexican F3 (Herdez Competition): Champion, 6 wins (Saltillo, Pachuca, Zacatecas, Monterrey, Atizapán, Guadalajara).
1999 - Indylights: 11th, 66 pts (6th Laguna Seca)
2000 - Indylights (Team Mexico): 8th, 67 pts 
2001 - Indylights: 4th, 120 pts
2002 - Indycar (Herdez Competition Lola-Ford B2/00): 18th, 37 pts, 1 win (Surfers' Paradise)
2003 - Champ Cars: 1 win (Surfers Paradise)
2004 - Champ Cars (Herdez Competition Lola B2/00): 5th, 244 pts
2005 - Champ Cars (Forsythe Racing Lola B2/00): 9th, 198 pts
2006 - Champ Cars (Rocketsports Racing Lola B2/00): 9th, 201 pts
2007 - Champ Cars (Pacific Coast Motorsports Panoz-Cosworth DP01): 18th, 80 pts
2008 - IndyCar Series (Pacific Coast Motorsports): 27th, 112 pts

Don, Kaye (GB)

b - d 1981

1928 - Won Tourist Trophy (Lea-Francis)

Doncker, Eric De (B)


2007 - GT4 European Cup (Motorsport 98 Ford Mustang FR500C): Champion, 74 pts

Donohue, David (USA)


2011 - Grand-Am (Action Express Racing Riley-Porsche): 3rd, 318 pts, with D.Law.

Donoso, Pablo (USA)


2008 - IndyLights (Mo's Gold): 7th, 360 pts

Donovan, Mike

b 11/05/1953


Donovan, Robin

b 19/12/1955


Dontje, Indy (NL)

b 21/11/1992

2014 - German F3 (Lotus): 3rd, 266 pts

Doran, Pat

b 05/06/1959


Dorchy, Roger (F)

b 15/09/1944

Set the out-right maximum speed achieved at Le Mans in 1988 driving a WM-Peugeot, reaching 405 kph/251 mph on the Mulsanne Straight. Two years later the chicanes were inserted, and such high speeds were not reached again.

Dören, Edgar (D)

b 6/10/1942 (Wuppertal) - d 2/04/2004

1981 - Sportscars (Porsche 935-K3): 1 win (Monza) with J.Lässig & G.Holup
2004 - Died of cancer

Dorricott Sr, Bob (USA)

b 1937 (Los Angeles) - d 26/04/2002 (Los Altos Hills, CA)

Started drag racing in the Altered class during the 1950s, and was a consistent front-runner in SCCA Pro Sports 2000 competition that included five National titles between 1989 and 1995. He set up Dorricott Racing to field his son, Bob Jr, in the Indy Lights Championship. Only partial seasons were done from 1990 to 1993, but a full season was entered in 1994. The team expanded to a two car effort in 1995 with Robbie Buhl being the other driver, finishing 2nd in the championship. For 1996 Bob jr took a year off, the team running Jeff Ward and Shigeaki Hattori, and in 1997 Bob Jr ran with Luis Garcia Jr. Bob Jr retired from racing at the end of that year. In 1998 a three car team was run, with the drivers being Servia, Peter and Casey Mears. The team finished 1-2-3 in the championship, Servia winning the title. They finished 2nd in the 2000 championship with Townsend Bell, and won in 2001 with the same driver.

Dougall, Rad (ZA)

b 7/9/1951

1978 - European F2 (March-BMW 782): 13th, 5 pts (3rd Thruxton, 6th Donington Park)
1979 - European F2 (March-Hart 782): 5th, 19 pts (1st Thruxton, 2nd Hockenheim, 5th Vallelunga, 6th Nurburgring, Enna)

Downing, Jim (USA)

b 04/01/1942


Drexler, Herbert

b 11/10/1955


Dreyfus, René (F)

b 06/05/1905 (Nice) - d 16/08/1993 (New York)

1930 - Won the Monaco GP (Bugatti T35B)
1934 - Won the Belgian GP (Bugatti T59)

Drift, Chris van der (NL/NZ)

b 08/03/1986

2004 - F.BMW ADAC (Team Rosberg): 4th
2005 - F.BMW ADAC (Team Rosberg): 4th
2006 - F.Renault Eurocup: 2nd, 2 wins. F.Renault NEC: 2nd, 4 wins. New Zealand F.Toyota: 3 races.
2007 - International Formula Masters (J.D.Motorsport): 2nd, 65 pts
2008 - International Formula Masters (J.D.Motorsport): Champion, 101 pts

Driot, Jean-Paul (F)

b 07/10/1950


Dron, Tony (GB)

b 29/08/1946


Droogmans, Robert (B)

b 05/09/1954


Drovandi, Rinaldo

b 30/06/1946


Dryden, Ronald "Curly" (GB)

b - d 6/10/1951 (Castle Combe)

1961 - Killed during an F3 race when he overturned and sustained severe head injuries.

Ducarouge, Gérard (F)

b 23/10/1941 (Paray-le-Monial) - d 24/2/2015

Left college with a Baccalaureat Technique et Mathematique, and gained a degree from the Ecole National Technique d'Aeronautique. Started work at Nord Aviation testing missiles, joining Matra-Sports in December 1965 as a technician. He started working on the sportscar project, working his way through the drawing office to become Head of Operations. In 1974 Matra-Sports withdrew from competition, so he joined the Ligier F1 team in 1975 as a designer. Mid-way through 1981 Ducarouge was abruptly dismissed, and immediately joined Autodelta to work on their Alfa Romeo F1 program. However, his relationship with Chief Engineer Carlo Chiti rapidly deteriorated, and in 1983 the Alfa Romeo F1 program was moved to Pavanello Euroracing - Ducarouge moved with it. But in the 1983 French GP, de Cesaris' Alfa Romeo set the fastest time and was found to be illegal due to an unfilled extinguisher system which meant that the car was running underweight. Ducarouge was blamed and immediatley fired. Five weeks later he joined Lotus as Chief Engineer.

Duckworth, Keith (GB)

b 10/8/1933 (Blackburn) - d 18/12/2005

Attended Giggleswick School in Yorkshire and Imperial College London. Just scraped a degree, but managed to fail an RAF pilot's licence during National Service. He bought a Lotus Mk VI in kit form, but realised he wouldn't make a world champion driver, so joined Lotus in the autumn of 1957 as a gearbox development engineer. However, he didn't get on working directly with Colin Chapman, so he left in the summer of 1958 to found Cosworth Engineering Ltd with Mike Costin. He had never designed an engine up to this point, but by 1960 he had developed the Ford 105E into a winning F1 engine, and in 1967 he built the DFV.
Duckworth suffered his first heart attack in 1973, and in 1980 he sold out Cosworth to United Engineering Industries. He stayed with the company, and developed a turbocharged F1 engine, despite considering them crude and lobbying against them. Following two more heart attacks and a heart bypass operation, he stood down as Chairman of Cosworth in August 1988.

Dudot, Bernard (F)

b 30/01/1939


Duesenberg, August (USA)

b - d 

Brother of Frederick.

Built pre-WW1 cars which were successful in Indycar racing.

Duesenberg, Frederick (USA)

b - d

Brother of August.

Built pre-WW1 cars which were successful in Indycar racing.

Duez, Marc (B)

b 18/04/1957


Duff, Doug (ZA)


1953 - South African Drivers Champion

Duff, John (GB)


1924 - Won Le Mans 24 Hrs (Bentley Sport) with F.Clement

Dufour, Eric

b 14/08/1972


Dufour, Jeremie (F)

b 02/11/1975

2001 - All-Japan F3 (Dallara-Toyota F300): 3rd, 203 pts

Duke, Geoff (GB)

b - d 02/05/2015

1951 - 350 and 500cc World Motorbike Champion.
1952 - 3rd in Goodwood Easter Meeting sportscar race (Aston Martin DB3). 4th Berne (Aston Martin DB2).
1953 - Crashed in Sebring 12 Hrs (Aston Martin)
1954-1959 - Won four more motorbike world championships riding Norton and Gilera bikes. Retired from bike racing.
1960 - F.Junior (Chequered Flag team)
1961 - Raced an F1 Cooper at Karlskoga - the gearbox seized, causing a crash in which the car landed on top of him. Duke had ribs torn from his sternum, a punctured lung, torn heart muscle, a cracked pelvis and a broken collar bone. He survived, but never raced again.

Duman, Ronnie

b 12/02/1931 - d 09/06/1968


Dumas, Romain (F)

b 14/12/1977 (Ales)

2000 - French F3 (La Filiere Dallara-Renault F399): 6th, 102 pts
2001 - Euro F3000 (B&C Competition): 6th, 13 pts
2002 - Euro F3000 (John Village Automotive): 2nd, 42 pts, 3 wins (Vallelunga, Monza, Spa)
2007 - American Le Mans Series (Penske Motorsports Porsche RS Spyder): LMP2 class champion, 239 pts, with T.Bernhard
2008 - American Le Mans Series (Penske Motorsports Porsche RS Spyder): LMP2 class champion, 203 pts, with T.Bernhard
2015 - FIA WEC (Porsche Team Porsche 919 Hybrid): 3rd, 138 pts, with N.Jani, T.Bernhard.

Dumbreck, Peter James (GB)

b 13/10/1973 (Kirkcaldy, Scotland)

upto 1993 - Karting
1993 - F.First Winter Series (Redgrave Racing): 2nd, 2 wins
1994 - Scottish Driver of the Year. Autosport Young Driver of the Year Award Finalist. F.Vauxhall Junior (Team JLR): Champion.
      Thruxton          2nd
      Brands Hatch      1st
      Snetterton        1st
      Snetterton        1st
      Silverstone       4th
      Oulton Park       1st
      Donington         3rd
      Brands Hatch      DNF
      Knockhill         1st
      Knockhill         DNF
      Oulton Park       1st
      Brands Hatch      2nd
      Silverstone       2nd
      Donington         1st
      Donington         1st
1995 - F.Vauxhall (Martin Donnelly Racing): 5th
      Donington         3rd
      Brands Hatch      2nd
      Thruxton          4th
      Silverstone       DNF
      Oulton Park       1st
      Brands Hatch      5th
      Knockhill         3rd
      Knockhill         DNF
      Donington         4th
      Donington         DNF
      Brands Hatch      4th
      Snetterton        DNF
      Oulton Park       5th
      Silverstone       DNF
1996 - Autosport British Club Driver of the Year. Scottish Driver of the Year. Autosport Young Driver of the Year Award Finalist. F.Vauxhall (Paul Stewart Racing): Champion
      Donington         1st
      Silverstone       1st
      Thruxton          1st
      Brands Hatch      1st
      Silverstone       1st
      Croft             1st
      Oulton Park       DNF
      Silverstone       2nd
      Spa Francorshamps 1st
      Pembrey           1st
      Pembrey           1st
      Donington         2nd
      Snetterton        2nd
      Snetterton        1st
1997 - British F3 (Paul Stewart Racing): 3rd
      Donington         5th
      Silverstone       2nd
      Thruxton           3rd
      Brands Hatch       2nd
      Silverstone        3rd
      Croft              3rd
      Oulton Park        1st
      Silverstone      DNF
      Spa Francorchamps  DNF
      Pembrey            3rd
      Pembrey            DNF
      Donington          4th
      Snetterton         6th
      Snetterton         5th
      Silverstone        7th
      Thruxton           4th
1998 - Japanese Formula 3 (TOM's Toyota): Champion
      Suzuka   1st
      Tsukuba  3rd
      Mine     1st
      Fuji     1st
      Motegi   2nd
      Suzuka   1st
      Sugo     1st
      TI Aida  1st
      Hi Land  1st
      Sugo     1st
           Won Macau GP. Japanese GTs (Team A'PEX Toyota MR2): 4th, only drove in half the season
1999 - Sportscars (Mercedes CLK-LM): Drove at Le Mans, but famously took off on the Mulsanne Straight and flew over the crash barrier upside down. He emerged amazingly unhurt. F.Nippon (Team Leyjun Reynard): 7th
      Formula Nippon (Team Leyjun Reynard): 7th
      Suzuka   4th
      Motegi   6th
      Mine     5th
      Fuji     2nd
      Suzuka   DNF
      Sugo     DNF
      Fuji     5th
      Mine     5th
      Motegi   10th
      Suzuka   10th
2000 - German Touring Car Masters (Persson Mercedes CLK-DTM): 8th, 75 pts
2001 - DTM (D1 AMG Mercedes CLK): 3rd, 88 pts
2002 - DTM (Persson Motorsport Mercedes CLK 2001): 0 pts
2003 - DTM (Opel Team Phoenix): 7th, 31 pts

Dumbrell, Paul (AUS)


2000 - Australian Formula Holden (Kmart Racing Reynard 93D), 6th, 96 pts. F.Holden Tasman Cup: J5th, 68 pts.
2001 - Australian Konica V8's (Holden Commodore VT): 2nd, 1190 pts

Dunkerton, Ross (AUS)

b 16/07/1945


Duno, Milka (VEN)


An oil recovery ship designer in Venezuela who has five masters degrees in naval engineering, business organisation, marine business, naval architecture and marine biology. Races Sportscars.

2004 - Grand-Am (Howard-Boss Motorsports Crawford-Pontiac DP03): 5th, 314 pts, 2 wins with A.Wallace.
2008 - IndyCar Series (Dreyer & Reinbold Racing): 25th, 140 pts
2009 - IndyCar Series (Dreyer & Reinbold Racing Dallara-Honda): 24th, 113 pts
2010 - IndyCar Series (Dale Coyne Racing Dallara-Honda): 23rd, 184 pts

Dunstan, Tom (GB)

b 29/06/1990 (Huntingdon)

2996 - UK F.BMW

Dupre, Christophe

b 20/10/1972


Duprey, Arnaud

b 07/09/1971


Dupuy, Dominique (F)

b 26/8/1957

2001 - French GTs (DDO Chrysler Viper GTS-R): Champion, 350 pts, with F.Fiat.

Durán, Salvador (MEX)

b 06/05/1985

2005 - British F3 (P1 Motorsport Dallara-Mugen Honda F304): National Class Champion, 300 pts
2006 - British F3 (Hitech Dallara-Mercedes F306): 10th, 54 pts. Represented Team Mexico in A1GP.
2007 - Renault World Series (Interwetten.com): 8th, 64 pts
2008 - Formula Renault 3.5 (Interwetten.com): 9th, 61 pts

Durant, Cliff (USA)


1918 - Indycars (Stutz): 2 wins (Tacoma Races 1 & 2)
1919 - Indycars (Chevrolet): 1 win (Santa Monica)

Duray, Arthur (F)

b 1881 (New York) - d 1954

1906 - Won Circuit of Ardennes (Lorraine-Dietrich)

"Duray, Leon" (USA)

b ? - d ?/5/1956

Real name George Stewart.

1926 - Indycars (Miller): 2 wins (Salem Race 4, Charlotte Race 9)
1927 - Indycars (Miller): 1 win (Culver City)
1928 - Indycars (Miller): 1 win (Salem Race 1)

Dusseldorp, Stef (NL)


2009 - German F3 Cup (Van Amersfoort Racing Dallara-Volkswagen F307): 2nd, 106 pts
2010 - German F3 Cup (Van Amersfoort Racing Dallara-Volkswagen F307): 4th, 88 pts
2012 - FIA GT1 Championship (Hexis Racing McLaren MP4-12C GT3): 2nd, 144 pts, with F.Makowiecki.

Duval, François (B)

b 18/11/1980

2003 - World Rally Championship (Ford Focus RS WRC 2003): 9th, 30 pts
2004 - World Rally Championship (Ford Focus RS WRC 2004): 6th, 53 pts
2005 - World Rally Championship (Citroen Xsara WRC): 6th, 47 pts, 1 win (Australia). Was dropped for two rounds due to initial performance in the year.

Duval, Loïc (F)

b 12/06/1982 (Chartres)

2005 - F3 Euroseries (Signature-Plus Dallara-Opel F305): 6th, 52 pts
2006 - F.Nippon (PIAA Nakajima Lola-Honda FN04): 4th, 25 pts, 2 wins
2008 - F.Nippon (PIAA Nakajima): 2nd, 62 pts
2009 - F.Nippon (Nakajima Racing Swift-Honda): Champion, 62 pts
2010 - F.Nippon (Docomo Team Dandelion): 3rd, 39.5 pts
2014 - Japanese Super Formula: 4th, 29.5 pts

Duxbury, Graham (ZA)

b 01/12/1955

1982 - South African Drivers Champion
1984 - Won Daytona 24 Hrs (March-Porsche 83G) with S.van der Merwe & T.Martin

Dyer, George (USA)


1977 - Won Sebring 12 Hrs (Porsche 911 Carrera RSR) with B.Frisselle

Dyson, Chris (USA)

b 24/02/1978

2002 - Grand-Am (Dyson Racing Team Riley & Scott Mk III): 2nd, 318 pts
2003 - ALMS (Dyson Racing Lola EX257/AER MG): LMP675 Class Champion, 137 pts
2005 - ALMS (Dyson Racing Lola B01/60 AER): 2nd LMP1 Class, 155 pts
2011 - ALMS (Dyson Racing Team Lola-Mazda B09/86): Champion, 186 pts, G.Smith.

Dyson, Rob (USA)

b 21/06/1946