Yamamoto, Katsumi (J)

b 05/03/1973


Yamamoto, Naoki (J)

b 11/07/1988 (Tochigi)

2008 - Japanese F3 (Team Real Dallara-Honda F308): 5th, 138 pts
2015 - Japanese Super Formula (Team Mugen Dallara-Honda): 5th, 26 pts
2018 - Japanese Super Formula (Team Mugen Dallara-Honda): Champion, 38 pts

Yamashita, Kenta (J)

b 3/8/1995

2014 - Japanese F3 (Petronas Team TOM's Dallara-Toyota F314): 2nd, 90 pts
2015 - Japanese F3 (Petronas Team TOM's Dallara-Toyota F312): 2nd, 113 pts
2016 - Japanese F3 (Petronas Team TOM's Dallara-Toyota F312): Champion, 113 pts. Macau F3 GP (T-Sport Dallara-Tomei F314): 4th.

Yanagida, Masataka (J)

b 04/06/1979

2011 - Japanese Super GT (S Road MOLA Nissan GT-R): Champion, 90 pts, with R.Quintarelli

Yarborough, Cale (USA)

b 27/3/1939 (Timmonsville)

1968 - NASCAR: Won Daytona 500
1976 - NASCAR: Champion
1977 - NASCAR: Champion, Won Daytona 500
1978 - NASCAR: Champion
1983 - NASCAR: Won Daytona 500
1984 - IROC: Champion. NASCAR: Won Daytona 500

Yarborough, Lee Roy (USA)

b 17/9/1938 (Jacksonville, Florida) - d 7/12/1984

1969 - NASCAR: Won Daytona 500, World 600

Yasuda, Hironobu (J)


2008 - Japanese F3 (Team Real Dallara-Honda F308): 4th, 152 pts
2009 - Japanese F3 (Threebond Dallara-Nissan): 5th, 53 pts
2015 - Japanese Super GT (Nissan GT-R): 2nd, 74 pts, with J-P.de Oliveira

Yelloly, Nick (GB)

b 03/12/1990 (Birmingham)

2009 - F.Renault UK (Hitech Junior): 19th, 83 pts
2010 - F.Renault UK (Atech GP): 7th, 312 pys. F.Renault Eurocup (Atech GP): 2 races.
2011 - GP3 (Atech CRS GP): 21st, 7 pts. F.Renault 3.5 (Pons Racing): 14th, 36 pts, in 6 races.
2012 - F.Renault 3.5 (Comtec Racing): 5th, 122 pts
2013 - GP3 (Carlin Motorsport): 6th, 107 pts
2018 - Porsche Supercup (Fach Auto Tech): 2nd, 146 pts

Yasukawa, Roger (USA)

b 10/10/1977

2005 - IRL (Dreyer & Reinbold Racing Dallara-Honda): 17th, 246 pts

Yokomizo, Naoki (Jpn)


2003 - Japanese F3 (IngIng Dallara-Toyota F302): 5th, 93 pts
2004 - Japanese F3 (IngIng Dallara-Toyota F303): 3rd, 177 pts

Yokoyama, Takashi (Jpn)

b 1972 - d 12/10/1997

1993 - Japanese F.Ford 1600 
1994 - British Formula Vauxhall (Martin Donnelly Racing) 
1995 - British F3 (Dallara F394 TOM's Toyota): 2nd Class B. 3rd in British F3 Autumn Cup Race (Class A Dallara) 
1996 - British F3 (Class A) 
1997 - Japanese F3 (Dome): Killed at Fuji; hit rear of fellow competitor at 160mph, and was launched 5m into air, hitting overhead timing gantry. Car disintegrated, scattering debris over 500m. Driver killed instantly.

Yokoshima, Hisashi (J)

b 28/12/1957 (Ibaragi)

1988 - Japanese Touring Car Champion

Yoshimoto, Hiroki (J)


2006 - GP2 (BCN Competicion): 14th, 12 pts

Youlden, Luke (AUS)


2000 - Australian FF1600 (Mygale SJ00), Champion, 171 pts

Youles, Mike (?)

b 11/01/1956


Yunick, "Smokey" Henry (USA)

b 25/05/1923 (Philadelphia) - d 09/05/2001 (Daytona Beach)

Legendary NASCAR racing mechanic, who also entered cars in the Indy 500. Jim Rathman won Indy in 1960 in a car Yunick helped prepare, and Rathman's entry in 1961 was owned by Yunick. Note that his name and date of birth aren't actually properly known. Smokey used the date off a birth certificate given to him by a priest in Philadelphia, and at the age of 16 was told "your name is Henry, Howard or Gregory, take your pick."
Yunick's ways around NASCAR rules are legendary. He built the 7/8th scale Chevelle that confounded officials at Daytona and ushered in the body templates now used in NASCAR. One time he drove his race car away from a late night scrutineering teardown at Daytona, despite officials having removed the petrol tank in search of where Smokey had been hiding additional fuel! 
Yunick enlisted in the Army Air Corps early in World War II, flying B17 bombers in Africa, Europe and in the Pacific, caming out of the service a first lieutenant.

Yver, Pierre (?)

b 23/07/1947