The Archives

By Darren Galpin

Event/Series Years
Acropolis Rally1953-1992
Aurora F1 Championship1978-1980
Australian Gold Star Championship1957-1994
Australian Touring Car Championship1960-1994
Bathurst 10001963-1994
Belgian Touring Car Championship1972-1994
Brazilian Formula 3 Championship1989-1994
Brazilian Stock Car Championship1979-1994
Brazilian Touring Cars1988-1994
British Empire Trophy1932-1992
British F1, F2, F3000, F5000 & F.Atlantic1957-1994
British Formula Three1966-1986
British Formula Vee1967-1997
British Touring Car Championship1958-1994
Can-Am Championship1966-1984
Dutch Production Car Championship1986-1994
European Formula 3 Championship1975-1984
Formula 1 World Champions1950-1996
Formula 1 - The Complete Results1947 onwards
Formula 21967-1984
Formula 30001985-1989
Formula 50001967-1976
French Formula 31964-1994
French Formula Renault1968-1994
French Supertourisme1976-1994
German & East German Formula 31950-1994
German Racing Championship1973-1994
German Touring Car Championship1984-1994
Gordon Bennett Races1900-1905
Indianapolis 5001911-1919
Indianapolis 5001920-1929
Indianapolis 5001930-1939
Indianapolis 5001940-1949
Indianapolis 5001950-1959
Indianapolis 5001960-1969
Indianapolis 5001970-1979
Indianapolis 5001980-1989
Indycar Championship1902-1994
Italian Superturismo, F3, Prototype & Super-car GTs1964-1994
Japanese F3000, Sports-Prototypes, F3, Touring Cars & GTs1973-1994
Jochen Rindt Trophy1971-1993
Macau Grand Prix & Guia Race1954-1994
Mexican F2, FK, F3 & Carrera Panamericana1950-1994
Mille Miglia1927-1957
Monaco F3 Grand Prix1964-1994
Moroccan Grand Prix1925-1958
Nascar Winston Cup1949-1994
New Zealand International & Gold Star Championships, Grand Prix & Lady Wigram Trophy1949-1994
Paris Races1894-1903
Pre-World Championship Races (selected, by country)1906-1949
Pre-World Championship Grand Prix, by year1904-1944
RAC Rally of Great Britain1937-1997
Race of Champions1965-1983
Safari Rally1968
South African Drivers & Touring Car Championships1953-1994
South American Formula Libre/Temporada Series1946-1952
Spa 24 Hours1924-1994
Swedish & Nordic F3 & Touring Car Championships1959-1994
Swiss F3 Championship1979-1994
Targa Florio1906-1973
Tasman Cup1964-1975
Tourist Trophy1905-1994
World Sportscar Championship1953-1986
US IMSA, Indy Lights, Barber-Saab, IROC, F5000, Toyota Atlantic, Super Vee & Trans-Am Championships1949-1994

The Minor Championships

This is a collaboration with many friends from the Atlas F1 Nostalgia Bulletin Board which hopes to fill out in more detail the smaller championships. This can be found at
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